How to pay for Apple icloud from the phone. Gift card App Store

How to connect payment to the App Store and ICLOUD from the mobile phone account

The input restrictions complicate the process of purchasing content and payment of subscriptions in the Apple Gadgets ecosystem. We have already talked about the reserve way to replenish the ITUNES account. And now we recall how you can use the account of your mobile number to make transactions in the App Store and ICLUD.

Go to the settings. Apple ID account. payment and delivery.

Select the item Add a payment method. If there is already a mobile number among the payment methods, miss this step.

Mobile numbers of operators are supported: Beeline, Megafon, MTS. Yota.

Select the mobile phone option, enter the phone number used and confirm the action by checking code from SMS.

Когда номер мобильного будет подтвержден и появится в списке, нажмите кнопку Изменить и перетяните данный способ в самый верх списка.

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Press the button ready to save changes and return to the previous menu. If everything was done correctly, a mobile phone will be awarded as the main payment method.

How to change the payment method in App Store and ICLOUD on Mac

Launch App Store.

Click in the name of your account in the lower left corner of the window and go to the information section.

In the window that opens, click on the button to manage payment methods.

Press the payment method button and add a new method using a mobile number.

Enter the number used and confirm the action by the inspection code from SMS.

Move the method of payment of the mobile phone to the very top of the list.

Payment does not work through a mobile phone

The first complaints about the impossibility of paying for Apple’s subscription by phone number appeared in early May. Every day in our telegram chat there were new messages that payment from the account of a mobile phone in the App Store does not work. It is clear that many of these messages were written in panic by those who did not really figure out how to throw money on Apple ID, but there were also more than enough adequate messages.

Recently, replenishing Apple ID through a megaphone and Yota is no longer.

We are in the editorial office we test the Apple ID replenish from the phone almost every day. And until recently, everything went without problems. Well, how no problems. Payment of Apple subscriptions through tele2 has not worked for me from the very beginning, although Apple says that this operator has such an opportunity.

Plus, not so long ago the author of Ivan Kuznetsov already said that Megafon and Yota have already been disconnected. Neither replenish your account, nor buy an application, nor send a gift card. everything fell off. De facto, now the payment of Apple ID worked only for two operators. Beeline and MTS. But today, our readers began to complain that she stopped working.

For many of our readers, the Apple ID replenishment does not work either through MTS or through Beeline.

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We again conducted our own investigation and found out that payment through MTS and Beeline also does not pass. It is not known for certain, this is due to temporary restrictions or any payments in the App Store and really turned off. Owners of SIM cards MTS and Beeline-be sure to unsubscribe in a comment under fast or our telegram chat and tell us how the situation is taking shape.

Payment Apple ID by phone number

Be that as it may, at the moment there is one complex, but proven way to replenish Apple ID. translation from one Apple ID to another. If you have relatives or acquaintances who have funds on the account, you can ask them to send money to you. This is how it works:

  • Open the App Store on your Apple device.
  • Then click on the icon of your profile in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Send a gift card by e-mail”.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address and select the amount.
  • Then indicate the date of sending and click “Send”.

So you can send the right amount to any Apple ID without any problems.

Of course, we cannot say accurately that MTS and Beeline no longer work. It is possible that this is only bugs for some users. But now it seems obvious that very soon Apple will cover this shop.

Well, of course, I warn you. Think ten times before putting a large amount of money on your mobile account. After all, it is absolutely possible that tomorrow Apple will completely turn off both Apple ID replenishment and the possibility of buying paid applications, and all your money will simply burn. If anyone did not know, Google has already turned off the update of paid applications. Further more.

In general, I would have planned the transition to domestic services in advance in advance and certainly transfer all the data from the iCloud cloud. I know that many have a subscription to the additional space icloud. She would be abandoned in a good way now, especially since cloud storages at least a dime a dozen.

