The difference between Apple iwatch 5

New processor

New watch. new processor. Now there is a dual-core Apple S5, the speed of which is twice as fast as that of the S3 installed in the Apple Watch Series 3. It is not known how much more powerful it is than the S4, but definitely not twice. If my memory serves me, then at the presentation of Series 4 the numbers were similar.

But the built-in memory has become more: 32 GB compared to 16 GB in Series 4.

Body materials

Ceramic and titanium versions appeared. The Hermès version became available in black, which many were missing, and the colors of the aluminum watches have not changed: silver, gray and gold.

The new ceramics and titanium look interesting, but they also cost accordingly: ceramic from 1299, and titanium from 799. for “regular” have not changed: 399 for aluminum and 699 for steel.

So is it worth moving from Series 4?

Not. It’s not just that they disappeared from the Apple website: there are not very many changes. Always-On Display is cool, but you can live well without it. The turn sensor is triggered nine out of ten times. Well, so far there is no information about “burnout”.

The difference in performance will be hard to notice, as is the increased amount of memory. COMPASS is not necessary for everyone.

What’s the difference between Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5?

Apple Watch Series 5 Ceramic

On September 10, Apple introduced a new generation of Smartwatches: Series 5 received an Always-On display, new case materials and COMPASS. But is it worth updating from the previous generation? Let’s figure it out.

Apple Watch Series 4 review

You should only switch from Series 0. Series 3 or immediately to the premium version. top-end ceramics. I’ll probably wait another year, maybe two. Last year, the most ambitious watch update was released, which will delight for a long time.

A display that’s always on

The main feature of Series 5 is the Always-On display. It is made using LTPO technology and never goes out. The matrix changes the refresh rate dynamically: in normal mode. 60 Hz, and in sleep mode it drops to 1 Hz.

Thus, the charge is saved, but the information does not disappear anywhere. I wonder how this will affect the OLED matrix, which tends to “burn out” from the constant display of information.

Features of branded Apple Watch

As always, as soon as some popular premium gadget goes out into the world, scammers immediately begin to “clone” it. So it happened with Apple’s wrist accessories. Therefore, it is important to understand the features of the watch in order to know exactly how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from a cheap or not very fake. Below are the distinctive features of the original watch.

View installed OS

The final touch of verification is to turn on Apple Watch and check the operating system. Originals only work on watchOS (like this MTEY2FS / A).

difference, apple, iwatch

Manufacturers of copies, instead of proprietary operating systems, most often use an adapted version of Android or unknown firmware in fakes. In addition to low-quality translation, there are many other bugs in fake OS: it is impossible to change the theme of the dial, there is no Siri assistant, there are no useful Apple branded applications, etc.

Finally, one more way to check the original Apple Watch. This time we use the serial number of the watch. What do we have to do:

  • Go to the chronometer settings.
  • Open the section “General”, then “About this device”.
  • Find Serial Number (Letters Numbers).
  • Go to the official website of the brand.
  • Go to the section with checking the eligibility for service and support.
  • Enter IMEI in the appropriate box.
  • Enter the verification code and press Enter.

If the system displays information about the model. everything is ok, the original is in front of the user. If an error appears. fake.

How to distinguish an original Apple Watch from a fake: a comparison by 10 parameters

Smart watches from Apple cost a lot, but users are not wasting money in vain, because in return they get multifunctional, high-quality and reliable accessories. The same cannot be said about fakes. That’s where it’s a waste of finance. How not to fall for the tricks of scammers?

Smartwatches have several proprietary features that will help buyers 100% authenticate their Apple Watch. What to look for first of all: the box, the appearance of the chronometer, the presence / absence of connectors, the appearance of the OS, something else? We figure out how to distinguish an original Apple Watch from a Chinese one or any other fake.

Check design and extra parts

The original watch has a touchscreen display, a rectangular case with rounded corners and edges, as well as a button and a branded Digital Crown wheel on the right side. In the latest, 4 Series Apple Watch, slight clicks are felt when scrolling the wheel. In this device Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band, these clicks are.

On the left are the holes for the microphone and speaker. On the back of the chronometer there are “marks” for connecting a magnetic charge.

We emphasize once again: connectors and slots for SIM cards, memory cards in the original Apple Watch of any series are absent!

The design is laconic, neat. There are no sharp protrusions and unnecessary details here. How else is a fake different from a branded gadget? This can be large bezels on the sides of the screen, and an overly small display. In addition, counterfeits are larger, thicker and therefore heavier than the original.

