Clean samsung by manually. Saving data from the phone on PC

We clean the phone from unnecessary Samsung files at home and not only. How? I’m telling

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and readers of my blog! Any user of smartphones with the Android operating system faced a lack of memory. This happens with any devices even from eminent brands equipped with a huge reserve of ROM. The reason is that the Android system constantly updates something, and applications invariably save “useful” information. All this leads to the fact that the mobile phone begins to freeze and it annoys even the most patient people. About how to clean the Samsung phone from unnecessary files I will tell you today.

Find a person who never cleans memory is difficult. photos, music and videos are periodically deleted. But this is not enough. The reason is that in most cases the owners of the gadget do this in the gallery where all the media files are displayed. But Android is arranged in such a way that not all folders from the media are shown. For a full cleaning, it is more convenient to use the file manager. In the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, this utility is preinstalled and located in the application catalog.

To clean the phone manually, special knowledge is not necessary. just go to the manager, open the root folder. usually for this you should click on three points before the list of folders. Next, we look alternately into all folders and remove all the extra. Particular attention should be paid to catalogs created by messengers and applications of social networks. Any owner of a smartphone communicates not only through calls and SMS, but also exchanges quick messages in Viber, WhatsApp, VK and others. If you send a photo in the application, it duplicates in the program folders and will take up memory. Therefore, cleaning in the gallery is inappropriate. the file remains in memory.

Do not worry that you will delete something necessary and the device or the program will stop working. The advantage of the OS by Google is ruting. Access to system files will open when receiving a ROOT right-without them, deleting something necessary is unrealistic.

If for some reason the file manager is not, then install Total Commander-this is the oldest utility that exists still with the appearance of Windows XP. It is most convenient for cleaning and sorting information.

Special applications

Like any brand in Samsung phones, after deleting the application in the memory, its “traces” remain in the memory. This is different data necessary for the operation of the system. They do not disappear without a trace, but remain in the cache. It must be cleaned. This can be done with the hands for individual applications. in the settings there is a section “Applications”, where the utility is selected alternately and click on it opens a list of possible actions. delete, stop, clean the cache, transfer to microSD. Minus of the method. takes a lot of time.

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It is much more convenient to download specialized software. A good option is CCleaner. another application “migrated” with Windows in Android. This program will not only remove the application without a trace, but thanks to it you can quickly clean the cache. In addition, there is a utility to accelerate performance and even antivirus.

If we are talking about antiviruses, then it is worth noting that Android has vulnerabilities. Catching the virus is very easy, even if you download applications only from Play Market. Therefore, immediately after use, put a utility to combat malicious software. You can use free, but it is better to buy a subscription or reinstall software to use a free period.

We look at the statistics of memory loading

Before taking measures to clean the smartphone, you should understand whether it really affects the speed. This will help familiarization with the statistics of memory loading. But first, it is recommended to check the total volume of the RAM:

If there is no information regarding RAM in the indicated menu item, you can use a application. For example, AIDA64. By loading it, a person will receive all the information about his smartphone. Including the volume of RAM.

The same program will help determine how at the moment the RAM is loaded. We go to the “System” section and watch statistics. Opposite the “Total memory” item, the total volume of RAM is indicated, and “Affordable memory” is the number of free space.

The speed of the smartphone depends on the amount of RAM. If the device has less than 3 GB, then it will have to be constantly cleaned to avoid the occurrence of the lags.

In addition to RAM, we are also worried about the capacity of the internal storage. Over time, it is filled out, and the way out of this situation is either the deletion of important files or cleaning the garbage. To find out how much ROM is available at the moment, you need:

This section will indicate the total volume, as well as the number of available gigabytes. Some models also provide detailed statistics on what type of files (photo, video, audio, programs) takes the most place.

If at the moment on an internal drive is freely less than 1 gigabyte, it will be impossible to install a new program or game on a smartphone, and some functions are blocked.

Now it is believed that you should not buy smartphones with a drive volume less than 64 gigabytes. This capacity and more allows you to install all the necessary programs and upload films to watch offline.

