How Honor differs from Samsung


Comparison of Honor 8 and Honor 9 showed that the company adheres to the “apple” principles, that is, if users like the design, then it is better not to touch anything and leave it as it is. Here we see a similar construction and similar elements. Apple has gotten fed up with such a “trick”, but the Huawei has it with a bang, because the appearance of the “Honor 8” or “Honor 9” models is one of the clearly positive aspects.

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Both gadgets have a glass back and a metal perimeter bezel. One of the highlights is that there are more than 15 layers under the glass, and they are made of different materials. This special design allows the received light to diffuse and create a semblance of a radiance effect, which looks very beautiful.

If we compare Huawei Honor 8 and 9 versions in terms of dimensions, then we will not see a significant difference either: the eighth model is 147 x 71 x 8 mm with a weight of 155 grams, and the ninth. 146 x 71 x 7.5 mm at 153 grams. So it is not possible to visually or tactilely determine the difference by holding both phones in your palms.

The only critical structural difference between the Honor 8 and Honor 9 smartphones is the presence of a fingerprint sensor under the screen in the latter, while the former has the same one on the rear panel. The scanner itself also received some changes: in the ninth model it is oblong, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, and in the eighth. round.

In addition, a comparison of Honor 8 and Honor 9 showed that the latest generation models received a wider variety of color schemes. Added shades of gray and black colors, which, by the way, look very decent and even solid.


Many users can choose between Honor 8 or Honor 9 through the performance section. The eighth model is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 950 processor with eight cores and 4 GB of RAM. The available characteristics are quite enough for performing everyday tasks and launching modern toys. In the latter, however, it is sometimes necessary to reset the graphic settings to an average level.

The ninth model received an improved set of chipsets. Kirin 960 and 6 GB of RAM. Therefore, there are no problems with launching any applications. In total, choosing between “Honor 8” or “Honor 9”, we see that the increase in productivity was about 18%.

The platform also has not undergone fundamental changes, with the only difference that the latest generation of “Honor” is supported by the proprietary add-on Emotion UI 5.1, which is responsible for the allocation of resources in the system, and everything else is painfully familiar.

Autonomous work

The latest model received a more capacious 3200 mAh battery versus 3000 mAh from Honor 8. In practical terms, this is subtle. For example, if the charge of the smartphone was enough in the latter case for 6-7 hours of intensive work, then the new gadget will receive an increase in battery life for a maximum of 30 minutes with the same load.

The Android platform has always been distinguished by its gluttony, so a clear difference in the operating time can be traced only if we compare 3000 mAh and 5000 mAh, but here we are talking about minutes.

The cost

After the release of the new generation “Honor”, the eighth model fell in price and costs about 20 thousand rubles. A brand new gadget of the ninth series will cost you 26 thousand rubles in the maximum configuration. The difference of five to six thousand rubles for a domestic consumer is very significant.

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Despite some updates in Honor 9, the previous generation is still relevant and well worth the attention. over, the eighth series has a large number of both branded (stock) and amateur add-ons that greatly expand the functionality and usability of the device.


Comparing which model is better. “Huawei Honor 8″ or “Honor 9”, you can see that the first gadget has a 5.2-inch screen, while the second, surprisingly, is only 5-inch. But, despite this difference, visually it is almost imperceptible.

As for the layout, there are also no differences here. 1920 by 1080 pixels. The only thing is that the number of dots per inch floated a little. 428 ppi for Honor 9 and 423 ppi for Honor 8. Visible differences are felt in the matrix: the latest generation has significantly higher maximum contrast and brightness levels, and automatic level adjustment works a little better.

“Honor 8” or “Honor 9”. what’s better?

The Honor 8, released last year from the Chinese company Huawei, received consumer acceptance and is still in enviable demand. The gadget combines both an attractive appearance and a decent “stuffing”, along with a more than democratic price tag for the existing characteristics.

For a couple of months now, a brand new model from the same manufacturer. “Honor 9” has firmly established itself in the top of sales in the market of mobile devices. At first glance, the device is not much different from its predecessor, but upon closer examination, the difference is still visible.