Magnetic induction charging

Smart watches are powered by a lithium-ion battery, which needs to be recharged periodically. But the charging cord is not inserted into the accessory itself, but into a special charging magnet, which, in turn, contacts the device without wires.

It is a round “pill” that is applied to the back of the chronometer (there are marks where the charger should be magnetized). The magnet cable can be plugged into the USB port of a PC, power bank, laptop, or you can use a regular outlet.

Note: There is another way to charge a wrist accessory: use a special docking station, which fits a smart watch and is powered by energy.

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Apple Watch Nike review

The indisputable advantage of the leading brands is their periodic collaborations with other large companies. Customers can purchase a custom design Smartwatch with additional options. Apple partners with sports giant Nike to launch limited edition iWatch.

Apple Watch Nike straps and dials

The difference between Apple Watch Nike and ordinary ones can be seen at a glance. The dimensions of the case and straps differ. There are two variants of bracelets on sale:

  • perforated fluoroelastomer accessory. The bracelet sits as tightly as a silicone bracelet, but the holes allow the athlete’s skin to breathe. The skin does not sweat as it does under silicone;
  • nylon fiber accessory. Made in the form of a complex weaving. The bracelet matches the case by color.

Despite the fact that there are two case colors, manufacturers offer several bracelets of different shades. For lovers of contrasting combinations, there are black and pink, green, blue and purple bracelets. For those who like delicate combinations, the manufacturer, together with Nike, offers a beige strap.

The second way to personalize your gadget is to install a limited edition watch face. For those who buy the Apple Watch Nike Series 5, there are two branded watch faces. The first is digital, the second is analog, with animated, moving arrows. The dial follows the colors of the case or straps. Bright palettes with neon hues are used.

Differences between Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike

The first characteristic feature is the material and color of the case. Starting with the Apple Watch S3, Nike and newer are made of aluminum in two colors: black or silver. The back surface functions as standard, there are heart rate scanners and a charging platform. However, there is also an engraving. Original brand logo applied.

The second difference from the standard Apple Watch is the presence of proprietary software. The Nike training app installs automatically when you turn on your watch for the first time. The program contains 200 workouts for losing weight, gaining muscle mass, maintaining shape, and sets of exercises. Designed for cardio, strength training and yoga. There are tips and secrets of training from world athletes. The application adjusts to the rhythm of the owner’s life: reminds of the need to move, records periods of activity and calmness. The application has a mini-questionnaire for each user: a person enters anthropometric data (height, weight, age). Based on them, the software creates an individual training program.

There is the Nike Run Club program especially for owners of Apple Watch S4 Nike and other limited editions. The software allows you to set goals, split into stages, share running achievements with friends. The application works in conjunction with a GPS sensor, so the display will show the running route on the city map. I am glad that the application has Russian-language localization and customization for the user. Nike Run Club app remembers when the user goes for a run more often, what days of the week he prefers to exercise and reminds of running.

Both programs have the ability to chat with friends. If someone you know uses a similar model, they will be able to measure their achievements.

The rest of the functionality of the limited version differs little from Apple Watch Standard. The device can work as a fitness tracker, counting the calories burned. A separate mode is for using the meditation watch. There is a speaker and microphone to answer messages and calls, listen to music.

Should you buy an Apple Watch Nike

Despite the fact that Nike watches have enough differences from the standard version of the iWatch, you can recommend it for purchase with caution. Judging by the review, the device will definitely appeal to fans of the Nike brand, who do not miss a single novelty. It is also worth recommending limited watches to those for whom a wrist accessory is, first of all, a fashion thing. Expensive exclusive watches will immediately demonstrate to others that the owner is sensitive to his health, loves an active lifestyle and prefers to use only the best.

If the buyer needs a reliable wrist gadget, then it is worth considering buying a regular Apple Watch or other models. Indeed, in general, the device options are not unique: the watch can track movements and workouts, synchronize with the phone, play music. The sports options that Nike apps give can be obtained with the help of other software. not as branded, but also useful.


Among the interesting technical characteristics, the screen is worth noting: it has received improvements. Depending on the size, a matrix with a diagonal of 1.78 and 1.54 inches is installed. The screen resolution is 324×394 pixels (small version) or 368×448 pixels (large body). But in any case, this is a modern OLED, which provides brightness (up to 1000 nits), good color reproduction and invisible transitions to the edges of the screen. Engineers have improved the brightness control system: to change the screen settings, just scroll the side wheel.

