How to enable iPhone sound recording

How to make a screen recording with sound on iPhone: 7, X, 11 and 12

You have a problem with screen recording on your iPhone? Modern distribution methods applied around the world are likely to contain in the video with sound. So it’s becoming increasingly necessary to learn how to record video with sound on your iPhone. If you want to know how to record screen on your iPhone (7, X, XR, 11, 12 or any iOS device), just read this guide and everything will fall into place.

As you may know, iOS devices have provided us with a handy solution for iPhone screen recording with sound. It’s completely free for every user. Here are the steps on how to use it:

Turn on the recording function

Go to “Settings” and find “Control Center” and click “Green Plus” to add screen recording to the enabled controls.

Notably, turning on this feature will record sound by default after you set up screen recording.

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Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enter Control Center. (For iOS 14 users: swipe down from the upper right edge of the screen) Tap the white circle for a few seconds. And make sure the microphone is on or if you want to turn it off, select the necessary settings.

Anytime you want to record your screen, you can swipe up and click the white circle on the control center page. It takes 3 seconds to prepare. After that, everything will be recorded on video. Alternatively, you can do the same and click the circle to complete it. Then you can check the video you just recorded on your iPhone.

How to record sound on iPhone with your own screen recording tool

Before iOS 11, iPhone users had to record sound on their iPhone using a computer and other software. If you want to record audio on your iPhone without an external device, you can download and use some unofficial apps like Airshou. But these applications required a complicated installation. Now, in iOS 11 and later, Apple has developed an official proprietary screen recording tool so that you can record what you want. With this built-in screen recording tool, you can not only record video from your iPhone screen, but also record audio and voiceover. And the recorded videos will be saved in your Photos app. You could say the easiest way to record your iPhone screen and audio. But this proprietary screen entry has no application, it only has a control option in the control center. And you need to turn it on before you start recording. If you want how to record audio on your iPhone using the built-in screen recording tool, you can follow these steps.

Go to the Settings app, and then scroll down and tap Control Center. Then click “Configure controls” from there. When you’re on the settings page, scroll down to find “Screen Recording” and then click the green plus icon next to it to add “Screen Recording” to “Control Center”.

Once you’ve added this proprietary screen recording tool to the control center, you’ll see a “Screen Recording” switch that you can easily click after opening the control center. If you want to record, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control center, then tap the “Record from Screen” icon. After three seconds, screen recording will begin.

Step 3. Stop sound recording on your iPhone

If you want to stop this recording, you can access the control center again and tap the screen recording icon to stop it. Or you can long press or 3D Tap on it, and then tap “Stop Recording”. Alternatively, you can just click on the red recording indicator light that’s on the status bar, and then click on Stop. And then this video will be saved in your photos. You can also edit the audio files as you wish by clicking the Edit button.


AirServer is a more advanced utility that I have only recently become familiar with. The ability to record video appeared only in the 5th version of the program, but it works fine.The working principle of AirServer is completely identical to Reflector. But the application defines a more advanced implementation.

Firstly, there is a whole cluster of settings in the program that will help you optimize the recording for your conditions, which depend on Wi-Fi speed, device power, etc.д.

Secondly, while streaming an image, AirServer shows in the upper right corner the FPS level, which helps prevent “lags.

Third, the app’s intelligence, although this is subjective: Some will also like the Reflector gesture control.

With the basic settings AirServer automatically adjusts picture quality to the speed of your Internet connection: the result is a pixel-perfect image instead of the bloat.

A standard license for AirServer costs 14.99 and supports up to 3 activations. You can purchase the application on the developers’ site.

It is a unique and first class solution for screen recording.

List of screen recording software

Record video from the screen of an Android phone with software version 5.0 and up is possible with several programs:

  • AZ Screen Recorder. Easy management of the program allows you to record screencasts with no time limit. Recording is available in several formats. The free version of the application does not contain any additional features that may be useful when using.
  • Filmit Pro. Free app with a sweet interface. In addition to video recording, functions such as screenshots, filter overlay, photo editing, etc. are available. д.
  • Mobizen. The program works similarly to AZ Screen Recorder. It allows you to capture video and record audio from the screen of your Android phone. Created screencasts can be edited, trimmed, sound volume can be changed, etc. д.

How to make a video display on the gadget version iOS 10 and below

Users who are owners of such smartphones will be interested in how to enable screen recording on their iPhone. On older models of cell phones, customers do not have the ability to update their smartphone to the new version. If the mobile is running on iOS 10 and below, you can only make a video through a laptop. For the operation to be successful, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • first you need to add the program “Lonely Screen AirPlay Receiver” to your computer;
  • It is recommended to download it through the official portal;
  • When the application is downloaded, you can install it on your PC and run it;
  • now take your smartphone, it should be unlocked;
  • The “Control Panel” section is displayed;
  • Then the client clicks on the “Repeat Screen” button;
  • If this icon does not appear, you should check if your PC and gadget are connected to the same network;
  • Lonely Screen” will be displayed on the laptop, click on it;
  • the PC should display the smartphone’s display;
  • After that, you can launch the program to record video on your PC.

Note Setting up screen recording by yourself on your iPhone can be done by every user. But the owner will need to have access to the laptop.

How to capture video from iPhone with sound

Add the screen recording button to the Control Panel via Settings

There you’ll find other features that you can access quickly

Record with Sound lets you record not only your voice, but also the sound from apps and games

Recorded video is saved in the Photos app by default. To find it, you do not even have to open it and look for the video manually. Apple has thought of everything for you: When you’ve finished recording, you’ll get a notification from the Photos app, which will take you straight to your newly recorded video. All you have to do is review it and decide if you want to subject it to additional post-processing or if you can send it that way as well.

Frequently asked questions about recording iOS screen with sound

Make sure that the mute button is not activated while you are recording your iPhone screen. You can also set the volume up button to record the internal sound. To record audio from the microphone, you just need to turn it on by forcibly tapping the screen recorder from Control Center.

Can you record a phone call on your iPhone without installing any app ?

No, you can’t. In accordance with country and state laws, Apple does not install any built-in recorders to record phone conversations. You need to find workarounds to record phone calls, and installing a call recording app is one of them.

Does FaceTime call recording notify the other person ?

No. As long as you’re recording FaceTime calls on your iPhone with screen recording or on your Mac with QuickTime, the other person won’t get a notification. Only Snapchat sends an alert while you’re recording a video call.

Screen recording. Is a built-in feature you can use to record your iOS screen. It also gives you the option to record internal sound and microphone sound. One disadvantage of Screen Recorder is that it does not allow you to record phone conversations. What’s more, Vidmore Screen Recorder gives you a more sophisticated way to create video tutorials or record online videos on your computer rather than on your iPhone or iPad.

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