Connect the printer to the Android phone via USB

How to print from a phone on a printer: connecting via Wi-Fi, USB and router

Modern phones work on full operating systems. The most popular operating system is Android (Android), the second place is IOS (Apple technology. Iphone, iPad). Thanks to operating systems, phones can work with various file formats, from images to certain documents, such as.PDF. After installing additional programs, you can view, edit documents for working in the office.DOCX.Excel and others.

In fact, the phone is now the same computer or laptop. Therefore, problems with the seal should not arise, even if you need to print information on paper from a document, the format of which is unknown to you. You just need to find an application in the “Play Market, App Store), which will open the document and print it from the selected printer. You may be interested in how to choose a printer.

  • Any images (photographs, uploaded decoys, images loaded from the Internet);
  • Text documents (.PDF, Word, Excel, notes and electronic books of other formats, etc

Methods for connecting All-in-One Printer to tablet

By Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a useful way to print photos or documents using Android. The tablets are almost always equipped with a Wi-Fi module, but the situation is more complicated with printers: only modern models have Wi-Fi, so be sure to read the instructions for the printer to find out if it supports the transfer of data on the air.

Then perform the same steps through Printershare, indicating as source only Wi-Fi printer. Please note that the wireless module should be included on both gadgets. In some cases, it is necessary to additionally perform synchronization.

In addition, the printer should be on the local network and have its own IP address. Then from a mobile phone you need to get into the printer’s web-intake through a browser, which looks like a router menu. Then it remains only to select a file for printing, following the tips of the system.

Remote printing through the tablet can also help you in working with some online services that will be described below.


The same applies to Bluetooth, if such a function is available. Use it.

How to connect a tablet to a printer via USB? To do this, we need a special OTG cable-in other words, an adapter with USB to MicroUSB. The gadget should have a Host port, which means that it can be connected not only to the computer, but also to other devices. All you need to do is connect the cables and insert the cable into the gadget, configure the software, and everything is ready.

For the normal operation of the gadget, it must be a USB cable so that it can be connected to a computer.

Important: not all devices can be connected in this way, for some models it may simply not be a driver.

Through a USB cable

The easiest and most reliable way is to use USB; Almost every modern printer is equipped with this port, so you can use the device. However, there are several important nuances, the first-to connect two devices you will need a special OTG cable with USB on MicroUSB. Classic adapters included in the kit do not always work.

Secondly, your phone should maintain this specific OTG mode (or onthego). This is a special extension for the USB port that allows you to use it to the maximum. Tablets with OTG support not only printers, but also computer mice, keyboards, gamepads, joysticks and webcams.

If you need to organize a system with several components, you will have to purchase a USB-HUB. This device allows you to connect several peripheral devices such as a keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive. Make sure that one of the ports is connected, since tablets may not cope with such a load that it will lead to an accelerated category of battery.

Do not know how to determine whether your tablet supports this mode? First, carefully read the technical guide. Many manufacturers mention OTG support in the documentation if you cannot find the necessary information, look at specialized forms for your tablet. Experienced users already know the answers to these questions.

Printer printing through Android also requires a driver, it’s problematic to look for software specifically for your device, so we recommend installing the Printershare application. This is a multifunctional software that will allow you to connect printers in various ways and already includes a package of drivers for most devices. We will talk more about the program later, but for now, the print procedure from the tablet comes down to steps:

  • Make sure your gadget supports OTG;
  • Connect the printer and tablet with a cable;
  • Install and launch the Printershare application;
  • Make sure the printer is detected, send the file to print.

The program supports almost all formats of text files, similarly you can choose a seal in a third.Party editor, and to the question of how to print, choose Printershare.

Print by Google Cloud

Another innovative printing method is based on Google Cloud. A special service that allows you to print documents on a remote printer. To use it, you must first configure the so.Called “virtual printer” through the Google Chrome browser. This method is based on the functioning of the account of this system, the simultaneous use of the account on different devices allows you to approximately combine them all into one software group. Thus, wherever the user is, he can always send documents for printing on his device connected to a computer.

Android models use a special application from Google. It has almost the same functionality as its analogues, with the only difference being that this software is aimed at solving one specific problem. Using Google Cloud.

It is worth noting that the last method does not require special adapters for the IFD itself or drivers. It is enough to have an idea of ​​how to connect the machine in a standard way to a personal computer. From this point of view, the virtual printer is the most convenient and practical solution.

So, to the question of whether it is possible to connect the printer to the tablet, there are several answers. Yes, of course, it is possible, but you need to consider all possible ways, and then analyze the situation. If the model is advanced, then all these methods are usually available to it. Further, the matter of personal preferences, but if some adapters are absent or you cannot find drivers, it is recommended to use the last method based on the principle of a virtual printer.

If your home or office uses a router, you can safely use it to set printing on a printer from a mobile phone or tablet. For configuration, you need to perform a few simple steps:

Printing by USB

The simplest way to connect the phone to the printer for printing documents is to use a USB cable that allows you to connect a smartphone directly to the printing device. It is noteworthy that an ordinary cable in this case does not fit. Need a USB OTG cable with special connectors. With old products, such Focus will not work (although they can also be forced to work in the necessary way using a complex connection system).

