How to Recover Password Without Phone Number

Today we will try to answer a very popular question recently: how to recover a password in Odnoklassniki without a phone number? Before starting this procedure, please pay attention to the Caps Lock key. Very often, users do not pay attention to this and prematurely try to do a password recovery due to such petty stupidity. Check the keyboard layout, because if you have to constantly type a lot of text, you can change it and not accidentally return to the desired state. Sometimes there is a glitch in Windows, when you switch the layout it does not change, for this you can open any text document and try typing there.

How to Recover Password Without Phone Number

Also, it is worth noting that this article is intended for those people who want to recover the password, and not change it. About how to do the latter, I tell in full detail here: “How to change the password in Odnoklassniki.” If everything is in order with the keyboard and the Caps Lock key and you really just forgot the password, read on.

First of all, we go to the official site of Odnoklassniki, on the account login page. To the right of the coveted “Login” button you can see a small inscription: “Forgot your password or login?”. That is what we need. Click on it.

You see two fields to fill out. In the first, you must enter either an email address, or a login, or the mobile phone number to which the account was registered.

I’ll say right away that if you can’t remember at least one of the three points listed above, you can say goodbye to your page. You can, of course, try to restore access to your account through technical support, but it is very unlikely that the administration will meet you. They will not have enough data to identify you as the owner of the page. However, as I said, trying is not torture. To contact technical support, on this page, click on the link “Contact Support”, which is located just below the input fields.

And yet, how to recover the password in classmates via mail? Suppose you enter a mail address. The second field is for entering the verification code, which is located on the same page. After all the data is entered, click the “Continue” button. We check the “Inbox” folder in the email inbox and find in the letter from Odnoklassniki a code for recovering a password of the form “8pTGfeYR73oR”. He will be useful to us now.

It may happen that the letter did not come. Then check the Spam folder, it should be there. Otherwise, if even after half an hour there is no response, repeat the application. Attention! The letter may not come immediately!

We don’t close the social network throughout this time, we just use the new browser tabs. After the message arrives, enter the code that will come to your mail. In order not to make a mistake, of course, it is better to copy this code. By the way, you will also be notified that a code has been sent, a little lower inscription “Code sent” will appear.

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Here is a message sent to me in the mail:

Click on the “Confirm” button.

The page refreshes and a field appears for entering a new password. Enter a new password, but no errors! Since there is no field for re-entering a password, which will reveal that the passwords do not match.

We confirm the changes by clicking on the “Continue” button. Done!

Then you will be immediately transferred to your personal page in classmates. In this article, we have thoroughly figured out how to recover your password in Odnoklassniki using e-mail. What happens if, at the beginning of the recovery, you entered a mobile phone number instead of mail? Nothing will change, your actions will be exactly the same. The only exception is the fact that the code does not come in the mail, but in the form of an SMS message.

Congratulations, now you again have the opportunity to chat with your friends and acquaintances on this social network!

That’s all for today! Be careful and see you soon!

Few people have ever looked for a way to recover a password in VK, because today every person has profiles on social networks and instant messengers. It is difficult to remember keys, but using the same keys everywhere is unsafe.

If you are really the owner of the VK page, and remember the data that you entered during registration, plus using the same mobile, then you can quickly restore the data without problems. But if you are looking for a way to recover the password in VKontakte without a phone number, then it will take more time.

1 way. Standard code change

  • Go to;
  • For VK users, password recovery occurs in the usual way. Through the “forgot password” button in the authorization window on the social network. It is located under the blue “Login” and “Register” buttons.
  • A field will open for entering the email or phone number specified during registration (if you registered a page without a phone number, go directly to the next block). Write what you remember. If you forget all the data, you will have to print the ID;
  • Enter captcha so that developers are convinced that you are not a robot;
  • Type a last name;
  • If everything is done correctly, the service will display your page. Click if this is the account access to which is lost;
  • Now you will be asked to enter the code that will come to your mobile;
  • The final step will be the double introduction of a new password.

