How to reset the Lenovo phone to factory settings

How to restore factory settings on Lenovo laptop

Recently, many laptop manufacturers, in addition to using the tools for eliminating the problems available in the installed operating systems themselves, began to include their own funds in them to perform almost similar actions without the use of system applets or removable media even in cases where the device is not loaded neither. Under what pretext. Next, let’s dwell on Lenovo laptops.The restoration of the system by resetting all parameters to the factory state can be performed just due to the use of the tools provided for by the manufacturer himself. In addition to the main material, several tips on performing similar operations will be given, but taking into account Windows, which every self.Respecting user should know about.

Bringing the operating system on laptops of this manufacturer can be performed by several simple methods. Conventionally, they can be divided into the use of built-in tools, so to speak, “sewn up” directly into the computer system (hidden section with the initial backup on the hard drive), and the use of installed operating systems for cases, if the section with the factory tool is damaged, the user produced Upgrade/Dawngraid of the operating system or changed the hard drive. Immediately, you should pay attention to the fact that with the recommended reset of settings to the factory state, all user files will be completely deleted. How advisable it is to use just such a tool, everyone decides for himself. However, in some cases, you can do without it, but if the system does not load, and no other methods help, such a tool will be the most effective.

When we need Hard Reset?

Sometimes to restore settings on the tablet is simply necessary. For example, if you decide to sell it or give it free. No one.

! In order to clean the memory of the card without the possibility of restoring remote files, you need to use special technological.

In another case, the tablet will be needed to “restore” for its “treatment of any“ garbage ”that is collected in the Android system (or any other) over the years of use and is the reason for the inhibition of work or freezing.

In the third case, but not exclusively, the settings will have to be restored when “falling out” from their own memory of the graphic key. True, for this option, it will be an extreme way out of the situation.

We make a backup

About how to reset the Lenovo phone, a lot of information is written. However, it may not always be correct due to updates to the operating system and changes in parameters by the user.

Before deciding to fully update android, you need to know that after the end of the operation, all user data from the device’s memory will be lost, even contacts. That is why you should save all the important numbers in the notebook or copy them to the SD card.

How To Fix / Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop Computer. Restore to Factory Settings. Updated 2020

You can return the device to the factory settings through the “Settings” or “Settings” menu, using the corresponding button on the smartphone panel, as well as the functions of standard loading. Recovery. These methods are suitable for all models, including A319 and A1000.

Before starting the restoration, it is advisable to make backups in the cloud, not only contact details, but also other important information.

Reset settings in a more difficult way

To perform Hard Reset on Lenovo, you need to perform the following alternity of actions:

At the same time, the “power” key, as well as the volume level (upwards ”and“ down ”are pressed). They are held until the recovery menu opens on the display.

When using a button designed to set up volume levels, the transition to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option is made. To confirm your own choice, the “Nutrition” key is used.

After that, the window will be displayed on the screen where the YES line is selected. Delete All User Data. This is a confirmation of the hard reset of settings to the factory version.

After the Hard Reset Lenovo is carried out, the smartphone is rebooted. There are models in which there is no reloading in automatic mode. In this case, you will have to make it forcibly.

After turning on the settings device will already be reset. As a result, the user will receive a “clean” smartphone, as he was immediately after the purchase. In this case, braking and other problems should disappear. If this does not happen, you will have to contact the service center so that experts carefully investigate the device. It is possible that the reason is not in the hardware. The probability of failure of one of the internal elements cannot be ruled out. If so, you can’t do without it.

How to reset the Lenovo phone to factory settings

The Lenovo phones working on Android have a chance to throw off the options to industrial, in another way, the opportunity to make Hard Reset. Such a reset is useful if your phone has become slow, freezes or infected with a virus. Already today, if you are going to implement it, it will be useful to remove from it that it remains to make our client his data.

In this annotation, you can find out how to drop the Lenovo phone to industrial options with 2 methods that are suitable for all models, including A319, A320, A536 not A1000:

However, at first, I would like to direct your attention to the fact that after the discharge, data, applications, games, photos, music not contacts will be removed from the phone’s memory. Your Lenovo will be one hundred percent unsythered, as if you have just acquired it.

Based on these grounds, we recommend that you do timely to make a spare copy of the data on a computer so that you can return them after the discharge of them can be returned.

Hard Reset from the phone menu

In order to reset options from the menu, you need to go into settings. Restoration and reset

How to reset the settings to the factory on Lenovo A319

In this video I will tell you how to reset the settings to factory

Nalnovo a319.Likes, subscribe to the channel.

And select the point “Reset of settings”.

After that, you will see a warning that all data will be deleted from the memory of the smartphone. To confirm the operation, click on the button “Reset phone settings”. After that, the device will reboot and begin recovery to factory settings. The process takes from 5 to 10 minutes.

Hard Reset using buttons

If the reset from the menu fails, for example, because of the virus, then you can do it using physical buttons on the phone case.

  • Press and at the same time hold the button of decrease/volume and power button for 10 seconds
  • When the android logo appears, click the power button
  • When the recovery menu appears, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • To select the item, press the volume increase button
  • Press the volume button again to confirm the action by pressing “Yes”
  • After the discharge process is completed, the smartphone should restart automatically. If this does not happen, press the volume increase button.

How to make hard reset on the phone?

As already mentioned above, you can drop the parameters in two ways. If the Android device starts, then Hard Reset is best done through the settings menu.

We use settings

First of all, you need to go to the settings, select “Restoration and Reset”. “Reset Settlements”, confirm the intentions with a special button, then familiarize yourself with the information message and start resetting the settings by means of the “Wipe everything” button ”. Next will be restored the Lenovo factory settings.

