How To Flip Video On Iphone

How to flip on iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 and older

How To Flip On Iphone

Need to rotate on iPhone or iPad? This is easily done in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, thanks to the standard editor in the Photos app. For iOS 12 and older versions, there is also a method.

Many people record vertically on an iPhone or iPad, initially this is not a good idea as it comes out with black bars on the sides and we recommend shooting with the device horizontally. But, if you’ve already shot vertically, there is an easy way to flip in iOS. We will show you how to turn a vertical into a horizontal one using rotation.

To pivot to iOS 12 and older, we’ll be using the iMovie app on iOS, which is available for free on the App Store. This method works for any type, be it a 4K movie, slow motion, normal, interval, native or some other.

In iOS 13 and newer, you can rotate right in the Photos app.

How to rotate in iOS 13

  1. To get started, go to the standard Photo application and select the one you want to rotate.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click Edit.
  3. At the bottom, you will notice four editing tools. Select the last Crop tool.
  4. Now, at the top, select the Rotate icon in the left corner. If you press it once, it will rotate 90 degrees. If desired, you can press twice or even three times. When you’re satisfied, click Done.
  5. If for some reason you want to undo a rotation, open it again, go to the edit menu and click Revert in the lower right corner of the screen.

That’s all, now you know how easy it is to rotate in iOS 13. over, here you can not only rotate, but also edit them in a different way. Read more about the new editing options in this article.

How to rotate or flip on iPhones and iPads with iOS 12 and older

You can rotate anyone on an iOS device 90, 180, 270 degrees and it’s very simple.

  1. Open iMovie on iPhone or iPad
  2. Select from the list which you want to rotate, then click on the button “Share this”(Share) it looks like a square with an up arrow.
  3. Please select “Create a movie”
  4. In iMovie, use two fingers to rotate in the direction you want to rotate, an arrow should appear.
  5. After flipping in the desired direction, press the button “Done” in the top left corner.
  6. Now press the button again “General access” (up arrow button).
  7. Select here “Save ” (also you can share it on Facebook, YouTube, iCloud, etc.)
  8. Select resolution: 360p, 540p, 720p or 1080p
  9. When finished, iMovie will notify you what is saved in your library, so you can open the Photos app and make sure it’s flipped successfully.

That’s all, yours is turned over and saved as a separate file on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

And yes, yours are stored in the Photos app, not the app. Because of this, many get confused and search there.

How to flip on iPhone?

Very often, iPhone users, in a hurry to capture the exciting moment, begin to shoot, holding the device in the usual vertical position. Alas, this is a mistake: the owner of the gadget will make sure that he shot incorrectly as soon as he starts watching the on TV or computer. Instead of a normal frame, he will see two dark stripes at the edges and a narrow image in the center.

Fortunately, such an operator error is not difficult to fix. However, a visit to the AppStore is indispensable, the iPhone has no built-in tools with which to flip.

How to avoid wrong shooting?

Instead of correcting a mistake, it is better to anticipate its appearance. The user can shoots through the Horizon application, then he definitely won’t have to think about how to flip it on the iPhone. You can download this application here.

The essence of the Horizon program is as follows: no matter how you hold your iPhone, the utility will set the frame in landscape orientation (horizontally) due to the fact that it uses the device’s gyroscope. As a result, you will get a recording that does not need to be processed with additional software in order for it to look good on the PC screen.

You need to configure Horizon as follows:

Step 1. Launch the application and sequentially give it access to the microphone, current location and the Photos application.

Next, you will see the main screen of the program with a rectangular frame in the middle. Exactly what is included in this frame will be present at.

Try turning the iPhone in your hand, you will see that the frame on the screen also moves (like all icons).

Step 2. Switch to the mode for this you need to click on the button with the camera image.

Step 3. After this button increases in size, click on it again so you start the recording process.

To stop recording, click on the counter:

Step 4. You can view the captured by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

Select the recording that interests you and launch it in the built-in Horizon player.

If the result suits you, proceed to output the from the program.

Step 5. Click the Share button located in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select Save.

The converted you will find in the Camera Roll.

You can not only download the to the device’s memory, but also send it by SMS, email, via Viber and What’s App messengers.

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The free version of Horizon can only shoot at 640 resolutions×480 and 480×480 (both for the front and rear cameras) and with a rather mediocre frame rate of 30 frames per second. Horizon Premium is guaranteed twice the frame rate and the highest resolutions your device can handle.

How to flip on iPhone through third-party programs?

