How to Make a Font on a Phone

How to change the font on Android and why it needs to be changed? Android-based devices give users the ability to change the appearance of the screen for the convenience of prolonged long-term use. Let’s look at ways to change the style and size of text on Android phones.

How to Make a Font on a Phone

Change the font on Android. What is it for

Mobile devices in general are source of increased risk to human eye health. An uncomfortable font for your vision complicates the work with the device, makes your eyes tired. Someone simply does not like the standard form of the text, they want to replace it solely for obtaining aesthetic pleasure. Consider instructions for changing the display of text on Android devices.

How to change the font on your phone. Step by step

How to change the font on the phone using the settings:

  1. Go to the screen settings, select the “Fonts” menu and turn on what you like.
  2. On phones of some manufacturers in the font settings you may need to pay for your favorite option.

If the device does not imply the ability to change the font through the settings, you can download one of many applications like HiFont. Most often, such programs already contain large sets of fonts, and they also allow you to find and download new ones on the network. After installing the desired font, the program can be “demolished”, a new type of text will remain. If you need to replace it, download HiFont or its analogue again.

How to change the font on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

On Xiomi there is a Themes application, log into it and type “moby” in the search. We are interested in the first search result. Next, click on the “see all” button and select and download a new font for your phone. After rebooting the device, you will see an updated text display.

Change the font on your Huawei phone

The design of the text on the Huawei changes in the settings. The result is a phone with a large font, standard or reduced. If you want to change not only the size of the letters, you will need to install the application to replace the font. Phones from the manufacturer of Huawei support the FontFix program, if the gadget has an Android version no older than 4.1. FontFix contains a menu of 4 thousand fonts, which, unfortunately, are not sorted by input language. To find a convenient Cyrillic font will have to work hard.

How to change the font color on the Android desktop

The above-described mobile application HiFont application has sorting fonts by color, however, when installing a theme, the color of any text in your phone will change.

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But the well-known program Beautiful Icon Styler does not know how to change the font on an android phone, but it can help transform desktop icons. The application contains a catalog of paid and free icon sets, with multi-colored inscriptions, different design of the icons. Please note that the application will allow you to change the desktop design for free 3 times, then you will have to pay for the use of the program.

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How to change the font style

Many models of phones on the Android platform from the manufacturers Samsung and LG have the function of changing the font style. To modify the text on the phone, special applications are required. Open the menu in the following order:

  • Setting
  • Screen
  • Font style

Some fonts will already be saved in the memory of your phone, and additional ones can be downloaded for free.

“How do I change the font on Honor and Huawei?”. A frequently asked question when the standard version is tired of Android users. And also, if after installing a new topic, the system uses a completely inappropriate type of character for the user. You can, of course, apply a different theme to correct the situation, but it’s easier to get started with the font itself. But not everyone knows how to change it. To the standard or more original version. About the features of this feature in this article.

How to change the font on a Huawei and Honor phone

Fonts for Huawei and Honor are easy to change using “Themes for Huawei and Honor”. A program with a large variation in the appearance of characters. To download it is necessary:

  • Enter the Play Market;
  • Enter the name of the application in the search bar;
  • Start the download.

The method is suitable for quick performance. The rest can be converted using the instructions described in detail below.

Search & Download

Before changing the font on Honor and Huawei phones, it is rational to decide what exactly is needed. Next, follow a simple algorithm:

  • Enter the browser, write in the search bar cyrillic fonts for free;
  • In the displayed list, determine the one that you like best;
  • Click “Download” to install on your smartphone;

Pay attention to the name of the file stored on the gadget running on the basis of Android. Keep in mind that it must be with the ttf extension, since only this format is supported by the smartphone.

Convert font to install

Conversion is an important step in changing the appearance of characters. Assumes the need for utilities.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Open the “Editor”.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Select a file.
  5. Determine the downloaded file from the list.
  6. Click Next Step.
  7. Create a name for the download to easily find later;
  8. Confirm the action by clicking “Generate”.

If the user has done everything correctly, then after a while a window will appear in which you need to click “OK”. Click “Open Huawei Themes App” to launch “Themes” on the device.


After starting the application, click on “I” / “My text styles”. Next, find the previously selected option, click “Apply.” Subsequently, on the gadget, each label is displayed as defined.

Installing prepared fonts

To activate one of the standard options, you must perform the following steps:

  • Click on “Themes”;
  • Wait a while until an additional menu is displayed;
  • Click on “Text Style”;
  • The item will display the standard previously downloaded versions;
  • Click on the option you like the most.

It is noteworthy that pure TTF format mobile does not support and only conversion is necessary.

How to return the standard font on Honor

If you don’t want to find the right one in “Huawei Themes”, open “Fonts”. Choose one or just restore the standard version. Keep in mind that regardless of the final solution, the system will request a utility that must be official. Using unverified programs may cause the gadget to malfunction, which is not a warranty case. Responsibility for such a risk passes entirely to the owner.

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How to increase the font on a Huawei and Honor phone

Diagonals of mobile devices are constantly increasing along with screen resolution. But the size of the characters remains the same, which may cause some users discomfort. Read on how to do this below.

