How to install a browser on Smart TV LG

How to choose and install a web browser for LG Smart TV

Smart TVs are used not only to view standard channels. With their help you can go to the Internet. This requires an installation of a browser for Webos LG. Equipment will be able to open online pages, play music and online films.

How to download Yandex.Browser on the TV

Television form of the Yandex application.The browser has a slightly simplified structure compared to the computer version. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary basic functions that allow you to get access to the Internet, receive notification, reproduce media content and so on.

Yandex browser is one of the most popular web browsers in Russia.

Despite the numerous attempts of users to download the Yandex browser from the Play Store, you may simply not find this browser in the Google digital store.

Yandex web navigator may not be available in Play Store on TV.

How to install Yandex Browser on Samsung TV

The Samsung Web Navigator installation procedure is as follows:

  • Call the menu on your Samsung TV;
  • Find and run the smart concentrator;
  • Here, find and start the Samsung App TV application. Thanks to the functionality of this product, you can download new applications to your Samsung; Select Samsung applications
  • If necessary, enter the system. In the list of available applications, look for the Yandex browser (use the search engine); Samsung applications on your TV
  • Select the Yandex browser and, by clicking on the “Install” button (or “download”), install the application on the TV;
  • All you need to do is start the application and use its functions.

How to install Yandex.Browser on TV LG

For installation of Yandex.Browser on the LG SMART televisor must use LG Content Store.

  • Enter LG Content Store (LG Smart World) by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control of the TV distance; On the TV menu, select “Save”.
  • Find the Yandex browser and click “install” to download it to your TV.

How to connect Yandex to Sony TV

If your Android operating system is installed on your Sony TV TV, the Yandex browser installation procedure is as follows:

  • Click the “Home” button in the main menu;
  • In the main menu below is the section “Applications”; Select “Apply”.
  • In the application section, select “Google Play Store“;
  • Use the search function to find Yandex Browser;
  • Select “install” to install a browser on the TV.

LG Smart TV में Google कैसे चलाये। Chrome Browser बस 5 मिनेट में।

Please note that Sony recommends installing applications using the Apps Tool function. Loading and independent installation of the Yandex browser APK file can lead to unstable TV operation.

It is not recommended to install APK files on the TV.

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How to download and install a browser on LG Smart TV

If you do not have a preinstalled utility, or you want to replace it, then use the instructions below:

  • Create an account on the website www.LG.COM/ru;
  • It is best to create a profile through a PC, laptop or smartphone;
  • But on the TV, the registration procedure along the “Smart TV” menu is also available on the TV → “Profile” → “Registration”;
  • Here you indicate a little information about yourself-e-mail, phone number, name;
  • On TV, enter your account;
  • Launch the LG Smart World software.
  • From the list of the proposed browsers, select the one you want to use and click “install“;
  • If this addition is paid, then indicate the data of your plastic card and pay;
  • Free are automatically installed in the presence of Internet and free space.

How to update the web browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV

Browser update on the Samsung Smart TV TV is no more difficult than posting a photo on Instagram. Depending on which browser requires the update. Built.In or installed. The algorithm of actions is different. For built.In:

  • We check the availability of the update for the firmware, or reinstall from the flash drive, choosing compatible with the TV model;
  • We open the main “menu”;
  • We cross. “support”;
  • Open. “Update”;
  • With a positive result, we confirm the action by pressing “OK”.

Before downloading, check what changes will occur. In the case of updating third.Party software, the “from the application” method is used:

After the update, we start and check the correctness of the work.

Yandex browser

You can update Yandex Browser in a similar way, since the application is popular, the developers have added a version for TVs to the store. To update, follow the following actions:

  • We go to the window that opens and view the list of applications available for installation and updating;
  • We find Yandex Browser, click on it and open it;
  • Check the availability of updates and confirm the action.

After completion, we check the work of the browser for error elimination and whether requests are correctly displayed.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. Google’s package can be built into the TV, but it depends on the model and support for this software. The update is simple, for this:

  • We go to the menu “Smart Hub” or APP TV;
  • We view the list of installed programs;
  • Choose Google and open it;
  • The integration integration, to check the availability of updates, just look at the upper toolbar;
  • If there is a new version, an arrow icon will appear;
  • Click on it and expect the completion of the process.

After completion, you may need a reboot of the TV.

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The need to update the web browser on the LG Smart TV TV

Since the most part of the LG Smart TV functionality is tied to the work of the built.In intra.System browser, it must be regularly updated. This becomes especially relevant when LG, together with other suppliers of additional in terms of new versions of individual components/tools for its TVs. Such a “instrumental” update usually makes a number of changes to applications and system settings, which can become incompatible with the current version of the browser. And in this case, the user may face a number of technical problems:

  • Long loading of the browser. The waiting time for starting, response and loading pages/tabs/applications may increase;
  • Blocking IP addresses of a number of online resources. Due to the failure in the database of the “Black List of Malicious Sites”, individual sites may stop loading;
  • Violation in the work of the browser Adobe Flash Player. For this reason, media files may stop displaying: pictures, videos, etc. D.;
  • Other problems that may depend on a specific TV model.

One of the problems of untimely renewal of the browser may be a violation of Adobe Flash Player, which is why only the white screen will appear when trying to play the video

How to download

Few users know that you can download additional browsers for Smart TV on TVs, except for the standard. Such an opportunity will be available on most models of modern TVs, but there are certain exceptions.

To verify the capabilities of the TV, you need to read the instructions or, when buying, ask the seller about it.

To download the browser you like, you will need to go to the Smart hub on the Samsung TV or LG Smart World on LG. You can do this from the main menu.

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of programs available for download, or immediately drive the name of the browser for the Smart TV in the search engine.

How to update the browser on LG TV?

The update of the pre.Installed browser is performed through the removable medium along with the firmware of the TV.

Opera TV web browser for Android tv | Smart TV Web Browser | TV Internet browser | Web Surfing

  • Press the “Settings” button on the control panel.
  • Select the Support section in the menu.
  • Open the “Update” item.
  • Check for available updates.
  • If you have a new firmware. Install it.
  • After loading, restart the device.

You can update the installed program from LG Smart World in the same place:

In the process of updating, you should not turn off the TV or perform other complex procedures. This will affect the correctness of the process.

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The stability of the Internet connection and its speed, which can increase the update time, also plays a role.

Installation over the Internet

There is another option for installing the Internet. This method is suitable if for some reason the rest of the options are not suitable for you (for example, you do not use flash drives and you simply do not have them). Since we have already identified earlier, Smart TV systems have almost all the functionality of the desktop PC, you can connect the Internet to it. It remains to decide how to do this in the most convenient way. There are three options for connection:

To connect using a cable, it must be borne in mind that this will take time for laying the cable, and it also needs to be hidden somewhere so that it does not interfere with. For Wi-Fi, no additional wires are required and this is the easiest option from a constructive point of view. But not everyone has the opportunity to conduct the Internet, and accordingly these options are not suitable for not everyone. In this case, the mobile Internet is just suitable, or rather, the Internet module of the right provider, which is easy to install in the USB TV connector and thereby provides access to the network.