Mobile operators

In connection with the problem arising, the question arises of how to pay iCloud after sanctions with tele2. A good way to solve the problem was payment from the phone number on which there are available funds. Megaphone is suitable, you can also pay ICLUD with Beeline, with MTS, Yota, Tele2 according to the following instructions:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to the Apple ID account menu section, clicking on the icon with the image in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Go to the “Payment and Delivery” section.
  • Select the menu button “Add payment method”.
  • Make a mark in the window “Mobile phone”.
  • Indicate the phone number from which cash will be held. When entering the phone, you do not need to indicate 7.
  • A verification code will come to the phone, which must be entered in a special field. Thus, the user confirms the operation.
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The procedure is completed on this, the phone number is tied to the account and payment will be made from it.

If difficulties arose with the phone binding or payment, you need to clarify the possibility of making such a payment from your operator. Perhaps he independently forbade such operations or a problem arises for technical reasons.

Through QIWI

To replenish the Apple ID account, the QIWI wallet is suitable. For payment, you should adhere to the instructions:

  • Create QIWI wallet, downloading the application. You can create a wallet by phone number, you will need to come up with and remember the password.
  • Get the “main” statute for the wallet, confirming your identity. This can be done through “public services” in the section “Identification”.
  • Enter the wallet and move to the “Payments” section.
  • Find the option App Store iTunes in the search.
  • Indicate the phone number tied to Apple id.
  • Confirm the binding by introduction of a password that will come to the specified number.
  • Make payment of services.
  • SMS with a secret code will come to the specified phone number, it must be remembered or copy.
  • Open the profile in the App Store.
  • Select the tab “Put up a gift card or code”.
  • Specify the code from SMS, confirm the operation.

Thus, money will appear on the account that can be spent on paying for purchases. The main thing during the operation is to correctly specify the phone number. If an error occurs, the funds will be sent to someone else’s account.

How to pay App Store without a card

If the payment on the card does not pass or it is not at hand, then you can always put the money on the App Store from the phone. To do it is very simple.

Payment from mobile is the most reliable way. Do not forget to replenish the balance in time

Send Apple Gift Card via Email! [How To]

  • Go to the settings and click at the top on your profile.
  • Select “Payment and Delivery”.
  • Click “Add a payment method”.
  • Select “Mobile phone”.
  • After that, choose from which number to write off the funds: from the current or other.
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Follow the instructions on the screen. Now you can pay for purchases on the App Store using your mobile phone balance.

How to replenish the App Store through Sberbank

If your previous methods also did not work, just try to replenish Apple ID from Sberbank online.

Replenishing Apple ID through Sberbank online is easy

  • Go to Sberbank Online.
  • Go to the “Payments” tab.
  • At the very bottom, select “Rest and Entertainment”, then “Games”.
  • Click “App Store and iTunes”.
  • Next, enter the phone number to which the code will come and the amount of payment.
  • Check the entered data and click “Pay”.

How do I add an Apple gift card to my Apple ID?. Here’s How

Keep in mind that the minimum amount of replenishment through Sberbank online is 200. In the same way, you can replenish the account through the applications of other banks.

How to pay for Apple Music and pay ICloud in May 2022. instructions

Due to the imposition of sanctions by the West, iOS users can no longer use Apple Pay to pay for Apple Music and ICLOUD subscriptions. However, there are at least two popular ways that will help to solve this problem.

Pay the subscription through a cell phone number

  • Go to the Apple Store (to your profile);
  • On the account tab, you need to select “Management of payment methods”;
  • Next, click on the section “Add methods of payment”;
  • After that, you will need to mark the item “Mobile phone” with a tick;
  • It is possible to use the main phone number or any other (for example, spouse or spouse, parents, etc.);
  • Enter the phone number without “7” and click “Send”;
  • After the changes made, you must wait for an SMS in which the code confirming the conduct of changes will be sent;
  • By sending this code, the user confirms the changes when paying for subscription.

To pay iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV, as well as the rest of the Apple and applications submitted in the App Store, an account will be used, tied to a given phone number. The service is available to subscribers Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Yota, Tele2.

Replenish the Apple ID account through the QIWI wallet

Qiwi will be a good alternative to payment of Apple services and other services from the account of the mobile operator. Using this tool, you can replenish the Apple ID account and further pay for the use of iCloud, pay for purchases in the App Store.

