How to find the previous owner’s Apple ID

How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone or iPad

If the mobile phone is locked, Apple ID is forgotten, what to do in this case? It will be impossible to solve the problem with the previously described methods due to the lack of access to the phone and account. There are other alternatives for finding out a blocked Apple ID:

  • Through another trusted device. Due to the fact that Apple Inc. allows you to pair iPhones and iPads on one account, Apple ID can be found on the second activated gadget and account. You can restore through settings, iTunes Store, App Store.
  • Through the official website of the company. To do this, open the Apple Inc. portal, open the tablet icon on the main page, which is located at the top in the right corner. Then follow the steps “Sign in”. “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”. “Find him”. Enter the first name, last name and e-mail on which the account was registered.

It should be remembered that when registering accounts, the phone is tied to the phone number, IMEI code, but the company itself does not distribute this personal information to anyone. This means that all sorts of programs and services that promise the identification of ID and accounts through these input data will not be able to unblock a forgotten account.

How to recover Apple ID: your own, from the previous owner, or on a locked iPhone

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Immediately after purchasing a new mobile phone from Apple, the user will need to authorize the account. You can do this using your username and password, for this you will need to enter an ID. Only under this condition can you use applications and synchronize the gadget with other devices. Detailed instructions on how to find out Apple ID: your own, the previous owner or a locked iPhone or iPad gadget can be found in the article further.

How to find your Apple ID

An Apple ID account is an account that can be used across devices and gadget brands. It is needed to get free access to resources, original software, to synchronize different Apple products. Registers on the official website using an email address. Multiple IDs can be used, but they are not combined.

You can find out the ID on an iPhone or iPad in several ways:

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An alternative method is the use of third-party programs, for example, the iCloud application or “Find iPhone”, if they were previously used on a personal computer.

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How to find the previous owner’s Apple ID

If we are talking about the secondary use of a mobile phone that previously had a different owner, there are several ways to restore the old ID:

  • Try the previously described options. If the previous user hasn’t deauthorized, you can find information in Settings, App Store, or iTunes Store. If you know the email of the person who sold the phone, you can find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s website using it, the last name and first name of the previous owner.
  • Contact Support. If the ID is firmly attached to the mobile phone, and the flashing does not help to reset it, only a specialist can help. If the support service manages to prove the right to use the device, you can register a new account. You can contact Support in the following way:
  • open the official website of the company;
  • select the “Support” item with the mouse;
  • at the bottom of the new window find “Do you want to talk?”;
  • at the bottom click “Contact Support” and select “Community” there;
  • in the new window, select “Apple ID” and then “Other sections about Apple ID”;
  • now you need to select the action to delete the account or deactivate it;
  • if the result was not received, choose a call to the operator, having previously entered the name, surname, phone number and mail address.

Before resorting to such actions, the new owner should prepare for questions about the intricacies of buying a smartphone. Most often, operators will find out the first and last name of the previous user, his phone number. The operator will tell you how to find out Apple ID by IMEI Iphone, so you should rewrite the code on a piece of paper in advance.

Apple ID is an account that you log into using your username and password. If the information has been lost, forgotten, inaccessible on a locked or purchased gadget, it is possible to restore it. This can be done through the settings menu, App Store, iTunes Store, the company’s official website or support service. How exactly to determine ID depends on whether it is possible to use a phone or a computer.

How to find out the identifier?

Find an ID on your device you may need to do the following:

  • If you entered the AppStore, then the information you need is located in the “Selection” column, at the very bottom of the page.
  • In iTunes, the login is at the bottom, where sounds, movies, music.
  • Open “Podcasts”, go to the column “Featured” and you will also see your own ID.

How to remember your password in the future?

Never pick prime numbers, it is with them that the attacker will operate, trying to get data on your device. If you want to protect your profile, but do not want to memorize long combinations, then you can use one trick. Associate the password with something close to you, or you can simply store the password in a safe place. Which one?

  • cloud storage from other developers;
  • password manager with fingerprint access.

Do not forget that if a person receives data from your device, he will be able to conduct banking transactions, find personal photos, and use confidential information. No one needs such a risk.

Is it possible to find out the identifier on the computer?

