How to find a group in Telegram on the iPhone

The channel in Telegram: enter, subscribe, copy the link

One of the most common questions among users of the messenger is how to subscribe to a Telegram channel. Other things are no less interesting: how to copy the link and how to pass it to another person. Here are detailed instructions for PC, as well as phones and smartphones.

Before entering a channel in Telegram, you need to search for a suitable option. There are several ways at your disposal here:

  • By exact name or part of it. To do this, you need to know the exact data and avoid misspelling. The format of the ID is @name.
  • By entering a common name. The second way to find a Telegram channel is to type its name in a “human” language. The disadvantage is that the system may produce a large number of matches, among which it is difficult to find the appropriate option.
  • Words and phrases from the title. The more elements are specified, the higher is the search accuracy.

There are other ways to search for Telegram Channels, but the above solutions are more than enough.

How to find a closed and open group

Many users do not know how to find a channel or group in Telegram, which is why they do not use all the features of the messenger. Here are the main search methods for different types of publishers and from different devices (smartphone, PC).

Closed Telegram group

Finding a private community is a difficult task, because they are created for a small number of people and are closed to outsiders. They are often opened by businessmen and companies for business purposes. Ordinary people who do not want to disclose their name can also make a closed chat.

The only way to join such a group is to do it with the help of a link (invitation) from one of the members. If you know the exact user and want to get into a Telegram community, just chat with the person and ask for access. If it would like to see you in the list of available users, it will send you an invitation as a link t.Me/joinchat.

Once again, note that you will not be able to simply find and add to a private group in Telegram. This is due to the security and privacy settings of the messenger.

Open Telegram Groups

This is not the case if the community is open and available to all users. In this case, it is not difficult to find the group and become its member.

  • Open the messenger and enter it.
  • Choose Russian in Telegram if it was not done before (Settings. Language).
  • Type the name of the group you want to find in the search box.
  • Click the Search symbol.
  • If the group does not appear in the list that opens, it indicates an error in the name. You can try searching for a group even without knowing the exact name, just by typing words that match your interests.

Once you’ve found the community you’re looking for, click its name to view details. If you are satisfied with the theme and content of the Telegram Group, click Subscribe. If the chat room is open, the addition is made automatically. After that, it’s available to read existing messages (including old ones), as well as to send your own.

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Now you know how to find a group by name in Telegram. Be careful when typing the name. If you make a mistake in even one letter, you will not be able to find the community. If there is such a Telegram group in the messenger, it appears in the list. In this case, be careful, because the names may be similar, and the difference will be only one letter.

By the way, it is much easier to find a channel of interest, because channels are more popular than groups.

What to do if you can not subscribe

As a rule, it is not difficult to find and join a Telegram channel. But when you try to subscribe, an error may appear with the code 400. This often happens when a user has decided to add a lot of channels to the directory. If an inscription like CHANNELS_TOO_MUCH appears. This indicates that the permissible limit is exceeded. Telegram channels. As a rule, there should not be more than 500. The restriction is designed to avoid slowdowns of the service due to a large load. To solve the problem, delete unnecessary communities in Telegram.

Now you know how to find a Telegram channel on different devices (PC and phone), and then subscribe and receive useful information. To avoid difficulties, it is better to clarify the name of the public club through search engines or social networks, because searching at random is a difficult task. Alternatively, you can get a recommendation from your friends and connect to a suitable Telegram community.

Telegram Channel and Group: What’s the Difference

As practice shows, many Telegram messenger novice users (and a large number of requests to Google/Jadex) do not understand the difference between a group and a Telegram channel. However, in this messenger it (the difference) is obvious and fundamental.

Groups in Telegram have the following features:

  • The maximum number of participants in Telegram groups may not exceed 20,000 users;
  • It is not always easy to find groups by name, especially since fewer directories are created for them;
  • They have a Telegram-like search, as well as a search for posts and other information by hashtags;
  • By default, each participant can change his avatar and even name the community in his own way;
  • There is an option to turn off notifications;
  • Bots may be used in them;
  • It is possible to download files that are no larger than 1.5 gigabytes.

Telegram groups come in two types: closed and open. In the first case, you can enter and join using a link provided by the moderator or another participant. Open groups are available to everyone.

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Supergroups in Telegram have the following differences:

  • The limit of participants is still limited, but has been expanded to 100,000 users;
  • It is possible to pin messages, and the other participants will receive a notification about it on their Android-phone or iPhone, even if notifications were previously turned off.