How to reduce the font in SMS

Increase the font on the Honor and Huawei phone in SMS is the first stage of increasing the characters on the entire device. To activate:

  • Click on “Settings”;
  • Go to “Screen” / “Size”;

A slider will appear, with which you can adjust the size of the letters. Left. Decrease, right. Increase. Next, go back to “Screen” / “View Mode”. And similarly adjust the slider.

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How to make a beautiful font on Honor phone

Some users want to not only use a smartphone or tablet to solve certain problems, but to show individuality through the gadget. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Open the settings;
  • Perform the transition “System” / “Language and input” / “Keyboard SwiftKey”;
  • Wait until the “Gallery” is displayed, in which you can determine the available keyboard themes.
  • Click on the appropriate one, click on the “Download” button.

After downloading, click the keyboard again and use it.

How to change font color

To change the color, use the HiFont application, which sorts them. If there are root rights, then the user can easily apply pink, yellow and other colors. Or update the gadget firmware to allow changes with special codes in each section of the menu.

Adjusting the style and size of letters is a good way to be creative and make using the gadget as convenient as possible. An increase in size, changes in the level of fat content and various colors make users who have vision problems feel comfortable.

Anatoly Bogdanov (Articles written: 106)

Greetings Anatoly! Can you tell me how in the contacts menu of Huawei P30 Light you can remove this colorful picture, the background? And then my wife bought a phone, but she can not distinguish the number-names. Orange text on a motley background is very difficult for the eyes. Thank in advance!

The standard font and text size set by default on the phone is not to the taste of all users. To some, it seems poorly readable, too small, and to others, on the contrary, too fat and large. In such a situation, the thought comes to change the standard font, making it beautiful and pleasing to the eye. We have selected for you a selection of the best ways and services that will help you do it right and quickly. Carefully read each of them, and only after proceeding to the instructions.

In the phone settings

Through phone settings, you can perform various manipulations with the font, in particular, change its size. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings and go to the “Screen” section.
  2. We go to the section “Text Size”.
  3. Choose the appropriate size of the text that will be displayed in the interface.

Unfortunately, to change the style and font itself, you will need to use third-party applications. In the settings of the smartphone, you can only change the size of the current font. By the way, it will be applied to the entire system, including program icons.

How to change the font using the launcher. Yandex.Luncher with Alice

This launcher is one of the most popular among Russian-speaking users. Its main advantage (and for someone a drawback) is the presence of a built-in voice assistant Alice. The standard font is pretty nice and strict, so many will like it. It can also be changed by activating another topic:

  1. Launch the Appearance App.
  2. Go to the “Themes” section.
  3. Select the desired topic and activate it.
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Select the desired theme and change the font

The launcher is completely free, and the themes and styles that come with it allow you to change the desktop beyond recognition.

POCO Launcher 2.0

A well-known launcher from Xiaomi, characterized by a pleasant design and a high level of optimization. Also, it already has a dark theme by default, which is very relevant today. The standard font is nice, moderately large, well-read and noticeable.

POCO Launcher 2.0

If you wish, you can improve the theme by changing the design of the icons and font. The launcher works smoothly even on old phones, so you can safely take a closer look at it.

How to change the font using third-party programs

If you do not want to use a third-party launcher, then you can pay attention to specialized applications for changing fonts. You can also find them on the Play Store yourself, or using our selection.

Change the font with iFont

IFont is one of the most famous font change apps. The program is compatible with almost all modern phones, and the choice of available design styles is really impressive. To change the current font, do the following:

  1. We open the application and provide permission to access the file storage.
  2. Choose the font you like on the main page and download it by clicking on the “Download” button.
  3. After downloading, install it by clicking on the appropriate button. Depending on the model of smartphone, this is done in different ways, but it is better to follow the instructions on the screen.

Change the font in iPhone

As a result, the selected font will be displayed in the phone interface.


FontFix is ​​another high-quality application that contains a database of more than 4000 free fonts. However, there are not so many fonts that work correctly with the Russian language. To install the selected font, just click on it, and then select “Install”.

Change font in FontFix

After the download is complete, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, as it all depends on the specific smartphone model.

How to replace system fonts

Just note that you can only change the system fonts on a smartphone that has root rights. In other cases, you can not even try. This is pointless. Before starting the procedure, save the desired font to the smartphone. The file must have the extension.Ttf. After that, carefully follow the recommendations of the instruction:

  1. Through any file manager (it is better to use ES-Explorer), open the system / fonts folder.
  2. Now we find a font that starts with Roboto and has the word Regular in its name. Copy it to another folder, partially changing the name. This is necessary in order to restore the system font if necessary.
  3. Paste the downloaded file with the font into the open folder, changing its name to the name of the moved file. For example, Roboto-Regular.Ttf. That is, by name it is the same system font, but in fact it is the file we uploaded.
  4. Select permissions for the file. For the owner we leave reading and writing, for groups. Only reading. Uncheck the remaining items.
  5. Reboot the smartphone.

Change the system font

If fonts have not changed in the whole system, then we perform this procedure with each file that has the words Roboto and Regular in the name.


Thus, you can make a beautiful font on your phone using different methods. Choose the appropriate option for yourself and carefully follow the recommendations of the instructions. If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments. We will answer and help you.