How to Remove Safe Mode on Samsung

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How to enable safe mode?

You can activate protection mode on your Samsung phone or tablet by following the instructions:

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  • Turn it on and at the time of boot, when the manufacturer’s logo appears, hold down the volume down button.
  • Hold the key until the startup is complete.

If all points are completed correctly, then at the bottom of the display you will see the corresponding inscription.

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung? This question is of interest to many smartphone owners. Let’s take a look at what Safe Mode is and how to enable it.

What is Safe Mode?

The mode in question is a special security state. In some situations, it may turn on automatically. For example, if an error occurred while installing any application.

An Android system launched in a protected state will use the default boot parameters. Third-party programs will not be able to install or make changes, thereby making their work impossible.

All user settings will be cleared and unavailable for use. All programs that you installed yourself will be marked as deleted. Thus, the safe mode on Android completely excludes the use of third-party software. But, if you turn off the presented mode, then the custom settings for personalization and programs will return to their place.

Basically, this state is useful when you want to uninstall a specific application that has a negative impact on system performance. When safe mode is activated, the inscription “Safe Mode” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes, in order to study the Android system more deeply, the user can accidentally launch this protection. But, it can also happen due to the ingress of a virus.

How to disable safe mode

You can disable protection status in a simple way. Reboot your device and it will start normally. If this solution does not work, then at the moment you turn on the phone, press the volume up button when you see the Samsung inscription.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Android Samsung Galaxy

The algorithm of actions will be almost the same for devices from this manufacturer. This is necessary to test the operation of the device in offline mode. With such a download, you can identify a potential threat, for example, when installing software with malicious “stuffing” or general system diagnostics. If the system is working correctly in “clean” mode, the cause should be looked for in recently installed applications. If so, it would be wiser to uninstall some programs and update the system. If this is not done in time, further problems and the risk of damage to your smartphone are possible.

System updates and the development of new versions of Android are constantly updated, so you can enable Safe Mode on Samsung in a variety of ways. You need to know the version of your Android, and you can see it in the system settings. You should take into account the possible incorrect operation of the device when a virus enters it, therefore it is advisable to immediately turn off the smartphone, and after that try to start it again. By the way, if you do not have Russian firmware installed, the transition will be displayed with the inscription “Safe mode”.

It is impossible to perform the usual actions in the system, so you should not use this mode all the time. In severe cases, when it is not possible to calculate the main “culprit” of device malfunctions, it would be more expedient to throw off all the settings to the factory settings. This procedure will result in the loss of all saved data, but the information on the SD card will remain, so it is better to remove it from the slot beforehand. You can do this procedure without leaving safe mode.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Samsung Phone for All Models and OS

Using Safe Mode for a smartphone is a lot like using a computer. Only the pre-installed system applications will work during the download. The downloaded files will temporarily “disappear” from the device, even the download shortcuts will not be visible. Here’s how to enable Safe Mode on your Samsung phone.

How to Boot in Samsung Safe Mode from Android OS 2.3 and Below

Similarly, you can follow the procedure on how to enable safe mode on Samsung. This method works on older Android models released before version 2.3.

How to Boot into Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy with Android OS 4.0 and Higher

A distinctive feature of such devices can be considered an improved security system, but viruses are also developing at a rapid pace. It’s better to know in advance how to start your Samsung phone in Safe Mode and what it will do for your operating system.

What needs to be done:

  • Turn off device.
  • Hold down the power key on the side panel.
  • After “Samsung” appears on the screen, press the volume down key. Possible problems with this can occur when the key is sticky.
  • If everything has been done correctly, the device will display the inscription “Safe Mode“. The interface may differ significantly from what you are used to, but this is normal, as it will not reflect recent changes. Also, Android updates may not be shown, but applications on the system can be uninstalled without hindrance.

In the future, the necessary actions are taken to eliminate the malicious software, or the selected mode is tested. If necessary, you can return the previous downloads by simply rebooting the device, which is carried out in any convenient way. After the update, there may be some “clutter” on the device screen, which you will have to fix on your own. Usually we are talking about changing the location of shortcuts to programs and applications. However, some changes may affect the operation of widgets. Device Safe Mode is a last resort, not for daily use. Such intervention is a good alternative to flashing, but in some cases it is not as effective and may simply be useless.

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung

Second method:

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • When the menu appears, select “Restart” and confirm it.
  • If the Samsung Galaxy A10 logo appears, press the Volume Down button.
  • Release this key when you see Safe Mode.
  • Excellent!

