Sony TVs internet connection

Connection problems

Problem Decision
TV does not show picture The MRI mode is used at the time of connection. In this case, it is necessary to change the mode on RTR or “USB-equipment”. It is also possible that the TV does not support the required video format. Certain Sony models cannot support MP4 files, or cannot play AVI videos. It is required to find out which formats do not open on the TV and convert the files to any available for TV. Probably the wire that is used to transmit the signal is damaged. This problem can only be solved by purchasing a new cable. When connecting wirelessly, make sure the equipment is connected to the same access point.
The TV does not see the Wi-Fi network If there is no Wi-Fi on the television equipment, it is logical that it will not be able to see possible connection networks in any way. However, there may be other reasons as well. In this case, there are many nuances. For example, the TV does not see only any of the specific wireless networks, or does not detect any network at all. Make sure the TV is located within a Wi-Fi coverage area. If the reason is that the list does not show any specific network, then you need to make sure that the router is distributing the network, whether it is possible to connect to it from other equipment. If the network does not see only TV, then you need to restart the router. You can try to change the channel in the router settings.
Wi-Fi is set to “sleep mode” Many manufacturers use different methods to increase battery life. Android users need to disable these power saving features on their hardware. One of them is to turn off Wi-Fi when the smartphone is inactive or if the battery on the phone is low. These hibernation Wi-Fi features can create problems when connecting to a network on a need-to-know basis. Problem fix: Just rebuild the Android hardware settings and make sure Wi-Fi is always on, even if the smartphone is not active. To do this on a technique that runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and more, you need to do the following. Go to “Settings”, then to “Wireless connections”, find “Advanced”. Wi-Fi in sleep mode, click “Do not disconnect”. On equipment running Android 4.0 ICS or more, go to Settings. Wi-Fi, find “Advanced” and set the Wi-Fi option. “Always”.

Buying a new model of Sony Bravia TVs with an Internet connection, the user also gets active access to the SEN entertainment platform, which contains a large collection of movies, music videos, and television series. In addition to international content, there are several Russian-language TV channels, in particular Euronews. And the entertainment channel AXN SciFi shows adventure TV series.

Connect iPhone

Next, we will give a small instruction on how to connect an iPhone to a Sony TV via Wi-Fi:

  • The first step is to check if your TV is on a wireless network or, if there is none, use a network cable for communication.
  • Before the following manipulations, we recommend that you update your Sony firmware: there may have been significant improvements or innovations.
  • In some cases, in order to start playback, it is required to use an external communication module such as UWA-BR100.

After the initial check of the settings is enabled, and you activate the distribution of the internal network on the TV, follow the algorithm:

  • Look at the Sony screen. It will display the name of the network and the access code, which you have to use to connect.

Sony Smart TV: How to Setup/Connect to Wifi Internet Network (Android TV)

  • Open “Settings” of your iPhone and go to authorization in the Wi-Fi subsection.
  • To enable the connection, you will now need to select from the list of available Wi-Fi distributed by the TV. You can find it by the SSID containing the model name. To establish a connection, you need to enter a password, then tap “Done / Join”.
  • You have successfully figured out how to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV. You can judge about the start of synchronization by the check mark that appears to the left of the name of the wireless network through which the digital signal will be transmitted.
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If there is no result, we advise you to first make sure that the password displayed on the TV was entered correctly. Secondly, try turning off and then turning on the TV again. We recommend using special programs for data transfer; among the best. iMediaShare.

How to connect a TV to a phone with a wired method

It’s much easier to sync both devices using a cable. For this, there are 2 proven methods and they are recommended to be used if there is no wireless Internet at home or the TV / phone model does not support certain functions for connection.

The method works with any Android device, even regular phones will do. The TV itself must have a USB port. The technique is the simplest, it makes it possible to use the gadget as an ordinary storage device where media files are stored. The main drawback is that only the data that is in the phone’s memory will be reproduced, and not on the card.

How To Set Up Internet On Your Sony TV. Wi-Fi

  • A cable connects both devices.
  • Select the signal source on the TV. (Source) USB port.
  • If required, confirmation of the activation mode is made on the mobile device.
  • The monitor shows the general structure of files and folders that are available after scanning and recognition by the TV software. Display of specific files depends on TV model.
  • For control and navigation, you only need to use the control panel.

The method is relevant for Android phones or any iPhone, but the TV itself must have a port for HDMI. A cable or adapter is required for compatibility. The technique is suitable not only for viewing photos or videos on a large screen, but also for playing games, using the Internet. The smartphone screen is fully duplicated on a large Sony TV monitor. Based on the port on the phone, an adapter or the cord itself may be required to activate. On one side there will be an HDMI port on the other microUSB, Lightning or USB-C.