We clean the phone manually

To get rid of garbage, you do not always need to download additional software. The functionality of modern smartphones allows you to solve the problem yourself. Further, we will talk about cleaning the internal storage, which can be done manually.

Castle cleaning programs

How often did you notice that having downloaded the application by 50 megabytes, after a while it adds strongly in size? Absolutely all users face a similar problem, and its reason is cache.

Cache is the information stored in the application of the application. It includes pictures and text, loaded additionally. If you clean the cache, the size of the program will return to the initial values. But over time, it will increase.

Do not confuse the cleaning of the cache with the purification of personal data. If you erase the latter, the user will lose progress in the game or he will have to re.enter the login and password to enter the application.

It will take no more than one minute to perform the operation, but on the smartphone a person is unlikely to use less than 10-20 applications. Cache cleaning will have to be done for each of them. But it will be guaranteed to be freed from several megabytes to whole gigabytes of memory.

Cleaning the history of the browser

Using an Internet browser, we visit various resources, some of which sometimes I want to return. For convenience, the creators of browsers store the cache of some sites. This helps to open pages faster, but at the same time greatly loads the internal memory. Cleaning history will help to win several more megabytes.

In some browsers the following chip works: a person cleans his cache in the section with applications, in connection with which history is cleaned. But this does not always happen. Therefore, it is recommended to clean in parallel.

Removing garbage files

You can find a certain amount of garbage on the phone yourself. But how to understand that the file is really not needed? Firstly, a lot will depend on the preferences of the user. After all, for example, you can get rid of unsuccessful pictures or videos, as well as unnecessary programs. But, as practice shows, if a person turned to the material about cleaning garbage on the phone, he has already got rid of unnecessary files.

But! Some people, paying attention to pictures and videos, do not notice the presence of foreign files. Such garbage can be safely attributed to APK. If the necessary program is already installed, you can safely delete a similar file. It is easy to detect if you carefully rummage in the “conductor”.

Message deletion

SMSKS do not greatly affect the memory of the device. But, if in the hands of a person a smartphone with a drive volume is less than 16 gigabytes, then removing messages will help save the internal space.

So, we open the “Message” application and begin to delete SMS, which in the future will not be needed. These can be letters from an advertising newsletter or warning from the Ministry of Emergencies, which come almost every day. So not only places on the drive will be free, but also streamlined letters so that in the future they would be more convenient to read.

SMS is not the only messages occupying the interior. To win the place, it is also recommended to clean letters from instant and social networks.

Removing applications

Radical measure, which, however, allows you to clear the repository as efficiently as possible. If a person has been using a smartphone for several months, then for sure during this time an impressive number of rarely launched programs appeared. They can be removed.

For cleaning, it is enough to hold your finger on the application icon for a few seconds and direct the icon to the garbage box that appears on the screen. If you can’t find an unnecessary program, you can try to perform the same operation through the settings:

After deleting the application, all registration data will be lost. When repeated downloading them will have to be introduced again.

Do not make a mistake, believing that the performance and speed of your device will increase by 50-70 percent after using the appliance application. Unfortunately, this is not true. If too little free memory is available on your phone, then this process will slightly improve the responsiveness of the system, but only because it needs a space on the drive to work. If you use Microsd memory card, then the transfer of applications can help you significantly. If the operating system of your phone does not have such a function, then SD Maid using a Root-right will do this. Unfortunately, obtaining the rights of a super.user can be a very difficult process for many.

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I will finally say that you should not keep in memory applications that you rarely use. You can always install them from the app store.

What to do if the phone began to slow down and hang? How to clean the internal memory “Android” and unload the RAM? Such issues are very relevant, because now many have a phone or tablet for Android. But there is a way out, and it is below.

How to clean Samsung RAM

Surely everyone knows that the speed of the smartphone depends on the amount of RAM (RAM or RAM). It is part of the system and serves as a link between CPU and OS. Certain data necessary for the correct operation of advanced programs are stored here. Many applications when installing take a certain amount of memory (for example, YouTube. 200 MB, VK. almost 300 MB, WhatsApp. about 30 MB).