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Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A50 as in

How to enter Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A50? How to open safe mode in Samsung Galaxy A50? How to quit safe mode on Samsung Galaxy A50? How to Boot into Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy A50?

Here you will find answers to all these questions. Find out how to access Android 9.0 Pie’s hidden mode called Safe Mode.

How to enable safe mode?

You can activate protection mode on your Samsung phone or tablet by following the instructions:

  • Turn it on and at the time of boot, when the manufacturer’s logo appears, hold down the volume down button.
  • Hold the key until the startup is complete.

If all points are completed correctly, then at the bottom of the display you will see the corresponding inscription.

How to disable safe mode

You can disable protection status in a simple way. Reboot your device and it will start normally. If this solution does not work, then at the moment you turn on the phone, press the volume up button when you see the Samsung inscription.

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The main way to enter Safe Mode

Google does not insist that all manufacturers implement a specific way to launch Safe Mode in their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it may differ from model to model. The most popular way is to do the following:

Go to the shutdown menu by holding down the power button for a while.

Keep your finger on the “Turn off the power” item. A new menu will appear.

Agree with the system by clicking the “OK” button. The device will reboot, after which you will enter safe mode. The fact that you managed to enter it is evidenced by the corresponding inscription in the lower left corner of the screen.

Programs and games that you installed yourself do not work in this mode. If in safe mode your device works without any brakes, then the problems are caused by one of the installed applications, and not by the poor state of the operating system.

How to disable Safe Mode on Android?

The Android operating system can be easily littered, causing constant freezes and other annoying glitches. Safe Mode can help you figure out the reason for their appearance. Its main feature is the inability to use the applications that you installed after purchasing the device. Only preinstalled and system programs can be run in safe mode. In this article, we will explain in detail how to start this mode, as well as how to exit safe mode.

Ways to run Safe Mode on different smartphones

The main method works on devices from the Nexus series and some other smartphones that are not supplemented with one or another proprietary shell. It is also used on unofficial firmware. for example, in CyanogenMod. On other gadgets, in most cases, a special list of actions is used.

HTC with hardware keys. Turn off your smartphone. Then hold down the “Menu” key, while pressing the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and older models (OS version. Android 2.3 and lower). Turn off your device. Then turn it on and wait for the moment when the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen. Hold down the “Menu” button, holding it until the very end of the operating system boot.

Modern Samsung smartphones (Android 4.0 and higher). Turn off the device. Turn on your smartphone while waiting for the white logo of the South Korean company to appear. At this point, hold down the volume down button. Keep it until the operating system boots successfully.

Motorola Droid RAZR and some other devices. Turn off your device. Then turn it on by pressing and holding the volume up and down buttons at a certain moment. Keep them in safe mode until the system boots.

In many cases, one of the above methods works on devices from other manufacturers that we have not mentioned. Try, experiment!

Exiting Safe Mode

Some users are also interested in how to disable Safe Mode on Android. In fact, doing this is much easier than getting into Safe Mode. Turning off and on the device often helps. You can also open the notification panel. for sure there is a message in it with a proposal to remove Safe Mode.

Click on the message and a pop-up menu should appear. In it, you must click “OK”, agreeing with the end of work in safe mode.

So the device will reboot, after which you will find yourself in a completely normal operating system mode.

On some Samsung devices, it is not possible to disable Safe Mode this way. On them, when the manufacturer’s logo appears, hold down the volume up button or the “Menu” key.

What you need to know about Safe Mode:

  • This is a special way to boot the operating system. Only system applications are available with it.
  • In case of problems with turning on the smartphone, the download will still occur (except for critical breakdowns of the device).
  • If after turning on the safe mode the problems persist, the problems should be looked for in the hardware part.

The main function of using this option is to check downloaded applications and programs for viruses. This can be done using standard Android tools, but the best way would be to completely remove recently installed programs. This will help protect your smartphone from potential threats, but you should also learn how to disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung. It makes no sense to use this option on an ongoing basis, because the phone will be “clean” of all extraneous programs. In addition, this feature is not designed for regular use and may also cause malfunctions.

How to Exit Safe Mode on a Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.0 or Higher

You can determine the version of your Android in the information item of the “About device” menu. Modern devices are released with Android over 7, and the new ninth version appeared just a few months ago. It should be borne in mind that your previous version may have been automatically updated to the next one, so be sure to check this parameter before enabling the “Safe Mode” function.

