How to find a lost LG phone. Erase data on your lost LG x skin phone

Don’t know how to find your phone? Learn a few effective ways

Nowadays a cell phone. it is an indispensable thing. It’s hard to imagine an ordinary day of any person that goes by without using this miracle of technology.

This is well aware, and lovers of quick profits. So more and more people are getting into the unpleasant situation of having to think about how to find a phone lost for unknown reasons. In section ]] tips from the world of mobile communications ]] I previously raised the theme ]] phone registration]. And now I propose to consider a different problem situation.

The cell phone is with us always and everywhere. Not surprising, because everyone wants to always be in touch. But carrying your phone around all the time also increases the chance of losing it. It’s not always the result of the phone owner’s inattention. It can often just be stolen.

Call the lost phone, try to arrange for delivery

Get access to the other phone first. or computer if you don’t have another phone, and try calling yourself with whatever service you can find, such as calling your SIM card, calling Whatsapp, calling Viber, calling Signal, whatever works. Hopefully someone will hear it ring and be kind enough to arrange a delivery with you.

It might help to offer a reward, since there is not much to do with a locked phone anyway, and, for example, if you forgot your phone in a cab, as happened last weekend, the cab might be good enough to get your phone back.

If your phone is lost on the street or stolen

The first thing you should do is to secure your personal data from being used by intruders, and only then call for help from various programs and services. Depending on the type of operating system, this can be done in several ways.

For example, for Android smartphones you can use the same Android Device Manager, which allows, if necessary, even a remote wiping of personal data.

But to do this, the user must at least have a Google account. If a person didn’t care about the security of his gadget and didn’t do it. you have only yourself to blame.

But we must remember that when you reset the device, this process does not affect the SD-card, so you should not store important information on it.

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Having secured your personal data in one way or another, you can try the easiest way: returning the phone for a reward. To do this, just call or send a message with the appropriate text. The chance of success is small, but it is there.

It is possible that your smartphone was forgotten at someone you know, and in this case the situation will be solved quite simply.

If you have not been able to contact the current owner of the phone, you can try to find your lost phone using one of the methods provided by the developers.

Determining the location of the device using GPS

To locate your LG K8 using GPS, you must first download the app. We recommend Wheres My Droid, which you can download on Google Play.

You have two ways to find your smart phone. Either by using a web browser or by sending an SMS to your lost phone.

If you prefer the web browser option, go to Where is my Droid site to check the location of your phone.

If you prefer to send a text message you can send a pre-configured SMS-message which will then give you an automatic reply with a link to a map showing the location of your smartphone.

How to find an Android phone on the map via your Google account

To find your Android phone on a satellite map using the standard Google service, you need to be able to log into your Google account. that is, know your username or password. You can do this both from your computer and from your phone.

  • On your computer, go to with your Google account and, if your phone is online, you will see its location on the map. You’ll also have the ability to make it ring (even if the sound is off, the signal from your phone will go at full volume), lock your phone and set a message to be displayed on the locked screen or erase your data.
  • If the phone is not connected to the Internet, you will see its last location, the time when it was online, and you will also have the opportunity to track its history by clicking on the “Google Maps timeline” which is saved by default, provided that the phone is not on power-saving mode.
  • Another official Google page for finding your phone if you’ve lost it or had it stolen. After logging in, you’ll see a list of mobile devices in your.
  • After selecting the desired device, you can “Ring” the device (so that it beeps), lock the phone, call it, log out of the account on the phone, erase all data, or go to the map from the first item by clicking on the item “Find.

Once you’ve logged into the app with your Google account, you’ll have the same options for finding your phone‘s location on a map, playing audio, or deleting data from it.

Important if you decide to remotely erase all data from your device. This function initiates a factory reset of the phone. When deleting, you will be warned that the data on the SD card may not be erased: the phone’s internal memory, which simulates an SD card (defined as SD in the File Manager) will be erased. A separate SD card, if one is installed in your phone may or may not be erased. it depends on the phone model and Android version. After the reset, it will not be possible to find the phone.


If the LG G4 is sold at home or at home with friends, Android Device Manager can turn up the volume to 100% and call to help you find it, or even make all your data useful and lock the screen if you created it lost or stolen. It is important to protect your information so we can start.

