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How to turn on the Honor Band 5 bracelet for the first time: instructions on how to restart, turn off

“How do I turn on the Honor Band 5?”. a problem for those who just bought a bracelet released in 2019 and have not figured out how to use it yet. Detailed instructions in this article.

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Continuous heart rate monitoring

The tracker user can independently set the heart rate measurement. At the set time, the watch will start recording the pulse. The indicators are displayed on the screen. As a result, the user can control the state of health, react in time to negative indicators.

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The bracelet reflects not only the fact that a message has been received on the mobile device. The device shows the sender, as well as a certain part of the message (depending on the free space). But media files in this model are not yet supported.


To transfer data between the tracker and another device, it is important to turn on Bluetooth. Upon deactivation of Bluetooth, the relationship between them disappears.

How to restart Honor Band 5

Rebooting the device is necessary if the device does not work correctly or lags have formed. This can be done in one of two ways.

  • Disable Bluetooth, wait a few seconds, enable again.
  • In the mobile application, untie the tracker, wait a while, bind it back.

The methods work in the same way. The user chooses a method that is convenient for him personally.

Sleep monitoring

The quality of sleep affects a person’s well-being and mood. It will not be possible to monitor sleep on its own, without using a special device. This task is handled by a specially configured tracker. A fitness bracelet at night, thanks to supersensitive sensors, reacts to any abnormalities. The results are displayed on the watch face using the Trusleep option.

The first inclusion of Honor Band 5

A fitness tracker is a universal and necessary device that allows you to check the processes in the human body and record changes. After purchasing a device, you need to launch the gadget. The peculiarity of this model is that it does not have a special “On” / “Off” button. The screen starts working after the user turns the wrist on which the watch is placed. But if the gadget did not respond to this action when you first turned it on, you should not immediately contact the service center. You must first check the charge. Once fully charged, the gadget can be used. To do this, you need to download the corresponding application from the Play Store or App Gallery. Health.

Step 2. download the Huawei Health app

For correct and full operation of the device and the simplest possible synchronization of the fitness bracelet with a smartphone, you need to download the Huawei Health app. You can find it in the Play Store if you have an Android device, or in the App Store if you have an iPhone.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone: instructions from the Gigant Store

Honor Band 5 is a fitness bracelet that tracks the user’s physical activity, reports the current time and allows you to receive notifications from your smartphone.

Despite the high popularity of the device, many users still have questions about how to synchronize the device with a mobile phone. We have prepared a short guide that will show you how to connect Honor Band 5 to your smartphone. Having clearly followed the recommendations, you can translate the gadget from Chinese into Russian and start active work.

Step 4. set up your gadget

There are many settings available in the Huawei Health app. If you plan to track your sleep patterns, you need to enable Huawei TruSleep. After that, in the application, you will see an analysis of your sleep, which, with constant use of the function, will turn into a graph over time. There, the program will provide advice on how to optimize sleep. This will improve sleep performance, and hence health in general.

In the Health app, you can also customize the notifications that will go to your bracelet. It is worth noting that the tracker displays only those notifications that are enabled on your smartphone and that are allowed in the program itself.

Another feature that can be enabled in the app is 24/7 heart rate monitoring. This is an important indicator for those who monitor their health. Also, keep in mind that when you enable this and other features that work on a permanent basis, the battery of the device will drain faster.

Huawei Health also allows you to set a smart alarm to wake you up in the right sleep phase so you feel refreshed and refreshed. In the same place, you can configure how the gadget is controlled (activation when raising the wrist, switching menu items by turning the wrist, etc.).

Step 3. sync

By launching the Huawei Health app, you must agree to the terms of use and provide the program with access to smartphone services.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone;
  • Return to Huawei Health. There in the upper right corner there is a button “” (“Add device”). By clicking on it, you will see the categories of “smart” devices, there you need to select “Fitness bracelets Honor Band 4/5”, after a couple of seconds after that you will see your device in the list. It will be named something like this: “Honor Band 5-E2D”;
  • Click on the name of the gadget, followed by synchronization, which must be confirmed by clicking on the checkmark on the Honor Band 5 itself;
  • Immediately after pairing, the device language will be translated from Chinese into Russian.
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Step 1. charge the fitness bracelet

As a rule, when buying a new Honor Band 5 tracker, the device is discharged. Do not try to press the touch button or do any other manipulations. First of all, the gadget needs to be put on charge.

A charger with a USB cable is included with the fitness bracelet. Install the bracelet on the charger and connect it to a computer, laptop, power bank, etc. As soon as the battery is replenished, the tracker will automatically turn on.

Honor Band 5 does not connect to a smartphone: possible reasons and what to do?