If you do not have the opportunity to view the identifier on your own mobile device, then you can do all this from your stationary computer. There are certain techniques by which you can figure out how to find your Apple ID. It:

  • If you logged into your profile in iTunes, then you need to activate it and click on “Store”. Next, in the pop-up menu, you will need to select the “View Account” tab, or you can simply click on your profile picture in the upper right area. A window will appear with information, where under the name you can also see the ID.
  • The App Store program for macbook is also useful for you to solve the problem, as long as you are signed in earlier. In such a situation, you will need to launch the application and repeat the steps from the first paragraph. An alternative method is to go to the “Collections” column. On the right side you will need to click on “Account”.
  • If it so happened that nowhere from the services was logged in, you need to activate iTunes, go to the “Programs” tab and find the “My Programs” field. Then right-click an item from the list and select “Information”. In the new field, you will need to click on “File”. In the line “Buyer” you will see the name of the owner and his ID. Here’s how to find your Apple ID.
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Problem or not. forget the identifier?

Losing information is quite unpleasant, however, if you forgot the identifier, then it will be easy to look at it, there are many ways to do it. Worse if you purchased an “iPhone” where you weren’t signed out of the previous owner‘s profile. Such a device can be considered blocked. Therefore, it will be helpful to understand how to find out your Apple ID on iPhone.

What to do if you have a MacBook?

Don’t worry if you have a MacBook, you can also find your ID. How do you find your Apple ID in this case? Follow these instructions:

  • Open the menu of your MacBook, find the section “System settings”.
  • Find the iCloud icon and open it.
  • A new window will display the profile information and ID.

How to find your Apple ID: all the ways

An Apple ID is an identifier given to every user of an Apple device. The designation is formed during registration in the system, most often it repeats the e-mail address, but not always.

It is worth remembering: if you know the password and ID, you can access Apple resources and nothing else.

Different things happen in life, people can forget the ID, so it’s worth knowing how to find out Apple ID.

If there is an identifier, but no access to the profile

It happens that you roughly remember your identifier, you need it at a certain time, but the “Apple” device is not at hand. What to do in this case? Are you wondering how to find your Apple ID by phone number? Then do the following:

  • Go to the recovery page.
  • Enter your ID, then the verification code from the image.
  • Now you need to enter the phone number to which the account is linked. This is how you restore access to your profile.
  • If there is no access to the phone, then you can simply select the item that says that there is no access to verification devices.
  • Then just click on “Request recovery”.
  • Confirm your bank card and follow the instructions.
  • If the option with the card does not work, then choose the option that says that you cannot use a credit card.
  • Then you will be prompted to receive instructions via SMS or by phone.

What is Apple ID. The essence of the problem

How to find out Apple ID on a locked phone or other Apple iDevice

If your device, through carelessness and carelessness, turned out to be locked and you cannot unlock it even to view information about it in the way described above. pull out the SIM card tray by pressing into its hole with a needle, the end of a paper clip or a toothpick.

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This is the first information that may come in handy for recovering Apple ID.

Now take a look at the back cover of the device. below are FCC-IDs and ICs, which have a similar format.

On different devices, these data are indicated differently.

Without previous owners Account Apple ID and Password howto Remove activation lock iPhone 2021

On older models of gadgets, for example, on the iPhone 4s (A1387), the IMEI was not duplicated here. But! Outside, the serial number is not indicated anywhere. Now you can safely write to technical support, if necessary, attaching a check and / or a warranty card, if possible.

How to find your Apple ID in the iCloud app

If you signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID, you will immediately see it in the main iCloud window. The version of iCloud for Windows is no different from the version for macOS. the interface of both versions is similar, and the Apple ID will always be in its place. If the Apple ID login failed, return to iTunes and follow any of the steps described above.

How to find out your ID on a MacBook PC

Click on the Apple user icon in the main iTunes window.

It also contains information about your AppleID.

Also give the command “Collection. Quick Links. Account”. your Apple ID will be shown.

Run the above command to see your AppleID

How to find out your Apple ID by IMEI, gadget serial number, etc.

Apple ID is the identifier by which you can find your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Without it, gadget control is impossible. How to restore it and find out will be discussed.

From any device on the search service

  • Open the service page. and select “Find Apple ID”.
  • Enter your first and last name, mailing addresses. You can enter the first and last name in the Latin alphabet. if you indicated them that way.
    Check the entered information carefully
  • Enter your date of birth. If the information turned out to be incorrect. remember what your e-mail actually is.
    Check the entered information carefully
  • Apple offers two options: answering security questions or recovering Apple ID by email. As an example, we took the method of recovering Apple ID by e-mail. For example, you can choose how to restore Apple ID to your inbox
  • If you do not want to answer security questions, then by choosing a recovery method using your email address, you will receive an email with instructions on how to recover your Apple ID. By opening the link from the letter, you will immediately find out your Apple ID, and the service will prompt you to change your password. Enter your new password

All! You now know your Apple ID and password. Make a note of this information and keep it in a safe place. This method works for any Apple device. and you can even use it from a computer at an Internet club or library.

How to Find Your Apple ID. Real Ways