  • The cable connects two devices.
  • In the case of using the adapter, you need to insert it into the smartphone, connect the HDMI cable.
  • Select TV source for signal.
  • The picture is automatically duplicated on the Sony screen.

An additional plus of the method in fast charging a smartphone while displaying an image. If the image is not shown on the TV, then you need to go to the smartphone settings to change the display resolution.

Sony | Connect your LCD TV with built-in Wi-Fi to a wireless network (models sold 2013 and earlier)

Transferring Content to Android

The second stage of the process, which is impossible to do without, includes the following stages:

sony, internet, connection
  • In one of the upper corners of the gadget screen, find a button with an icon and click on it.
  • By tapping on the title of the desired line contained in the list of available TVs, you determine which device will start broadcasting. Sometimes this requires you to expand the list first.
  • As a rule, you do not need to confirm your choice: just one tap is enough.
  • Check if the content being played has started displaying on the screen of your Sony.

Notes (edit)

Read about how to connect your Sony TV to the Internet, laptop or computer, smartphone, headphones. How easy is it to connect a Sony Playstation.

Modern LCD TVs can partially replace the computer. That is, you can connect additional devices to them, expanding the functionality and making management more convenient. But not all users understand exactly how to connect certain things. For example, some people do not understand at all what needs to be done to provide a Sony TV with the Internet in order for the Smart TV function to somehow work. Questions also arise with how to connect a Sony Playstation to a TV. by the way, not necessarily Japanese production. Let’s deal with this difficult topic together.

The larger and more expensive the TV, the more devices you can connect to it. This rule is true, if not 100%, then at least 80% of the time. On the back of the 80-inch monster, you will most likely find as many as 4 HDMI connectors and only slightly fewer USB ports. And that is not all! In the modern world, it is not necessary to use wires to connect any devices. Some TVs are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, which are necessary to interact with, for example, headphones and a router, respectively.

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In this article, we’ll walk you through connecting a wide variety of devices. But keep in mind that this does not apply to all TVs. For example, simple LCD TVs sold at a low price may not have Smart TV support. This means that if such a device supports an Internet connection, then only for the purpose of regular firmware updates. Therefore, after reading the article, do not forget to look into the operating instructions. it will definitely be written there which types of connections can be implemented.

Possible problems when connecting SONY TVs to the Internet

The Wi-Fi connection may fail if the provider registers the permanent MAC address of the device and verifies its authenticity each time to prevent unauthorized access. Since the TV has a different MAC address, the provider refuses to provide services and the connection does not occur. To solve this problem, you should contact your provider and find out if you can connect Wi-Fi to your TV.

If the provider (Rostelecom) asks for a username and password to install the Internet, then before connecting the TV via Wi-Fi, you must enter the required data.

Problems can arise from a firewall. If so, then you need to contact your provider.

Resetting your TV sometimes helps. To do this, open the menu item “Support”, “Self-diagnosis” and “Reset”. After entering the PIN code and agreeing to the terms of the license agreement, the factory settings will be restored.

Important! If you cannot connect to the Internet and after fulfilling the requirements of the service provider, you should contact the specialists for help.


Connection problems

Problem Decision
Can’t use the duplicate option Make sure the TV input is correctly set. To do this, click on the Input remote control, select Screen mirroring, confirm the action on the phone and make the setting for compatibility with duplication.
TV on smartphone is not detected It is necessary to disconnect from the phone all devices connected wirelessly. Press and hold the power button, turn off the equipment and turn it on again. Restart the Sony TV by disconnecting it from the mains for 2 minutes. Pair devices.
Lost connection during video transmission via Miracast There are obstructions in the signal path that interrupt data transmission. The solution to the problem is carried out by reducing the distance to the devices.
Video is shown in slow motion when connected via Wi-Fi During the broadcast, the load increases if the signal goes initially to the smartphone, and then to the TV. You must use the YouTube app.

The choice of method depends on the capabilities of the technique. Variants using USB, DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct are considered obsolete, but they are suitable as an alternative technology connection. Most popular today are screen mirroring via HDMI cable or using wireless methods Miracast, Chromecast or AirPlay.

If you use an Android-based gadget, and Sony with a Smart set-top box, then the option via Miracast will do. For a regular TV, a Miracast adapter, a Google Chromecast set-top box or an HDMI cable is purchased.

How to install apps on a Sony TV

After connecting the TV to the Internet, the firmware for the Sony Bravia Smart TV should be updated. The instructions for updating the firmware can be found in the documentation for the Sony device.

