How to broadcast from a computer to LG TV

Wi-Fi video transmission to TV: My experience

Hey! Just recently, such a problem arose-it was necessary to duplicate the computer screen on the TV via Wi-Fi. Any wires were excluded. Although this would be the best solution, but the technical opportunity did not allow. And as it turned out. Making such a broadcast was not so easy. I had to delve into the problem, which I would like to tell the dear reader in this article. Begin!

In fact, you know better. Personally, I see several possible tasks in this:

  • For watching films, this is the main purpose. Your computer is located far, there are no wires, you launch a movie on it and display on the TV screen. As for me it is better to immediately throw a movie on a USB flash drive and stick in a TV set, but there are all sorts of occasions. Immediately see the DLNA section.
  • Joint viewing photos. Great.
  • Play games. Some do this. But here it is better to use the wire, the response will be many times better, and the game will become comfortable. For wireless communication, delays and friezes are possible.
  • The second monitor and demonstration of the screen-just for viewing sites or some work with design, or maybe for everyday activities (I now have just one of the TVs to PC)-in general for working purposes. Here and delays are not significant, so you can use.

The section is more for commentary to the fact that connecting a TV via Wi-Fi is not always a good venture. Sometimes it’s easier to consider using the wire or find an alternative (like watching films through a flash drive).

Everything is successfully verified on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Is it possible to connect from a laptop to Smart TV without wires via Wi-Fi?

Smell two devices. A laptop and Smart TV, of course, you can, and this is how to do this:

  • To connect to the TV in the SMART TV function, a laptop and equipping TV Wi-Fi as an adapter or Ethernet is necessary. The laptop does not have to be near, it can be located in the room next door. The Wi-Fi router will act as an intermediary during synchronization.
  • At the next stage, it is necessary to connect the TV and laptop to the router, and then control the synchronization using the remote control. For each TV manufacturers there is a separate software to synchronize TV and laptop.


When using Wi-Fi in connecting TV Samsung to a laptop, it is very convenient to use a special Samsung Apps store, which allows you to download numerous applications and games.

Automatic tV setup occurs when the TV first turned on. When repeated inclusion, you need to follow a certain algorithm. Here’s how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer or laptop without wires via Wi-Fi:


  • Go to the parameters “Network Settings”. Such a transition is carried out by means of the Settings key on the remote control control.
  • After the appearance of the “black” screen, it is necessary to activate the “Start” option.
  • Indicate the wireless connection and press the “Next” button.
  • Search for networks usually takes no more than 15 seconds.
  • Select the required network, enter a password.

After connecting, the user needs to go to the menu and find the “Smart Hub” function, which will give access to various media content.

LG Smart TV connection algorithm to a computer or laptop via Wi-Fi as a monitor:

Now you can freely use the Internet on a large format screen.

When connecting TV Sony, you need to 6 alert on the remote control button “Home”. Then follow the instructions:

  • Select “installations”. “network”.
  • Click on the network.
  • Select a network connection setting.
  • In the ways, select the “Simple” button.
  • Find Wi-Fi, enter passwords connect to the network.

You can also use a special WSP function on TV Sony, which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password. It should work simultaneously on two devices: TV and router. Immediately after connecting to the Internet, the program will offer updates, which are recommended to download.

Media transmission from a laptop to a Wi-Fi TV (DLNA)

In this case, the film, which is viewed on the laptop, will be shown on TV at the same time. To ensure the output of the image, a wireless network is required. For the show, you need a wireless adapter. In this case, the laptop should be connected to Wi-Fi. With the simultaneous connection of these two devices, the image will be transmitted.

Some devices use Wi-Fi Direct technology. In such a situation, you can do without a router. The wireless network will provide TV.

Connection to Wi-Fi is made from the corresponding menu when setting up.

At the first stage, you need to install the necessary parameters on the TV.

If there is a router to which devices are connected, then you need to do the following:

If there is a Wi-Fi Direct function, you need to perform the following actions:

Having received the necessary data, you can connect to this network.

The next step is the DLNA server setting.

For example, it will be considered how this can be done at Windows 7:

  • If there is a home router, there should already be a connection to it.
  • Further, the procedure comes down to the fact that folders with total access are organized on the computer where there will be a video for viewing.
  • Click the right mouse key named folder and move on to its properties.
  • Go to the “Access” tab and choose advanced settings.
  • Put a checkmark in the corresponding field to allow overall access to the folder.