To activate the LG G4, go to the Google Play store and download the official Android Device Manager app. This app not only explains how ADM works, but also allows users to configure the device on which it has just been installed, and can manage and access other devices directly from this app on the mobile device. This means you can use your LG G Pad 8 to find your G4, or import any Android device to find any other Android smartphone or tablet. The image below shows the HTC One M8, but the LG G4 requires the same controls.

Once installed, users will need to open the app and learn more about Android Device Manager, and click the “Setup Lock Erase” button below to set everything up. Everything is clear and very simple, so feel free to add that you get a new Android device.

Users can also launch and access the on your computer. This launches the ADM service directly, which allows you to view a list of devices. Here you can number the LG G4 a few more people, find your place or do all the data we mentioned below. Make sure the list is filled with lots of equipment, and let the ADM do all the work.

Of course, your chances of finding the phone in such a situation are much lower than in the first case, but it’s still worth trying.

Try to pinpoint the spot where you might have lost the phone. Think back to the last place you used it, if you usually carry your phone in your bag, you might have dropped it while you were getting something out of it. Your memories will help to narrow down the search area considerably.

You can put up flyers along your route where you report your situation and promise to pay a reward to the person who found your cell phone. It’s much more convenient to get a reward for your find than trying to sell a phone without documents.

Finding a turned off phone is very difficult, you increase your chances of success if you previously installed on your phone one of the applications that will help to find your smartphone. One of these applications is Signal Flare, which can help in case your phone is turned off due to a dead battery. Once the system signals that the battery is running out of power the app starts recording the location of your gadget, it uses GPS and Wi-Fi signal.

In this case it is important to act quickly, it is easier to find the thief on hot steps. Contact the police in the area where the theft took place. Write a statement, provide a description of the suspect, if any, tell the time and place where you found the missing person.

Provide the IMEI number of your device in the application. This individual identification number is assigned to each smartphone and can be found on a sticker that is under the battery in the phone or on the box of your device. IMEI consists of fifteen digits, it includes the phone model number, the country of manufacture and an individual code. This number remains unchanged, even if you change the SIM card.

You can download special software that uses the IMEI number of your phone and informs by SMS to the selected number that your phone‘s SIM-card is changed, and sends a new phone number.

By court order, the mobile network operator can provide law enforcement authorities with information using your phone identification number, which will contain data on the time of calls, their duration and, most importantly, the location of the mobile device in relation to the nearest telephone tower. This information is stored in the memory of the billing server.

Theoretically it sounds easy and simple, but in practice you will have problems locating the phone using this method.

  • First, thousands of phones are lost and stolen every day in cities, and law enforcement agencies don’t rush to make a case in each of these cases. You’ll probably be dissuaded from filing a report, hinting that the chances of finding it missing are very low.
  • Secondly, mobile operators are not always willing to cooperate, without a court order, you may refuse to provide data billing, referring to the legal framework, which does not regulate the process in such cases.
  • Thirdly, request for data from law enforcement authorities can take a very long time to process, and during this time the intruder may have already changed the IMEI number by reloading the software on the phone, which makes it impossible to further identify it in the operator’s database.


For quite a long time, Android had no way to track a stolen or lost smartphone. Therefore, the vendors themselves came up with their own services and implemented them into the phones. HTC, Samsung and other major companies had similar solutions. But now the operating system itself has a built-in feature to search for the phone. It is called Android Device Manager and allows you to remotely manage your phone, which is connected to your Google account, via a special website.

With this system, as in the case with iOS, it is possible to find the phone on the map, lock, delete data from it (and from the SD-card, too) or call him, even if the device has changed the SIM-card. The only condition. is to have it connected to the internet and still have your account in the system. Of course, for the service to work you need to enable the option in the settings. Go to Settings. Security. Device administrators and enable Android Device Manager.

Don’t forget to enable Android Remote Control in the security settings. Otherwise the service will not help in any way.

Use Google Photos

With the backup and sync feature in Google Photos, all the images taken on your phone will be uploaded to your account. The image has the location where it was taken. So if the thief hasn’t logged out of your Google account and used your camera, there will be new images in Google Photos.

So, log in to your Google Photos account. Check if photos were taken after the device was stolen. If so, click on the image. Now click on the information icon in the upper right corner. In the sidebar that appears, you can see information about the image, including where it was taken.

Please be careful if you locate the lost phone. it could very well be the thief’s home address. Do not try to retrieve it yourself! Use this information and call the police to take your report.