Most of the settings can be controlled with this wheel, a small button on the side and a 3D Touchscreen:

  • the scroll wheel adjusts the scale of the screen;
  • the side swipe switches the dial, the bottom one opens the settings menu;
  • the button opens a list of applications that can be switched or removed with the wheel.

A dual-core S5 processor is installed on board, supplemented by 32 GB of internal memory. The user can load a favorite playlist or workout programs into the watch. Despite the increase in memory and power, the device works no less than the previous version. With moderate use, the watch works without recharging for two days. But if you constantly go in for sports during the day, use GPS, then by the evening you will have to connect the device to the mains.

Apple Watch 5 vs Apple Watch 4

If we compare the fourth and fifth generations, then visually the difference is imperceptible. Apart from the new sizes, there is not a single difference from the Apple Watch Series 4. The colors remain the same. However, the innovations lie in the materials. if the fourth generation was made only of steel, then this year’s novelty received a ceramic and titanium case.

Another difference has to do with the filling. The table shows what exactly has changed and what has remained the same.

Feature Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 4
CPU S5 with two cores S4 with two cores
Operating system watchOS 6 watchOS 5.0
Built-in memory 32 GB 16 GB
Screen size and resolution 1.54 inches and 324×394 pixels

New features

The novelty of 2019 received a non-fading screen, similar to the AlwaysOn-Display, which is used by competitors. The LTPO OLED technology is used, which provides continuous frame refresh with a frequency of 1 to 60 Hz. This means that in normal sleep mode, you have to sacrifice either the second hand or fractions of a second. The appearance of the non-fading screen affected the usability: you can always see the time, and during a workout. data on sports achievements. Since the watch receives notifications from social networks, they also remain on the home screen. The manufacturer has taken care of privacy. when there is a message on the screen, but the user is not looking at it, the screen loses clarity so that others do not read the SMS.

Among the new options. tracking the menstrual cycle, support for international emergency calls. Sleep monitoring and heart rate counting were already in previous generations, but judging by the Apple Watch Series 5 review, they became more accurate in the 2019 new product. A useful COMPASS has appeared, which indicates the direction and cardinal points, as well as precise geographic data.

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The updated version of the smartwatch received a slightly different control compared to its predecessor. Now some actions can be performed simply by waving the wrist and changing the position of the watch in space. For example, you can turn off the screen and put it into sleep mode by simply turning the watch away from your face or by slapping it with your palm.


The novelty received an old design familiar to all fans of the brand. The shape of the watch remains the same: it can be easily combined with bracelets even from 2015, which allows users to create their own unique accessory.

However, along with the new watch, Apple introduced a series of new straps. They are supposed to complement the novelty. There are several silicone colors that are suitable for devices of previous generations, as well as limited leather and nylon bracelets.

But the case material and the dimensions of the device have changed. European and Asian buyers can choose from four case materials at once. aluminum, ceramic, titanium and steel watches. For the first time, the company’s engineers used recycled steel to create watches: a similar material under the designation Stainless Steel was in the latest models of smartphones and laptops. However, in Russia, only a modification made of aluminum is still available.

But our compatriots have two sizes to choose from. 40mm and 44mm. It is assumed that the 40 mm format is chosen by girls, but even 44 mm fits perfectly on the wrist. The table shows the exact dimensions of both options.


The design of the watch itself has not changed at all compared to the Series 4. Except, of course, the appearance of the case made of gold-colored aluminum. We tested a more classic version made of silver aluminum.

Alas, new types of cases are not available in Russia. titanium and ceramic. And we still don’t have a stainless steel option. This is explained by the fact that eSIM is present in all the listed modifications, but they are not supplied to the Russian market. You have to be content with what you have.

By the way, the word “recycled” in relation to aluminum in this case means that only the metal that remained after the creation of the iPhone cases was used to make the watch. Thus, this is the most environmentally friendly model of Apple smartwatches (here Greta Thunberg brushes off a tear of happiness;)).

Note that the model has become a little heavier (apparently due to the integration of new sensors and a larger amount of flash memory), but this did not affect the dimensions at all. And in general, it is impossible to distinguish Series 5 from Series 4 even on closer inspection.

Review of smart watches Apple Watch Series 5

New straps

The strap is ideally combined with Smart Casual clothes, with any shades of gray, with jeans, and in general it is easier to find what it is combined with than vice versa.

New colors have appeared in all other series as well. For example, the leather strap is now available in a natural leather color, which should look very good in a more classic look.