For configuration, it is enough to indicate that the wireless network is a private. In this case, the folders “Documents”, “Video”, “Music” and “Images” by default become common. You can add arbitrary folders to them, go to their properties, go to the “Access” tab and install the overall access in it for the opportunity to send files.

Now in the control panel you need to go to the network section and go to the parameters of the home network. You need to create a home group and open access to the right folders.

After the DLNA has been turned on, you need to go on the Nome button and go on the screen to the viewing section of the available files.

The video with the video should be in the public folder. They enter it on PC, click on the right key and choose the item “play on TV”. Here, instead of the last layer, the name of the TV is indicated. After starting, the video stream is transferred to the screen.

With this method of connecting to duplicate the viewing of video files, you can use the Media Player program. To configure it, you need to do the following:

  • After starting the program on the laptop, you must click the line “Stream” in the upper horizontal menu.
  • In the menu that appears, you must click the line “Allow access via the Internet”.
  • While the broadcast occurs, the program should work. It is possible to turn it off after the end of the video stream.

Throughout the connection time, the video player will broadcast on the screen of the Sony, LG or Samsung TV.

Important! For such a broadcast, programs can be used in which the DLNA server function is provided. The most popular of them are the following: Kodi, TVX, PLEX, HMS (home media center), Samsung Allshare, Mezzmo, Servio.

In the VLC video player you can conduct a video broadcast by selecting the “Broadcasting” item in the Media menu. Then you need to go to the “File” tab and specify the video file that needs to be broadcast. However, in order to watch it on the TV, you need to run a browser on it and indicate the IP address of the computer in the home network. This can be done when using Chrome Cast.

How to connect a laptop to a LG TV via Wi-Fi Direct?

In the menu, find the content of viewing content from third.Party devices. For LG brand devices, it is located in the SmartShare section, on Sony. Home. To transfer a Wi-Fi movie from a computer to a TV, click on the desired file on a laptop, go to the submenu to “play”.

Manual settings for all models (Philips, Samsung, Xiaomi)

First go to any disk and create a folder. For example “Video”, all films, amateur home video will be stored in it. But in fact, it makes no difference, you can throw any media information there there. You can also download films from the Internet there.

  • Near the button, add a small arrow click on it and select “Everything” (that is, all network users). And click “Add”. New rule will be added to the bottom. Click “General Access”.
  • Now you will see the badge that the folder is now network. In order to check if the folder has added, you need to go to the “network” in the same window on the same window. Then go to the computer, and you will see our “Video” folder.
  • If you have Windows 10, you will still have to click on the arrow next to the entire network section. On Windows 7 and 8 you will immediately get where you need.
  • Sweet a little below and turn off the password protection.
  • Everything. Now we go to our TV and turn it on. Need to go to settings. Each TV company, in its own way, calls the connection to the DLNA server (in our case, this is our computer and the Video folder):
  • LG. Smart Share.
  • Sony. Sony Bravia.
  • Samsung. Allshare.
  • But sometimes this section can be called directly as DLNA. As soon as you go there, you will see the name of your computer. We go there and see our folder from the video.

Convincing request. To familiarize yourself with the formats that your TV support. You can find out about them in the documentation. You need to understand that Smart TV supports all video formats, pictures and music. So, if you do not see any files or they will be crossed out, then this suggests that the telly cannot read them.

How to transfer video content to TV using a wireless connection

I don’t like a large number of wires in the house? Then the optimal solution will be a wireless connection. You can:

Playing a video on a TV via Wi-Fi

You can transfer data when connecting PC to Wi-Fi and the presence of a DLNA server. If your TV equipment supports a demonstration of streaming multimedia DLNA, you can send films, photos and other files without the need for additional equipment.

To broadcast the video on the local network on the TV, follow the following actions:

One. Launch Wi-Fi Direct mode on TV through menu. On the computer, open the “control panel” or “parameters”. Indicate the category “Internet”. Select the action “Show available networks” and in a pop.Up window set the desired option.

Enter the WPA key displayed on the big screen and confirm the action. This key is very sensitive to the register, so before connecting, make sure that enter it correctly.

If you want to show the video with PC, then before making a broadcast from a computer to a TV, you can prepare a video clip. You may need to remove extra fragments or advertising, change the proportions of the material or increase the brightness of the picture. To do this, use the special video editor video editing. It will improve the quality of the clip and remove unnecessary moments from any part of the video.

