How to change the payment method in iPhone. In Safari

How to pay icloud in a new way? instructions of the Apple service center, frequent problems and their solutions

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After the publication of articles on how to pay ICLUD and how to pay for Apple Music, we began to receive reports that some users still have a problem with the payment of iCloud. There really is a problem, but it is extremely rare, and publications writing for hype or people who are based on personal experience do not report it, since they did not encounter and do not know about it. Therefore, if you do not pay for iCloud, then we will try to help you with this by telling how we solve these problems in the I-FIX service center.

Problems with payment iCloud

Currently, payment for iSloud does not take place even when all options are indicated in the payment methods:

The essence of the problem is that the previously bought ICloud, Apple Music subscriptions, and any programs consider the main way to pay the one that was selected at the time of the primary purchase and payment. Most of us have a bank card. Later, many bought an iTunes gift card and replenished her Apple ID account. And despite the fact that Apple’s explanations say that “Apple makes attempts to write off funds starting from the first payment method and further according to the list”, and the first is always the Apple ID account, attempts to write off the bank card still continue.

From Apple HT201266

We will show on a real example how to act in such a situation.

The client filed a complaint that it is impossible to pay iSloud. Since most users are faced with this problem with only the phone in their hands, we will understand how to pay iCloud on iPhone.

Open the “settings” and click on our Apple ID, which will be the top point in the menu. We see that on the contrary “payment and delivery” is indicated by Apple Pay. This suggests that the main method of payment is a bank card, and this must be fixed. To do this, click on “payment and delivery”

Enter the password from the Apple ID account and click “OK”

And here, in the methods of payment, we see not only a bank card, but also paid for Apple ID, which should have been solving the problem, since the client did not extend at first, and then ICLUD subscription was not bought, while on Apple’s balance sheet ID was 198. This confirms the information that subscriptions seek to write off funds from the primary payment method while it is. Therefore, we delete it by clicking on the line MasterCard Standart (you may have Visa or something else)

In the window that opens, we see a notification. your payment method has been rejected. Indicate another payment method. And click at the very bottom button “Delete the card”

Clicking “delete”, we confirm our intention

After a few seconds there will be the only way to pay. Apple ID

But when we go back to the main Apple ID menu, we will still see Apple Pay opposite “Payment and Delivery”, that is, the main way to pay not to be updated immediately. And this is clearly visible by a temporary mark in the upper left corner. Click on icloud 5GB

We see the message that the ICLOD storage is filled, and the details below indicate that it is more than twice overflowing, which indicates that earlier the subscription was on ICLUD, but because of the non-payment it turned out (you may have otherwise). Click “enlarge”

change, payment, method, iphone

Choose the desired tariff and click “Update to icloud”

The window is loaded with the payment methods, including the Apple ID, we click on it, but it will not get out, since the information about the removal of the card has not yet been updated and the Apple Pay is still hanging on the “payment and delivery”

We wait 15-20 minutes so that the information in the account is updated and repeat the attempt. Now everything has passed successfully

It can be concluded that ICloud was not initially paid due to a bank card left in the list of payment methods that prevented the payment from the Apple ID account. This suggests that the priority of payment methods does not always work correctly. This conclusion is based exclusively on the basis of customer complaints. I repeat that we rely not on personal experience, but on the statistics of daily appeals of real customers to the I-FIX service center, which has been serving Apple products for many years.

An additional payment method can be considered icloud payment from the phone number if you are a MTS or Beeline subscriber, and there are no additional restrictions on the number.

How to update the iPhone payment system for App Store

Before you start changing the payment system, you need to go to your App Store, and then follow this algorithm:

    Open the folder “Today” in the application. In it we find an avatar of our profile, which is located in the upper right corner. Through it, we go to the account by click;

Thus, you can update your payment system.

note! If the user does not have cards in the App Store, then he must tie them. This is done in the same section.

How to change the card in the App Store in “Family Access” mode

Family access is such a function when payment and all purchases of users are paid only from the account of the main member of the family, the manager by all means. This is available only in cases where the user does not have his own funds in the account in the store.

If the user has them, then the fee is made from the account of the store itself. If there is no money, then the part and the missing amount will also be withdrawn from the account of the organizer and the head of the family. This is the policy of family access, which at the very beginning is established by the family itself.

If the main family member has a need to change the payment method, then he can do this through the settings in iTunes. For this you need:

  • We go to iTunes on a computer. It can also be done on a mobile phone through the official website. The main thing is to know the Aidi from the account.