And by the way, we note the significantly reduced for all leather options, including Hermes. This is, of course, a plus. And the downside is that for the first time, perhaps, Apple has not introduced any fundamentally new types of straps.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4. Full Comparison!

One more, along with the regular iPhones, the traditional autumn novelty of Apple. smart watches, now of the fifth series. A year ago, we wrote about the Apple Watch Series 4 that this is the most significant update to the model. It’s no surprise that the 2019 generation didn’t see such drastic changes. Nevertheless, this product is interesting and deserves close attention.

We have presented general information about the new watch in the material following the presentation. Therefore, we will not repeat ourselves and get to know the product in person.

But for clarity. here are the characteristics of the Apple Watch Series 5 in comparison with the previous generation.

So, you can see that the screen remains the same in terms of characteristics as before, and the dimensions have not changed at all. But the rest of the changes are enough, even if they are not striking (and it is not a fact that they will be felt for all users).


Apple Watch Series 5 packaging is no different from that of the previous generation model. Again, we see the strap in a separate box, while the main box contains the watch itself, the charger and leaflets.

In principle, as we wrote a year ago, this is a good design decision. And really, why give up the good?

It is significant that the dimensions of the new packaging (of all its components) coincide with the last year’s exactly.


As mentioned, the watch is available in two display sizes: 40mm and 44mm. the same as last year. Their resolution also remained unchanged: 324 × 394 and 368 × 448, respectively. We had a watch with a screen diagonal of 44 mm.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a scratch-resistant glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface curved towards the edges. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (effective, better than that of Google Nexus 7 (2013)), so fingerprints are removed much easier, and appear at a slower rate than in the case of ordinary glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are slightly better than that of the Google Nexus 7 2013 screen. For clarity, here is a photo in which a white surface is reflected in the switched off screens:

The Apple Watch Series 4 screen is darker (photo brightness is 106 versus 112 for Nexus 7). There is no doubling of reflection, which indicates that there is no air gap between the layers of the screen. When the white field was displayed on the whole screen, the maximum brightness value recorded by us was 666 cd / m2 (with a bright backlight in the screen), the minimum was 15 cd / m2 (the first stage of adjustment, complete darkness).

It is worth making a reservation here: Apple promises a brightness of up to 1000 cd / m², but it is impossible to verify this, because when measuring the brightness, the light sensor partially overlaps and the brightness is automatically reduced, and it is impossible to disable this parameter. So we could not confirm the numbers promised by the manufacturer, but we have no reason not to trust Apple.

As already mentioned, the automatic brightness control by the light sensor always works. The user can only make adjustments to the operation of this function by choosing one of three levels. At any brightness level, there is modulation with a frequency of 60 Hz, but its amplitude is small, so flickering is not visible. The graphs of brightness (vertical axis) versus time (horizontal axis) illustrate the above (four brightness levels):

This screen uses an AMOLED matrix, an active matrix organic light-emitting diode (OLED). A full-color image is created using subpixels of three colors. red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in equal numbers, which is confirmed by a fragment of the micrograph:

For comparison, you can see the gallery of photomicrographs of screens used in mobile technology.

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The spectra are typical for OLED. the areas of primary colors are well separated and appear as relatively narrow peaks:

However, there is also cross-mixing of components (programmatically), so the coverage is not too wide, but adjusted to the sRGB borders:

Accordingly, typical images (with sRGB coverage) on the Apple Watch screen have natural saturation.

Unfortunately, color profiles are not supported (or transferred when copying images to the watch), so even wide-gamut images are still displayed as sRGB. The color temperature of the white and gray field is approximately 7200 K, and the deviation from Spectra of the absolute black body (ΔE) is 5.4-6.9 units. The color balance is good. Black is just black at all angles. It is so black that the contrast setting is not applicable in this case. When viewed from a perpendicular view, the uniformity of the white field is excellent. The screen has excellent viewing angles with much less brightness drop when looking at the screen from an angle compared to LCD screens, but at larger angles, the white fades a little to blue. Overall, the quality of the Apple Watch screen is very high.

Autonomous work

The most interesting thing about the new watch was the battery life: with AlwaysOn on and off. Let’s say right away: the miracle did not happen. But the promises made at the presentation are in line with the watch. Apple guaranteed a full day of work in AlwaysOn mode. and please, the clock really lives day, night and a little more. Simply put, if you charged them at night, took them off the charge in the morning, went through the whole day, then went to bed and did not charge them, then the next morning you will see about 10% of the charge.

