How To Find Out How Old A Phone Number Is

Greetings to everyone and everything! The first thing you need to pay attention to. in this article we will not talk about the official release date of any iPhone model (you can read about it here) in general, but about each specific device in particular. After all, as you know, the release of devices takes place almost every day and for each of the iPhone its release date from the factory will be individual.

The second important point. we will figure out how to determine not only what year the iPhone that is in your hands, but even its week of release. Well, the third is that there will only be several ways to find out the age of the device and by combining them, you can achieve 100% reliability of the result. We will not put off the matter and pull animals to different places. we start quickly and decisively!

However, a small preface is still necessary. Why do you need to know all this at all. how old is he, dates, dates, any? Use it and all! However, not everything is so simple and here are a few situations when it is necessary:

By the way, for all checks we will use the serial number (IMEI) of the iPhone (all ways to find it out!). Which is convenient enough, because you don’t even need access to the device. when buying a used one, you can ask for it in advance, and if the gadget is still in the box, then you can do without an autopsy. Well, now to the main thing.

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Find out what year of iPhone decoding IMEI

Serial number, can tell a lot of information about the device. factory, model, etc. But we are interested in the exact release date. And here it is necessary to find out exactly which gadget model it is, the type of the serial number and its decryption will depend on this.

If the iPhone was released before 2010 (usually iPhone 4 and younger)

For these devices, the serial number consists of 11 numbers and letters. We will be interested only in the third, fourth and fifth characters. Everything is quite simple here:

  • The number that goes third in the serial indicates the last digit of the year in which this device is manufactured.
  • The fourth and fifth digits are the week ordinal of this year.

To make it more clear, an example: MN81412ABC1. In this case, the third digit is 8, the fourth and fifth. 14. From this we conclude that this iPhone was released at the factory in 2008 at week 14 (March 31. April 6)

After 2010 (iPhone 4S and later)

And here, everything is far from as simple as in the previous example. Starting in 2010, Apple began producing devices with 12-character serial numbers. And all would be fine, but besides this, she also encrypted the release date in it using various numbers and letters.

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So, in the 12-character serial number, we are only interested in the fourth and fifth characters from the beginning:

  • The 4th symbol means the year and half year in which the device is released.
  • The 5th symbol means the week of release in this same half year.

True, the whole “ambush” is that there are already not only numbers, but also letters. Therefore, here are the tables of correspondence of characters and dates for decryption.

In the first one, we look at the letter that is indicated 4th from the beginning in the serial number and find out the year, as well as the half-year in which your iPhone was made.

How To Find Out How Old A Phone Number Is

Next, look at the 5th sign and find out the week of release from the factory.

Let us consider this case as an example. Here is the serial number. NPLJnDP7FDG5. The fourth letter is J, which according to our table means the second half of 2012. The 5th character is the letter N, we look at the second table and see that the letter N for the 2nd half of the year corresponds to the 45th week of release. It turns out. year 2012, week 45. Everything is simple!

However, if you do not trust the various tables, there are several more options to determine the age of the iPhone.

How to find out how old your iPhone is through special services

Fortunately, you do not always need to consider the serial number and calculate how old your iPhone is with it. There are various services that will do all this work for you. Here are the most famous of them.

  1. The date of manufacture of the iPhone can be found by going to this page and entering the serial number there. Perhaps this is the oldest and most well-known service for verification. Despite the fact that everything is in a foreign language, there is no particular need to understand it. indicate the IMEI in a special form and get the result.
  2. The second option is to download a special program. Coconutid. Unfortunately, there is a version only for MAC OS, and this is a minus. However, it allows you to find out the birth date of not only iOS devices, but MAC. Which is undoubtedly a plus.
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As you can see, you can find out the iPhone release date in different ways. either “stretch” your brains and calculate it yourself, or trust in services and programs specially designed for this.

In any case, the result should be the same! If the result is different. write in the comments, we will understand together!

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