How to find Viber on iPhone

Registration in Viber on iPhone

After downloading the program, install it on the gadget and go through a quick registration. It is very simple to register in the program. enter the phone number and nickname of the user’s choice. Next comes the activation code, enter it in the provided field. Log in with your data or account That’s all! Viber is set up for free on your iPhone, and now you can chat without restrictions!

Numbers are synchronized automatically from the directory, Viber automatically finds application users from your contacts. In the “Keypad” tab, you can manually dial the desired number. if it is not in the address book.

How To Backup And Restore Viber Messages Tutorial

When minimized, the application does not consume battery power. To accept or reject a call in iOS, Viber will switch to active mode and just tap the screen once.

Download Viber on iPhone in Russian

Viber is analogous to the basic iOS programs “Phone” and “Messages”. The main feature of Viber for iPhone is free calls and messages between users of the messenger using the Internet.

Free Viber features for iPhone:

  • Communicate with your friends using Viber for iPhone via voice communication on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G networks.
  • Messaging. chat with a company or tete-a-tete. Communication is not limited only to the circle of iPhone owners, it is possible to send messages to any user, regardless of whether he uses a smartphone, tablet, PC or other platform.
  • Group video calling. wherever you are, enjoy each other over HD video calling.
  • Shares photos, pictures, audio and video files.
  • Decorate SMS with emoticons, GiF stickers, etc.
  • Report your location on the map.
  • Send a contact from the directory.

Application backup

Vaber for PC users can now sync their chat history with their phone. To do this, install Viber on your iPad or computer and create a backup copy.

    You should check if your iPhone has the latest version of the messenger. Download the program in Russian for your computer and open the application. Click on the “Synchronize” button in the pop-up window. Open Viber on your smartphone and click on the “Start” button to sync your message history between your phone and computer. Do not close Waber on devices until the exchange is complete.

All content is synchronized, including text, voice and interactive correspondence, photos and videos.

With Viber Out (paid calls to landline and mobile numbers). thanks to favorable tariffs for calls and SMS, stay in touch, even if your friends do not use Vaber.

What to do with multimedia?

As you know, multimedia messages are automatically saved to the device memory. Therefore, you need to delete them from the Viber Image and Viber Video folders.

  • You can also go to the messenger settings, from there. to the “Multimedia” section. In it, check the box next to “Delete old audio and video”.
  • The iPhone has a “Store Media” option. There you can set the storage time: week, month, year and indefinite.

Additionally, you can install a cleaner program on Android, which will independently clear the cache on your smartphone. But cleaning Viber on iPhone in this way will not work due to the closed file system.

How to clean Viber on Android

Inside the messenger itself, we can clean the message log, call log and chats separately.

  • Message log. → Settings → Calls and messages → Clear message history → Clear.
  • Call log. Calls → All → Delete (Trash icon).
  • Chats with each contact separately. Chats → find and open a conversation with the desired contact → Menu → Clear chat.

Clearing Messenger on iPhone

If the vibe takes up a lot of memory on the phone, the user of the “apple” at any time can independently delete from his gadget:

  • messages;
  • multimedia files;
  • unnecessary contacts;
  • calls;
  • cache.

REFERENCE: Cache is a copy of data, temporary files that are stored in the smartphone’s memory in order to quickly download what the user needs at subsequent requests. This also includes information from the mobile phone’s clipboard.

Installation procedure and sequence of actions

find, viber, iphone

Enter the name of the service in the search bar.

Click the Download button and wait for the process to complete.

After installation, the Viber launch icon will appear on the phone’s desktop.

How to download Viber on an old iPhone

Apple regularly releases new iPhones with updated functionality to the market. Therefore, the developers of the messenger are constantly updating the application so that it can function on flagship devices.

Because of this, owners of iPhones released several years ago are faced with the problem of installing the latest official version of Viber. In particular, it is impossible to download Viber on iPhone 4s and 4 by downloading the application from the AppStore.

To install Viber on iPhone 4 series, you need an old version of the messenger and a stationary computer or laptop. The algorithm of actions includes the following steps:

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer or laptop.
  • Launch iTunes and log into the program using your AppleID.

Go to the AppStore, find Viber and download it to your computer. Next, you need to launch AppStor on the iPhone, go to the “Updates. Purchases” section and click the “Open” button next to the application icon.

A message will appear about the outdated operating system and a proposal to install the old version of Viber. You need to click the “Yes” button. After that, the download and installation of the old version of the messenger will begin.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which “apple” phones you can put Viber on?

Operating system iOS 10
Free place At least 300 MB

These requirements are met by iPhone 5x, iPhone 6, 7, 8, 11 series, XS and XR gadgets. You also need an active internet connection and an Apple ID account.

