How to connect Bluetooth headphones Huawei. Windows setting for headphones…

Setting up and using headphones Huawei Freebuds | Huawei support from the distinctive features of Huawei Freebuds 4i. for a long time of the battery life of the headset, which according to users’ reviews was so lacking in the last generation. Batteries in each headphone are now with a capacity of 55 mAh (in 3i. 37 mAh) and the manufacturer promises that the headphones will constantly be able to play music up to 10 hours without active noise reduction and up to 7.5 hours with active noise.

In practice, the results do not differ in the lesser direction, as usual, but even vice versa. With the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone and the AAC codec at a volume of about 40-50%, the headphones were able to constantly play music, just think about 8.5 hours with an active noise reduction!

The results in my opinion are very cool, and these headphones, roughly speaking, live on one charge at least twice as long than Huawei Freebuds 3i. And against the background of competitors, the results are also very good. Although the headphones are discharged extremely unevenly. my left headphone loses a charge of 30 minutes faster than the right and this is a lot.

It should be understood that due to the compact case and a small battery inside it (215 mAh), it will be completely possible to charge the headphones only 1 time and it will remain another 30%, although this indicator is usually several times higher. However, the difference at first glance is leveled by the steep autonomy of the headphones themselves, so in practice the total total time of the headphone work together with the case will be about 20 hours with a noise, which is not much less than the indicators of the same Realme Buds Air Pro and is consistent with the standard value of the market.

So by autonomy, Huawei Freebuds 4i is definitely the test. It has become better and now the headset can at least compete with the solutions of other manufacturers. But the time of work of the headphones themselves without a case is especially surprising. well, very tenacious!

About charging. In the case, headphones are completely from 0% to 100% in half an hour, but it is noteworthy that there is a quick recharging and 10 minutes for headphones in the case is enough so that they can work for about 4 hours, that is, they charge 60-65% and now this is great.

connection through a complete module

In this case, we will use the adapter that comes with headphones and may have the appearance of a box with a plug mini jack 3.5 mm or a small device with a USB connector.

  • We connect the adapter to the computer and, if required, turn on the headphones. One of the cups should have an indicator indicating that the connection has occurred.
  • Next, you need to programly connect the device with the system. To do this, go to the “Start” menu and in the search bar we begin to write the word “Bluetooth”. Several links will appear in the window, including the necessary for us.

Why Bluetooth device does not connect

Most often with problems with the Bluetooth hiring headset, users come across the phone whose smartphone connects a large number of devices. Because of this, first of all, there is a considerable delay in connecting. Since the standard application creates its own obscure scheme for us, according to which several devices are connected.

In this case, we advise you to use utilities of connection managers. For example, Bluetooth Pair or Bluetooth Scanner. And connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones with Samsung smartphone with their help.

Huawei Bluetooth Headphones Lite Instruction

  • Huawei Sport Headphones Lite

Wireless headphones, 11 hours of music playback, comfortable wearing in any situation

Without extra wires and sound delay

Wireless headphones, flexible cable, convenient wear, sound transmission without delay

Lithium battery 137 mAh, 11 hours of continuous playback (about 220 compositions)

The symmetrical location of the control panel and battery provides convenient wearing headphones.

Lightness, comfort and reliability

The weight of one headphone is only 5 g. Each headphone has the shape of a shark fin, which provides comfortable wearing. The set of headphones includes removable nozzles.

Each headphone is equipped with a magnet, which allows you to connect the headphones and carry them with you. Stylish headphone design is suitable for any image.

The headphones are represented in three saturated colors: midnight black and fiery red.