Thus, you can simply and easily change the card even in family access mode, which, as a rule, often gives an error in such cases.

Changing the payment method for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Change or addition

Updating the payment method click the payment method that you want to change and change the information. It may be necessary to enter the security code indicated on the credit or debit card.

If, after the last four digits of the card number, the Apple Pay icon is displayed, go to the Wallet program to edit data data.

Adding a payment method click “Add a payment method”.

iPhone Settings Apple ID Payment and Shipping

Removing or changing order

Click “Change“, then use the move icon

, To change the procedure for payment methods. Apple makes attempts to write off funds starting from the first payment method and further on the list. The order according to which the funds are written off from the balance in the Apple ID account cannot be changed.

In IOS 12 OS.2 or later version, you can also manage the payment methods in the “Settings” menu [your name] “Payment and delivery”. When changing payment methods in the “Payment and Delivery” section on the device with iOS or earlier version all saved methods of payment will be deleted.

Where in the iPhone to change the payment method

New users do not know where on the phone you can change the payment option. Although this is nothing complicated, it is useful for the first time to find out exactly where there is access to the right settings.

Important! If a person passes the procedure from the phone, then he will have to go to the ITUNES Store and App Store section. It is in the phone settings, it is impossible not to notice him.

Some people use the computer from Apple, and they need to look for payment methods in another place. You need to go to the iTunes program, and already log in to it. There you can see your account, and after pressing the “View” button, you can make changes. Including there you can update the calculation option. If the old is no longer satisfied.

How to add a new payment method for Apple ID

When creating an account, a person needs to add a new payment method for Apple id for himself. This procedure is standard, and it has to go through all new users. For those people who have iPhone, the easiest way will be binding the card. However, she must definitely support the Internet, so that she can be used.

  • First you need to make sure that there is an affordable payment method. As already mentioned, it is best to use a bank card, for this the best option.
  • A person will need to indicate the details of the plastic from which you want to pay when creating an account. In particular, the security code, as well as the date of the validity period. Naturally, the card number also needs to be entered.
  • It remains only to save changes, after which it will be possible to immediately make a purchase.

If you can’t add a new payment method on your own, then you should contact Support. They will tell you why it is not possible to tie a card, because, as always, there is a good reason. If possible, it will be possible to eliminate it so that you can buy applications and other products in the App Store.

Payment in App Store

The issue of buying applications, games, as well as designing subscriptions to them and various services in the iOS environment is very relevant, and therefore first consider how to change the payment method used for these purposes.

App Store

One of the two possible solutions to our current problem in relation to the Apple Apple Appendix Corporate Store is performed through the profile settings available in it.

  • Open the App Store and, being in the “Today” tab, slip in the image of your profile, and then again on it, but already in the “Accounting” section that opened. Confirm the transition by Touch ID or Face ID.

Next, touch the point “Management of payment methods”. If the additional one, which is required to replace the main one, is not yet tied to the Apple ID, open the “Add Payment” section and move on to the next step.

If more than one card (account) is already tied to the account and it is required to simply change one to another (basic to additional), slip along the “change” inscription in the upper right corner, then, using the horizontal stripes located on the right, change the cards order ( accounts) and click “Ready”.

Once on the page of adding a new method, select one of three available options:

In the example, the second will be considered further, since the first is exclusively in pressing the Apple ID already attached to the Apple, but not added to the App Store, and the third. in the indication of the mobile number and confirmation by entering the code from SMS. Enter these maps. its number, validity, secret code, check the correctness of the name you specified earlier (when registering a account) of the name and name or, if necessary, indicate them. Fill in the mandatory fields of the “Address for Setting Account” block, then click “Ready”.

Important! A bank card, which will continue to be used as the main payment method in the App Store, should be issued in the same country to which the account was registered. The address, in particular, the postal index, must also match it.

Wait for the completion of the operation and read its result. Additionally, a new payment method can be added to the Wallet application, which will allow you to use it with Apple Pay. But we will talk about this in detail in the next part of the article.

How to Change Country in App Store without Credit Card? (2022)

Tip: if in the future it is necessary to change the priority of payment methods in the application store, that is, make the main second card or account (subject to such binding), simply change the procedure for their location by performing the actions described in the second paragraph of this paragraph of this Instruction.

This was the main, but not the only method of changing the payment method in the App Store.