In all other respects, supergroups have the same features as standard Telegram groups: use of bots, search in posts or conversations by hashtags, ability to change the avatar/title, add posts, upload files, etc.Д.

A channel in Telegram has two fundamental differences from groups and supergroups, namely

  • All content and information in the Telegram channel can only be published by the administrator, and subscribers have the right to consume the content provided (there is no feedback);
  • There is no limit on the number of participants.

How to find a closed group and join it

Closed communities are created to exclude unauthorized connection of unwanted users. Closed communications are also called business, but this does not mean that such channels can be created by businessmen or other important persons. Create a private chat can also ordinary users who do not want their communication to be unclassified.

To join such a Telegram group, you first need to figure out how to find it. You can only do this if you ask one of the chat participants for permission. To do this, you need to write a private message to a member of a closed community. If the user wants to see that person in the list, then they just need to send an invitation to join the channel.

This is interesting! Telegram developers are concerned about privacy, so you can’t just search and join a private conversation.

Step-by-step instructions for searching in telegram

People who have downloaded the program for the first time worry about how to search for channels in telegram.


There are a lot of channels in Telegram, and new users may not know how to find them, or be confused by the vast flow of information.

Originally, the search engine built into telegram was quite primitive. The system could only recognize the material by the exact link, which is not always known. In the fall of 2017, an update was released that gave the ability to search by keywords. Telegram publishers can now be found by words found both in the title and in the channel description. But the internal search is still imperfect, giving only the first three results.

There is only one search bar in telegram, which does not provide advanced settings. When you enter a query, its processing begins with the contacts and messages of the user, only after that starts browsing through open channels. The results display two sub-items “messages” and “global search”. Where, the first is the owner’s personal correspondence, and the second is public channels to which the person is not subscribed, as well as pages not present in the personal address book.

You can find a channel in Telegram by name in the same way as by keywords. The program is often installed on the phone for easy use outside the home and office. Owners are usually worried about how to find a channel in Telegram on the iPhone, because many of the processes in this device are different from other smartphones. In this case there is nothing to worry about. In the iPhone app, it is no more difficult to search for Telegram channels than on any other device. On a computer, the built-in search works the same way, but is located in a different place.

Note: If you typed a phrase, keywords, but only the messages and the address book are shown, put a space. The global search should pop up.

Chat is a means of exchanging messages. The system is designed primarily for communication, including business communication. Therefore, the question of how to find a chat on Telegram is acute for many. Such a site tends to be smaller than a channel. But unlike the chat and the group, subscribers can be more active in the life of the chat. Not only comment on posts, pictures, but also to post their own posts, materials.

A variety of chats in Telegram, which not only newcomers, but also experienced users have to look for. In the catalog you can find topics on hobbies, regions, marketing, travel, business, and more.


If the program is installed for work, it’s especially important to understand how to find a group on Telegram.

You can search for relevant groups on your Telegram in many ways.

  • Choose an interesting public in one of the social networks and look at the section with contacts. There will undoubtedly be a link to their telegram channel or group. Since most of them are trying to widen their reach.
  • You can find direct links through search engines.
  • Use the system’s directory.

It’s easy to find the group you are interested in, just follow two simple steps.

Closed groups and channels on Telegram can be found only by direct link. The easiest way to get it is to ask one of the participants to send it to you. Links are also often placed on sites close to the subject, or after the article on a certain topic. In this case you will not need to specifically search for telegram channels. The authors have already made the best selection in this niche.

Search by catalogs

The easiest way to find channels is through directories. Now there are a huge number of them available on the Internet. They have a list of most popular channels, which by the way are divided into categories by topic.

The most popular and probably the official directory is https :// tlgrm.Ru/ channels. It offers a search by name and by topic.

How to use telegram in your iPhone/iphone me telegram pr kaise videos dekhe

To find a channel in the directory, you must simply type its name in the search box and from the number found, select the object you are looking for.

Upon entering the page of the channel, at the top under the name there is “@ name “. Using it, the channel can be found through the search bar of the messenger itself.

How to find chats in Telegram

Information about the most effective ways to search for thematic chats from SMM-expert Vasily Alatartsev, author of Telegram-channel CyberMaster (@cybermasters).

Very often we receive questions not only from newcomers, but also from more experienced users, how to search for chats (groups) on Telegram.

There are indeed difficulties with the search. Telegram itself has very limited options and no official chat directories. An ordinary user may type a search query and get from 3 to 10 results, which, according to telegram, are the “most relevant.

However, the results will be a natural hodgepodge of channels, bots, chat rooms and personal accounts, and it is impossible to see ALL of the results, unfortunately.