How to Remove Samsung Safe Mode from Android 2.3 and Below

Relatively old devices, especially those made in China, may not support standard download modes. To determine how to remove Safe Mode on a Samsung phone, you will have to experiment a little and perform the following manipulations.

How to disable Safe Mode on your Samsung phone:

  • You can remove the safe mode function from the phone by the reverse algorithm performed when it was turned on. If the combination “power button. volume up” was performed for this, it is necessary to act according to the opposite principle (“power button. volume down”).
  • The involuntary inclusion of “Safe Mode” usually requires the selection of combinations, the options for which are presented below.

Some models of modern smartphones are initially programmed to automatically switch to safe mode when a potential threat is detected. This feature helps to isolate the installed application and prevent the virus contained in it from damaging the operating system of the phone. If, after switching on, you find a change in the screen configurations, you do not find the familiar icons, it is possible that your device has detected functional problems. Exact confirmation will be given by the inscription at the bottom of the screen, informing the transition to safe mode. The inscription can also be in English (“Safe Mode”). If this mode is turned on regularly, it may be worth considering connecting secure software, or installing a reliable antivirus program.

How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung

Switching to safe mode on your phone or tablet can help you troubleshoot and troubleshoot your device. It is more advisable to use this function to remove applications that interfere with the normal operation of the smartphone, or carry a potential threat to the system. Our article will show you how to disable Safe Mode on Android Samsung and why you can’t use it all the time.

The developers of the Android operating system provide many opportunities to independently adjust the functionality of the device to suit your needs. The installed software allows you to completely transform the usual smartphone interface, change functions and open up new possibilities for software settings. This is very convenient for the advanced user, but it also entails certain risks. If the selected changes conflict with the device, or work incorrectly due to the initial errors of the programs, the phone can also slow down and glitch, or completely disconnect from such an upgrade.

To prevent this, any user must know the possible retreat moves in order to return everything back without assistance.

How this mode works?

When the operating system is loaded, only basic utilities and applications are loaded into memory, that is, the software that was installed in the stock (official) firmware. All other programs installed while using the phone are saved in the database (on the storage device) and are not activated. In other words, you get a clean system without unnecessary “garbage”.

After loading the main system files, you can view the application installation history and delete the one that caused the platform failure, and after that it will reboot without it. Please keep this in mind before disabling Safe Mode on Samsung. That is, first you uninstall the program, and then turn off the technical shell.

How to turn off safe mode on “Samsung”: methods and steps

Before turning off safe mode on a Samsung phone (technical shell), let’s figure out what this mode is, how to enter it, how to exit, and why a smartphone or tablet needs it at all.

Here you can draw a parallel with computer operating systems, like the same “Windows”. When something goes wrong or some kind of failure occurs, the PC reboots in an emergency and prompts you to boot the system in technical mode to solve the problems that have arisen.

The situation is approximately the same on Android platforms, including the Korean manufacturer. Before turning off safe mode on “Samsung”, it is important to know that it is turned on to diagnose, identify and then solve any problems that have appeared and troubleshoot.

How to enable the technical shell?

Activating this mode is akin to the usual turning on of the gadget, only in this case, after pressing the power button and the inscription “Samsung” appears on the screen, you need to hold the volume rocker in the “-” or “down” position. If you have an old “Android” platform (version 2.xx or 3.xx), then instead of the rocker, press the “Menu” key.

How to disable Safe Mode on Samsung?

The deactivation process is even easier. To do this, you just need to restart your smartphone or tablet as you do in the usual way, and the technical shell should turn off.

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If this did not happen, then you should perform the same actions as turning on the mode, that is, restart the device again and after the appearance of the inscription “Samsung” hold either the volume rocker (“Android” version 4.xx and higher), or the “Menu” key (OS version 2.xx or 3.xx).

When the platform splash lights up, the button or rocker can be released, and the device should start in the familiar shell for the user. Keep these points in mind before you turn off Safe Mode on Samsung.

What is kid mode?

This system of settings allows you to restrict the use of materials intended for adults. Children can often use their parent’s smartphone to play games and watch cartoons. Some kids have already acquired a telephone by themselves. The variety of applications, sites and files for modern devices can be dangerous for minors. To keep parents calm about the child, there is the possibility of temporary or permanent activation of the child’s safe profile. In this profile, the child can safely play, read and watch content, and the list of allowed applications and sites can be manually regulated by the parent (administrator).

