How to connect wireless Apple headphones to your phone

What wireless headphones are suitable for iPhone?

This article is about choosing wireless headphones for iPhone. If you have an iPhone (no matter what version). And you have decided to purchase wireless Bluetooth headphones, I can assume that you have a number of questions: “which headphones will work with my iPhone”, “does the iPhone work with headphones from other manufacturers”, “what to look for when choosing”, “which headphones work best with the iPhone”, etc. Д. All of these questions I will try to answer today. If you don’t find the information you need in this article, then ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I answer all and very quickly.

Perhaps you were looking for information on how to connect a wired headset and you accidentally came to this page. I’ll take a paragraph on this and move on to the main part. In the case of wired headphones is simple. Before the iPhone 6s version (including this one) these smartphones had the Jack 3 connector that we are used to.5 mm. You can plug almost any wired headphone directly into them. Starting with the iPhone 7 3.The 5 mm jack is gone, and you can only connect the headphone through the Lightning port. There are the original EarPods with Lightning jack. Also for some time with smartphones was included adapter Lightning. Jack 3.5 mm. I had one with my iPhone 10. To connect to the iPhone 7 and newer versions of headphones with 3.5 mm jack needs adapter Lightning. Jack 3.5 mm. If you don’t have one, you can buy one without any problems. There are both original and non-original options.

Waiver 3.5 mm jack in iPhones was made precisely in favor of wireless headphones, because with the release of the iPhone 7 were introduced and Airpods. Wireless TWS headphones from Apple. And starting in September 2018, the company stopped bundling all iPhones with an adapter to connect regular headphones with jack 3.5 mm. It can be bought separately.

Playing music through Airpods

Apple wireless headphones adhere to a number of concepts when playing music, audiobooks and watching media content. If you take the wireless headphones out of the case and put them in your ears, the sound will automatically be transmitted to the accessory, bypassing the standard speaker. The signal is intercepted almost lightning fast, and without additional visits to the settings, and even between different mobile equipment. Macs, iPads or Apple Watch.

If you take one Airpods earphone out of your ear during playback, the current audio track or even a video clip will remain on pause. If you take them both out, playback will pause, but resume when you put the accessory back in your ears within 15 seconds.

To manually control the sound source, the developers suggest using a special icon:

Found both in the native music player on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and in third-party entertainment services like YouTube or Twitch.

When you access the icon, you’ll be able to select the source of playback. The accessory or the speaker.

Why connectivity problems arise

Wireless headphones produced not by Apple, but by third-party manufacturers. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi? And little-known Chinese brands. Are devoid of the usual magic of Airpods, when a couple of taps are enough to pair. Therefore, before you connect your iPhone audio equipment it is necessary to double check every detail:

  • Distance issues. Bluetooth 0 operates at a distance of up to 10 meters, previous versions of the wireless connection cover a distance of 8-9. But as practice suggests, sometimes even 50 centimeters for the first pairing is too much: it is better to keep the headphones as close to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Experiments with the network. Old Bluetooth and Wi-Fi incompatibility issues still occur occasionally. To get rid of the error you can temporarily disconnect from unnecessary network sources. Switching to air mode and then forcing the activation of Bluetooth will also help.
  • Rebooting iPhone. A trivial but sure-fire way to get rid of rare malfunctions and temporary difficulties. The method of resetting depends on the version of iPhone (5, 6, 7, 8, or X): models with Face ID use the side button and volume up or down key, and phones with Touch ID use the button on the top or side of the case.
  • No pairing. If the question of how to connect a wireless headset to the iPhone has long been resolved, but to enjoy the music is still impossible due to problems with playback, often unsynchronization and loss of signal, then to solve the problem will help the section Bluetooth in “Settings”.
  • Reset to factory settings. Radical method, which should be resorted to only if the other actions have not helped, the headphones are 100% operational and functioning on third-party equipment from Apple.

These Apple Lightning Earphones Suck

The “General” section, the “Reset” menu item will help you to return the settings to their initial state. Already from there either reset the network settings, or “all settings” at once. Depending on the specific situation and the problem observed. For example, when connecting, pairing or listening to music.

Viewing the level of headphones charge

If you don’t want your Airpods and case battery to run out at the most inopportune moment, you need to not only “recharge” it in time, but also keep an eye on the charge level. On the iPhone you can do this in several ways, each of which we have previously written about in a separate article.

Now you know how to set up the Airpods on your iPhone, whether it’s the first or second generation model or the noise-canceling Airpods Pro.


Setting up headphones can mean two different tasks. Control and sound quality. For Airpods available as the first and second (is done in the player applications and will be discussed in the last part of this article), for third-party products, it is not always available, it depends on the brand and model.


The 1st and 2nd generation Airpods, as well as the Airpods Pro are equipped with special touch sensors, which allow you to control audio playback. To pause and switch tracks, and other actions (such as volume change) can be performed using Siri. To learn how to properly configure your accessory for the most common tasks you may encounter while listening to audio, as well as how to manage them, see the separate instructions on our site.