We will analyze the most necessary programs.

  • The most popular YouTube video resource. For him, there is a special control and optimization of viewing directly on the TV remote. Press “SEN” on the remote. Having opened “My applications”, use the remote control arrows to point to the “” icon. Find the YouTube shortcut in the catalog and confirm with the right button on the remote control. “Open”. After opening the application, scrolling through the menu is done with the buttons on the remote up and down. Inside: settings, titles, thematic collections. After stopping at the line of the menu, TV will load a selection of plots that are scrolled in the same way on the remote control. You can start viewing by pressing the center key. The pause and rewind buttons on the remote control are equivalent to those on the application screen player. Return button returns to the previous menu.

Built-in browser for browsing the Internet. Find the “WWW” application, then. the central button of the remote control and press “Open”. To enter the address, use the arrows to translate the search to the address bar. Press the center button, and the arrows. to select letters and symbols. After writing, press “Enter”. On Bravia models 2012-2013 the address line drops out when you press the “Option” key on the remote control and select the “Enter URL” item.

sony, internet, connection

Skype. Supported on TV over the Internet. If the TV does not have a built-in camera, you will need to purchase an external one specifically for Sony of the same manufacturer. To add an icon to the My Apps screen, press SEN on the remote, then the plus sign in My Apps, find the Skype shortcut. The application is now in quick launch. At startup, enter the username, password for the application and communicate in the same way as on a computer or laptop.

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The TV cannot completely replace the computer when installing applications on a Sony Smart TV. Complex page design slows down the performance of the operating system. Therefore, programs and pages will take longer to load than on a good PC. Some will not launch at all, as they will require browser plugins that Smart does not support.

Resetting your TV

The settings are reset by restarting the TV as follows:

  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control for 5 seconds until the message “Power off” appears;
  • Unplug AC power cord.

Note! If there is no positive dynamics, you should unplug the cable from the network and wait 2 minutes.

Wired connection (LAN)

Type 4: Perform the setting according to Wired Network Setting;.

Enter the appropriate alphanumeric values ​​for the router if required. The parameters that need to be configured (e.g. IP address, Subnet mask, DHCP) may differ depending on the parameters of your ISP or router model.

  • Press HOME ;, then the button and select β†’ Network; β†’ Network configuration;.
  • Select the Wired setting item;.
  • Select Auto; to automatically configure the IP address and proxy server
  • or the value Manually; to enter the parameters yourself.
  • Then follow the instructions on the setup screen.

Updating the TV’s firmware

To update the TV firmware you need:

  • Go to TV settings;
  • Select the link for software update in the “Support” section;
  • Wait for the message “update now” and confirm;
  • After completion of the automatic search, confirm the installation;
  • Reload TV equipment.

The next time you turn it on, the device will work with the updated software.

Finding problems with a WI-FI router

The reason for the lack of connection may be a malfunction of the router or incorrect settings. For the first option, you need to contact the service centers under the existing warranty, in the second case, reconfigure the equipment again.

To find problems with Wi-Fi, you need to perform the following operations:

  • Reboot the router;
  • Disconnect the power supply for 1 minute or more;
  • Turn on the router.

Additionally, you can check the router’s performance by connecting an Internet cable directly to your computer. If problems persist, it is worth contacting the provider.

sony, internet, connection

Reboot TV and router

The easiest and fastest way to reboot is to press the corresponding button. It is not present in all models of routers and is designated as On / Off. It can be found in the connector area or on the back of the device.

  • Press the button 1 time
  • Examine the response of the indicator lights. changes should occur. blinking. If there is none, press the button several times or hold it down. After the indicator stops flashing, turn on the device.

Changing the location of the router

Sony Bravia does not see Wi-Fi, this may be due to several factors.

The distance of the router to the device is a factor to consider. For the best viewing experience when streaming video or listening from an audio application, keep the router close to the device.

They should not be more than 8 meters apart. If possible, both devices should be installed in places where there are no walls between them.

Other wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and devices that send radio frequencies can also cause poor signal strength.

Detecting and activating Wi-Fi Direct

And we will start, perhaps, with a wireless connection of a PC or mobile gadget to a TV. This is where Wi-Fi Direct technology comes in handy. There are three types of SONY TV. Each has its own way of finding a function.

TV-3 menu

  • Home Button (MENU).
  • Section “System settings”, then “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Turn on “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi Direct Settings” tab.
  • press the “Options” key;
  • choose the “Manual” method;
  • press the button “Other methods”;
  • the SSID and WPA key will appear.

Reference! The option is not available on all devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi Direct. For more information, refer to the user manual of your smartphone, tablet or PC.