We use the Recovery menu

This method is as simple as the first. Step.By.Step algorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the smartphone. Extract microsd card and SIM card.
  • Set the power button and volume keys.
  • Select the 3rd item “Wipe Data” (switching is carried out using the buttons of sound change). Press the inclusion button to confirm.
  • Select the 2nd point “Delete All User Data”.
  • If the phone does not automatically reboot, then you need to select the “Reboot System Now” item. The next time the smartphone will turn on with factory settings.

Methods for formatting Android

As mentioned earlier, there are several options on how to format Android and we will consider both simple and complex. What is the way to use only to you, we recommend starting with the simplest and if the problem is still relevant, consider another option.

Reset of settings to factory (Hard Reset)

Perhaps the simplest and fastest way to format Android is to reset the settings to factory. Before you reset the settings, you must first save the important information that is stored in the memory of the device. The fact is that this process will delete all the installed applications, contacts from the notebook, accounts and other data stored on the memory of a smartphone or tablet from your device. As for the data stored on the memory card, they will not be touched. After reset to the factory settings, your device will return to its original state, that is, it will become what it was immediately after the purchase.

reset, lenovo, phone, factory, settings

There are 3 ways to reset Android settings to factory and we will start with the simplest. Go to the device settings and find the item “Restoration and Reset”

(on some devices, this section is called “Privacy”). Now find the item “Reset of the settings” and click on it. After that, the system will give a warning that all data stored in memory of the device will be deleted. You need to find and select “Reset phone settings”. After that, the system will require confirmation of the settings discharge procedure if you are ready to delete all files from the device’s memory, click “Wipe everything”. After that, the data deleting process will begin and the smartphone will be rebooted.

Another very simple way to reset settings involves the use of special codes. We go to the dialer and gain one of the codes: 27673855#. ### or ###

Immediately after entering the code, the process of resetting of the secondary school should begin to factory. Unlike the previous case, you do not even have to confirm the reset of data, so for someone this option will be simpler, but in fact, both methods are extremely accessible and take away the minimum of time.

The third way is much more complicated and it makes sense only if your smartphone or tablet computer does not turn on at all or for other reasons you cannot reset the settings above the above methods, for example, you forgot the blocking password or the device hangs immediately after turning on. This option involves resetting the settings through the recovery mode

To get into this mode, you need to turn on the device by simultaneously pressing and holding a certain key combination, which will differ depending on the specific device. Most often, you need to simultaneously clamp the volume reduction button and the device for turning on the device. If you could not enter in this way, try to clamp the volume button, the volume decrease button and the switching button for the device. If these actions do not allow you to enter the recovery mode, then use any search engine and clarify the key combination specifically for your device. Key combinations must be kept before the phone transition to recovery mode. For navigation in the Recovery menu, use the volume control buttons, and use the power button or context menu to confirm the choice.

Find the item “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” (in some devices “Clear Emmc” or Clear Flash), select it, and then click “Yes. Delete All User Data”. At the end of the process, click on Reboot System. To reload the device. That’s all, the settings are reset to the factory.

Flashing the device or updating Android

If the reset to factory settings did not solve the problem, it makes sense to update Android or reflash the device using the bone firmware. Before formatting Android by means of flashing, you should first try to update the OS. (Read the article “”). If there is no available update for your device, then you can try bone firmware. Coastal is called unofficial firmware, which are modified versions. In fact, such firmware is a good alternative to the official version, many errors are fixed in them and additional functions are added.

How to reset lenovo phone to factory settings

How to format Android by receiving root rights?

In principle, you will be able to format Android any of the above methods and the performance of Android will undoubtedly improve, nevertheless, this is not enough, so we will consider another way. We are talking about receiving a Root-right, which open up additional opportunities to the user, including to optimize the device. For example, by receiving the rights of a super.User, you can delete applications built into the device by the manufacturer, accelerate the processor, delete advertising from programs, etc.P. On our site there is a rather voluminous manual dedicated to this topic. If you want to get the rights of a super.User, then be sure to get acquainted with the article “”.

Perhaps we will end this article on this, now you know how to format Android, it remains only to choose the most optimal way for yourself.

Simple instructions for formatting the phone on Android (photoevideo)

Nothing forever under the moon, even the most expensive and high.Quality products over time are cluttered with various applications and require capital cleaning. How to crank it. We will consider today.

Is it possible to restore the lost data after reset

If for some reason you could not or simply forgot to save the data before reset, they can be restored.

For this, there are special programs that need to be downloaded and installed on a computer. But before that, on the tablet you need to turn on the debugging by USB.

To do this, open the settings, then go to the “On device” section and press several times to “Model”, “Model” or “device number”. If there is no such item, go to the “Detailed Information” tab, which definitely has either the “model” item or the “model number” number (“device number”).

After ten or more clicks, the gadget will open access to the developers’ settings and the appropriate notice will appear. Then go to the “Connection of Devices” tab in the main settings section, and move the “USB debugging” slider to the state. Next, you should download and install Lenovo drivers. Otherwise, the computer simply does not recognize your model. As mentioned above, there is a lot of software for recovery. I will give instructions with the 7DATA program, but the principle of operation is the same in all.

Instructions for restoring the lost data:

  • Download and install the 7DATA program on a computer.
  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Put it into the drive mode by holding the power button and reduction button.
  • Connect the device to PC via a USB cable.
  • Open the program.
  • Wait until the program scanes the connected gadget.
  • After scanning, the program will display the files to be restored.
  • Select the necessary files and click on the “Restore” button.

This software is paid, but you can restore 1GB of lost data for free.

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