Diamond surface treatment and grain coating of high density provides a soft structure and radiant appearance of headphones

The finest vibrating diaphragm

for the exact transmission of the voice and reduce the effect of sound distortion

Dynamic emitter with a diameter of 11 mm

for loud sound and saturated bass

Headphones-lodges with a function of passive noise reduction and durable cable

For convenient use during sports

Bluetooth /Strong

Stable voice transmission during a call

Huawei AM61 Sport Bluetooth Connect with Android Phone. Huawei Wireless Earphones

Stable voice transmission during a call

Support Bluetooth 4.1 and compatibility with popular Bluetooth devices,

Quick connection to the smartphone to perform calls and listen to music at a distance of 10 m from the smartphone

Charging directly through a USB cable (included in the delivery kit)

or with the help of an external battery at any time and anywhere

The image of the products and the content displayed on the screen, which are presented on the above pages, are reference character. The actual functions and characteristics of products (including, inter alia, appearance, color and size) may differ.

All data on the above pages are theoretical values ​​obtained in Huawei’s own laboratories during tests conducted under certain conditions. information cm. In the description of each product. Actual data depends on a specific product, software version, use scenarios and surrounding conditions.

Due to the possible changes in the supply kit, production processes and delivery procedures, Huawei can make in real time changes in the descriptions and images published on the above information pages.

The purpose of the changes made is to provide accurate information about products, as well as ensuring compliance between the data placed on the website and the actual characteristics of the products. Information about devices can be changed without prior notice.

How to connect a wireless column to Honor and Huawei phone

Make sure that the column is accurately charged, press the connection button to Bluetooth on it. You can see the charge then immediately on the smartphone itself.

In the settings go to the Bluetooth section and turn on this function. You can also get there by clamping the Bluetooth Icard for the connection, pushing the upper curtain.

As soon as the device is found and displayed in the list. click on it and, if necessary, enter the password. If you do not know it, then try to drive four zero and see it on the box or in the instructions.

Interesting! You can turn on the air mode so that no one can interrupt the playing of music, Bluetooth connection will remain working.

Possible connection problems

As you can see, it is very easy to install the connection, everything is done in just a minute of time. Air data transmission technologies are becoming more popular and easier to use. instructions for connecting the Bluetooth headset:

It happens that a case includes a case with headphones. It may indicate the place where to apply the phone for synchronization. This is necessary when connecting using NFC.

How to connect Bluetooth Holly to Honor phone

Proper conjugation of devices provides high.quality communication for wireless accessories. The sequence of user actions is as follows:

  • Turn on the smartphone, remove the screen lock. We advise you to increase the temporary segment in the device settings or even remove the display defense.
  • With a smooth movement from top to bottom, open a fast access panel.
  • Turn on Bluetooth. The crossbreeding icon resembles the Latin letter b. They touch the icon with a finger that will light up or darken.
  • You can connect Bluetooth from the main menu. In the list of wireless technologies, the slider is moved next to the name of the network.
  • The settings are opened.
  • Included headphones. On the case there is a Power button that translates the gadget into a functioning mode.
  • Activate the conjugation procedure. If there is no separate element for the bluetooth on the surface, then for 5-10 seconds, the inclusion key is held. With luck, the headset indicator blows.
  • In the smartphone, go to the search mode for conjugated devices. Honor will indicate headphones with an icon with the name of the model.
  • In the list, they squeeze the right element with a finger. If the connection was completed, then the accessory appeared in the list of conjugated devices.

After the connection, the smartphone remembers the identification characteristics of the headset. To start listening to music, you do not need to repeat the connection procedure every time. If during the first session the phone requires the introduction of a PIN code, use a standard combination (1111, 0000 or 1234).

How to connect Bluetooth headphones Honor and Huawei to the phone

If the previously wired headset was the only choice for users, today wireless devices have already gained very popularity. Connection is carried out through Bluetooth. In the article we will consider how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone via Bluetooth

The instructions for connecting the headset via Bluetooth are not difficult. The process itself can be divided into three stages:

Blutuz on the phone

Initially, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the phone:

  • Expand the upper curtain.
  • Pull your finger on the Bluetooth icon.
  • In the window that opens, pull the slider into the position “.””.
  • Devices found by wireless technology will also be presented there.

Preparation of Bluetooth device for conjugation

The second stage involves the inclusion of this option on the headset itself. Instructions:

  • Turn on the headphones.
  • When the inclusion button is pressed, Bluetooth is automatically activated.
  • The blinking indicator will notify the readiness to connect.