So, let’s try to figure out which is better. “Honor 8” or “Honor 9”, putting these two gadgets, as they say, face to face. Consider the main characteristics of the models, as well as the feasibility of buying the first or second option.

Honor and Huawei: are they the same or not, what is the difference between smartphones

Huawei and Honor are the same or not? A similar question interests many people who are thinking about changing their own smartphone and choosing a new phone model. After all, most users know that the brands mentioned are closely related and are produced by almost the same company. As a result, a logical question arises as to why such a separation occurred and whether the devices of the mentioned manufacturers should be considered as competing. To understand the current situation, you should find out what the official representatives of the companies say about this, and study the history of the formation of brands. Perhaps these actions will help to understand why the second company was created, when the success of the first was no longer in doubt.

How Honor differs from Huawei?

Pointing out what is the difference between Huawei and Honor, other than audience, is not easy, since both brands use similar technologies. That is, global differences that are immediately evident cannot be found. The difference is not to be found in brands, but in the line of smartphones. Devices produced at the same time can differ:

  • Hardware and performance;
  • technologies;
  • additional functions and solutions.

As a result, brands achieve their initial goals: they do not compete with each other, since the differences turn out to be significant, but they reach a wide audience of buyers, increasing the corporation’s profits. This is what Huawei’s management was counting on. starting to develop a sub-brand.

Honor history

Honor’s story begins at a time when Huawei’s management has chosen a priority audience to target production. But the company was not going to abandon the rest of the market segments for which Honor was created.

The history of the creation of Huawei

The stories of the creation and formation of the two brands cannot be considered separately, since they are closely related. But you should start with the main company, Huawei:

  • a well-known Chinese firm specialized in the production of equipment and software for wireless networks;
  • in 2010, the organization released the first smartphones, which became instantly successful;
  • a year later, sales growth reached 500% of the initial level, and the company broke into the flagship of the market;
  • after which the management of the company made a decision to select as the main audience people of high and middle income who are able to buy high-quality equipment;
  • it was in this direction that the organization began to develop, releasing premium-level equipment, occasionally diluting the assortment with budget models.
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It should be added that over the past couple of years, this trend has acquired a conditional character.

Who is Honor?

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, under which smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics are produced.


It turns out that Honor is such a “company-in-a-company” wholly owned by Huawei.

But why then such troubles? There must be a reason why Huawei is disowning and owning Honor.

Where do Honor smartphones come from

Since 2010, the Huawei Device division begins to release the first line of its own IDEOS smartphones running Android.

One year later, sales of Huawei smartphones increased by 500%, surpassing the 20 million mark. Later, the company became one of the three leaders in smartphone sales, behind only Apple and Samsung.

In 2011, Huawei thought about creating a sub-brand: a separate company that would allow it to capture an even larger market share without creating direct competition.

Honor released the first smartphone in mid-2013.

And since 2014, Honor smartphones began to be sold outside of China: the devices were available in Malaysia and some European countries. Soon they appeared in Russia.

Honor is represented in over 100 countries today.

How Honor differs from Huawei

Many devices in the smartphone market today are very similar to each other.

It also happens that a pair of identical phones comes out with different names and price tags.

The devices Honor and Huawei are the most surprising in this regard. It’s time to figure out who copied whom. and which smartphone is better to choose.

Who is Huawei?

Huawei Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Initially, the brand produced telecommunications equipment, network devices, base stations and hardware. Later, the company began to engage in the development and production of consumer electronics.

Among them are Huawei smartphones, Mediapad tablets, watches and sports bracelets.

Okay, but why did they create Honor??

The absence of retail chains in most cases allows you to reduce the price of devices and become a leader in terms of price-quality ratio in the corresponding segment.

In addition, the brand targeted at a young audience. Social media promotion and online sales also contribute to progressive positioning.

In short: Honor is a youth brand with a correspondingly low price tag.

We have already seen something similar at BBK, which produces inexpensive smartphones Oppo, Vivo and “iPhone killer”. OnePlus.

Or Xiaomi with an affordable lineup under the Redmi and Pocofone brand for Europe.

How Honor and Huawei smartphones are similar and different

Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite

What they are alike: the same software. On devices visually similar Android shells, an equal package of pre-installed software and services.