This account has the following options:

  • The ability to make calls to specific phone numbers. the contact list is defined and controlled by the parents.
  • Special version of the camera with a set of stickers for children.
  • Galleries with filtering of drawings and photos uploaded or taken under parental control.
  • The “My Browser” option allows you to view the list of sites allowed by the parents.

Also in the profile are available several varieties of games, educational applications, coloring pages, image editors and sticker sets. Parents install access to social networks, YouTube and other applications separately.

How to turn off kid mode on a Samsung phone

Kids mode allows you to restrict access to web resources, applications and files 18. With an active lock, even the smallest users can use the phone. If you no longer need to control the applications and sites used, you can turn off the blocking. Learn how to get out of Samsung Kids Mode today.

How to get out of child mode

To unblock content, you must enter a special pin code that is set by the parent. If you have forgotten your password and cannot remove the lock, try the following again:

  • Hold the power button on the side panel of the phone, hold it until the screen displays the inscription “Turn off the device”.
  • Tap on this inscription and hold it until “Safe Mode” appears. Click on this inscription. the device will start to reboot.
  • After restart, open device options.
  • Find the children’s mode tab through the search and hold it down.
  • In the context menu that appears, select the “Delete” line, then press the “OK” button to confirm.

Press the power button again and select the reboot icon. this will leave safe mode.

How to re-enable Safe Mode

Consider the option that again the situation requires the connection of safe mode, then it is recommended to use the easy instructions:

  • turn off the phone;
  • start the smartphone and when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the side button to decrease the volume for a few seconds.
  • if all actions were performed correctly, then an inscription should appear stating that the phone has entered safe mode.
  • Press the power key and wait until the window appears. “Shutdown menu”.
  • Select “Power off”. Do not release your finger until there is a message that Android has switched to safe mode.

Normal reboot

You can also wake your Samsung phone out of Safe Mode with a regular restart. This method should be used in cases where the safe mode notification is not displayed, or its use does not lead to a restart of the device. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Hold the power button on the case;
  • Hold the button until the shutdown and restart buttons appear;
  • Click on the restart button on the screen (Restrart);

After these manipulations, the Samsung phone should reboot and start working normally. If it doesn’t, then try a hard reboot.

What to do if Safe Mode on Android Samsung won’t remove

It is recommended to remove Safe Mode as soon as the problem is resolved. If, after performing all the manipulations, it persists, you need to contact the service center. The activation of the mode may be due to the breakdown of the phone itself.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen and unresponsive

If your mobile device freezes, you need to perform a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold them for 7-10 seconds, after which the device turns off and on again. On some older models, you need to additionally hold down the volume up key.

To restart a Samsung smartphone with a removable battery, just remove the back cover, pull out the battery, then insert it back, hold down the power button and hold it until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

Hold down the volume button

If the problem persists after restarting, you can try the method using the volume control button. To do this, turn off the gadget using the power button. After disconnecting, the phone must be turned on again, while simultaneously pressing the power and volume up buttons.

What is Safe Mode for and what you can do in it

As described above, this mode is necessary in order to check the state of the phone and its operability.

As soon as the phone starts to malfunction, the first thing to do is to reboot the system and enable Safe Mode. If at the same time the phone works much better, then the point is in the applications installed by the user. Or in a large number of them. It is possible that you just need to reduce their number, the phone is simply overloaded and cannot function as before. You can also try updating all applications.

Safe Mode will help you uninstall applications that cannot be removed normally.

If suddenly the android user did not do it on purpose and now the question arises of how to turn off this mode, then the usual simple instruction will help. There is nothing difficult in this.

How to disconnect a smartphone from Samsung

To shutdown or restart Samsung, users are prompted:

  • use a keyboard shortcut;
  • reassign the function assigned to the power button;
  • call the shutdown menu through the quick access shutter.

Extreme way

The most unwanted option is a factory reset. If nothing else helps, then nothing remains but to resort to the most extreme method.

It is advisable to reset to Samsung through recovery. In this case, safe mode will be disabled for sure.

Factory reset instructions:

  • Open phone settings.
  • Select. “General settings”. If there is no such item, then just follow on.
  • Press the button. “Reset”. It can be called differently, it all depends on the model, but the meaning should be clear.
  • Then select. “Reset data” or “Reset device”.
  • In the next step, click on “Reset”, “Reset device” or “Delete all”.