2 way. Combination recovery without mobile

It happens that the number has changed, but forgot to indicate this in the page settings.

  • Go to the “Forgot Password” section, along the route described above;
  • Under the field for entering the phone or email address there is an additional link that you need to go to if access to your mobile is lost;
  • Enter the link to your Vkontakte page. Ask a friend to send it to you, or use the search by people;
  • Confirm that the VK account is found;
  • You will be in the advanced application submission window to restore the VK page. Here you need to enter all known data: old and current phone numbers, mail. If you don’t remember something, in our case, password, leave the column blank;
  • The most important step in your identification will be a selfie with a passport, which you need to do against the background of the page with filling out the fields of the extended application. You also need to attach a separate photo of an identity document;
  • Administration In Contact considers the application 3-5 days.
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Ways to recover vk password without photo confirmation page, if you can’t specify the mobile number previously linked, unfortunately does not exist. At least honest and safe.

Is recovery always free?

If you forgot the password in VKontakte and are looking for how to restore access quickly. Never try to solve the problem through third-party resources, applications, and services of “supposedly” specialists. The only way to regain access is through the official VK website. The rest of the companies are ordinary crackers. Watch out if you are asked to pay for a service, send SMS, send money to your wallet.

You may find that the path is too complicated. But remember, this is designed to protect your content. Let personal things, albeit virtual ones, never fall into the wrong hands.

If you have a question how to restore a page in VK without a phone number, it means that you opened this page very on time: here we will tell you in detail what is necessary in order to restore access to a page in VK if the number is lost and how to do it, to get access to your account again soon.

Prerequisites for profile recovery

Usually, restoring a VK account without a phone number is required when you for some reason have lost access to this SIM card or simply don’t remember what your account was tied to during registration; In any case, for the successful restoration of the VKontakte page without a phone number, it is very desirable that the following conditions are met:

  • Your real name and surname must be indicated in the profile; it will be very difficult to restore the VK page (if there is no number) registered to SpongeBob, unless, of course, these are your real name and surname, since the moderators are extremely negative about creating fakes.
  • Your real photos must be present in the account, so that your face is visible on them. It is desirable that such a photo was on the avatar or in a personal album. By the way, if you are trying to log into your account after hacking and fraudsters have deleted photos that meet these criteria, then be sure to let this know when you write to the support service.
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If these conditions are met, then recovering the VK if the phone number is blocked or unavailable for any other reason will be much simpler and a positive result of your contacting the support team is almost guaranteed. But, if only one condition is met, it’s better to try to contact the support service. Maybe they will help you.

You will have to contact technical support even when you have fulfilled all the conditions, but you still cannot access your page.

How to recover a VK account without a phone?

And now we’ll talk about how to restore a page in VK if the number is linked to another page or is unavailable for any other reason; You will need a camera or mobile phone with a good camera, as well as a passport or driver’s license with a photo.

  • Go to the VK login page and under the login form click on the “Forgot your password?” Inscription.
  • On the next tab, you will be prompted to enter the data that you remember. Phone number or email address. Mail. By the way, if mail was attached to your profile, be sure to specify it in this form. The unlock code will come to it, and you can easily get to your account. If not, then click on “click here.”
  • You will need to insert a link to your profile in the line. You can do this this way. In another tab, open your page (go to your friend’s account or try using search engines) and hover over the address bar. Next, click on it with RMB and select “Copy.” After that, open the previous tab again and paste the link into the line.
  • In the following form, you will need to indicate your current telephone number, as well as, if you recall, some other data.
  • And now the page with the code opens; in order to regain access to VK (if you lost your phone number) you will be given three minutes to copy this code onto a piece of paper and take a picture with it so that your face is clearly visible. After that, you can send a request.

We hope that we were able to explain to you how to restore a page in Contact without a phone number and what conditions are necessary for this. If you want to ask a question to us or other readers, as well as share your experience, you can write in the comments. Your message will be read, and our experts will answer all questions.