How To Disable Pedometer On Honor 9 Light

How to enable IR port on Honor and Huawei? For many, this option seems outdated, but in practice it is again actively being returned to phones. Many do not even suspect that there is such a port on their device. Although in 2020 it is often used in order to establish contact with other devices. What is an infrared port, how does it function, what influences it, what models are there and how to find it. further in the instructions for setting up the infrared port.

What is infrared and how does it work

It’s best to start reviewing the tool with an explanation of the terminology. Infrared port is a module through which contact is made with other devices for managing and transferring files. In practice, a smartphone with such a channel will become a remote control for a phone, air conditioner, TV or music center.

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Earlier in older versions of phones, such modules were used to transfer files from one medium to another at a short distance. Today it is a mobile remote control that provides full control of household appliances and other benefits of technological progress.

Which smartphones do Honor and Huawei have infrared

Before setting up the infrared port on Huawei and Honor, check its availability on a specific device. This can be done simply by reading the operating instructions. There, in the configuration section, all external and built-in accessibility modules are indicated.

In 2020, with such a sensor are the models:

  • Honor 3, 6;
  • Honor 7C;
  • 8 Pro;
  • 9 and 9 Light;
  • Huawei Mat 9 and Mat 20;
  • P9 Plus.

Where to find and how to configure the infrared port on Honor and Huawei

If you want to temporarily turn your phone into a control panel of some equipment, then enable the corresponding function. This can be done in the interface. In rare cases, you will need to download a utility or software that controls the infrared signal and directs it in the right direction.

How to Disable Pedometer On Honor 9 Light

Where is

In 99% of smartphones, the built-in sensor is located on top of the screen at the end.

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To activate it:

  • go to settings;
  • select a line with tools;
  • among the proposed parameters we look for a virtual or digital control panel;
  • drag the slider to the active position.

How to enable IR port on Huawei

Next, consider the instructions on how to enable the infrared port on Honor and Huawei step by step. Once you have activated the signal, you need to select the category of equipment that you want to control. It can be a TV, stereo, air conditioning and more. Specify the correct device model. Next, mark the necessary buttons and save what you specified.

Third-party IR applications

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

  • Peel Smart Remote;
  • Android TV Remote Control;
  • SURE Universal Remote.

Why the infrared port does not work on Honor and Huawei

This technical service, like many similar ones, suffers crashes and breakdowns. If this happens, we are looking for reasons. Next, consider what they are.

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Among the most common causes of malfunctions in the infrared port are:

  • Phone problems
  • incorrect button settings;
  • poor communication, interference;
  • lack of utilities and drivers that would optimize the signal;
  • old version of the program.

What to do

The problem needs to be solved only after its cause has been diagnosed. In another case, the solution will be ineffective. In case of problems in operation, we act according to the universal algorithm:

  • reboot the device;
  • make sure that there is no mechanical interference on the way from the phone to the equipment;
  • reconfigure the remote;
  • check the version of the application, update it.

In addition, check whether permissions to use the infrared port functions are granted.