In addition to the appropriate entrance on the printer, wires and smartphone will require the presence of appropriate software (software). It will play the role of the press server, which will set the task of the final apparatus. This includes the following mobile applications:

We will consider the algorithm of work on the example of Printhand. After installing the program and connecting the phone to the printer, you will need:

It remains only to wait when the picture is ready.

Important! The mentioned programs can be used for any of the methods that are listed in the article. The disadvantage is only the incomplete compatibility of printing equipment and programs. For example, HP can only require a “native” HP EPRINT.

How to Print from Any Printer in Android Phone (No Wi-fi Printer)

Ways to connect a printer to Android phone

In order to print a document or image through a printer from a smartphone on Android, there are several ways.

connect, printer, android, phone


Almost all printers are equipped with a standard USB integer, which you can connect a mobile device. This is done in the same way as when connecting to a computer. You just need to take the cable, insert one end into the smartphone, and the other into the printer.

In this case, you need to use a cable from a printer of USB-USB format. Since there is no standard USB integration on phones, an OTG adapter is needed. It works as an adapter with which you can connect the gadget to the printer.

So you connected a mobile device to the phone. To send files for printing and interact with them, you need to download and install the appropriate software.

For example, HP has its own HP Smart application, which can be downloaded from Play Market.

If your technique is not from the Hewlett-Packard brand, I advise you to install the Printershare application. It is also free and downloaded from the official Google app store.

As soon as you launch the program, and the printer through USB-OTG will be connected to the smartphone, the application will be selected in the application. You need to click on the inscription “USB printer”.

The application is ready for use and files can already be sent to print. But keep in mind that specifically Printershare has many restrictions on the free version. You can find an alternative or pay for a paid version.

Connection via Wi-Fi

The easiest, fastest and most convenient method of connecting the phone to the printer is Wi-Fi wireless connection. The printer is required to support this connection option.

If the technique has a Wi-Fi module, then it will always be turned on. No need to look for how to activate Wi-Fi on a printer.

Instructions for connecting the apparatus to the technique via Wi-Fi:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the section “Wireless Networks” and select “Wi-Fi” in it. On many mobile devices there will immediately be a “wi-fi” item.
  • It is necessary to find the “Wi-Fi Direct” tab. It is located in different places depending on the brand and the phone model. For example, on Huawei Mate 10 Lite, the “Wi-Fi Direct” button is located in the lower panel.
  • The smartphone will begin to look for a technique that supports the connection via Wi-Fi Direct. Когда в списке появится название вашего принтера, нажмите на него, и произведите сопряжение.

Ready, now you can send documents for printing “by air” to the device.


The connection by bluetooth is possible only with modern premium printers. This is usually the Epson, Canon, HP and Samsung brand technique.

To make sure there is a Bluetooth module in the device, you can read the instructions or technical specifications on the official website. Also, a blue sticker with a bluetooth logo indicates the presence of this type of connection.

How to print files from a smartphone via Bluetooth:

  • Go to the settings and move the slider opposite the Bluetooth inscription to the active position. Also, a wireless connection can be activated in the upper curtain of the control panel, slipping to the corresponding logo.
  • Select the file you need to print. For example, an image.
  • Select the “Share” function by slipping on an identical inscription or on the icon.
  • In the list of file transfer options you need to select “Bluetooth”.
  • In the list of devices, it is necessary to slip to the name of the printer and confirm the sending if a request appears on the display.

Through Google Cloud Print

It is possible to send files for printing using cloud services. There are several of them, but the most stable option is Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print. A free application that can be downloaded from Play Market and AppStore.

A huge plus of cloud sending for printing is that there is no need to be next to the printer, as in the case of Wi-Fay and Blutuz, because they work on a limited area.

The connection in the case of Google Cloud Print occurs through the Google account. Therefore, the main requirement in this method is that the entire technique involved in the process is connected to the working Internet.

connect, printer, android, phone

Also, the computer to which the printer is attached should be authorized in the Hoogle Chrome Browser Browser.

The same account should be used on a smartphone that sends files to print. The use of one profile on different devices guarantees their instant synchronization.

How to print from android phone to hp printer via usb otg without wifi printer

  • Run the Google Chrome browser on a computer.
  • Log in to the Google account if this is not yet done.
  • To the right of the photo of the Google profile are 3 vertical points. You should click on them.
  • In the list of points select “Settings”.
  • In the lower panel of the page page, you need to click on the inscription “Additionally”.
  • In the “Print” panel, you must click on the inscription “Google virtual printer”.
  • A small window will unfold, in which it is worth selecting the “Device controls with virtual printing devices”.
  • In the “Devices” panel, click on the “Add Prinaters” button.
  • Connect the printer to the computer in any convenient way if this is not done. Google chrome will automatically find connected equipment, displaying it in the window. You just need to put a checkplace opposite the name of the printer.
  • Select the inscription “Add printer“. On the computer, the actions are completed.
  • It is necessary to download the Cloud Print or “virtual printer” from Google to the smartphone smartphone.
  • When the program is installed, you need to open any file that you need to print and click on “send” or “share”, selecting a “virtual printer” in the method of sending.
  • It remains only to slip to the name of the connected printer, after which the document will go to print.