Why the application is not installed on the iPhone?

The most common reason is an outdated phone model. To install Viber on an iPhone 4 or 3GS phone, you need to download the archived version of the messenger to your iPhone via your computer. It is not difficult and will not take long.

Viber may not install due to low speed or unstable Internet connection. In this case, you need to re-download the messenger after entering the high-speed access zone of the network.

The activation code is not received via SMS. How to start the application?

The absence of an SMS with a code may be due to various reasons. First, you should check that you do not have blocking of receiving messages from unfamiliar numbers. If there are no problems on this side, then check the spelling of the phone number. Wait a few minutes and order the activation code again, there may be a network failure. If there is no SMS with a password, activate the activation with a phone call.

How to download and install Viber on iPhone

Viber is a convenient and simple application that allows you to communicate over the Internet for free. It’s enough just to install Viber on iPhone and connect to the Internet, you don’t need to pay for voice communication, text messaging or file exchange.

For the corporate sector, Viber has become a convenient tool for organizing remote work. In the program, you can create groups for business communication, carry out commercial and newsletters.


Viber automatically saves multimedia messages to the gadget’s memory. Over time, photos and videos accumulate, clogging up memory. To delete them, you need to go to the Viber Image and Viber Video folders. You can configure automatic deletion of multimedia files in the program settings. This is done in the settings, in the “Multimedia” section. you need to set the storage time in the “Store media files” option.

First launch of Viber on iPhone

At the first launch, you will need to register, you cannot use the messenger without registration. The account creation process consists of several steps. Launch the messenger and click the “Continue” button.

Wait until you receive an SMS with an activation code (it is entered automatically). Installation is complete. you can start using the application.


To eliminate Selective Chat on iPhone, do the following:

  • Open Viber.
  • Find the desired chat and swipe from right to left.
  • Click Remove.

REFERENCE: Group correspondence is deleted in the same way.

Multiple posts

In Viber, it is possible not only to remove the message from your dialogue, but also from the interlocutor. How to do it?

  • Launch the application.
  • Open the desired dialogue.
  • Select a message with a long tap.
  • In the window that appears, click “delete for me” or “delete for all”.

If you need to delete several messages, then you can do this:

  • Go to Viber.
  • Select the desired conversation.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Next. “Editing messages”.
  • Mark SMS you want to delete.
  • Click on the trash can icon.


Photos, videos, gifs and other files are saved in the device’s memory, so you need to clear them directly from the folders with pictures and videos.

REFERENCE: On iPhones, Viber has an option “Store media files” (“”. “Multimedia”), where you can set the time during which received files will be kept in the smartphone’s memory: indefinitely, for a year, a month or a week.


If such a radical measure as ridding the device’s memory of all vibe messages does not suit you, you can delete individual conversations and messages.

Call log

In Viber, you can get rid of not only unwanted correspondence, but also call history.

  • Turn on the messenger.
  • Go to “Challenges”.
  • Press and hold on any of the calls.
  • Then it will be possible to select one or several calls manually, as well as mark all by clicking the checkmark at the top.
  • When you have made your selection, click on the trash can icon.

Cleaning Viber in iPhone

Viber is one of the most popular messengers used by iPhone owners. The developers make sure that the application functions smoothly and is as comfortable to use as possible, therefore, many special options are provided to optimize the vibe. First of all, this is the ability to clean the vibe on the iPhone.

Causes of crashes on iPhone

As a rule, Viber crashes less often if the gadget works on the Android platform, but if this happens, then the reasons for this lie in the same problems as in iPhones. It is on the iPhone that the utility does not open or crashes most often. The record holders for these indicators are iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. This is due to the fact that older iPhones do not have enough RAM, which varies from 500 to 1000 MB.

But keep in mind that as you use the utility, the space occupied increases. When installing Viber, errors may not occur, but over time, the utility can increasingly work intermittently precisely because the amount of memory used increases due to data exchange.

When Viber takes up more space than the memory of your phone or PC can provide, then problems begin.

In order for Viber to work stably in the future, it is recommended to periodically clean the message history and delete unnecessary audio and video files that take up a lot of space.

Why Viber crashes

Sometimes unexpected problems happen with Viber, as a number of reasons can affect the operation of the utility. The most common problem in working with Viber is a constant or periodic spontaneous exit from the program. According to statistics, Viber crashes most often on the iPhone and on gadgets with the Android platform, in which the amount of RAM does not exceed 1 GB.

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Common problems and their elimination

Most often, Viber crashes on PCs and phones in situations where a system error has occurred, the application has been recently updated, or the application has crashed.