The presented algorithm is suitable not only for Huawei wireless models, but also for Xiaomi or Samsung. Mostly wireless accessories are attached together with a charger in the form of a case with a separate charger, but some models provide another type of recharging. When trying to connect, do not get them out of the case.


The main feature of Freelace is a hidden USB, which goes near the volume controllers. Thus, they can be recharged not only with the help of a case, but for example, through a laptop or a smartphone itself.

Activation is not difficult. It is enough to clamp the power button and wait for the indicator to freeze. Blub blinking that the gadget is ready to detect. Check the list of visible devices on the phone and select the right.

Freebuds Lite

Place Freebuds Lite in the case and open the lid. Then you need to pinch the key near the USB, which will launch the Bluetooth connection. After mating, they can be removed from the case.

Flypods Lite

Activation Flypods Lite is also carried out, as in the description of Freebuds Lite. That is, without taking out the gadget from the case, press the power button and wait for the indicator to light up with white.

The first conjugation of the device with a smartphone

The final stage is to choose a detected device on the phone and enjoy music. When a light bulb blows, look at the smartphone and select the desired gadget in the Bluetooth menu.

Keep in mind some headset models require a password for conjugation. By default, 0000 is set as a code that the system will request at the time of attempt to connect.

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

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Connection of Bluetooth devices with a phone, which has previously been connected

If you previously component, then a second connection will not require the same actions. For example, you use the Honor Sport AM61 from Huawei, then for subsequent activations it is enough to enable Bluetooth on both gadgets.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to iPhone or other smartphone? The Chinese manufacturer takes into account many nuances when developing useful gadgets. So, he provided for the use of a headset not only in Huawei smartphones, but also in other models.

Connection Bluetooth headphones to PC or laptop

You can also connect the headset to the laptop. For this, the PC should have the Bluetooth function. The instructions for the conjugation are identical to the attached above. Activate the option for wireless communication and execute the connection.

Possible problems

Among the common problems, the obvious discharge of the gadget is distinguished. Often users forget to place the device in the case or put on recharging, which in the future causes false thoughts about the problem. Headphones should be stored only in a special case, and despite the long time, do not forget about the battery charge. Below we will study other possible problems.

Smartphone does not see headphones

If the smartphone does not see the headset, then try to manually perform the conjugation. By turning on Bluetooth, start the search, and then select the name of the headset model from the proposed list. The presented decision did not bring the result? Often the reason is the systemic failure of android. Reload your mobile phone and repeat the procedure.

Sound mono and poor quality

The next problem is the poor sound quality that does not correspond to the described characteristics. Typically, this problem is associated with an erroneous determination of the protocol. That is, Android could not start A2DP. a profile for playing stereo sound. To correct the problem, reboot both gadgets. smartphone and headphones.

The second decision implies re.conjugation. To do this, remove the already connected headset. Go to the Bluetooth menu and click on the I icon near the name of the wireless device. Then click “Cancel the conjugation”.

Review of wireless headphones Huawei Freebuds 3

In this review, we will examine in detail Freebuds 3, which came out at the end of 2019. As you already understood these headphones from the Freebuds line and I want to note that after them several other headphones came under the general name Freebuds.


Type of TWS
The format of the sound scheme 2.0
The diameter of the emitter membrane fourteen.2 mm
Bluetooth version
Type of emitters Dynamic
Radius of wireless communication 10 m
Charging connector USB Type-C
The capacity of the head of the headphones 30 mAh
Case battery capacity 410 mAh
Support for wireless charging there is
Moisture protection IPX4


Headphones are supplied in a small box of cardboard. On the front side you can see the headphones themselves, the name of the product and the company logo. On the back:

It should be noted that each part of the configuration lies in a separate box that has a special tongue for convenient extraction.


Headphones are produced in three colors: black, white and red. Charging case has a round shape. When I saw the case for the first time in the picture, it seemed to me that they were large in size. In fact, this is not so, its diameter is 6 centimeters, and the thickness of 2 centimeters. Because of his rounded shape, he easily crawls into his The case opens very smoothly, pleasant and holds on magnetic fasteners.