  • Imovie. The most powerful editor capable of performing almost any operation with a. However, iMovie is a paid program with a very biting price of 379 rubles. Rotate Free. This application is recommended by many thematic articles, but in reality it turns out to be too confusing, and even requires the purchase of the Pro version in order to perform such a banal operation as a turn. Pirouette. Of all the programs designed to flip, this one is the simplest, in fact, it has only one button. But Pirouette also has a significant drawback: after conversion, this utility places ads.

The program, which was given our preference, has a rather discreet name Сlip Rotate (on the device itself it is listed as Rotate). For some unknown reason, on thematic blogs and forums, this utility is bypassed even though it is completely free, very convenient, does not place watermarks and has an attractive interface. Download Clip Rotate here.

To flip with Clip Rotate, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Launch the program and give it access to the Photos application.

Step 2. On the start screen, click on the big round button with the image of photos.

Step 3. Clip Rotate will take you to the Photos app where you need to select the you want to flip.

Click on the one you want, then click the Choose button. You will start the process of compressing the at the end of this process you will find yourself in the editor.

Step 4. Flip to horizontal position using one of the buttons 90. You can move both clockwise and counterclockwise. In our case, you should move counterclockwise, otherwise the image will be upside down.

Step 5. After adjusting the rotation, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. After that, the process of converting the will begin.

Step 6. Decide what you want to do with the changed. You can immediately upload it to Instagram or YouTube, as well as send it by email (the letter will contain an advertisement for the application). If you want to save the to the iPhone memory, in order to preview it on the device, click on the button with a floppy disk.

Just a couple of seconds of waiting, and the utility will notify you of a successful save.

Then you can go to the Photos application and make sure that the Clip Rotate utility has done its job 100% and has not placed a watermark on the. The old one, removed incorrectly, should be deleted so that it does not take up precious megabytes in the device’s memory.

How to flip an iPhone shot on a computer?

Instead of searching and downloading suitable software from the AppStore, you can perform such a simple operation as turning on a PC. It’s much easier: for example, using the free utility Free Flip and Rotate, the whole procedure is performed in 3 steps:

Step 1. Upload the one you want to convert by clicking Add File.

Step 2.Use the arrow buttons to flip the roller as needed.

Step 3. Choose which format you want to convert and click on Save.

At default settings, Free Flip and Rotate places the converted in the My Recordings folder. You can change the output folder by following the path Options Options and finding the desired directory through Explorer.

The utility also has a paid version, the only advantage of which, however, is that the inverted can be output in the original format.

Download Free Flip and Rotate here.


To make a problem out of what was recorded on the iPhone incorrectly means to inflate an elephant out of a fly. Turn over the simplest operation: here it is a matter of informing the user, it is important to know which utility does not ask for money and does not place watermarks. The procedure itself takes no more than a couple of minutes.

How to flip on a smartphone, tablet or computer

You no longer have to tilt your head to the side and remove spoiled.

Modern gadgets automatically flip when you shoot horizontally. But if in the first seconds of shooting you held the smartphone vertically, and then changed the orientation of the device, then the will turn upside down and it will be inconvenient to watch it. Fortunately, these tools allow you to flip records.

How to flip on macOS

Rotate on Mac can be done right in the standard QuickTime player. Just open the in this program, then click in the top menu Edit and select the appropriate rotation option from the list.

Then click on the cross to close the window. And when prompted to save the inverted one, select the appropriate folder on the disk for this.

How to flip on an Android device

We need the Google Photos app. If this program is not yet installed on your device, download it from Google Play. Open the one you want to edit in it. Then click on the second icon from the left in the bottom menu and use the Rotate button until it is in a suitable position.

Remember to save the result at the end.

How to flip on iPhone or iPad

This cannot be done using standard iOS tools. But you can use third-party programs from the App Store. One of the easiest apps in this category is Rotate Flip. The program is free, but it shows ads.

To rotate the in Rotate Flip, open it in the application using the camera-shaped icon. Then press the button with the number 90 until you are satisfied with the result.

You can also flip horizontally or vertically using the adjacent buttons. When done, just click Save after the ad, the new will appear in the film.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Photos app mentioned above. You can flips in it on iOS in the same way as in the Android version of the program.

How to flip on a Windows computer

The Free Flip and Rotate program is perfect for this purpose. Run it and drag the desired into the application window. Then use the arrows to turn in the right direction. After that, click Save, select the desired format and click Continue.

How to flip online

If you don’t want to install additional software, you can use one of the special web services. This method is suitable for any device except for iOS gadgets. But only small rollers can be turned over in this way.

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Take the Rotate My service as an example, which supportss up to 250MB. Click Pick and download the desired file from the device. Then flip the image using the arrows under Rotation. Change the aspect ratio in the Ratio section if necessary. When done, click Rotate and on the next page click Download.

In a few seconds, the inverted will download to your device.