To show streaming broadcasting, you will need to download programs for transmitting videos to the TV that allow you to send content using DLNA. There are simple solutions to demonstrate streaming multimedia, for example, Kodi. This is an open source player, which offers the basic capabilities of the media server and works on all operating systems. Kodi is also compatible with almost all streaming services. As an alternative, also take a look at the excellent software of PLEX or EMBY.

Image transmission from a computer to a LAN TV on Windows 10

To convey media data on TV with LAN support, click on the LAN button on a television remote control. Switch to source with the name “Screen Mirroring” or a similar name. Then configure PC: open the equipment parameters and go to the category of “devices”. “devices and printers”.

Put the cursor to the “Add device” option to connect the new to your PC.

The installation of the connection will take some time. Do not turn off the power cord while the equipment is connected. This can lead to freezing of the equipment or its further malfunction and failure in work.

Using Chromecast

Chromecast is a special device that helps connect the equipment and transfer media data. It is compatible with several OS, including Windows, iPhone, Mac, Android and Chromebook.

Chromecast allows you to broadcast video content or music and run content from sites. It can be purchased in many stores, including online: for example, you can order equipment on Ozon or Yandex.Market. To broadcast PC to the TV, it will be necessary to perform several actions:

One. Configure Chromecast and connect it to the outlet and technique. Make sure you downloaded the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. If you already have it, click on the icon of the ellipsis on the top panel.

In the new window, set to “broadcast in. “And select” Translate the tab “or” Translate the desktop “. As soon as you finish this, click on the icon located in the upper right corner to show the laptop screen on TV.

The method has several disadvantages. For example, the device does not work on its own: you must connect it to the power source. He also does not support the demonstration of media files with a resolution of 4K.

General description of SmartShare technology

The SW DLNA program is a technology that provides the ability to exchange media content connected to one network connected to one network and supporting DLNA technology. Currently, this technology is supported on almost all devices.

Smartshare is a proprietary application LG. It is even called a shell in working with SW DLNA.

The technology provides an opportunity for easy access to musical materials, video, photo from one apparatus. Using this application, you can send your favorite media files from computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones directly to the TV. In this case, no wires will be required. Previously, for such a data transfer, I had to connect to the TV using a cable, but now it is enough to download and install a licensed program.

How to use?

Instructions for connecting a smartphone to TV LG are in format

Now to business. How to connect Screen LG TV:

  • Make sure the HBBTV function is disabled on TV.
  • On the PDU, find a button with the badge of the house, signed “Home”, press it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the Screen Share application (depicted a monitor with a phone).

Now about how to broadcast a picture on TV. Let’s start with mobile devices for Android OS. First we need to check if there is a built.In support for Miracast on the device:

If the desired function is found, we activate it. A list of where you need to select your TV and click “Connect” should be displayed.

Do not forget to activate Wi-Fi on a mobile device!

If such an option is not provided in your smartphone, it will require the installation of additional. Go to the Play Market store, write a miracast or Screen Share in the search, download any application (see the rating and reviews so as not to install the non.Working). Launch the application and perform the actions that it will require.

The manufacturer claims that the LG TV can be connected to the smartphone of the same company. Joint work with devices of other manufacturers is not guaranteed.


Duplicate the image and sound to the LG TV using the Screen Share function from a laptop or PC. For this, the device must be equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

On a computer under Windows 10, the possibility of transmitting multimedia “by air” is called “wireless display”. How to use:

  • On PC we type the key combination p p.
  • In the right half of the monitor, the “project” menu will appear, below select “Connection to a wireless display”.

How To Cast Computer to TV. How To Cast Your PC To Your TV. Screen Mirror PC Windows 10 to TV

  • The search will start, as a result of which your TV will be found on the list, click on it.
  • An inscription will appear on the TV screen to confirm the connection, you need to click “Yes”.

Now everything that you do on the computer will be displayed on the TV screen.

broadcast, computer

To convey the image on TV from a PC or laptop under Windows 7, an installation of third.Party “Intel Widi” is required. Currently, the official developer does not support the program, so I recommend updating your OS to “dozens”.

You can finish this. I think there should not be any problems with the connection. In extreme cases, try to restart both devices. If this does not help, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев with a full description of the situation. We’ll figure out!