Other brands of headphones

Well-known manufacturers of acoustic equipment often produce branded software for mobile devices, which allows you to customize their work, change the control, adjust the quality, install updates and perform some other actions. Such features are not available for all brands, and certainly not for all headphones they produce, but the market leaders and flagship or close to flagship models have them. The main thing is to find and download the appropriate software from the App Store and use it. Here are the links to proprietary software solutions from Sony, JBL, harman/kardon, Bose, Sennheiser, Bowers Wilkins.

We will not consider how to use this software to configure headphones, for two reasons. Firstly, different brands offer completely different features for their products, and secondly, the list of such features significantly differs for different models. In general, the algorithm is as follows: install and run the application from the manufacturer of your headphones, check the connection and compatibility, and then explore and use the available functionality to improve the accessory and the overall interaction with it.

How to connect Airpods to your iPhone

Important. To start using your new Airpods fully, sign in to your iCloud account on your iPhone.

Manipulation will allow you to connect Airpods to the Apple Watch or other “apple” gadgets, tied to the same Apple ID without any problems in the future.

Synchronize the “ears” with the iPhone 11 pro, X, the device of another model, conduct according to the instructions:

  • Unlock your device, and go to the Home screen. Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is turned on.
  • Put the charging case with earmolds next to the paired device. Open the cover.
  • During the wireless connection an animated splash screen with the “Connect” button will appear on the screen. Perform the suggested action.
  • Set up the “Hello, Siri” function to work with Airpods Pro or 2nd generation Airpods using the opened wizard.
  • Press the “Done” button to complete the device pairing procedure.

Third-party Bluetooth headphones

Usually, the solution to the problem voiced in the title is not difficult, but before we get into it, let’s note the following:

In the article we will show the algorithm of wireless headphones connection, which is applicable to the products of any manufacturer except for Apple. We will not touch the subject of iPhone and Airpods pairing. These devices are paired automatically and without any problems or nuances, and the process is accompanied by step-by-step prompts on the screen.


In order to pair your iPhone and Bluetooth headphones, follow the following algorithm:

    Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. If necessary, activate it from the “Control Point” (swipe up from the bottom of the screen to call) or through the “Settings.

Note: If you do not know the name of the accessory you are using, look for this information on its case, packaging, or instructions.

Note: Some wireless accessories require you to enter a PIN or access key to pair them with your mobile device. Usually the combination you need is listed on the package or in the user manual. It also happens that it appears right on the screen.

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Breaking the pair

To temporarily disconnect the Bluetooth headphones from the iPhone, just tap on their name in the list of paired devices, or just turn them off. If the pairing needs to be broken permanently or for a long period of time, do the following:

connect, wireless, apple, headphones, your, phone

    Go to “Bluetooth” in the “Settings” of the mobile device.

Tip: You can manage the connection of wireless accessories directly from the control panel (called by swiping up from the bottom border of the screen), from there you can also go to the wireless settings.

Solutions to possible problems

In some cases iPhone may not see Bluetooth headphones that are turned on and in discoverable mode, or may see them but not connect. To solve these problems, one by one follow the steps below, and after each step try to pair the devices again.

  • Reboot iPhone and turn the wireless accessory on and off. Re-enable Bluetooth on the first device and put the second one in discoverable mode. How to Reboot iPhone
  • Make sure the headphones are charged and the mobile device is not in power-saving mode. How to turn off the power-saving mode on your iPhone
  • If the accessory has previously connected to the iPhone and there were no problems with their connection, break the pair using the recommendations from the article of the same name, and then follow the steps necessary to create it.
  • If the headphones are currently paired with another mobile device (the connection may or may not be active), disconnect this connection and try to connect them to the iPhone, pre-set in detection mode.
  • If you use a proprietary app with your accessory, check to see if it is allowed to access Bluetooth. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Buetooth” and make sure that this option is active for the desired program.

If the above recommendations did not help to solve the problem, and the problem is accompanied by one of the symptoms listed below, among others, please contact the Apple Support at this link.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones to IPhone (2019)

  • You cannot activate Bluetooth on your iPhone, or the option is inactive;
  • Not only the headphones you use, but also other wireless accessories are not connected to your iPhone.
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Connecting Airpods to two iPhones

Apple assumes the use of a maximum of one device, this is indicated by the specifications. But in practice, using Airpods with two different devices at the same time is possible. To do this, remove both headphones from the case and connect to a single iPhone. After that, the remaining earphone should be hidden back in the case, and the other to connect to another iPhone.

It’s safe to say the Airpods headphones will remain a hit in 2018. Only the new version of the Airpods can eclipse Apple’s insanely popular headphones. Buy Airpods in Kharkov and in Kiev in our online store you can order on the website or by phone:

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