Printer applications

HP and other famous manufacturers have such an application for printing

Popular manufacturers, for example, HP, made sure that their printer can be connected using a mobile application. This method simplifies printing at times: programs can be found in the application store, finding by the name of the manufacturer. They have approximately the same functions.

  • Download the application, give the necessary permits and access.
  • Register if necessary.
  • Select “Find the Printer”.
  • After connection, you can synchronize the necessary files from the cloud service or send them directly from the phone’s memory by clicking “Share”.

How to print

Many will remember those times when most of the printers were connected to the network with a wire. The cables went not only to the outlet, but also on the computer. The maximum that could be done was to configure the network printer, but for this it was necessary to jump with a tambourine around this device for this. At that time, printing from a smartphone or tablet was almost impossible for most users. There were methods, but they could hardly be called convenient.

Fortunately, many modern even inexpensive printers now support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows you to print, as from a computer, so from a phone and a tablet. You can set for printing anything: websites, PDF files, photos and much more. And this is done with just a few pressing buttons.

There are many printers, and almost all modern models can print from the phone

Obviously, for this you will first need a compatible printer. If you are still using an old printer that does not support the function of wireless printing, the next text will be useless for you. Gives examples of models is useless, since an example of countless. Over, if you only buy this device, most likely you simply cannot buy a model without such an opportunity.

Over, if you often print something, you can advise you to buy a new printer. There are very inexpensive models that will allow you to make the printing process significantly more convenient for little money.

We print the text from the Android device

There are several ways to print photos, SMS, documents, web pages and much more. Consider them in more detail.

Google virtual printer

To print something on a printer from a smartphone or a tablet Android with this method, we will need:

  • Android app “virtual printer”.
  • Installation of the Google virtual printer.
  • Google account.
  • Home printer connected to a laptop or computer.

Google virtual printer is installed as follows:

  • A window showing the printers connected to this computer will open. Mark the tick the one from which the seal will begin, after which you need to click on the “Add Printer” button.

Now from Google Play https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Google.Android.Apps.Cloudprint install the Virtual Printer application. The utility requires certain permits, click the “accept” button. At the end of the installation, lower the curtain, select the appropriate line, activate the service.

Notifications will be received by the system, click “OK”. Then he searches for available printers and at the end displays the list of printers. Now, on the printer page, click the “Try” button (means “try”), you can specify “Print Anything) or“ print anywhere ”(the function“ Print AnyWherre).

To print an image or text from a web page, you need to open a browser on the desired page, open the settings menu in the upper right corner of the display (icon with three vertical points). In the drop.Down list of actions, indicate “Print”.

Now you need to open the tab in the section “Save in Google”, indicate “All Printers”. Select the device from which we will print, then install the format, the number of copies, etc.D. Activate the “Print” button.

To print a document, photograph, image, find a folder with the desired object, select it and click in the page menu (icon with three parallel lines). The menu button, depending on the model, may be in a different position (for example, in the upper right corner of the display or in the lower left corner) or have the form of three vertical points. In the window that appears, select “Print”.

The window “Save in Google” will open again. There you can save the image in PDF format by clicking on the icon (the first fragment in the screenshot). For printing, click “All Printers” and in the section that opens, select your printer, then click the icon again, but with the image of the printer.

In this case, an active connection is required for printing.

To print documents or photos with this method, you will need a special application. Take for example the most popular Printershare.

The program is distributed on a paid and free basis. In the free version, the function is significantly limited and it should be considered as a test. Consider the work of the premium version, with which you can print contacts, photographs, call magazines, SMS messages, files from Google Docs, Gmail, SD cards in DOC, PDF, DOCX, XSLX, TXT, etc.D.

Install Printershare from Google Play from the page https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Dynamixsoftware.Printershare. Run the application. The main page will show options for choosing a memory for the desired image or file, and in the lower right corner there is a “choose” button. Click on it, after which a window will appear in which we indicate the type of connection (printer), which should be used.

USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-this is a compound that is carried out using the appropriate type of communication. The choice of Wi-Fi Printer will immediately launch an automatic search on the network of a wireless printer connected to the router. After completing the search, follow the instructions of the system and set the connection. Then select the print object.

Connecting a mobile phone to a printer by Wi-Fi

One of the most convenient technologies for connecting to the printer from a mobile phone is Wi-Fi wireless network. Its advantage is that you do not need to be in physical proximity to the printer for printing. And also do not need wires to connect with the device.

What is needed to connect Android phone to the printer by Wi-Fi:

  • The presence of the printer of the Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Connect a mobile device and a printer to one Wi-Fi network;
  • Install Android application for connecting to the printer.