What should the user do in each specific situation? 1. In the first case, the error looks like this: Viber works for several minutes, then freezes, and then closes. When you try to open the program, the gadget starts to slow down. In such a situation, you should simply turn off and then turn on the gadget after 1-2 minutes. In 90% of cases, this action will have a positive effect on the operation of the program, since rebooting the system leads to the elimination of 70% of operating system errors. This method works on both computers and phones.

In the second case, the program immediately closes when you try to start. Usually this problem is not resolved when you try to restart the program. The reason for this error is the lack of free space on the phone or PC. First of all, the user should check if there is enough external and RAM memory on the card or hard disk. If there is not enough memory, you should uninstall unused programs and then restart Viber.

If the problem is in the application, you can try stopping the utility and then restarting it. For this you need:

  • Find “Application Manager” or “Applications” in the settings.
  • Select Viber.
  • Click on the “Stop” item, wait a while.
  • Then select “Enable” or “Resume”.

If the above solutions failed to resolve the error, you need to reinstall the program. If this action does not help in resolving the problem, you need to contact the Support utility. It is important to take into account that support works in English, therefore, you need to create a request for feedback only in English.

Download Viber for iPhone

A lot has been said on the Internet about how to install an application on an Android smartphone. From this article you will find out where and how to download Viber on iPhone for free in Russian, how to install which phone model is suitable for this or that operating system for this application.

For iPhone 5 and 5s

Installing Viber for iPhone 5 and 5s is a matter of a few minutes, since for these phone models with iOS 8 it will be easy to update the operating system: for the 5th model you can upgrade to iOS 10.3., And even the latest versions are available for 5s.

  • Update iOS to 10.3 or higher.
  • Open the AppStore and download the application. Then Viber will request data (nickname and phone number).
  • After synchronization with the phone book, the application will be ready to work. Add new contacts to the messenger and use.

Conditions required to download and install Viber on iPhone

To install Viber on the iPhone for free in Russian, without problems and difficulties, the following conditions are required:

  • Actually, the phone itself is Apple iPhone 4s and newer, since it is impossible to install the application on earlier versions, although the Internet sometimes gives advice on installing the messenger on older models of iPhones.
  • A computer for 4s, since this Viber model will have to be downloaded via a PC.
  • iOS at least 8, but better. updated to version 10.3, or at least 9.
  • Internet connection.

Instructions: how to download and install Viber on iPhone

The program will require a username and password, after which you must enter your name, account and phone number. When you install the application on an Android device, the contact list on the iPhone is automatically synchronized with Viber. The process of free installation of the messenger on the iPhone is over. Now you can add contacts and use its convenient and useful functionality.

For iPhone 4s

Now let’s look at how users of this model install the application on the iPhone 4s.

Install viber | Activate | Deactivate iPhone app

The fact is that iOS 8, on which application updates are possible, is designed for iPhones with 2-core processors, while the iPhone 4 has a 1-core processor.

Therefore, Apple has stopped releasing updated versions of applications on this phone.

How to install Viber on iPhone

It should be noted that both the creators of the iPhone and the developers of Viber for iOS tried to simplify as much as possible the procedure for installing the messenger client for users of Apple smartphones. Some difficulties with the solution of this issue may arise only for owners of devices operating under the control of outdated versions of iOS, but, following the instructions below, it is almost always possible to get access to the information exchange system.

Methods for installing Viber messenger on iPhone

Cross-platform messenger Viber takes pride of place in the list of the most frequently used programs on a wide variety of devices, including Apple smartphones. In the article offered to the reader’s attention, several methods of installing Viber for iPhone are considered, which make it possible to quickly gain access to the service’s capabilities in various situations. The process of installing Viber on the iPhone is carried out in just a few steps, which are available for performing, including by novice users of Apple products and software.


IPhone users who prefer to fully control the process of installing applications to their device and are not used to putting up with the restrictions introduced by Apple, for example, regarding the possibility of installing not the newest versions of programs into their own devices by official methods, can use ipa files to install Viber on the iPhone.

C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications.

In the future, ipa packages, and Viber among them, can be installed on the iPhone using tools created by third-party developers. One of the most popular unofficial software tools for working with Apple devices, including installing applications from a PC, is iTools.

    Download and install iTools on your computer.

Installation instructions can be found in the material, which details the functionality of the tool and its benefits.

and connect your iPhone to your computer’s USB port.

Go to the “Applications” section by clicking on the item of the same name in the menu on the left of the iTools window.

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Call the “Install” function by clicking “” next to the advising inscription in the upper part of the window. In the “Explorer” that opens, determine the location of the Viber ipa file, select the package with the application and click “Open”.