On the side there is a conjugation button. And on the bottom of the Type-C charging connector and the charging indicator. And yes, the indicator of the level of the case of the case is between the headphones. If the green color shines, then the charge is enough, if yellow, then this means that the charge level remains less than 20 percent.

The headphones themselves also hold on magnets, turning the open case, the headphones do not fall out. Thanks to the bulging legs in the upper part of the headphones, it becomes much easier to remove them from the case.

The headphones are very reminiscent of Airpods, just the same, the only difference between them is these very legs, sticking out from above. The shape and location of the sensors are identical. Marks in the headphones “r” and “l” are present.

I think that for sports, the plugs are still preferable, although if Freebuds 3 sit down as entered, then thanks to protection according to the IPX4 standard (protection against spray and sweat) you can also work out in sports. Each headphone weighs only 4.5 grams.

How to connect headphones to the phone

The connection method primarily depends on your smartphone. If you have Huawei with the EMUI 10 version, then you will just have to open the headphone lid and bring it to the smartphone. And on the smartphone the interfacing window should jump out. The same thing happens when connecting to the iPhone. If you have any other phone, then the conjugation occurs in a standard way:

  • Pour the button on the case until the LED begins to blink;
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings;
  • Choose Huawei Freebuds 3;

Buttons control and capabilities

After connecting the headphones, they have basic settings in terms of control.

  • Double pressing the left headphone activates/offs noise reduction;
  • Double pressing on the right headphone. Play/pause or activation of the voice assistant;

But management can always be changed using the Huawei Ai Life application, which is in “Google Play” and in “App Store”.

In the application, it is possible to observe the level of charge of headphones and cases, as well as adjust the noise reduction. It should be noted that ANC (active noise reduction) is a steep chip, thanks to which there is a feeling that you are in vacuum headphones. Having set the noise reduction to the maximum level, you can notice how all extraneous sounds have almost disappeared. ANC can be configured both automatically and manually.

14 mm driver with a miniature pipe is built into the headphones to strengthen low frequencies. High and medium frequencies are very well expressed. The sound is pure and reproduced without distortion and hoarseness, even at maximum volume. There are no complaints about low frequencies either, since rock, rep, electronics, pop. If you compare these headphones from the previous versions, we can say for sure that the sound in all frequencies has become better. It is quite difficult to describe the sound quality, as it is an extremely subjective thing. Personally, everything suits me taking into account the price and capabilities.

Honor headphones are wireless. how to connect to the phone using NFC

Contact technology does not replace Bluetooth connection, but rather facilitates the procedure. If the phone supports NFC, then with Honor headphones the process is faster. The user’s algorithm is as follows:

  • Remove the lock from the smartphone screen.
  • Activate the headset. POWER CLAVE POWER for turning on, then 10 seconds. for bluetooth.
  • In the settings of the apparatus, go to the section of wireless technologies. Near the NFC regime icon (double square) move the slider to an active position.
  • The back panel of the gadget is carried out a few millimeters from headphones.
  • A request for a mating appears on the phone display. In the dialog box, they choose OK.

The determination process is much faster than with standard connection. The user is eliminated from searching for devices in the wireless menu. NFC mode minimizes human actions during the operation of a modern Honor headset.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices

Bluetooth accessories are easy to connect to devices with a wireless module. The gadget supports the creation of several conjugation, which allows you to listen to music on different devices. We will analyze the features of the connection methodology.

How to connect wireless headphones to PC

Before the hiring of the headset with the computer, the presence of a Bluetooth module on PC is checked. It is easier to find an element in the device manager. In the list, the technology is hidden called Bluetooth or icon with the letter b. They click on the icon twice, are convinced of the correctness of functioning.