Therefore, manufacturers of Samsung constantly increase the size of the RAM to increase stability and increase the possibilities of the device. Owners of budget models have to regularly clean the RAM on Android Samsung, otherwise there are overheating of the device and fast battery discharge.

You can clean the memory in two ways: using functionality or additional applications. The most simple and convenient is the first option. To solve the problem, you need to perform the following actions.

To allocate programs that consume the most resources and click on the “Stop” button (erase data). Additionally, you can clean the cache by clicking on the appropriate key. Acceleration of the smartphone will become noticeable immediately at the end of the procedure.

In addition to tools, there are a number of programs to effectively free RAM. These are the so.called “processes” (Task Killers):

There are many other programs at the disposal of users to close unnecessary applications and unload the device, improving the performance of the system.

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What programs to use?

Through software, you can automatically clean the RAM and ROM from unnecessary data, thereby accelerating your phone. Use the following programs:

With their help, you can free up space, clean the RAM and protect the phone from viruses. In addition, each of the utilities is suitable for different smartphones. from modern to devices on old versions of Android. This will be understood later. All applications are installed in the same way as ES conductor. you can find the instructions above.

Clean Master

Using this utility, you can not only get rid of garbage, but also check the phone for the presence of viruses for free.

On the main screen you will find the following tools:

  • Antivirus. scanning your device for the presence of unkind software and files. The functionality includes a defender of social networks, checking the memory card, gallery, application blocking.

SD Main

At the entrance to the application, click the “Scanning” button:

After the scan is completed, you will receive detailed information about each of the sections: garbage, system, application and database. After you can clean each of them separately, by pressing the basket, or start the full cleaning. The SD Main also integrates File Manager, in which you can personally control files on internal memory and Microsd:

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner. a convenient cleaning tool for one press. At the entrance, the program immediately scans the system and offers to complete the cleaning in the following form:

Using the Deep Clean button, a deep scan is launched. At the end of the process, click “Clear”:

Mobile Boost

This application will be an excellent alternative for those who are the owner of old smartphones (for example, the Fly or Samsung model of 5-6 years ago). For such devices, a simple assistant to Mobile Boost is suitable because it supports old versions of Android OS.

For cleaning, just start the application and press the “Clear” button:

How to clean the phone through a computer (via USB)

The last option for removing unnecessary files from the internal memory of the phone is to connect to a computer. To do this, you will need a miniusb cable. Connect the device to the computer and follow the following actions:

Check free memory

Find out how much memory is left through the function. Most Samsung phones have a “my files” folder (indicated in yellow). When pressing it, a simplified access to the storage is opened, divided into “audio”, “video”, “documents”, “downloads”, “images”. Further under the categories is the section “Memory of the device”. The inclined strip shows how much it is used and how much memory is available on the phone.

On smartphones without such a calculation function in the folder, you can find out the level of filling through the “menu”. “settings”. “memory”. If the place is sold, the gadget will highlight the line in red, showing the level of employment. Loading RAM cannot be verified by regular means.

RAM cleaning in Samsung

RAM temporarily allocates a place to launch advanced applications. The cache is also created for each frequently used program. Save repeating information so as not to load it every time again. For example, if the user enters the favorite site to check the weather, when opening the browser, the smartphone caches the site page and uploads only the most relevant data by saving traffic and increasing performance.

You cannot increase RAM on the phone; This is a standard setup, so check the status manually during scanning. In the settings, select “Optimization”. “RAM”. The smartphone will check and evaluate the level of employment of RAM.

You can immediately click “clean” to completely free the temporary storage or perform selective cleaning. To do this, find and open the “more” at the bottom of the page where a detailed list of programs using RAM will appear. Remove the flags from those that you use now (for example, Viber, Instagram), and leave the rest. The gadget will kill the selected applications, translating them into an inactive state. Then there will be a place to launch other utilities.