  • Create a QIWI wallet on an official website or in a mobile application from the App Store;
  • Get the “main” status for the QIWI wallet through authentication in public services through the “Identification” section;
  • Go to the “Payments” section and find the option of the App Store iTunes using a search line;
  • Indicate the personal number of a mobile phone, for which a secret ID account replenishment code will come in the form of SMS;
  • Make a payment of services through the inner account of the QIWI wallet;
  • Copy a secret replenishment code for Apple ID from an incoming SMS;
  • Open the App Store and go to your profile section by pressing the avatar in the corner of the screen;
  • Select the option “Putting off a gift card or code”.
  • Insert the secret code and confirm the operation.

Earlier, Sib.FM wrote that bus passengers cannot pay for travel through terminals. Mir and Visa cards were disconnected from Apple Pay, and Sberus also gave recommendations on the work of the Sberbank online application on the iOS platform.

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How to pay ICLOUD on iPhone in June 2022

Sanctions intensify over time. And if with the advent of the first restriction on the ban on payments from MasterCard and Visa cards, there were a lot of payment for the ICLoud subscription, now there are few of them. only two options.

In May, Apple subscribers of all mobile companies. Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline and YOTA could make payment of Apple subscribers, writing off the money from their balance sheet. In June, this is available only to subscribers of two operators. Beeline and MTS. Also in May it was possible to make payment from the QIWI wallet, but this method is now also not available. Beeline and MTS are now suitable for payment by iCloud, but the situation can change at any time. And if it changes, then only for the worse.

The second relevant option for paying for Apple is the use of MasterCard and Visa cards issued in other countries. Data payment systems international. You can release a card in a bank of one country, and then replenish and pay in another country. Most countries of the world work with these payment systems.

How to pay ICLOUD with Beeline and MTS

To implement this method, you need to be a subscriber of Beeline or MTS. If you are a subscriber of another company, then ask someone from your environment with Beeline SIM cards or MTS temporarily bind their number to your Apple ID profile and pay from it. Before that, replenish the balance of this person for the right amount.

If you are a subscriber of another operator, then you can also get a Beeline or MTS number without leaving your home on the official website. Apple‘s virtual number also supports, but also only in these operators. For successful payment in this way, your iPhone should support ESIM technology.

To tie the phone number in Apple ID, do the following:

Despite the fact that when adding the phone it will be written that Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline and Yota operators are supported, this works only with Beeline and Megafon. The numbers of other operators will not be binded for payment.

You can bind here both your phone number and alien, with the permission of its owner. And then payment will be available from the balance of the phone to the Apple ID account. If you used someone else’s phone number, then after making payment, remove it so that there are no sudden write.offs from someone else’s balance. Then, if you need to pay again, then you can also tie it.

If you cannot bind the phone number as a payment method, then make sure that it is not a negative and balance. In order to confirm that the phone is true and suitable for payment, the payment system will request from balance 1. The money will be written off, and then returned back to the account. If this happens successfully, then the phone will be attached, if not, then the binding will not happen. Thus, on the balance sheet should be at least 1 taking into account the commission.

If you find it difficult to bind the phone in Apple ID as a payment method, then refer to the Beeline or MTS certificate. If this did not help, then contact the Support of a mobile operator: for Beeline call 0611, for MTS. 0890. According to users, on some tariff plans this payment method is not available. Therefore, keep in mind that you may have to go to another tariff plan.

How to pay for Apple Store, iCloud on iPhone in 2022?

Unfortunately, now is not a simple time, and you have to stop against the background of all the events that occur in our world. As you know, in March 2022 serious sanctions began to be introduced against the USA and EU countries, so this affected many companies and services present on the market. The Apple Corporation did not pass, which offers a bunch of its services for users in our country.

Recently, we were disconnected by the possibility of payment of Apple Pay, which is why all bank cards tied to your account no longer allow you to pay for purchases on the Internet or stores using the iPhone or Apple Watch watch, coupled with the Apple Pay service. In this regard, there was a problem with paying for purchases in the App Store, ICLOUD, and after all, in the same “cloud storage”, many users have preserved a huge number of photos, and I don’t want to lose them for non.payment of access to the service.

