How to Find Out Id Lg Smart TV Tv

Simple steps to determine the IP address

If you need to determine the IP of the TV, then there is nothing complicated. Your TV must be connected to the Internet or home network. Further in the menu settings you will need to find the item responsible for the network connection and already in the network settings you can find the IP address of the TV. This procedure is universal and suitable for most modern TV models from various manufacturers.

It is important to understand that an IP address can only be assigned to models whose characteristics allow you to configure your Internet connection. In our electronic catalog, models with the ability to connect to the Internet are widely represented.

It is worth noting that most often the difficulties for users arise precisely at the stage of connecting the device to the network. Let us consider in more detail the situation when the connection between the TV and the router is established, but the Internet connection does not occur.

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What to do if the IP address of the TV is not displayed during a wireless connection

Initially, you should determine if your device has been assigned an IP. To do this, in the menu settings you need to select the section relating to the network, go to the settings and watch the IP of the TV. The fact that the connection in the “TV-router” pair is absent will be indicated by the IP, consisting entirely of “0”. To solve this problem, you need to double-check the status of the TV’s connection to the network. To do this, go to the wireless settings section. In case the device is not connected (“Not connected”), there is a possibility that the TV is outside the coverage area of ​​the router. In this case, it will be necessary to reduce the distance between them or connect the devices using a cable. If the connection does not appear, then you need to test it by connecting any other device to the router. If the test shows the availability of the Internet, you will need to contact the representatives of the manufacturer of the TV. If there is no Internet, then you will need to contact the representatives of your Internet connection service provider for help.

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What to do if the IP address of the TV is not displayed with a cable connection

In a wired situation, you will need to take the time to check the cables in all available areas. If after restarting you could not solve the problem, you should test the connection again through another device, and then contact either the representatives of the manufacturer or the company that provides you with an Internet connection.

Why you need to know IP TV

We figured out how to find out the IP of a TV and solve problems with connecting a TV and a router, but why do we need information about which IP is assigned to the device? To understand the essence, it is enough to indicate that IP. This is a unique host address and it is necessary for communication between computers. For example, if the TV does not connect to the Internet, then you need to manually enter the network settings, in particular, the IP address and other parameters.

The best manufacturers in the Yellow catalog

Among the manufacturers whose products are represented in our catalog by models with the possibility of cable or Wifi connection to the Internet, it should be noted:

  • LG. Korean company products need no introduction. In the new year, LG introduced completely new TV-models, which on the TV market have already been described as a real breakthrough, because They differ not only in the widest range of functions, but also look simply bewitching. Just mention the super slim model “Picture-on-wall”. As a shell LG models use webOS. Smart TV LG has a wide range of functions.
  • Samsung A serious database of Smart TV applications and various extensions allows you to view any type of content.
  • Sony Sony also implemented the Smart TV function, which opens up great opportunities for users through access from the Internet.
  • Panasonic The difference between Smart TV is the Viera Connect service, which allows you to use a number of additional options not only on the Internet, but also on the network.
  • Ergo. Domestic brand of televisions, in high demand due to the ideal price-quality ratio.
  • Toshiba The Japanese brand of TVs, representing HD ready and Full HD screen resolutions, as well as the functionality of a 3D TV.
  • Philips Televisions of the Netherlands company, offering 3D functionality, screen resolution. HD Ready, Full HD, 4K UHDTV
  • LG. TVs made in South Korea. Specially designed accessories for Smart TV.
How to Find Out Id Lg Smart TV Tv