How to Make Your Phone Not Hang Up

How to Make Your Phone Not Hang Up

No matter how powerful your smartphone would be and how stable the version of the operating system installed on it would not seem to you, sooner or later any device may start to “behave strangely”, crashing from applications, freezing tightly, or even completely rebooting for no reason. And if you suddenly noticed these “oddities”, then you should not panic. Often the problem can easily be solved on their own. And now we will tell you how to do it.

Make sure you have the latest version of Android OS

Yes, updating your Android smartphone is a very important thing. Despite the apparent consistency of this statement, the fragmentation of Android (that is, the presence of different versions of the OS) is still a serious problem. And first of all, because of users who do not want (or do not know how) to get a new version of the “axis”, while losing not only new functions, but also the stable operation of the system.

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In order to find out which version of Android you have installed, open “Settings” and find the “System Update” item. Here you can check for updates, view the device’s update history and, if necessary, use the software update assistant.

Check storage and free up space if necessary

You can also check the storage and free up some disk space. Often the presence of corrupted cached files can cause your gadget to become unstable.

Open “Settings” and click on “Storage”. Here you can view the available space and the breakdown for each category (applications, images,, audio, and so on). Immediately you can remove everything that you do not like.

Close applications that you are not using

Although Android allows you to keep many applications open, it still eats RAM to one degree or another. over, some programs may be updated in the background. And if they are open at the same time, there may be a “conflict” that will affect the operation of your device.

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Check if a suspicious application is installed on your device

Although downloading and installing applications is often safe, there are times when an application causes problems. As a rule, this becomes noticeable after the first launch of a new program. In this case, you have no choice but to “demolish” this program.

However, sometimes (and now we are talking about virus software) programs can be installed without your participation “in the appendage” to any application or because of “holes” in the security system. Check the list of installed programs and if there is something suspicious that you did not install, feel free to delete the “culprit”.

Reset your phone to factory settings

If none of the above helps you, then you can try to reset to factory settings. Please note that if you do this, you will lose all the data, contacts, photos,s, files and applications installed on your gadget. In return, you will get a “clean” OS, which with a high degree of probability will work as it should. You can download photos and the phone book from the cloud without any problems, and reinstall the applications.

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To reset the smartphone to the factory state, go to the “Settings” section, click “General management”. Select the “Reset” item, then click on the “Reset to factory settings” option. Accept the warning and wait for the process to complete.