As a rule, there are no problems with connecting the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet to a smartphone. If, nevertheless, such a problem arises, then you need to do the following operations:

  • Check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone;
  • Restart your smartphone and try to connect again.

How to properly connect to the phone Honor Band 5

The watch does not pair directly via bluetooth. Synchronization is carried out in a special Huawei Health application, which also configures certain parameters and stores information about the user’s activity.

  • If the tracker is turned off, connect it to a power source and wait about two hours for a full charge.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth module on the smartphone.
  • We go to the Health application, log in and open the “Devices” section. Click on the pale blue “Add” button.
  • We select the type of device: “smart” watch, “smart” bracelet, scales or heart rate monitor. Honor Band 5 is in the tabs with bracelets.

The instruction is suitable not only for Huawei and Honor smartphones. The bracelet connects to any Android and iOS phone in a similar way.

Sync Honor Band 5i

The Honor Band 5i is the budget version of the standard 5th Bend. The watch received a stripped down functionality and average autonomy. Newbies are interested in how to connect them to a device. The procedure is the same as on Honor Band 5. Only at the beginning of synchronization, you need to specify the appropriate model.

How to connect Honor Band 5

Pairing with a smartphone is a must if you want to get the most out of your fitness tracker. Therefore, today we will talk in detail about how to connect Honor Band 5 to a phone on Android and iOS.

Pairing with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal

There are no quality third-party apps for Honor fitness trackers. The user can use only proprietary software. But there is a useful function. linking the gadget to Google Fit and My Fitness Pal. These programs allow you to monitor your health in more detail.

  • We connect the tracker to Health.
  • In the “Me” section, open the “Settings”.
  • Click on “Send data”.
  • Select the desired application and click “Bind”.

Done, now data between apps will sync.

How to connect Honor Band 5 with Health app Android phone Smart Band Bracelet Wristband

Solving common problems

Let’s take a look at the problems that users most often complain about. Most problems can be solved quickly and easily.

Turn the bracelet off and on again. Nothing helps. there is probably a serious breakdown with the tracker. Then contact the service center.

We just synchronized the devices, and Connect disappeared after a few minutes. this is a clear problem. Follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the gadget manually.
  • Delete the entire list of Bluetooth devices on your phone and clear the cache.
  • Reboot devices or do a wipe.
  • Charge Bend up to 100%.
  • Repeat pairing.

Now you know everything about connecting Huawei Honor Band 5. Our instructions will help you correctly connect and solve possible problems.


  • open the utilities “Health”;
  • in the list we are looking for the item “Sending data;
  • press the key marked “Google fit”;
  • confirm the operation and go to your account.

How to pair with other phones?

The smart bracelet is connected to various mobile devices. Use on Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei. Be sure to pair before starting work. For troubleshooting, take a look at quick tips.

How to connect the Honor Band 5 bracelet to the phone: pairing instructions

Not sure how to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone? Smart watches are a cool gadget for everyday use. The device contains many useful options. The sensor monitors health parameters, reads the pulse and determines the number of steps taken. In addition, the watch shows the quality of sleep and is able to prevent health problems. Turn on the alarm and forget about being late. Watch the weather right from your watch. They must be worn on the hand at all times. In this case, they will be able to warn of problems with blood pressure and dizziness. Do not put your Smart Watch away even when you sleep. The soft bracelet does not crush and is practically not felt on the hand. Immediately after purchase, you need to connect the gadget to your mobile phone. The instruction will help you understand the issue. Follow the steps to get the result.


If you have purchased Xiaomi equipment, then download the program from Huawei. After starting the program, we carry out confirmation. Next, we fill out a full application form and fill in the information. Try to fill in all the lines. We connect two elements via Bluetooth. In the new list, click on Honor Band 5.


Pairing the Honor Band 5 is easy enough. To do this, use the instruction:

  • Run the Health utility and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Add a fitness bracelet on the main screen.
  • Click on the line with Honor Bend 5.
  • Find the line with the name “Pairing”.
  • We confirm the parameters, determine the geolocation and synchronize the data.
  • At the end of the page clicks on confirmation of the operation.
  • Checking the connection.

Tracker Running Edition Suitable for active people. With this option, you will be able to control the calories burned and keep track of the training time. Run fitness classes and keep track of your activity. Notifications notify about incoming SMS and calls. Stay connected regardless of where your phone is located.

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Honor Band 5 does not connect to the phone. reasons and what to do?

Every equipment owner is faced with interruptions in work. With various problems, it is necessary to find the cause. The main failure has to do with a bad connection. Check if Bluetooth is working. Do a system reboot or hard reset. Before that, save the data to a separate media or cloud on the Internet.

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Weather display on Honor Band 5

Setting the display of the current weather consists of enabling this function and selecting the temperature scale. The data will be loaded from the standard application to the phone, taking into account its current geolocation.

