How to install applications on Smart TV Sony

Sony Bravia TV 40 inch Smart TV

Smart TV is a function on all modern TVs, adding a huge number of various abilities. With them, the work of TV becomes more convenient, and using it is pleasant. Added opportunities:

  • Internet access;
  • Bluetooth support (for synchronization with the phone);
  • Video recording of television shows;
  • Mirroring (for synchronization with a computer);
  • Light sensor.

In this video, consider Sony Bravia TVs:

Description Sony Bravia

The Japanese company does not cease to delight users with increasingly advanced models of gadgets.

The new Sony Bravia TV has not only an attractive design, but also excellent functionality.

The model appeared in 2016 and almost immediately received a bunch of positive reviews. The first thing to pay attention to is the image quality.

The updated 4K HDR standard issues a picture of the best resolution, while rowan and other interference does not arise.

The screen excellently conveys the entire color scheme, creating the effect of realism. Contrast and clarity. The main characteristics of the gadget.

Watching the TV has become much nicer!

The design sophisticated in the literal sense makes not only an entertainment device from the device, but also the interior item. He will fit perfectly into absolutely any style and complement it.

Important! The appearance of technology and functionality may vary depending on the region and the manufacturer, however, the main features are preserved.

What can be distinguished from the convenient functionality of this TV, we will consider further.

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Using the Smart TV function in Sony TVs

Before we can use all the opportunities that Smart TV Sony provides its user, we will first need to configure this function. To do this, you first need to connect our TV TV to the Internet.

SMART TV setting

To configure the connection of our TV with the Internet network, two options are available to us:

install, applications, smart, sony

The easiest and faster configure both of these options if you have a router. You can, of course, and directly the Internet provider cable into the TV, but then you will have to manually enter the network settings of the Internet supplier.

How to configure one of these connection options we will figure it out right now.

  • To set up a network connection using an Internet cable, we just need to insert a cable coming from a router into a LAN nest on a TV. Then, using the remote control, go to the main menu. Installations. Network. Network settings.Connection installations. In the window that appears, select the option “Simple”. If no malfunctions are found, then after some time we will see a message about the successful installation of the Internet network.
  • For connection using Wi-Fi wireless network, we perform the same manipulations with the TV menu: the main menu. Installations. Network. Network settings.Connection installations. Just. In the absence of a cable, the TV itself will scan the air for the presence of a wireless connection and will display a list of available networks. In this list we find ours, select it, enter the password and wait for the message about the successful installation of the connection.

Tip: After a successful connection with the Internet, it is strongly recommended to update your TV firmware to the most fresh and relevant version.


Since Smart TV functionality in Sony TVs is implemented on the popular Android platform, its use will not be difficult for most users. You can even connect your Google account with all settings if it is available. And then working with the TV will practically not differ from working with your smartphone on this operating system, only bonuses in the form of a large screen, the possibility of connecting wireless devices and excellent sound will be added.

Due to the presence of Smart TV on the Sony TV, you can not only view your favorite television programs, films or series, but also write them down immediately to any external medium: a flash drive or a hard drive.

install, applications, smart, sony

With the help of a built.In browser, shoying on the Internet has become simple and convenient, you can make purchases in online stores right on the screen of your TV!

By adding applications, you can correspond in social networks with friends. And if there are webcams, even arrange online conferences.

How to install APK on Sony TV

We invite Sony Android TV to the user club. Here you can ask what interests you. And also tell or help others. In addition, you can just get a break about your Sony telly and everything that is connected with it.

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How to add applications to Sony Bravia

Sony trademark television receivers are known all over the world thanks to excellent image quality, original design and high reliability in operation. Sony Corporation has been using the best technological solutions for many years (in particular-Smart-TV), expanding the intense capabilities of its TVs, which allowed them to turn them into multimedia centers. Despite the presence of diverse preinstalled programs, users due to their taste preferences and ease of use are often necessary for additional specific widgets. On how to install applications on Sony Smart TV, we will dwell in detail in this material.

The ability to install software on SMART TVs Sony

Since 2013, Sony TVs have supported the Sony Entertainment Network service, which opens access to users not only to popular Skype applications, and. But also to the streaming services of Netflix, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Currently, the company’s specialists have significantly expanded the intense capabilities of their SMART-telephones, equipping them in standard equipment with modern technologies as:

All this significantly expanded the functionality of the “smart” tellyniki, allowing users to independently choose and establish the necessary applications.

Настройка и использование функции Smart TV в телевизорах BRAVIA

On the domestic market, you can currently find Sony SmartTV TVs of two types: the first-with the installed Android-TV OS, the second-without it. At the same time, in the first case, television receivers provide the user with the opportunity to install in memory the necessary applications from Google Play Store. And in the second case, the “smart” telvetkhnik opens access to a large number of on-line services that allow you to watch and/or listen to video and audio content free, however, loading and installing third-party applications in it is impossible. To determine which category the specific model of the Smart television receiver belongs to, its owner needs to press the Home button on the remote control (PDU) and compare the image of the main menu on the screen with the following drawings.

Both of the above drawings display the main menu of SMART TELLS without Android OS, but related to different modifications.

