Chats in WhatsApp on the iPhone retired. Is it possible to return remote messages without a backup copy?

How to restore remote chats in WhatsApp

Fully restore remote chats in WhatsApp with a “Google disk” will only be obtained if you pre.activate the backup function. To do this, in the application settings you need to follow the path of “chats” → “Reserve Copy of Chats”, and then set the frequency of creating a reserve: daily, weekly or monthly.

The backup will be stored only on that Google account, from which the preservation was originally launched. To restore correspondence, you need to use the same phone number to which your account is registered in the messenger.

  • Install or reinstall WhatsApp. Open the application and confirm the phone number.
  • Confirm the request for the restoration of chats and media files from a copy on the “Google disk”.
  • When the process ends, press the “Next” button.
  • If there were media files in the backup, the application will continue to restore them in the background after the return of the chats.

From a local backup

In the memory of your device, the files of local backup copies for the last week are saved. To restore remote messages, you need to transfer these entries to the WhatsApp chat folder using a file manager.

  • Launch a file manager on a smartphone.
  • The files you need are located in the local storage or on the SD card. To find them, follow the path of Android → Media → Com.WhatsApp → WhatsApp. There are three catalogs in this folder: Backups, Databases and Media. Transfer the contents from Backups to Databases.
  • Reinstall and open WhatsApp. Confirm the phone number.
  • The application will offer to restore chats and media files from a local backup if it does not find a copy on a “google disk”. Click “Restore”.

Methods of returning remote messages

You can restore remote messages in WhatsApp in the following ways:

  • Reinstalling the program is the easiest and fastest way to return the desired information. Auto conservation of correspondence is performed daily in automatic mode, and after reinstalling the messenger you will see all the recent dialogs.
  • Chat recovery by backup in the Google cloud drive. this option is offered to the user immediately, at the first launch of the messenger. Important: using Google Drive, you can restore only the latest version of the correspondence, and not all dialogues in the history of communication in the messenger.
  • Restoring correspondence from a local file that is located at/sdcard/WhatsApp/or in the internal memory of the device. The messenger independently saves information every night, generating backups over the past 7 days. respectively, you can return the chats for a week of problems. And even if these files are not (for example, they were accidentally deleted), information can be returned using special programs.
  • The use of auxiliary software to restore texts and media files, which the Buli are removed by chance or intentionally.

Special software is also used to restore data after formatting a card or sudden failure. in this case, a program downloaded on PC is used. The smartphone is connected to the PC with the installed program, scanning the device is launched. and as a result you see files with the history of correspondence, which will need to be moved to the section with WhatsApp dialogs.

If for you the preservation of correspondence is a critical task, it is worth resorting to “insurance”, which will help protect all dialogs from removal. This is the Notification History program. from the moment of its installation you will see all messages, even if the interlocutor has removed them from the dialogue without your knowledge.

The application is designed for Android devices. The program will show only those deleted messages that were erased after the installation, the early notification History dialogs do not restore.

If the chat was deleted recently

The easiest way is to restore correspondence after removing in recent dialogs that were no more than 7 days ago. during this time the messenger saves chats in files on the device itself.

In order to be able to easily restore earlier correspondence, you need to establish the desired time for saving backups in the settings options backup.

If you need to read the remote message in the dialog from the last backup, you just need to reinstall the messenger.

    – the icon can simply be dragged into the basket by clamping the sensor, or perform the removal of the program through the application manager.

  • We find a messenger in the application store and install it again.
  • Launch WhatsApp, when registering, we write the previous phone number to which the account was tied.
  • During the launch process, the messenger performs a smartphone scan and seeks backup copies. If they are found, you will be invited to restore dialogs from the found files.
  • Click “Restore” to confirm the operation.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the process and check the correspondence. all messages and media files, including deleted ones, should be in place.

This method is simple, but not the most reliable. If you could not restore messages in WhatsApp, it means that they were saved in an old backup, the place of which was already taken by a new. From a technical point of view, this means that the correspondence was removed relatively long ago. and here the process of restoring dialogs is performed differently.