Part of the need to find information is covered by unofficial bots, thematic directories, communities of interest, services like tgstat.Ru and telemetr.Me. But when it is required to find a narrow thematic chat or collect as many chats as possible of the same subject (for example, for subsequent parsing of the audience for advertising newsletters), these solutions are not suitable any more.

I will describe all effective and known to me ways of searching for chat rooms, which I use myself. If you take an integrated approach, you can even find unique on the subject communities. Let’s go!

In the search box, type in the command with the desired key: “site:t.Me affiliate.Joinchat” (command is given without quotation marks, and “affiliate” replace it with your keyword).

If the query is popular, then on the last page of the search results click on the link “show hidden results”, as “Google” believes that the results are very similar.

If you do not understand something, here is a link to the full search results of chat rooms by request “affiliate”.

It’s important to understand that depending on the key, there may be a very good result, or there may be no result at all. In addition, there are channels, bots and duplicates, so in any case, you need to manually check the links. To make filtering easier, here’s a little tip. Private links to groups and channels are different: links to chats are generated by Telegram as https://t.Me/joinchat/JIDlvlNpGcd_7c6onqkiew, and links to channels always start with AAAAA, for example https://t.Me/joinchat/AAAAAEaYNvuWjE-xnc527w

The smartest ones can make a script to automatically parses Google search results and get dozens of unique links to thematic communities.

First, there is no such service or directory where there would be ALL of the telegraph chats. This kind of catalog could be made by the team of cart developers, but. But is unlikely to do it. I associate this with the fact that Telegram is positioned as an anonymous messenger, and every public chat may become private at any time. So it will have to be kicked out of the directory or privacy is out of the question.

Secondly, any catalog requires constant updating and it is possible, again, only having full data about ALL chats. The problem follows from the first point. If the owner of the chat goes from public to private, then without access to the chat, it is impossible to find and update it.

Actually it was a little literacy, and now you can begin to search.

The first resource is a directory of chat rooms around the world from the service moderation chat Combot.Org

Unfortunately, the directory does not have any functionality, except sorting by country and the ability to add your chat. There is a “sort of rating”, but for the man in the street is totally unclear on what principle it is built, why the directory ranking is in this order.

The second resource is well known Tgstat.Ru. Perhaps the main tool for analyzing and rating telegram channels. But due to the fact that there is a division of channels by topic, a convenient search and sorting by criteria, the service can also be used to search for chat rooms. You need to do it manually. Just open the channel card, follow a link to it, find information on the channel or in the description of the associated chat. A lot of admins try to open thematic communities and pour into them the audience from their channels.

Yes, it is buggy, but you can find something. Just type in your query and look for chats among the results. As a rule, the names or usernames contain the words “chat” and the word related to a certain topic of the pubic, so Telegraf indexes them and displays them by the appropriate request. For example, by request “arbitration chat” you can find several large and not very large communities. About the disadvantages of this search I wrote at the beginning of the article.

There are a few more specific ways, such as searching for or buying ready databases of themed chat rooms, searching for mentions of other chat rooms among thousands of posts in the admins’ publishers. But these and other approaches, in my opinion, are less effective and more costly in resources. I hope that my experience will be useful, and if there is anything to add, I would be glad to know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Please, it will come in handy exactly, I myself use regularly and voice these methods to clients a long time ago.

Type in a search query and get from 3 to 10 results, according to telegram, “the most relevant

It would be interesting to have partly the reverse task. We have a thematic technical chat in TG. Do not spam, do not parse, etc.П., On the contrary. Consulting for free.

Here’s how to get it up to “relevant according to telegram” results?

There is no analytics either. Where do users who joined the chat come from, it is unclear. It is likely that most people came here because they found the link on the net.

Need to see the chat itself, getting into the top depends on several factors. And by what query do you want the chat to appear in the search? Write me all this in VK niktobesfamilniy more to discuss.

There are analytical systems that allow you to find out.

Combot displays only those chats in which it is added, but in the case of Russia, many add it to channels as well, I understand, to increase the number of subscribers.К. This bot is anti-spam and in the channel it is useless, so there are a large number of records in the statistics, but in fact 90% of them are channels and not chats.

Until telegram gives up the shameful aggressive spamming of user invites to which it consents. Groups and chats are not even worth talking about. Not a single sane person with a real audience would create a community so that every willing person could come stealing subscribers without any problems.

To all of you who are touting that this is normal, let me tell you that it’s either your job or you don’t have your Real audience. Real people don’t create groups because of this, even though they are very handy. And those who created it are shocked.