Another way to clear the memory of the Samsung phone is to disconnect unused applications or turn off the autorun, if possible. During the preparation on the smartphone, the operating system and a number of programs have already been installed. Find them along the way: “Settings”. “Applications”. Make sure for the programs to be removed “Automobe”. Then the RAM will be discharged.

Click on the selected application causes an additional menu. Find the “Delete” or “Disable” button. Removing some programs (“Notes”, “Books”, “Calendar” and others.) will free up space not only in RAM, but also in the internal memory.

File deletion via PC

And the last way to delete unnecessary files is to connect to a computer. To do this, you need a suitable USB cable, the phone itself and any computer with a free USB connector. Connect the mobile device to the PC by means of the wire.

clean, samsung, manually, saving, data, phone

In order for the computer to recognize the phone as a drive, you need to switch the connection mode to Samsung. To do this, open the notification panel and select the “file transfer” option in the “Usb” section.

The names and appearance of the Inte Wee may vary somewhat depending on the specific Samsung model and the Android shell version. After that, a new external device will appear in the Windows conductor. Opening it, you will see a list of files and folders that were displayed in the dispatcher on the phone. Using a mouse and keyboard, it will be more convenient to delete unnecessary files in large quantities.

If you need additional reconnaissance functions, saving SMS, air synchronization, etc., then download and install the official SideSync utility.

Now you can delete extra files from the Samsung phone. This procedure can be carried out with standard, programs or through a personal computer. Feel free to ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will read every review and answer everyone!

This instruction is universal and suitable for most modern smartphones on the Android operating system.

Other useful recommendations for cleaning the memory of the device

It was easier to clean the smartphone from garbage, it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • monthly manual cleaning;
  • Setting up applications for automatic search and removal of garbage once a week;
  • lack of duplication of music, photos, videos;
  • Periodic download photo and video on a USB flash drive followed by removal from a smartphone.

It is easier to control the memory in a timely manner than then to clean it prolong.

There are many methods of how to clean the phone with various settings or utilities. Several of them can be used, which facilitates actions for a person, does not overload the RAM. If you do not accumulate garbage, the phone will work faster and more productive.

clean, samsung, manually, saving, data, phone

Using utilities

The above methods allow you to clean the memory from the files available to the user, but Android is arranged in such a way that it has a lot of garbage, which cannot be removed without special software. An excellent assistant will be the Clean Master application. By installing it on the Galaxy A80 smartphone or any other Samsung device you can clean the registry, remove “traces” from remote applications, or identify doubles of photos, videos and music. All this occupies a certain place on the drive.

The convenience of the program is that it is free and it has tabs for each of the cleaning options. In addition, the user does not need to know the Android device to use this cleaner. It deleted only what harms speed, and to delete all the necessary files, you will need to give the program resolution to the program.

Cleaning through a computer

The last way to clean the Samsung smartphone from extra files is to connect it to the PC via USB cable. Then, through any file manager, you check all the folders in the device memory and delete or copy the desired content on PC. You should not worry that you delete some necessary files. The Android system is arranged in such a way that even after connecting the gadget to the computer, system folders are hidden from the user.

For more subtle cleaning, you can use the CCleaner application. This is the analogue of Clean Master designed for PC, but it can also work with external media, and the Android device for the computer is displayed in this way.

When cleaning the cache is a necessity

If the smartphone stops quickly loading, it is impossible to use simple applications such as a calculator, then it is time to check which applications store the largest number of temporary files. It can be banking programs, social networks and games.

Android system can also freeze due to the fact that the memory of the phone is running out.

Using the ways to remove the cache discussed above, all important files will be saved, but temporary.

Is there a difference in cleaning of different models

The principle of cleaning cache is the same for all Samsung models. But the location of menu/settings can be distinguished depending on the version of the operating system, model.

Clash cleaning. the procedure is simple and understandable. Performing it regularly, once every few months, there will be no problems with memory overflow or loading of the device. There are several options for its implementation, depending on the state of the smartphone.