If the correspondence is removed for a long time

In this case, the concept of “long” means that you need information from the dialogue that was saved before the creation of the last backup. Data recovery in such cases is as follows:

  • We launch the conductor application to access the device memory. On almost all smartphones there is a conductor by default, if it is not. download the application from the store.
  • We open the WhatsApp application catalog, see the Databases folder and open it. all backups of the messenger are stored here. Focusing on dates, we find and open the desired file.
  • Click on the file and hold the press until the new window is opened.
  • In the menu that appears, you need to select the “Rename” item and change its name. we delete the date from the name, leaving only MSGStore.DB.Crypt12.
  • We save a backup with a new name. When scanning WhatsApp will find this file and automatically unload all correspondence from it.
  • Again we change the name of the file to more understandable and convenient, it does not have to repeat the previous name.

The last 4 actions are repeated until all the necessary dialogs are restored.

Useful advice: Before you start restoring chats with this method, do not forget to save current dialogs. If this is not done, they will be removed. their place will take a restored backup copy.

MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12. the desired file for reinforcement of correspondence

How to restore correspondence

The correspondence and iPhone correspondence and iPhone correspondence algorithm will be slightly different. this is due to the features of data storage in different operating systems.

All methods of data restoration on mobile devices are divided into 2 categories. with backups and without them.

Is it possible to restore correspondence in WhatsApp if there is no backup copy? It is possible, but with backup copies the chances of success are always higher, so do not neglect the creation of backups.

For Android

If you need to restore dialogs on the Android device, this can be done in two ways-use a backup, or extract information and memory of a smartphone.

Both methods are quite simple, they do not require extraneous intervention or installation of additional software.

With a backup

If you have already used the WhatsApp messenger, then you already have an account from which backup copies were automatically created.

With a new launch of WhatsApp, the device is scanning for detecting backups. the application itself offers to find backup copies of files with dialogs. The easiest way is to recover from the Google disk.

Stages of recovery. how to restore chat in WhatsApp with a backup:

  • We check the correctness of the account and the attached number. the device should have the account, on the disc which the backups were preserved;
  • We launch the messenger;
  • We confirm the phone number. the one to which the account is registered (backups are tied to it);
  • We give the application permission to access the necessary information (contacts, files, photos, videos). This is needed to search for a backup copy.

When the desired backup is found, click on restore. after that whatsApp “pulls out” the information from the cloud and shows it to you.

This is the fastest and simple option for recovering chats, it takes only a few minutes.

Using backup to restore chats in WhatsApp

Without a backup

If there are no backup copies, correspondence can be restored from a local copy of files on the smartphone itself.

Automatic backups on Android devices are stored in the /WhatsApp /Database folder. In order to open them, you can use the file manager, or connect the device to PC.

Databases folder contains all the reserve copies of the messenger. To restore correspondence, we act like this:

  • By the dates we find and open the desired file.
  • Rename the file. delete the date from the name, leaving only part of the msgstore name.DB.Crypt12. A file that already does not have a date in the name already contains the current database.

To restore the old version, you need to delete the conservation date from its name and replace the original file. When restoring data, the last database is always used.

For iOS

Owners of Android devices can store their data in the cloud using Google disk, there is no such option for the iPhone. This function is performed by iCloud cloud servers, which will maintain the history of correspondence.

There are 2 main ways to restore remote messages in WhatsApp on the iPhone:

How to Backup and Restore Whatsapp Messages on Android In Telugu | Restore Whatsapp Chat In Telugu

Also, to restore correspondence, you can use the Tenorshare Ultdata program, which is downloaded on PC.

Restoring dialogs using backup copying. This method allows you to return recently deleted files, as well as prevent their loss in the future. Stages of recovery:

  • We open the messenger;
  • We go into the “Settings” and find the “Chats” section;
  • Here we select “backup” and see information about the storage of correspondence on ICLOD cloud servers.
  • We turn on automatic copying. this is the most convenient option that provides reliable storage of dialogs in iCloud. By default, automatic backing is installed daily, which means that your WhatsApp chats are daily reserved in ICLOUD.
  • When a copy is created, data about it will be displayed in the same menu.

After creating a backup, remove WhatsApp and install it again. while all dialogs, including the history of calls, will be restored.

Restore chats via icloud. To use this method, only Apple ID accounting is required to access all Apple services. Make sure that there is an identifier, and you have access to it.

  • We go to the iCloud application, we find a section with the settings with synchronization of information of all applications. There will be WhatsApp if it is already installed on the device.
  • We look so that all the toggle swores are installed in the inclusive position. this means that all information will be stored in automatic mode set by synchronization settings.