Wait for the download to the program, check and unpacking of the archive offered by iTulsu to complete, containing the software for installation into the device.

  • After some time, Viber will be installed in the iPhone without user intervention and will take its place in the list of installed applications displayed in iTools.
  • Unlock iPhone screen, check for Viber icon among other software tools. Launch the messenger and activate your account in the service.
  • Viber on iPhone is ready to use!


    To date, to install Viber on iPhone via iTunes, you will have to resort to installing not the newest version of the media combine. 12.6.3, and only then install the messenger client. You can download the iTunes 12.6.3 distribution kit for Windows of the required bitness (32- or 64-bit) from the link:

    To avoid problems when launching an older version of the program later, after uninstalling iTunes, additionally delete the “iTunes” directory located along the path:

    Important! During the installation of iTunes of the version you need to install Viber on the iPhone, in the second window of the installer, be sure to uncheck the “Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software” checkbox.

    After the installation is complete, launch iTunes 12.6.3.

    Call the list of options by clicking on the menu of the sections displayed in the program.

    Next, set a checkbox next to the “Programs” item in the list that opens and click “Finish”.

    Select “Apps” from the list of components available in iTunes, click “Apps for iPhone”, and then click the “Apps in AppStore” button.

    Enter the query “viber” in the search field, then specify the item “viber media sarl.” present in the resulting list of results.

    Click on the name of the application “Viber Messenger”.

  • On the page of the iPhone messenger client in the AppStore, click “Download”.
  • Log in to iTunes Store,
  • by entering your AppleID and password, and then clicking “Get” in the registration request window.

    Wait for the Viber package to download to your PC. The name of the “Download” button will change to “Downloaded” at the end of the procedure.

    Connect iPhone to a USB port on your computer and confirm requests to share information on the device in the iTunes window,

    Go to the device control page by clicking the button with the smartphone image in the iTunes window.

    Next, select the “Programs” section on the left side of the application window. Viber for iPhone downloaded from the AppStore by following paragraph 10 of this instruction is present in the list of applications.

    Click “Install”, which will change the name of the button to “Will be installed”.

    Click “Apply” in iTunes.

    When prompted to authorize your computer, confirm it,

    How to Backup and Restore Viber Messages on iPhone

    and then enter your AppleIDY password and click “Authorize”.

    Click “Finish” in the iTunes window. In fact, the installation of Viber on an iOS device can be considered complete, it remains only to wait a little.

    Look at the iPhone display after unlocking it. After a while, a new application icon will appear on the screen. Gradually, Viber will be loaded and installed in the iPhone memory. Then it will be possible to launch and activate the messenger.

    After logging into the service, you can start using the features and benefits of Viber for iPhone!

    Additionally. For users of devices with outdated iOS version (below 9.0)

    For owners of, for example, iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, the above method of installing Viber is one of the few ways to get the desired application on the device. But one should act somewhat differently than recommended above.

    • Follow the instructions for installing Viber via iTunes from point 1 to point 12 inclusive.
    • Enter the App Store from your smartphone and go to “Updates”.
    • Next, you need to select “Shopping”. A list will open containing all applications that have ever been installed on the iPhone using iTunes or App Store on the smartphone itself.
    • Tap “Viber” as a result of which a notification will appear about the impossibility of installing the current version of the application in the environment of an outdated version of iOS.
    • Confirm that you want to download a compatible version of Viber. After that, the iPhone will appear, although not updated, but a completely functional client of the service.

    App Store

    The above methods of installing Viber on the iPhone are very effective and the only effective in certain situations, but they cannot be called the simplest. For owners of fully customized iPhones running iOS 9.0 and higher, the best solution would be to use the official Viber installation method offered by Apple. download from the App Store, preinstalled on all the manufacturer’s smartphones.

      Open App Store by tapping on the service icon on the iPhone screen.

    Click “Search” and enter the query “viber” in the field to find the page of the messenger application. The first result displayed on the list is the target. click on it.

    Tap on the “Viber” icon to go to a screen with more detailed information about the application.

    Tap the cloud with an arrow pointing down and wait for the download of the components. After downloading the required file, the automatic installation of Viber will begin, which ends with the appearance of the “OPEN” button.

    This completes the installation of the Viber iOS client application. Open the app, activate the ID.

    You can start transmitting / receiving information through one of the most popular services!

    Thus, users of Apple smartphones can very simply and easily join the participants of the modern and multifunctional information exchange system Viber. In most cases, the installation of the client messenger application for iOS does not arise any difficulties and the process takes only a few minutes.