How to Connect Xiaomi Airdots to Phone

Xiaomi AirDots headphones are a really popular product because they produce good sound quality. Over, their price is much lower than that of many competitors. Because this product was waiting for xiaomi fans, as well as ordinary users who want to get good headphones.

This English user manual for Xiaomi Airdots will help you deal with all their functions.

How to connect headphones Xiaomi Airdots

First you need to enable pairing mode. To do this, just take both headphones, and touch to their touchpad. It is located on the outside of the device. When the white indicator lights up, the user can start pairing.

Next you need to work with the phone. Go into bluetooth settings, and update the list of available devices. Headphones will be called MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R. Just click on the name of the headphones, after which the pairing will take place.

It is worth noting that the right earphone is the main. The phone connects to it, and the right earphone transmits a signal to the left. But if desired, the user can freely switch between the headphones, and work with them separately. In this case, you need to select the right and left earphones separately. This can also be done in the bluetooth menu.

Switching tracks on Xiaomi Airdots headphones

Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not take care of us and did not add the function of switching tracks using the headphones themselves. But with an additional application and a short instruction, this can be configured independently.

  1. Install the MacroDroid app
  2. Add a new macro: Data Entry. Media button. Long press
  3. In the Actions section, select Media. Multimedia management. Emulate a media button. Following. Next, you need to select an application for playing music
  4. In the Constraints section, select Communication. Bluetooth status. The device is connected. Redmi_Airdots_R
  5. Save macro

Playback & Call Control

Using headphones is very easy. They have special gestures, which allow you to receive calls, switch music and so on.

  • With a single touch, the music will stop. If at that moment an incoming call was made to the telephone, the call will be accepted;
  • Double-tap to call the voice assistant;
  • To cancel the call, hold the button for several seconds;
  • When a call comes in, you can turn off the microphone. To do this, double-tap.

Headphones support different assistants. It can be both Siri and Alice. It all depends on your phone.

While turning the headphones on and off, the user will hear a female voice. He will utter strange Chinese words. You can disconnect the headphones in the same way as you can connect them. Just touch both sensors and wait for the red indicator to turn on.

If you remove the earphone from your ear, the music will continue to play. But if you put the headphone in the case, music will stop. Due to the fact that the right earphone is the main one, music is turned off if you put it in a case. But if the left earphone gets into the case, the music will continue to play.

instruction in Russian for Xiaomi mi airdots

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Today, all consumers are crazy about accessories for smartphones that do not have wires. That is why manufacturers are forced to resort to the latest technologies. However, some users experience some difficulties in connecting new gadgets to smartphones. This guide will help you figure out how to connect Airdots to your phone.

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The first way to connect

  1. Activate Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  2. Get the headphones out of the case;
  3. Press the touchpad of the headphones at the same time until the white indicator lights up. After that, the panel can be released;
  4. The LED on the right earphone will light;
  5. In the “Device discovery” item, “Mi Airdots Basic_R” will be found. This is the main earphone, it will automatically connect the left earphone when it detects an available Bluetooth connection.
  6. After that, the phone will ask for permission to exchange information. It is necessary to give consent.

If after these actions the sound is only in the right Airdots earphone, then you should touch the touch panel on the left earphone.

The manufacturer conceived that headphones will automatically connect to the phone, as soon as bluetooth is turned on. As soon as the LED stops flashing on two headphones, this will indicate a willingness to pair.

The second way to connect Redmi Airdots to your phone

If after the first method the headphones do not work correctly, then you need to reset the settings of the headphones. This option helps absolutely in any situation when there are any errors with synchronization. You can do this as follows:

  1. Open Bluetooth and remove the device;
  2. Get the headphones out of the case;
  3. Hold fingers on touch panels;
  4. Wait until the white and red LEDs go out;
  5. Continue to hold the panel even after turning it off completely;
  6. After a couple of seconds a second time, the red and white indicator will begin to flash;
  7. Return the headphones back to the case;
  8. Reconnect the headphones according to the previous instructions.

Worth remembering!

If the red LED is on, it indicates that the battery is low. If a white LED is visible. The battery charge is 100%

Headphones connect the same way, regardless of the phone’s operating system.

You can change the volume using the touch panel.

In order to check the exact battery level, you need to go into the Bluetooth device.

If, when you turn on or off the headphones, the owner hears a speech in Chinese, then this should be so.

Only one earphone can be connected. To do this, put the second earphone in the case, wait about 15 seconds, until the fast vibration passes and you can connect.

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Technical specifications Redmi AirDots

I like the characteristics of 16

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Packaging and equipment

I like the grade 3

Not happy 2

How to Connect Xiaomi Airdots to Phone

Well, all right, in the end, after unpacking, we just throw it away, so this is not the most important thing. But for the packaging of the parcel I will put the seller a bold plus. The headphones were packed not just in a bag, but also in an impenetrable polyethylene “armor”, as a result of which the box was not damaged a bit. So you can safely take a gift.