The sequence of user actions when setting up the connection of headphones with PC:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on a computer. A wireless icon will appear in the lower right corner. If the tray is folded, then we recommend clicking on the arrow. The list will be displayed in the window.
  • The mouse click the symbol Bluetooth. The mode of adding devices is selected from the drop.down menu.
  • Activate the headset. Hold the Power key for loading, then another 10 seconds. to turn on the wireless communication (the indicator blows).
  • PC is looking for conjugated devices. The name of the headphone model is found in the parameters window. For recognition to be faster, we recommend that you install drivers before the procedure (disk from configuration).
  • In the list of devices near the accessory is a mating mark.

If there is no sound after installing the headset, then it is worth it to manually double.check the settings. Go to the Start menu, look for the control icon of the control panel. Open the configuration, twice click the mouse along the speaker icon. The window selects the “playback” tab in the window. Manually activate headphones in mode.

How to connect to TV on Android

Smart TVs on Android OS support Bluetooth connection. instructions for the user:

  • In the main menu, TV move to the section of wireless and wired networks.
  • Activate the module, include the search for devices.
  • Hold the Power key to “awaken” accessories. If you keep your finger on the button for 10 seconds, then Bluetooth will work.
  • In the list of devices found, the name of the headset model is chosen. Press “connect”.
  • The type of device is noted in the dropped menu. A checkmark is placed next to the headphones.

If the TV does not have a wireless module, then transmitters are used to conjure. The portable device is connected to TV using the Audio Cabel “Tulip”. Include the device and the headset, set the equipment in the search mode for new equipment. The radius of signal reception does not exceed 10 m from the receiver.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone via Bluetooth ?

If a person does not want to read the whole review and expects to do with a short instruction, he should do the following to conjure the Huawei headset:

  • turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones by holding the main button for a few seconds;
  • Find on the phone in the list of devices available for connecting your Sports AM 61 and establish communication.

Blutuz on the phone

The first step towards establishing a connection between headphones and a smartphone is to include Bluetooth. This will need:

It is important to emphasize that the described approach is universal and works on various equipment, including Xiaomi and Samsung.

Preparation Bluetooth device for conjugation

The next step will be the preparation of the Bluetooth headset for the connection. Usually this process does not contain anything unusual and does not require unusual actions. At the same time, ignoring the recommendations below is undesirable, since otherwise difficulties are possible with the establishment of communication and the correct operation of the equipment.


FreeLace owners will have to take several simple actions, after which you can proceed to the connection:

That is, only the part of the headphones where the control buttons are located should be in the user’s hands, the rest should remain packaged.

Freebuds Lite

It does not differ from the procedure described above and preparation for conjugation with the Freebuds Lite headphone smartphone. Users are also enough to verify a sufficient level of battery charge and open a cover. Nothing additional is required to do. Since the described actions are enough to achieve the desired result.

Flypods Lite

Do not have to perform unexpected and complex actions and owners Flypods Lite. They will also have to charge the headset and open the case to see the control buttons. Preparing for the connection is completed, and users are able to proceed to establish communication.

The first conjugation of the device with a smartphone

Having completed the preparation, users will remain:

If you have questions or have complaints left. please let us know

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  • turn on the headphones by holding the power button for a few seconds;
  • wait for a characteristic light signal;
  • look into the list of devices available for connecting on the Huawei smartphone;
  • Find the desired equipment and establish a connection.

After that, you can proceed to listen to music.

Bluetooth connection.A device to the phone, which had previously been connected

With repeated conjugation of Huawei with headphones, repeating the procedure described above is not required. It is enough for users to enable wireless communication and headset, the rest will happen automatically, without their active participation, since the equipment retains old contacts and sets them again if such an opportunity appears.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices?

The process of connecting the headset to other devices on Android and to the iPhone does not differ from the described above. over, Huawei products allows you to install several connections at the same time, which allows you to listen to music from one phone and talk differently.

It is no more difficult to figure out how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to a laptop. The main thing is that the PC has the opportunity to install a similar connection or the user has the necessary equipment. If all of the above is present, it remains to repeat the process described above.

Connection of Honor or Huawei headphones to Windows

To connect wireless headphones you need a Bluetooth module.