How to rotate on a computer

You can also rotate a shot with an iPhone using a computer, namely: installed editors. Among the popular ones are:

  • Win Movie Maker;
  • Media Player Classic;
  • VLC;
  • Kmplayer;
  • Free Flip and Rotate.

The interface of each program is accessible and understandable. The Tools tabs, as well as the settings, have the required edit and rotation icons.

Let’s consider step-by-step actions using the example of VLC media player.

  1. Open the required file in this program and click on the Show additional parameters window.
  2. In the Geometry effects tab, check the Rotate box and select how many degrees to rotate.

How to flip in iMovie

In order to deploy material on iPhone using the iMovie program, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the program and create a new project.
  2. Select a file.
  3. To rotate the roller, make a circular motion with two fingers in the desired direction. A white arrow appears on the screen.
  4. Save the project and to the Camera Roll (if necessary).

How to turn in iPhone and save

Apple Gadgets help you capture interesting and important life events. Iphone users sometimes face situations where the screen is turned horizontally when recording starts. Or, for example, when downloading material to a computer, playing it back, the picture is positioned vertically, which makes viewing difficult. Let’s figure out how to flip on iPhone. precisely, we will master the work of the iMovie program installed on the device without spoiling the quality of the material.


Thus, today smartphones give us an excellent opportunity to capture bright moments, not inferior to the quality of shooting made by professional equipment.

Now iPhone owners know that the simplest operation is to turn over. It’s only about awareness: it is important for the user to understand which program is free and how it works.

How to rotate in media players

To begin with, how to rotate in all popular media players Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC), VLC and Windows Media Player.

With this rotation, you only see from a different angle, this option is suitable for a single viewing of an incorrectly filmed or encoded film or recording, the file itself is changed and will not be saved.

How to rotate 90 degrees

The question of how to rotate 90 degrees is asked by users in two main contexts: how to rotate it when played in Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic (including Home Cinema) or VLC, and how to rotate it online or in a recording editing program and save it after this upside down.

In this manual, I will show in detail how to rotate 90 degrees in the main media players (at the same time, it does not change itself), or change the rotation using editors or online services and save so that in the future it will be played normally in all players and on all computers. However, the rotation is not limited by a right angle, it can be 180 degrees, it is just that the need to turn exactly 90 clockwise or counterclockwise occurs most often. You may also find the review Best Free Editors helpful.

Media Player Classic

To rotate 90 degrees or any other angle in Media Player Classic and MPC Home Cinema, the player must use a codec that supports rotation and have assigned hotkeys for this action. By default it is, but just in case on how to check it.

  1. In the player go to the menu item View Settings.
  2. In the Playback section, select Output and see if the current codec supports rotation.
  3. In the Player section, open the Keys item. Find Rotate frame by X, Rotate frame by Y. And see what keys you can use to change rotation. By default, these are Alt keys, one of the numbers on the numeric keypad (the one that is separately located on the right side of the keyboard). If you don’t have a numeric keypad (NumPad), here you can assign your own keys to change the rotation by double-clicking on the current combination and pressing a new one, for example, Alt is one of the arrows.

That’s all, now you know how and how you can rotate in Media Player Classic during playback. In this case, the rotation is carried out not immediately by 90 degrees, but one degree at a time, smoothly, while you hold the keys.

VLC player

To rotate when viewing in the VLC media player, in the main menu of the program go to Tools Effects and Filters.

After that, on the Geometry effects tab, check the Rotate item and specify how exactly you want to rotate, for example, select Rotate by 90 degrees Close the settings during playback, it will be rotated in the way you need (you can also set an arbitrary rotation angle in the Rotation item.

How to rotate 90 degrees online or in the editor and save it

And now, in the second rotation option, change the recording file itself and save it in the desired orientation. This can be done using almost any editor, including free or on special online services.

Windows Media Player

The standard Windows Media Player in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 does not have a rotation function when viewing and it is usually recommended to rotate it 90 or 180 degrees using the editor, and only then watch (this option will be discussed later).

However, I can suggest a way that seems simpler to me (but also not very convenient): you can simply change the screen rotation while watching this. How to do this (I am writing a long way to the necessary parameters so that it is equally suitable for all recent versions of Windows):

  1. Go to the control panel (in the View field at the top right, put Icons), select Display.
  2. On the left, select Adjust Screen Resolution.
  3. In the screen resolution settings window, select the desired orientation in the Orientation field and apply the settings to rotate the screen.

Also, screen rotation functions are present in the utilities of NVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon cards. In addition, on some laptops and computers with integrated Intel HD Graphics, you can use Ctrl Alt one of the arrows to quickly rotate the screen. I wrote more about this in the article What to do if the laptop screen is turned over.