Understandably, this actually means having to recharge them every night (unless, of course, you have the ability to recharge them during the day). In our opinion, this is not enough for a smartwatch. And even by the standards of Apple, which still had its third generation of watches worked for three days without recharging. Yes, starting with the fourth generation, the screen has become larger, additional sensors have appeared, and, apparently, this gave the following effect: now the norm is two days. Well, the appearance of the AlwaysOn mode has reduced this period by half.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs 5: Real Differences after 1 week

Fortunately, you can turn it off, and then the watch will work the same two days as the Apple Watch Series 4. We checked and made sure. However, why should they work less or more, if the size of the case and, therefore, the volume of the battery is the same, the screen and its resolution are the same, and even the SoC, apparently, has not changed much. Which is better. one day with a non-switching screen or two days without it. it’s up to you.

Communication and storage

Apple Watch Series 5. Wi-Fi b / g / n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE and eSIM (not available in Russia), GPS.

Apple Watch Series 4. Wi-Fi b / g / n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE and eSIM (not available in Russia), GPS.

Apple Watch Series 5. All versions come with 32GB of internal storage.

Apple Watch Series 4. all versions also come with 16GB of internal storage.

How the Digital Crown in Apple Watch Series 5 is different from Apple Watch Series 4

Nothing. Apple Watch Series 5 has a Digital Crown with a tactile feedback when rotating. A titanium electrode is built into its flat surface, which is responsible for taking an ECG (the function is not available in Russia).

Watch Series 4’s Digital Crown was exactly the same.

How the processor in Apple Watch Series 5 differs from Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5 is powered by a proprietary 64-bit S5 dual-core processor, and the W3 wireless chip supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Apple Watch Series 4 has a 64-bit dual-core S4 processor and a similar W3 chip for wireless connectivity. Apple did not make Accent for the increased processor speed, so we can talk about its slight improvement.

What is the difference between the display in Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5 has a 977mm² bezel-less display in the 44mm version and 759mm² in the 40mm version. It is an ergonomic LTPO OLED with Force Touch function and 1000 cd / m2 brightness.

Apple Watch Series 4 has a display with exactly the same parameters.

But there is one feature that clearly sets the Series 5 apart from its predecessor. the Always-on display. The watch now stays on at all times, operating at minimum brightness with a 1 Hz refresh rate. The dial displays basic information. As soon as the owner of the watch raises his hand, they switch to the maximum brightness mode, going into an active state. Apple redesigned the built-in watch faces and Workout app screens to support Always-on display.

How the Apple Watch Series 5 design differs from the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5 design from Apple Watch Series 4 looks no different.

Apple Watch Series 5, like Series 4, is available in two cases. 44 mm and 40 mm. Their thickness is 10.7 mm. The watch is also capable of withstanding immersion to a depth of 50 meters.

Apple Watch Series 5 is available in 4 case materials: stainless steel, 100% recycled aluminum, ceramic and titanium (only the aluminum version and Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4 are available in Russia). The speaker volume remained quite high, at the level of last year’s model.

The Series 5 and Series 4 come in the same three colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray. Bracelets and straps from last year’s model will be compatible with the new.

Comparison of Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4 (table): are there any differences?

Apple Watch Series 5 is hardly a revolutionary product. The manufacturer made cosmetic improvements to its predecessor, and some “chips” became available only with the release of watchOS 6. What is the difference between Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4?

Sensors in Apple Watch Series 5 from Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5 has a gyroscope and accelerometer, is able to recognize the owner’s fall to the floor and send an alarm message if he is there for more than a minute. A smart device can count steps. It has a second generation optical heart rate sensor made of hypoallergenic materials. ceramics and sapphire glass, a barometer, a light sensor and GPS / GLONASS / QZSS. The ECG sensor built into the Digital Crown will not work in Russia. There is also COMPASS, similar to that found in the iPhone, as well as a noise sensor.

Apple Watch Series 4 has almost the same wide array of sensors, except for the compass and noise detector.

Working hours

Apple Watch Series 5. up to 18 hours even with Always-on display turned on.

Apple Watch Series 6 VS Series 5! FULL Comparison!

There are no significant changes in the operating time. Except that the energy efficient Watch Series 5 display will provide the previous mode, but with the active new function, being always on. In practice, these 18 hours of operation represent 2 days with an average load.

The magnetic charging also remained unchanged. USB adapter comes with all variants of both Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5.