Advice! You can determine whether the specific model of the Android-TV OS TV is equipped if you turn off the power cord from the power outlet socket. With the next turning on the technique, a boot screensaver will appear on the screen, which either has a type of stylized animation with the inscription Android or is designed only with the image of the Sony Corporation logo.

Installation of applications on Sony SmartTV TVs with Android-TV OS

Due to the fact that the SMART-TV functionality is based on the Android-TV platform, it will not be difficult to install any application on the SMART-TELL SONY. As a search application, you can use both the standard Smart menu and the possibilities of the built.In browser (often Google Chrome). And in order to successfully install new programs, the owner of Sony from Sony will need to update the existing, default web content.

Update the existing Web content

The update of applications available by default is as follows:

  • On the remote control, press the Home button;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Installations” section;
  • Next, you will need to open the menu “Network”;
  • Then you need to select the “Update the Internet Service” item and start the update program.

The program will automatically connect the SMART-TEPLITER to Sony servers and independently update applications. The main condition for the successful completion of the process is that you cannot press any buttons on the TV and PDU during updating the software. It is also forbidden to turn off the television receiver and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet socket.

Installation of new software through menu

At the end of the update process, you need to click the Home button on the TV PD. Widgets installed by default will appear in the “Processed” window. If the user considers their number insufficient, then you can go to the “All applications” section, find the missing programs there and add them to “My applications”. After that, they will also appear on the main list.

Advice! Update Web content with the same frequency as the firmware of the OS TV. This will serve as a guarantee of stable software and eliminate unforeseen failures when viewing video content.

To add additional programs to the “All Applications” list, you need to use Software such as the Store Google Play, Playmarket or Operatvstore. Having opened any of the above services and finding an interest in the program there (for the convenience of finding all the software available for download, it is sorted by categories), the user simply adds it to the list of “My applications”.

Installing third.Party programs through an external drive

Sony Bravia SmartTV television receivers allow the installation of applications and from third-party sources, for example, from a USB flash drive connected via a USB input. How to do this is told on

At the same time, the TV owner needs to remember that Sony Corporation is a categorical opponent of the illegal distribution of video content. In this regard, before copying the application of interest from the computer to the flash drive, the latter must be correctly formatted and recorded in the “correct” format. Otherwise, the Smart television receiver will simply not see the distribution recorded on the flash drive. All requirements for the external carrier are described in detail in the PDF instructions of specific models of television receivers (section “Photo/music/video playing/video via USB”). You can download such an instruction on the official website of the company. For example, for the KDL-40WD653 TV, this is a page.

How to install applications on my Sony TV with the Android operating system?

You can check which applications can be installed on the Sony TV with the Android operating system from Google Play Store. What is the difference between TVs with the Android operating system and without the Android operating system.

Hint: how to make sure that my model of the TV based on Android TV?Disconnect the TV from the power supply and insert an electric fork into the outlet again.

  • When you turn on the TVs based on Android TV, a boot screensaver in the form of stylized animation with the inscription “Android” is shown.
  • For other TV models, the screensaver when turning on looks just just Sony logo on a black background.

If you want to install Sony on your Android operating system any application, start by transition to the main menu (Home) by clicking the Home button on the remote control panel.

Then move in the menu down to the application section (Apps) and select Store Google Play

You will go to the Google: Google Play application store, where you can choose applications, and download and install them on your TV.

Tip: Due to the total large number of applications, not all applications are displayed in the Google Play Store rubricator. Use the search function to quickly and more accurately find the applications you are interested in by keywords.

What are the applications for Smart TV?

Smart TV. Not simple TVs, but full.Fledged devices with the operating system and.

You can install any applications on smart TVs:

  • IPTV players. To view digital TV channels via the Internet. Most programs have flexible control over the ether: pause, archives in a few days, a television program, chosen and parental control. The most common players: OTTPlayer, Kodi and Lazy IPTV.
  • Watching movies or rollers. The most famous applications: YouTube, IVI, KinoPoisk and other online cinemas.
  • Browsers. Usually, on smart TVs there are standard preinstalled browsers, and the third.Party leads Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox are leading.
  • Clients of social networks. They can also be used to view VK, classmates, tick-current.
  • Games. On the big screen, any game looks more colorful! The most popular games work on TVs: Angry Birds, Plants VS. Zombies and others. The largest selection on Android TV.
  • Media players. For greater functionality, alternative players can be used: VLC Player or MX Player.

How to Download New Internet Apps on Sony Bravia TV |Update Sony Bravia TV |Connect wifi to TV Hindi

Fork Player for Sony Smart TV

FORK Player. A browser designed for TV Smart TV Sony. Using this application, you can view films, online channels from various sites that are usually not supported by TVs. The difference between this application is that all information from sites is read, processed and converted into the necessary format.


One of the possibilities in the form of previously inaccessible viewing of information from the sites has already been considered. Other “skills” of this browser:

  • Flash support is a player with which you can listen to music;
  • Preservation and creation of your own Play. Sheets;
  • View Play. Sheets from other devices supporting FORK Player;
  • Access to the installation of unofficial applications.

Try the capabilities of Smart TV Sony TVs