How to put music on a call from Samsung phone

How to change the melody of a call on the Samsung Galaxy M12 phone

Samsung Galaxy M12 smartphone has a basic melody that begins to play when an incoming call. The standard signal is annoying many people, which is why I want to change the melody of the call to the Samsung Galaxy M12. You can perform the operation in several ways.

Section of the settings of any smartphone based on the Android operating system, including the Samsung Galaxy M12, allows you to change a variety of parameters. In particular, a change in the melody that sounds when receiving a call is allowed:

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Go to the “Sound and Vibration” section.

Please note that the names of some menu items may differ depending on the firmware version. But this will not affect the process of replacing the sound signal, since the settings section have an intuitively understandable intensity, and if desired, you can use the search line.

With the help of a player

If you want to put on the phone as a call not a standard melody, but a loaded song, then the optimal way to perform the operation will be an appeal to the built.In Samsung Galaxy A22 4G player. Of course, the same can be done through the settings, but in this case the search for the desired composition will be difficult. To replace the sound signal, refer to the instructions:

  • Open the standard application “Music“.
  • Find the composition of interest and open it.
  • Click on the button in the form of three points.
  • Select the option “Install the call”.

Third.Party players also allow you to configure the melody of the call at their discretion. But then you will have to make sure that you have given all the necessary permits to the application in advance. For example, without access to contacts or files, the player from a third.Party developer will block the possibility of installing your favorite sound signal.

Changing the melody of contact

This option is suitable for those who want to distinguish between sound signals depending on who makes a call. Standard application “Phone” allows you to choose a melody or song for a particular subscriber. To perform the operation, you will need:

  • Launch the Appendix “Phone“.
  • Go to the list of contacts.
  • Open the subscriber’s card whose number is recorded in the phone book.
  • In the “default melody” tab, choose an interest in the composition.

In the case of a change in rington, an important clarification must be made for a particular person. The option of replacing the sound signal is available only for those subscribers that are presented in the contact list. That is, to set up a melody for an unfamiliar number will not work. Previously, it will have to be added to the notebook.

How to make a melody on samsung on Samsung?

Additionally, you can put a specific melody on a separate contact to immediately determine who is calling you. But such an option is not supported on a number of devices from Samsung. Therefore, you will need to use a third.Party application. Ringtone Maker.

Important! To install the melody on contact, it must be saved in the memory of the device, and not on the SIM card. You can copy the data to use this option.

Ringtone Maker

The Ringtone Maker application allows not only to edit melodies, but also to install them for the entire address book and individual entries in it.

    Install the application and open it. A list of all music files that are present on the phone will be displayed immediately. Please note that the system ringtones and the defaults are allocated separately. Find the melody that you want to put on this or that contact, click on three points to the right of the file name.

Very simple, and most importantly, suitable for all Samsung devices. The only negative is that the application shows advertising. If Rington Maker does not suit you, the opportunity to put the melody of a call for separate contact is present in some musical players examined in the first part of the article.

Without a third.Party software

On a number of smartphones from the Korean manufacturer, you can cope without third.Party software. Would need:

  • Open the standard application “Contacts”.
  • Run the menu of additional actions with three points.
  • Go to the point “Settings”.
  • Choose “Contacts”.
  • Click “Show Contacts”.
  • Choose their display on your device.
  • Open the list of contacts again, find a person from the list.
  • Click on a pencil.
  • Choose a point for installing a call melody. It can be added in the absence of.
  • Confirm the launch of the Voster application.
  • Choose a suitable melody.
  • Save the changes.

How to put music on a call on Android phone

Open the settings and go to the “Sound” section, it can just be called “Music”. Here you will see the sounds installed on:

music, call, samsung, phone
  • Rington is what we need
  • Notifications. Those that are so fond of pour applications
  • The sound of the alarm clock
  • There are also sound inclusion settings here: when printing, blocking the screen, a battery state and pressing on the screen. They can be turned on or disabled
  • Configure the volume

Open Rington. Select the option already installed in the phone or add your melody, which is on the device or from the SD card. After that, she will play you on incoming challenges. If you have two SIM cards, then the ringtone can be installed separately for each.

Interesting! In some phones models, to add your music, you need to click on the badge in the form of a plusk on the upper right side, or there can be a icon with three stripes.

How to put music on a call from Samsung phone

Sometimes it happens that there is no time or simply too lazy to look at the smartphone screen to find out who is calling and decide for yourself. Whether it is worth answering or you can ignore the call. The solution to this issue is the use of Smart hours or fitness scraps that can display the name of the caller, but what to do if there is no such device? One of the options is the installation of a personal call melody that will be associated with a caller. So how to establish a melody on the Samsung A52 contact and make incoming subscribers more recognizable without even looking at the screen of a mobile device?

By opening the list of all installed programs and launching the “Contacts” application, click in the name of the subscriber who needs to establish a personal melody.

In the profile opened, click on the “Change” button, and in the settings window, select the “Expand” item.

The list of advanced settings will open, among which we select the “Call Melody” section and, giving access to the “Contacts” application to the photo, multimedia and files on the device, we get the opportunity to choose some pre-installed melody or choose one of the own ones loaded on the phone.

It is worth noting that the ability to prescribe personal melodies is available only if the contact is saved in the smartphone memory. Otherwise, if it is on the SIM card, the expanded menu in the subscriber profile will be absent.

How to make certain music on contact on Samsung

On the smartphone of Samsung, and on any other Android device, it is possible to choose your favorite melody and install it as the main one, by default.

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This is of course good, but not always convenient, since we cannot immediately determine who calls us until we look at the display.

To fix this situation, you can put a separate melody, for each often calling contact.

For example, they downloaded Rington about a mother on the network, secured her number as soon as we hear this sound, they immediately understood who exactly calls.

Below in the article, I will show how this is done.

Attention to set the ringtone, you can only contact the phone saved in the phone, if it is saved on the SIM card, this will not work.

How to establish music, a melody for contact in Samsung

Open the application phone.

We go to the appropriate section.

We find the right subscriber and click on a circle next to his name.

On the page opened, click the “Change” button.

We unfold fields with data.

With swipe up, open the lower lines.

music, call, samsung, phone

Click on the line “Melody of the call“.

Here we can choose from available sounds.

Or from the memory of the device, for this, click on the plus.

On the page that opened, we can search for four sections: tracks, albums, performers, folders.

Find the desired track and highlight it.

Click the “Ready” button, this is not all.

Here we see that our ringtone was added to the general list and selected.

We take a step back, clicking on a checkmark in a milestone or at the bottom of the page.

We keep changes.

This is where the task is completed.

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If the melody is not chosen

If you can’t choose your file in any way, so that it is displayed in the multimedia storage. Throw an audio file into the Ringtones folder of internal memory. Then all these files will be visible when you choose a ringtone, as if they were already built into the phone. If it does not work, then throw the files into the directory. Notifications.