If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will automatically reboot and all information that does not belong to the factory will be deleted.

The first thing to do before performing a reset is to copy all the important information to another medium. Or transfer from the phone memory to a flash drive and remove it.

Why disable Safe Mode?

Disabling Safe Mode is necessary if you want to use not only the system programs of your smartphone, but also programs downloaded from third-party resources. It’s hard to imagine our life without filters for photos, programs for notes, music and, of course, instant messengers and social networks. But all these programs will be blocked by the system in a safe mode, only analogues installed initially will remain available.

How to Remove Safe Mode on a Samsung Phone

How to disable Safe Mode on Samsung? This is the question asked by smartphone owners who want to remove the restrictions imposed by Safe Mode. A smartphone operating in this way blocks the work of applications downloaded from external sources, and allows the launch of only system, initially installed, programs. If you still want to use third-party applications, the mode must be turned off, in our material we will tell you how to do this.

How to turn off Safe Mode on a Samsung tablet

To turn off restricted mode on a Samsung tablet, restart the device at boot time. when the manufacturer’s logo appears, hold down the upper volume key.

In this article, you will come across the following topics:

  • What is Safe Mode on your phone?
  • Why did the phone boot into Safe Mode?
  • How to enable Safe Mode on your phone?
  • How to turn off Safe Mode on your phone?

Are you tired of your Samsung phone going into Safe Mode frequently? How do you fight when this happens? Getting out of Safe Mode is actually a headache. Since the phone continues to reboot until it is turned off, you need to quickly fix this situation. Even though it sounds rather complicated, booting into Safe Mode does not interfere with the normal functioning of the device. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether the phone can return to normal mode. Before we cover all this, let’s find out more about Safe Mode on Android phones.

What is Safe Mode on your phone?

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This mode is usually used by developers to debug or uninstall any application that interferes with the smooth operation of the phone. You will not be able to install or run third-party applications in Safe Mode, and a ‘Safe Mode’ watermark will appear at the bottom of the home screen. Sometimes users accidentally boot into Safe Mode without knowing what they did. This often happens as a result of experimenting with the phone and therefore they have no idea how to resolve the situation.

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Why did the phone boot into Safe Mode?

The reason for getting into Android Safe Mode can be different on each device. This may be due to some third party application that interferes with the normal operation of the device. Or it could be some kind of malicious link or application that is embedded in the software. At times, too much experimentation with your phone and third-party tools and apps can accidentally put your device into Safe Mode.

How to turn off Safe Mode on your phone?

Whatever the reason for the phone entering Safe Mode, there is a way to get out of it. We have a variety of techniques to help you get out of Safe Mode. These methods can be applied to any Android phone, including Samsung Galaxy models such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Y series and other models such as HTC, Nexus, Motorola, Sony Xperia, LG. Lenovo, Xolo, Micromax, etc.

Before using complex solutions, start with the simplest. Restarting your phone will help resolve any technical issue, including disabling Safe Mode on your phone. Find the last installed app that caused your phone to go into safe mode and uninstall it before restarting your phone. To disable Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to Phone Settings Application Manager.
  • Find the app that you suspected of being the source of the trouble Click on it.
  • Click on Uninstall and remove the app from your phone.
  • Now press and hold the power button of your phone Tap on Restart.

Wait for the phone to reboot to return to normal mode.

(2) Press and hold the power button and volume down or up key

If you still have problems with your phone even after restarting it, try this method.

  • Press and hold the power button, press ‘Power off’.
  • After the phone turns off, you need to turn it on again by pressing the power button and the volume down or up key at the same time.

(3) Removing the phone battery and SIM card to disable safe mode

If you still can’t get out of Safe Mode on your phone, then things are getting serious. But don’t give up, there is another way you can try to disable Safe Mode on Android.

  • Turn off your phone with the power button.
  • Remove the back cover, take out the battery and SIM card for 2 minutes. This will help remove any remaining charge from your phone.
  • Now put back the SIM card, battery and back cover and turn on the phone by pressing the power button.

(4) Factory reset phone to exit safe mode on Android

If, despite trying all of these methods, Safe Mode still appears on your phone, it’s best to start over. Unless you are a developer and don’t know how to debug an application, you shouldn’t try to play with application codes to find what’s broken. Better give your phone a fresh look.

Before you can reset your phone, you need to back up all your files and folders and contacts from the phone book.