If you have a stationary computer, then you need to purchase an external adapter, and on laptops it is built into a fee.

To find out exactly if there is a module on your device, you need:

If there is a wireless module or an external adapter is installed, then you can start connecting Honor Earbuds or Huawei Freebuds:

  • On the laptop keyboard, activate the Bluetooth adapter using the F1-F12 functional keys (the Bluetooth logo icon should be applied on the button itself). If the laptop of the manufacturer HP, Asus Samsung, then activation is carried out by a combination of the keys FN and F1-F.On a stationary PC, the module is turned on through the “Parameters” window: you need to press Wini, go to the “devices” and click on the Bluetooth switch to activate it.
  • We take Honor Earbuds or Huawei Freebuds headphones and pinch the button located on the side edge on the case for a few seconds, and we are waiting for the indicator until the indicator freezes.
  • In the system tray Windows (next to the clock) we find the blue.colored icon “Bluetooth device”. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Add devices”.
  • The “Parameters” window will open, where you need to click on the “” button to add headphones.
  • Choosing the very first item “Mouse, keyboard, feathers and audio”.
  • Wait a few seconds while the system finds the device, and as soon as Honor Earbuds or Huawei Freebuds appears on the list, we highlight the desired headset.
  • The conjugation of the devices will begin and as soon as the process is completed, the message “The device is ready for use”.

In the parameters you can track the number of battery charge, and also if necessary, remove headphones from the system.

Sound does not come from a computer or laptop to Honor/Huawei headphones

If after connecting the sound does not go to the headphones, but as before it can be heard through the speakers of a personal computer or laptop, then the conjugation was incorrect, the failure is eliminated as follows:

  • Open the “Parameters” window with a combination of Wini keys and enter the “Devices”.
  • Choosing the category “audio” and click by the name of the wireless headset.
  • Click on the “Disable” button.
  • We are waiting for 10-15 seconds and click “Connect”.

If the problem could not be solved, then the sound parameters probably lost. Then we’ll set it up manually, do not forget to connect the headphones to a computer or laptop:

  • In the parameters we enter the “devices” and in the column “related parameters” click “Sound Parameters”.
  • In the point of “output devices”, select Huawei or Honor headphones.

If the problem is still observed, then in the system tray Windows (next to the clock) click on the dynamics with the right mouse button and select the “Elimination of the Sound” parameter ”. The system will scan the devices and provide a report with a description of the error and the way to eliminate it.

First connection

Before connecting, it is necessary to charge the headphone battery up to 100%. 50% will be enough for the smartphone. This will reduce the likelihood of problems.

  • Put headphones and phone at a distance of 20-40 centimeters from each other.
  • Turn on headphones according to the instructions for operation. Bluetooth automatically turns on on many devices.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on a smartphone:
  • Open the notifications curtain and press the Bluetooth button.
  • Open “Settings” = “Connection of the device” = Bluetooth and move the slider to the right.
  • Wait until the search is over. If he did not give results or did not start automatically, then click the “search for devices”.
  • Select the device suitable by name and agree to conjugation. If the system requests a password, then enter 0000 or 1234.

The connection of wireless headphones is completed on this.

If the phone has previously connected to Bluetooth device

In this case, everything is simpler. it is enough to turn on Bluetooth on both devices and they will connect automatically.

Possible difficulties

When connecting, the following problems may occur:

  • The smartphone does not find headphones. Solution: charge the headphones, restart the phone and repeat the connection procedure.
  • Monosaurus or Iron Sound. Solution. restart both devices or retort them by previously torn conjugation.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings (step 2 from the previous method).
  • Click on “i” near a problem wireless device.
  • Click “Cancel the conjugation” or “break the conjugation”.

If noise is heard during work, then you need to remove all the obstacles between the headphones and the phone. Transfer to a in the other half of the body, for example.

Summing up, we can say that connecting wireless headphones to smartphones and tablets Huawei/Honor is a very simple and fast operation. All that is needed for successful conjugation is the charged headset battery and the Bluetooth on the phone.

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