There is a possibility of changing the payment method in the company’s company’s company without the need to launch it. Actions similar to the above can be done in the iOS settings.

change, payment, method, iphone
  • Open the IPhone “settings” and go to the first of the available sections. Apple ID Management.
  • Next, open the subsection “Payment and delivery”. If necessary, confirm the transition to it using Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Further actions are no different from those in the previous method:
  • If more than one card or account is already tied to the account and it is required to simply change their order (priority), do this as shown in the image below.

If the task is to add a new payment method, repeat step.5 steps from the previous part of the article.

Adding a new and/or changing the existing payment method in the App Store. the procedure is quite simple. The only, but still extremely important nuance, is that a bank card and/or the mobile number used as an account must comply with the country to which Apple ID is registered.

Updating applications through a mobile network

IOS updating without using Wi-Fi is also produced by several methods. The user can choose the most convenient for himself.

change, payment, method, iphone

How to update the game on the iPhone without Wi-Fi

Updating a large game and programs is possible on 11 versions of the operating system. The following steps take place to perform the procedure:

  • Start downloading the desired utility through the App Store store. Waiting for the appearance on the display of the restriction and an empty pump indicator.
  • Press the power and reload the gadget. The slider is pulled in the direction of turning off the device.
  • After the end of the procedure, they go to the main screen and press the label of the program if the update did not occur automatically.

Important! They expect the completion of the download, you can not press the icon re If the user does this, then you will have to reload a smartphone that refuses to update

Updating applications via mobile Internet

  • The program is pumped before the error appears on the display.
  • The user must go to the date settings: from the main menu to the “Basic” section, then move to the “Time and Date” block. Replacement is made for any numbers from the future days. If today’s date is January 1, then on the gadget is set on January 2 or any number until the end of the year.
  • After returning to the main screen, you need to open the utilities that were denied the launch. With proper observance of these recommendations, problems with downloading large files will no longer arise.

Important! While the problem programs are pumped to change the time to the relevant one cannot. Otherwise, an error message will be released again on the screen

In this case, the whole process will have to be carried out again, and mobile traffic will be wasted in vain.

How to get around the restriction on megabytes for applications (100 or 150 MB)

To solve the problem with the system failure to download programs weighing more than 100 MB, you can use one of the above methods. How can I update the iPhone without Wi-Fi:

  • Changing the current date and time. After its implementation, you can return all the parameters back;
  • The inclusion of aircraft mode. Quantity will begin no earlier than 1 min. after the end of manipulations. All this period, no clicks on the buttons are allowed;
  • Through the reloading of the device. During downloading, you can not press the utility on the label, so as not to provoke a failure of the process.

Important! Any of the options easily solves the problem of restrictions established. Accurate compliance with the algorithm will make it possible not only to update games or programs, but also to conduct changes in the operating system of the version of versions 5, 6, 7 S or SE

How to change a bank card in the App Store on iPhone?

Here it is necessary to perform the same steps as earlier when adding a payment card.

  • Enter the “Settings” application in the iPhone.
  • Go to the ITUNES Store and App Store section.
  • Then slip to enter the Apple ID point in the menu that appears, select “View Apple ID”.
  • Next, go to the “Payment Information” section.
  • In the section “Payment methods”, enter the data of the new payment card (you can take a photo), and click “Ready”.

After changing the payment card for iTunes Store and App Store, you will receive a letter by e.mail notifying you that payment information has changed in your Apple ID.

How to change the main card in Apple Pay for any other

On iPhones, iPads in the settings menu of the gadget or in the Watch application for Apple Watch, a separate section “default payment parameters” is provided. All the main details are indicated here-type of card, phone, e-mail and delivery address. The MacOS operating system in the “Wallet and Apple Pay” section provides an option with a list of “plastic” selection list. It is enough to install a line with the necessary details in this list. Management of bonus or discount cards, in t.h. Removing, updating contact information, additional options are in the same sections of programs. We describe the process of choosing a card for payment in stores, on a site or mobile applications for different Apple gadgets, data updating procedure and removing payment data.

How to untie the bank card in the App Store forever

You need to do the same thing that is listed above. Only in the menu of the settings of the payment method to choose “no”.

How to delete data

If you select the “no” parameter, then all data on the payment card tied earlier are deleted.

How to tie a card

It is dangerous to post information about your card on the Internet. After all, scammers who will use it for their bad goals may meet. For convenience and security, Apple has created payment cards called “iTunes card”.

    The sequence of actions during the binding of such a card will be this: after you created the account from the payment method “No”, you need to go to the iTunes program.

Your account will be displayed here. Click “Enter the code”.

The balance that you will see in the iTunes program can be spent not only in it, but also in all other applications, including the AppStore, and it will also be automatically spent when buying something inside the applications themselves, programs and games, which, of course, very comfortably.