Setting up Honor Band 5

Now you can go to the detailed setting of Honor Band 5. Some of the parameters can be adjusted from the screen of the bracelet itself, which we have already seen in the full review. But all the basic configurations are performed precisely through the mobile application.

To go to the bracelet settings, you must open the same “Devices” menu. Now here is no longer empty, but the Honor Band 5 is displayed. click on it

Instructions on how to connect Honor Band 5 to the phone

Let’s move on to connecting the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet to the phone. To do this, in the Huawei Health application, go to the “Devices” menu from the main screen

To add the Honor fitness tracker, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner

And we choose our model Huawei. we need “Honor Band 45”

When performing a search, the application will offer to select our Honor Band 5 bracelet to connect to a smartphone

And confirm the creation of a pair on the screen of the tracker itself by clicking on the green icon.

After that, we will once again be asked to allow pairing between the phone and the fitness tracker via Bluetooth and send notifications

How to turn on the Honor Band 5 bracelet?

After I opened the box with the fitness tracker, the first thing I asked myself was how to turn on the Huawei Honor Band 5? The touch button completely refused to respond to pressing. Everything turned out to be simple. when you first turn it on, you need to put the bracelet on charge. After which it will turn on and start working.

What application for a smart bracelet to download to the phone?

The Honor Band 5 is configured using a mobile phone application. There is a version for both Android and iPhone, but there is a slight difference between them, which I will talk about a little later. In the meantime, you need to download the Huawei Health program from Google Play or the AppStore and install it on your smartphone.

Before starting the installation on the phone, the application will ask you to give it all the necessary permissions for work. to use Bluetooth and send notifications

Then we agree to sending your personal data to Huawei servers (don’t worry, no one is going to follow you) and accept the user agreement

Next, you need to fill out your profile so that the fitness tracker can correctly calculate your steps and other biometric indicators. Here you need to indicate gender, height, weight, date of birth. And if you wish, you can add a photo by taking it right now or by choosing a ready-made photo from the gallery.

In the next step, it is possible to synchronize data from the Huawei Health app with the built-in Health app.

To do this, we allow the transfer to the smartphone of all our data on the heart rate, distance covered in steps, sleep duration and other daily activities.

You can now return to the home screen of the Huawei Health app.

Customizing the watch faces of Honor Band 5

There are two ways to choose a watch face on the Honor Band 5 that differs from the standard one. Firstly, several pre-installed ones are available directly in the bracelet itself. To do this, go to the “. Dials” menu and select one of the proposed

Как Подключить Honor Band 5 к Телефону и Настроить Умные Часы?

Another option is to install the watch face from the app on your phone. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, this feature is not available in the iPhone modification and is only available on Android.

A huge number of dials for every taste are available for selection.

But as it turned out in practice, it is impossible to simply install directly from the Huawei Health app. To download, you must first download another application. Huawei Mobile Services. And register in it or log in under an existing account.

How to Connect and Configure Huawei Honor Band 5 Fitness Bracelet Via Phone App

The turn has come to write detailed instructions in Russian on how to connect a Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet to the phone and set up a smart watch through a mobile application. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Honor 3 and 4, so there is no way to compare them. But let’s see with a fresh, clean look how to turn on the alarm clock, measure the pulse, blood pressure. We will also learn how the pedometer works, see the weather, change the watch face and set up notifications. The guide will be universal for both Android smartphones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Meizu, etc.) and iPhone.

How to play music through Honor Band 5?

A reasonable question that I asked myself after watching several reviews on the Internet is how to enable music control on the phone via Honor Band 5. And I found the answer only after connecting the bracelet to a Xiaomi smartphone. It turns out that the developers also cut this option for iPhone owners, leaving it only for working with Android.

It can be deactivated through the settings in the application. And when turned on, the music playback control screen is in the main menu on the fitness tracker screen

Honor Band 5 watch face theme: how to change, add new or remove

To this end, Huawei’s new Honor Band 5 now has a whole new feature called Dial Market. Actually, this is the catalog of new dials, that is, themes for the bracelet, and there are really a lot of them.

Changing the theme on the dial of the Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet, as usual, is very easy. And now we will briefly tell you how it is done.

This means that the procedure for adding a new theme is done, of course, from the menu of the proprietary Huawei Health mobile application, more precisely, from the bracelet settings menu in this application. But:

  • first you need to connect the bracelet to your smartphone;
  • before opening the catalog and choosing a new theme, it is highly advisable to update both the firmware version of the bracelet and the version of the Huawei Health application itself;
  • the version of Huawei Health for iOS devices does not yet support the Dial market function.
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How to put a new theme on the watch face of Honor Band 5:

  • connect the bracelet to the smartphone and open the Huawei Health app;
  • go to the bracelet settings screen (the icon in the Honor Band 5 in the upper right corner) and tap “Dials”;
  • choose the appropriate one and click “Install”.