Difference: logo, design and hardware.

Sometimes devices released at the same time differed in only a couple of technologies or supported communication standards. So, Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C differ in the presence of a fingerprint scanner in the first.

It happened that all the chips were the same, but there was a difference in processor power and memory size. For example, Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite. There were also absolutely identical models with different inscriptions on the back cover, like Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X.

Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X

At the same time, more affordable devices with a low price were always sold under the Honor brand, and Huawei devices were positioned as advanced devices with manners for the top segment.

Now the top-end flagship Huawei is a technological filling with the latest achievements of the company, and one of the novelties of Honor is a player in the middle segment, which mainly captivates with its price.

Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C

Some can upgrade to devices of a higher class, while others can go down to a more affordable line without much loss of the device’s chips.

Maybe it’s time for Apple to launch its own sub-brand to sell affordable iPhone counterparts?


Samsung and Honor, as a rule, use their own chipsets in their models. Samsung has Exynos and Honor has Hisilicon Kirin processors. These are modern high-tech chipsets. For each price category, manufacturers use processors of the appropriate power.

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Both companies use ARM’s Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 cores, as well as Mali graphics coprocessors for the production of processors. In most cases, the performance is about the same, but in the latest flagships Samsung uses its own Exynos M3 cores, which gives it an edge.

Let’s compare the chips used in the flagship models. This is the Exynos 9810 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the HiSilicon Kirin 970 found in the Honor 10 and Honor Play.

In the most popular performance test Antutu Exynos earned a record 254,000 points, while Kirin only 213,000 points. Here, the comparison between Samsung and Honor is not in favor of the latter.

Honor vs Samsung: which phone is better

To understand in more detail what is still better from Honor or Samsung smartphones, pay attention to the table of advantages of one and the other company.

Features of manufacturers Honor and Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean manufacturer. He produces not only telephones, but also other household appliances. As a rule, only smartphones and wearable gadgets are released under the name of the Chinese company Honor. So in terms of prevalence, Samsung has a big advantage.

Honor is a project of a large company Huawei, with which it entered the European market.


Honor devices started gaining popularity a few years ago. Now the Chinese manufacturer offers a lot of models in different price categories, which is why buyers have to rack their brains, choosing between the Honor and Samsung brands.

Design and convenience

When comparing parameters such as design and usability, it is necessary to look at specific models. For example, you can compare which is better. Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Both devices have a similar appearance, which often creates difficulties in choosing. Due to the similarity in appearance, users may not always understand what to choose.

Visually, the Korean phone is perceived as thinner and lighter. As for Huawei, it is larger and worse in the hand. From this position, Samsung is definitely better. If we talk about the disadvantages of a Korean, this suggests the inconvenient location of the power button, which is too high and you have to constantly reach for it.


Until recently, Samsung did not produce cameras that would lead the market. With the release of the Galaxy S9, that has changed. The module of this model is recognized as the best.

A distinctive feature of Honor is the AI ​​Camera app, which creates masterpiece images even in low light.

Phone capabilities

To attract buyers, firms embed chips into products that are not related to technical characteristics, but increase the “coolness” of the model. They differ in different gadgets. For example, here’s a table:

Which is better. Samsung or Huawei?

The performance of a smartphone, subject to active use, is, on average, three years. Then painful thoughts begin about what kind of gadget to buy. There are adherents of a certain brand who do not cheat on it. They choose smartphones from the updated line of their favorite brand. If you want to buy something else, your eyes run up. Advertising promises that this particular mobile phone will be the fastest, have wide functionality and will last a long time. Competition in the mobile market is between Samsung and Huawei. The characteristics of their flagships are so similar that it is not so easy to sort out the purchase plans. Let’s find out: what are the similarities and differences between these brands, compare technical indicators and try to conclude. which is better than Samsung or Huawei.

Speakers and microphones

Both corporations equip their devices with quality elements that give high-quality sound and communication without interference. The main difference between the Korean and the Chinese is the presence of a Jack-type connector (3.5 mm). It is required to connect headphones and other acoustic devices. The owner does not have to purchase adapters or wireless headphones, speakers.