How to change the payment information Apple ID: on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

You can easily change the details of your Apple ID account on iOS device. Open the application:

  • “Settings” and select “Itunes App Store”.
  • Click on your Apple ID (which will be indicated above),
  • Then look at Apple ID. At this moment, it is likely that you will be asked to confirm your personality by entering a password or Touch ID.
  • Next, select “Payment Information” and view the information stored here.
  • Select and edit any information that is outdated or should be changed. When you finish, click ready.

Changes in the bound card can lead to a temporary delay in payments since iTunes Store, App Store, etc. D. Temporarily suspend the authorization of your bank card to verify your updated information account “.

How to delete card details in your Apple ID account

If you want to completely delete information about the bank card from the Apple ID identifier, and not just switch to another card, select “No” in the “Payment Type” field. You can continue to use Apple ID without payment details attached to it.

On Mac and PC, Apple ID account information and settings are processed through iTunes.

Open iTunes and enter your account,

Then select “Account” (in the menu at the top) and “View my account”.

You will be invited to enter a password; Enter this and click Return.

Now you will see information about your account. Find an entry called “Type of payment” or “Payment Information”; To the right of this will be the “Change” button. Click on this, then delete the information by selecting no. instructions for iOS (iPhone and iPad): iOS 8, iOS 7 or earlier versions

  • On the iPhone, click on the setting and run it.
  • Inside the setting, click on iTunes App Store
  • Next, click “Apple id” “Show Apple id”. (“You cannot find the first Apple ID settings”)
  • Then click on payment information. Now you can edit / change payment details.
  • After successful editing, click is ready.


The most practical way should be considered the payment of Aylaud through a mobile phone, but due to the fact that only some of the Beeline and MTS numbers are suitable for this purpose, and some customers need contacting their offices to activate this opportunity, it may be immediately worth it. turn your attention to the easiest and fastest way. ICLOUD Payment ITUNES with gift cards.

Payment iCloud from phone number

And so if Apple reminds you that it cannot write off money for the iCloud subscription from your card, then you need to go into the “Settings”

Select “Apple ID offers”, and if this is not, then click on your Apple ID at the upper part, and go to “Payment and Delivery”

Click “Continue” in the sentence “Update payment information”

Enter a password from your Apple ID and press OK

After that you will see previously used payment methods. usually these are bank cards that are now not suitable for writing off funds, and next to them will be the inscription “Confirmation failure”

Click on these cards and see a notification in the window that opens. Your payment method has been rejected. Choose “Delete the payment method

We confirm our intention on a pop.up notice by clicking “Delete”

Then click “Add the payment method”

And select the “Mobile Phone”, and below “Use this mobile phone number” or “Use another mobile phone number” if you need to write off funds from SIM card not installed at the moment in your iPhone

All now payment for subscriptions, applications and iCloud itself will be written off the phone numbers, more precisely from the balance of Simcard!

This method could be perfect, but not all mobile operators support it. It is available only to MTS and Beeline customers, but not everyone. It is not available on rooms with corporate and post.paid tariffs, on numbers with protection against subscriptions and paid content, as well as if when decorating a SIM card was not affixed to “provide personal data to third parties”.

Therefore, as well as due to the spreading rumors that the mobile phone in the quality of payment will soon be disconnected as a bank card, as evidenced by the disconnection of the megaphone, we talk about another working method.

How to add a card to Apple Pay

Many users have only one card in Apple Pay. In this case, you will need to add a second card on your iPhone.

The Wallet application menu has a section of previously added maps. If you used the card to pay in the App Store or for some reason deleted the card and want to add it again, go to this section.

  • Open the Wallet application on the iPhone.
  • Next, click the add button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose a debit or credit card, press the button further.
  • Then enter the camera on the card or click entered the data manually in the lower part of the screen.
  • Check all the data and click on.
  • Enter the additional data of the maps, click on.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

This is how you can add a new map to Wallet.

How to add a card to Apple Watch

You can also add a card to Apple Watch. For this you need:

  • Go to the Watch app to iPhone.
  • Next, scroll and go to the Wallet and Apple Pay section.
  • After that, press the button Add in front of the card you are interested in.
  • Enter CVV code on the back of the bank card.
  • Agree with the terms of the agreement, follow the instructions on the screen.

This is how you can add a card to Apple Watch.

At the bottom of this section, you can also find payment parameters where there is a toggle switch Payment on Mac. By including it, you can configure payment on your computer in various online stores.

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