  • Go to Phone Settings Backup & Reset.
  • Click on backup and start the backup process before doing the reset.
  • After the backup process is complete, select factory reset.
  • Confirm the action and the phone will be like new.
  • After the phone restarts, safe mode will turn off.

(5) How to disable safe mode using hard reset (hard reset)?

Hard Reset is similar to factory reset, but it is done by the developer method. A hard reset erases everything from your phone, including cache and memory, which cannot be cleared with a factory reset. Hard Reset cleans the phone from a basic level to make it look like new. To remove Safe Mode by hard reset, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your phone first.
  • Now, you need to boot your phone into recovery mode. How to do this depends on your Samsung device model. Typically, you need to press the Power button, Volume up button, Home key to turn on the phone, and hold the buttons until various options appear on the screen. For other brands such as HTC, Motorola and LG, press the power volume down buttons. You can also search for button combinations for a specific model on the Internet or in your phone’s manual.
  • Use the volume buttons on your phone to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the power button to confirm the selection.
  • Select Yes to confirm reset using the power button select Yes.

Wait a while until the reset is complete.

You can apply the above methods for all Android phones on Samsung platform, including Samsung Galaxy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Galaxy tab, Galaxy Grand, Core, Ace. Alpha, S Duos, Star, Young, Sport, Active, Zoom, Express, Fresh, Round, Light, Fame, Exhibit, Mega, Trend, Win, Y Plus, XCover, Premier, Mega and other phones.

How to enable Safe Mode on your phone?

The application of this technique varies for different phone models.

(1) Enabling Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the power button to turn on the phone.
  • During the startup procedure (when the Samsung Galaxy logo appears on the screen), hold down the Volume Down button.
  • Your phone will boot into Safe Mode.
  • Safe Mode will not load any third-party apps or games.

To return to normal mode, just restart your phone.

  • Turn off and then turn on your phone by pressing the power button.
  • When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • Keep it pressed until you see the home screen and safe mode.
  • You will feel vibration when your phone enters safe mode.

(3) Nexus 6

  • Turn off your phone and remove the battery. Turn on.
  • Then disconnect again in the following way. when you click the shutdown button, a dialog pops up, press and hold the power off option in the dialog.
  • Click OK when the Safe Mode Reboot Confirmation window appears.
  • The device will boot into safe mode.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press the power button to restart the device.
  • As soon as you feel vibration during startup, hold down the volume down button.
  • Press and hold it until the device boots into Safe Mode.
  • Turn off your phone and slide out the hardware keyboard.
  • Press and hold the Power button on the Menu button on your keyboard.
  • Hold the Menu button until you feel the vibration and the robot’s eye appears on the screen.
  • The phone will boot into safe mode.

So, from this article you learned how to enable / disable Safe Mode on your phone and how to work with it. The only difference between safe mode and normal mode is that installed games and third-party applications, including those downloaded from the Play Store, simply will not work in this mode, and you will not be able to install any third-party applications or games. Safe mode kind of moves the device to a safe area, and this property is used by developers and programmers to debug any application that causes problems with the phone’s software. Thus, you need to use your phone very carefully in this mode, and if you are not a developer, try not to spoil the operating system files.

Safe Mode is a special mode on Android smartphones that allows you to boot a “clean” operating system without any applications installed by the user. This mode is intended for emergency cases when it is necessary to uninstall a program that negatively affects the system’s performance (the smartphone is very slow, cannot load the desktop, is unstable, etc.). How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung?

With the smartphone on, press the power button and wait for the menu to appear.

Next, hold down the “Restart” button until the “Safe Mode” item appears and click on it.

The smartphone will restart and “Safe Mode” will be displayed on the screen. Now you can delete applications that you consider conflicting and put your smartphone back into normal operation.

On operating systems up to 2.3

If your phone has Android version lower than 2.3, the disconnection is done in this way:

3 Ways to Turn On Safe Mode for Samsung Phones

  • turn off the phone;
  • hold down the power key and after the brand logo appears on the screen, hold down the menu key and do not release until the end of the boot process.

How Safe Mode was enabled?

It is hardly possible to accidentally turn on safe mode, since for this you need to turn off and then turn on the smartphone, and hold down the lower volume key at the time of boot. Most often, the mode is turned on to diagnose problems with stationary applications. It is used by service workers to diagnose and fix system problems and check the system after repairs have been completed.