Inside, we find 50% of useful things and the same amount of air is taken from China. That is, the box could safely be done half as much. Well, or at least put a cable in it. Alas, it is not here. Over, to charge you need a wire with a micro USB connector and it means that you must take it from your phone. And if you have an iPhone with Lightning or a flagship Android with USB-C? In general, this point is not thought out.

In the kit is only a set of spare ear pads and worthless instructions in Chinese. Okay, done away with the minuses, then there will be only positive emotions.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Appearance Review

I like design 20

The lid moves easily on the hinge, but it opens with a little effort. It is magnetized, and the headphones will not fall out of it arbitrarily. On the front side of the case there is a logo. By the way, it can be of two types. In the form of the logo of the company “Mi” or just the inscription of the sub-brand “Redmi”. Both options may not be a sign of fake.

The modules themselves also rely on magnets, but landing in the slots is not very convenient in order to quickly get them out of there. They are planted deep enough, so you have to get a little accustomed and pick out.

They look beautiful. Perhaps due to such a detail as the edging of glossy plastic around the button. A trifle, but nice, it is clear that they worked on the design. The control button is perfect. This is not a sensor, so there are no accidental clicks. But on the other hand, it has a large surface, and it is easy to blindly feel and press it without a miss. She looks very neat at the same time.

There is a cutout inside the key, under which a light indicator is hidden. It does not burn blue, as is customary, but red and white.

The shape is also optimal. The elongated body fits well in the auricle, and the angled corners make them more comfortable to be found there.

Outwardly, it is very similar to the Haylou GT1, but they are more monolithic due to the lack of a physical key.

Feedback on the sound of wireless TWS headphones

I like headphones in practice 1

The default ear cushions are wider than Ausdom and fit more tightly in your ears. Due to this, better isolation of the channel from external sounds. Well, of course, they do not fall out during active movements, although there are no additional rubber clips. You can lose physical activity without fear.

If we talk about the reception distance, then the 10 meters declared by the manufacturer can only be in theory. In practice, communication is stable only if you move to the next room. Further there will be constant breaks.

A few words about the microphone. It is stated that Redmond Airdots uses an active noise reduction system. To be honest, in the Arctic, I did not notice much difference between them and other wireless headphones of such a form factor. He will memorize the voice in them just as bad. Like it or not, the design does not contribute to their full use as a headset.

How to connect Redmi Airdots to a phone via Bluetooth?

I like the functionality 1

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When I first got the Redmi Airdots headphones out of the case, I had to turn them on manually. Thank God that you do not need to press any buttons on the case, as we saw when connecting Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2. Later they turn on automatically after removal from the case. No mobile application is required to configure, as some people think. This happens with the built-in means of the Android or iOS operating system.

Deactivation also occurs by pressing the buttons, or by placing the headphones in a case. Over, if you remove only the left, it will turn off, and the right will continue to work. If you put the right one in place, then both will turn off immediately.

To connect to the phone, do the following: They are the same for both the iPhone and any Android smartphone.

Headphones are connected in the same way to a TV or Smart TV Box. A separate instruction is devoted to this topic on our website.

What if Redmi Airdots do not work together. Right or left earphone?

As it turned out, a very common problem is when out of the box the Redmi Airdots headphones do not work together and do not connect to each other even after a reboot. I also, for some reason, from the factory, the wireless modules were not paired. Both “Redmi Airdots” separately — “R” and “L” were displayed on the phone at once. At the same time, they were connected one at a time and each time one of the headphones did not work. Only the right or left, but not together.

To pair them together, I had to reset the headphones and synchronize with each other again according to the separate instructions that are already on our website.

In short, then:

How does switching tracks, managing music and calls on Redmi Airdots work?

The music management capabilities of Redmi Airdots are very limited. In particular, switching tracks is not possible here. Usually in other models it is done by double-clicking or touching. Here, a call to a voice assistant is assigned to this gesture.

The same applies to volume. Its adjustment by gestures from the headphones is not provided. However, there is a life hack. Call the voice assistant and ask him to turn up the volume or switch the track.

Connect Redmi Airdots to a computer

There is nothing complicated in connecting Redmi Airdots wireless headphones to a computer or laptop, either. The only thing in it must be a Bluetooth module. On laptops, it is most often already integrated. But for a desktop computer, you may need to buy an external USB adapter. About one of these, I wrote in detail in an article about connecting wireless speakers to a PC.

The procedure for connecting headphones to a computer is the same as for a smartphone.

How to charge Redmi Airdots and what to do if one earphone does not charge?

In order to put Redmi Airdots on charge, you just need to put both headphones in a case. Each in its own socket. It is impossible to confuse them in places, as they simply will not be inserted. And connect the microUSB charging cable with one end to the case, and the other into any adapter from a mobile phone or an extension cord with a USB port for charging. Even a connector on a computer or laptop is suitable.

They also ask me what to do if one of the headphones does not charge. If this happens, then first of all, check whether he is sitting securely in his cell. The design of the case is such that it is easy to move them from their place, because of which contact with the antennae that comes from the battery is lost. As a result, the earphone does not charge.

Also, if you just unpacked Redmi Airdots, check if there is a protective film covering the contacts on the headphones themselves. The Chinese do this on all models because of the security requirements for postage.