How to rotate on iPhone and iPad, shot in portrait orientation 2 ways

Many people still record clips in vertical orientation, and of course, there is nothing wrong with that, although black stripes can be observed when playing back to the right and left of them. In this article, we will tell you how to easily convert it to landscape orientation, or even flip it, if required, on an iPhone or iPad without using a computer.

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How to Rotate on iPhone and iPad in iMovie App (up to 100MB)?

To implement our plans, we need the iMovie application (link below), which will already be installed on more modern iPhone and iPad models with 64 or more gigabytes of memory on board. Otherwise, it can be downloaded from the App Store absolutely free (there is also a nuance here, any of your devices must be activated after September 1, 2013). With the help of iMovie you can rotate (90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees) any type , whether it be 4K, or taken in slow motion or fast motion.

1. Install the free iMovie app (link).

2. Open the orientation of which you want to change in the Photos application and click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

3. Click on the icon with the image of a circle with dots located on the bottom panel

4. Select iMovie will open in the editor.

5. Place two fingers on the thumbnail of the roller and rotate them to rotate the roller 90 degrees. In the same way, it can be turned to the right or left to obtain the desired result.

6. When you’re done, click on the Finish button in the upper left corner.

7. Wait for the end of the export. Rotated will open in the Photos app.

How to rotate on iPhone and iPad using Quick Command?

Steve Jobs managed to make iOS logical and simple. In creating this operating system, the CEO of Apple made it a sine qua non to reach any element of iOS in three steps. However, the system gradually expanded its functionality, it became more and more difficult to follow the precepts of Jobs. Some items were hidden deep in the menu. But Apple has found an elegant solution. IOS Quick Commands Allowed to Stay True to Principles.

1. Install the Apple Quick Commands app if you haven’t already.

3. Go to the Photos app and find the you want to flip.

4. Click on the Share button and follow the path Quick commands → ZGIF tools for.

If there is no Quick Commands icon, click the button and set the Quick Commands switch to the On position. This action will add the icon to the main menu of the Share panel.

5. After starting the command, among the list of actions, select Rotate, and then one of the proposed rotation options (by 90, 180, 270 degrees, flip horizontally or vertically).

6. After a while, the inverted will be loaded in the Quick Commands application window. Click Finish.

7. Select a location to save the created inverted.

The ZGIF Tools for command uses the ZGIF web service, which is designed to create and edit GIF files.

This command can not only flip, but also make playback faster or slower, as well as mirror it, run in reverse order.

Unfortunately, this command has its own limitation, the size ofs offered for processing should not exceed 100 MB. Otherwise, the application will simply throw an error and the changes will not be applied.

Horizon camera

In order to avoid all these manipulations and inconvenient situations in the future, an application was released that completely changes the very approach to recording on your iPhone or iPad. The essence of the Horizon Camera program is that it simply will not allow you to shoot in the wrong orientation and will save all your recordings as correctly as possible.

Thanks to the gyroscope built into your iOS device, the app can automatically detect the position of your smartphone or tablet and adjust the frame so that it always remains absolutely parallel to the ground and the horizon. Such a unique solution gives us complete freedom while filming our gadget with the camera.

Right in the process of recording, you can easily turn and flip the device, but it will be recorded exclusively in the desired and correct form. The application uses its own algorithms in order to control the shooting and aspect ratio in the frame in such a way that on the finished recording you do not even see what position your iPhone was in during the shooting.

Using the additional features of the program, you can easily use the Horizon Camera application as the main camera for shooting both photos. Of the features worth paying attention to, I would like to note that in addition to the correct orientation, the application can also take photos, which will also be taken with the most accurate position of the sides relative to the horizon line. This will allow you to avoid a photo with a so-called blocked horizon, when everything in the lens is tilted to one side or the other in the finished shot due to shooting on the go.

Another advantage of the Horizon Camera is that in its settings you can activate shooting with double the frame rate of 60 frames per second. This feature is relevant for devices older than the iPhone 5s and iPad Air (they provide such a shooting mode at the operating system level). This feature allows for smoother movement in the frame. The program works equally well with both the main and the front camera. This will make it possible to shoot better and more correctly, including selfies.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Easy and quick turnaround on iPhone

How many times have you, being at any events or just on a walk, seen something that you definitely needed to shoot with your iPhone in order to show your friends later? This happens all the time. But at the same time, how often, completely automatically and as soon as possible, did you take out your iPhone, turn on the camera, start filming, and only then realize that you are holding your iPhone upright? And the shooting is already underway.

Or, even worse, which you filmed, when played on a computer display or on a TV screen, it is turned sideways and it is completely impossible to watch it. Here’s what to do in such cases with these two, and I’ll tell you today.

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