Hence the question: how to pay for purchases via the Apple Store or for the ICLOD cloud service, if actually Apple itself turned off this possibility? over, you cannot not only pay directly through the settings of your gadget, but also through banks’ applications. It simply removed the Itunes/App Store item, so no bypass tracks through bank cards, alas, are currently not.

How to pay iCloud, Apple Store on iPhone?

Fortunately, there is another option available to all users even on the territory. this is the use of your mobile phone tied in the system. It is not necessary to be a personal number installed as SIM on the gadget, however, it will still have to “tie” it for automatically, and for this you will have to perform several consistent actions:

Currently, all the main cellular operators are supported, including megaphone, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Yota. Only now the process of adding may differ, depending on the chosen operator.

How to add Beeline

The mobile operator Beeline will not be written off from the SIM card account, but from a separate account, which is created by the system. To do this, you just need to put the number 6 instead of the number 9 at the beginning of your number. We look at a specific example:

As you can see, the process is not complicated, and does not require any special knowledge in the field of information technology from you.

By the way, Megaphone, even in the official application, has a separate section, where they tell how to add payment by a megaphone for Apple Store and ICloud.

Attention! The situation may change over time, since different sanctions are constantly being introduced, some methods and bypasses are removed so that it is impossible to use them. If suddenly this option for paying for Apple services also stopped working, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will try to find other ways for you. We will also be glad to any Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this article in order to collect more information with a collective mind and try to adapt to the current situation.

Payment using a gift card

At some trading floors you can purchase an Apple gift card and use it when paying the AppStore in the regions, but when buying it should be as careful as possible: there is a risk of getting to a fake card. First of all, we recommend paying attention to the reviews of sellers and based on them to make a choice. We also advise you to compare the cost of the card and its face value: these two parameters may differ.

At the moment, it has been verified by the working method of buying paid applications and subscriptions to the Apple Store. But when buying, it should be remembered that the Apple account region should match the Gift Card region. Otherwise it will not work to activate it.

Payment through QIWI

Popular service of online payments QIWI could be used to pay for Apple services until May 5. After this date, the operation became impossible. At the same time, QIWI said 2. What such a decision was made by the service provider through which the company conducted financial transactions with Apple.

At one time, this method has gained the greatest popularity. Apple ID account was attached to the balance on the mobile operator number. Thus, it was possible to pay digital purchases in the Apple ecosystem without a commission.

Since May 12, this opportunity disappeared from the customers of the operators MegaFon, Yota and Tele2 3. Apparently, soon an American company will limit the possibility of payment from a mobile phone account and from other operators. Those who are critical to buy Apple services can be replenished in advance from an internal wallet from a mobile phone account.

How to subscribe to icloud

Now your Apple ID account is replenished, and it is from it that payment will be debited for all your subscriptions and applications that you will buy in the App Store. But with iCloud everything is not so simple. After all, the standard method of designing subscription for the first time (and I actually draw it up from scratch, and not extend it, because I previously completely canceled) no longer works. At least I have. Here’s what I did:

At this stage, you still do not see a catch

But there is no corny button for subscription payment. And the repeated replenishment of the Apple ID account does not lead to anything

We have a cozy chat in telegram, where we answer readers’ questions

Surely someone will advise you to press the Apple ID icon with the amount lying on the balance sheet, but not only you guessed to do it. The fact is that this is a separate tab to replenish the account, which can either be replenished with either a card (not our case), or from the account of the phone number, or the entry of the code that we entered at the first stage.

How to pay iCloud via Apple ID

After short thoughts, I decided to randomly poke different settings and at some point got into the family access menu, through which I still managed to pay access to icloud. No stupid and rash criticism is needed. I am its organizer, and on my device the “screen time” function is disabled. That is, I simply did not have any other actions for payment or any other actions.

  • Go to the “settings” and open your profile;
  • From here go to the Family Access tab;
  • Sweet up to the section “also share” and select ICLOUD;

Subscription took shape through the family access menu

I admit that I did something wrong when trying to issue an iCloud subscription. But if I am confused, then there will probably be a few more people who will face the same problem. How I thought of overcoming an Apple cloud through a family access menu, I don’t know. It turned out quite by accident. But, nevertheless, it’s good that I succeeded. So, now you will not spend as many nerves as I.