The bracelet will activate the new theme automatically after the download and installation is complete.

How to remove Honor Band 5 watch face theme:

  • on the “Dials” screen, open the “I” tab (above);
  • select an unnecessary topic in the list;
  • tap “Delete” (the icon in the upper right corner) and then confirm the command with the “OK” button.

We also take into account that the Honor Band 5 branded theme cannot be removed in this way. And it looks like only added topics can be deleted.

How to change Honor Band 5 watch face theme:

  • You can change the theme from the Huawei Health app menu: bracelet settings screen. Dials. choose any of the installed themes. we tap “Update”;
  • you can change the theme from the bracelet menu: open “Settings” (long tap on the main screen). “”. “Dials”. choose a theme. tap and install.

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5. instructions in Russian, answers to questions about Honor Band 5

Honor band 5 is a bracelet from the famous Chinese brand Huawei Honor. It is an easy-to-use device. We offer detailed instructions for Honor Band 5, which contains a guide for setting up a fitness tracker and tips for proper use.

How to turn on the bracelet

To turn on the bracelet, you must fully charge it. After that, the Honor Band 5 will turn on by itself. Charging takes place via a Micro USB cable. It needs to be connected to the charger socket on the bracelet, and the other end to any USB port on any computers, laptops, or in various power supplies. A full charge to one hundred percent will take about two hours.

Setting the language, date and time

After connecting to a smartphone, the date, time and language will be detected automatically. This cannot be done without pairing with a smartphone. Sometimes, after updating the application on a smartphone, the tracker may default to Chinese. You can fix it in Russian in the application settings.

You can also turn off the bracelet settings. To do this, go to the “” section, select the “System” menu and click on “Shutdown”. There you can also reset the settings to the factory settings or reboot the fitness tracker.

Description of Honor Band 5

The bracelet has six main attractive features:

  • color AMOLED screen;
  • a variety of stylish dials;
  • intelligent sleep monitoring;
  • real-time heart rate tracking;
  • water resistance up to 50 meters deep and recognition of swimming styles.

Honor Band 5 smart bracelet screen can display up to 45 color characters, call icons for communication.

Dial design is presented from 8 options, you can choose your display for home, walking, office or gym.

The new TruSeen 3.0 heart rate tracking technology is now even more accurate. The infrared sensor does not stop monitoring the heart rate at night. To understand the state of the body in intensive training, there is an option for saturating the blood with oxygen.

The function of monitoring, analyzing the pulse and breathing during sleep recognizes 6 common types of sleep problems, evaluates the quality of sleep and has about 200 recommendations for improving it.

The built-in 6-axis sensor automatically recognizes 4 main swimming styles: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. It also records your swimming speed, distance traveled, calories burned, and calculates your SWOLF1 value — the lower your SWOLF value, the more efficient your swim is. The HONOR Band 5 is ready for immersion in water up to 50 m.It can be kept on while swimming, washing hands or in the rain.

Honor Band 5 menu and options

Setting up Honor Band 5 can be divided into two stages: setting up the functions of the bracelet and the owner’s personal profile, in which you need to enter your personal data (age, gender, height and weight). You can then set the desired number of steps taken per day. The following options are also configured there: notification when the goal is reached for the steps and distance traveled, the heart rate is exceeded.

The bracelet is controlled through the touch screen and the Home button. Commands are made by swiping or touching the screen, as well as pressing a button.

All these functions can be customized by the user for his convenience. If desired, some of them can be disabled.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone

To activate the full range of options, you need to install the Huawei Health mobile app. You can download this application to any smartphone for free, regardless of the operating system of the gadget via GooglePlay or AppStore. For owners of Huawei Honor smartphones, this application is included in the list of basic.

Huawei Health updates must be installed as the fitness tracker only works with the latest version of the app. Otherwise, the smartphone simply will not find the Honor Band 5 in the list of devices to connect.

After installing the application (or updating to the current version), the program will require logging into the account, if the user has an account in this service, or register a new one. Next, the application will familiarize the owner with the terms of use, privacy notices, agreement and ask for access to calls and the location of the device so that they can use all the functions.

After marking all the permissions, you can proceed to pairing the Honor Band 5 with your smartphone. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the “Plus” sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find in the list of available devices “Smart bracelet”, click on it.
  • Select “Honor Band”.
  • Click on the “Pairing” menu, then accept the connection.
  • In a new window that opens, select Honor Band 5, click on it, thereby confirming the pairing of the smartphone with the tracker.
  • Click on the “Done” button. Then you can go to further settings.