This method is most convenient to use if you have not changed the number. If the dialogs were conducted by another number, both numbers will need to restore the correspondence. old and new.

Restoring correspondence through iCloud

How to restore a remote correspondence on the iPhone in WhatsApp

The safety of correspondence in WhatsApp is ensured by backup copying. copies are stored on the phone and in a cloud with a given frequency: daily, weekly, monthly. If the correspondence or media files in WhatsApp on the iPhone were accidentally or intentionally removed, in most cases you can restore the remote chat. This requires backups and access to the main account. usually this is enough to return all the necessary information. In this material, we will analyze how to do it.

There are several ways to restore correspondence in WhatsApp after removing on the iPhone:

All these methods are crossed and combined in places, which simplifies the process of restoring information.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone without Backup After Factory Reset

WhatsApp data recovery via Tenorshare Ultdata

Through iCloud

ICLOUD is a multifunctional cloud storage that is on all Apple devices. Here you can store large volumes of information, in particular, backups, with which you can easily restore remote correspondence and media files in WhatsApp.

Make sure that your iPhone is activated on the backup function:

  • We open the “settings” WhatsApp;
  • We go to “chats”. “backup copy”;
  • If you need to create a copy manual, click “Create a copy”.
  • An automatic creation of backups is set nearby, it is only necessary to specify the conservation interval from the user.

After the setup of the creation of backups is completed, you can begin to restore remote dialogs. To do this, we act like this:

  • Reinstall the messenger, open it;
  • When starting, enter the phone number to which the account is tied. If the number is different, it will be impossible to return the correspondence;
  • Choosing the command “Restore a copy”.

As a result, you will see the message “History of the chat is restored”.

In order to avoid problems with file recovery, you should follow three simple conditions:

  • Without urgent need, do not change the phone number to which the account is tied;
  • Configure the optimal time for creating backups. for example, once every 7 days;
  • Use some iCloud account for all devices (this is useful when transferring information between devices).

The implementation of all three points provides you with a restoration of dialogs and media files.

How to restore correspondence after removal without a backup copy? Alas, for the iPhone such an opportunity is not provided for. Owners of Android devices can save backups on a smartphone, but there is no such option for the iPhone.

There are two options. save backups in the cloud storage, or use the iTunes application on PC. Otherwise, if there are no backup copies at all, it will not be possible to return remote messages.

How to restore correspondence on iPhone via iTunes

One of the important functions of iTunes is the creation of backups that will be stored on PC. with their help you can restore correspondence at any time. If you manually did not choose the creation of copies on iCloud, then this automatically happens on iTunes.

The ITUNES program provides for the restoration of all the information from the iPhone in general, there are no selective loading options here. In order to restore only WhatsApp dialogs and files, you need to use the special Tenorshare Ultdata application, which is created to work with backups of iTunes.

The restoration in this case means the preservation of backups on PC, which will subsequently be used to extract the necessary information.

First, download and install on the PC program Tenorshare Ultdata.

  • We run the Ultdata program to the PC;
  • Connect the iPhone on to the computer;
  • We see a window in which you need to select the command “Restore files from iTunes”;
  • Run scanning and see what files are in the backup; those that are removed are highlighted in color.
  • Checks the necessary files and click “Restore”.

ICLOUD Chat restoration using Tenorshare Ultdata:

  • Download the program on PC, connect to the iPhone computer.
  • At the top in the window select “Restore files from iCloud”.
  • The system requests the identifier and password, indicate them;
  • Run scanning;
  • Select files that need to be restored. mark them with ticks and click “Forward”.

Using the “Output Settings Settings” button, we indicate the place where the files will be saved. it can be a PC or smartphone.

Restoration of remote messages WhatsApp on iPhone without a backup copy

WhatsApp does not have its own user storage, for your chats and other information you are responsible only you.

If there are no backup copies at all. neither automatic nor created by your own. to restore remote messages in WhatsApp on the iPhone.

Therefore, it is very important immediately, at the first use of the messenger, configure all the parameters and set the creation of backup copies in the cloud.

Correspondence with separate contact or all chats

All the same methods described above are applicable here. If you need to restore correspondence with a specific person, but there is no backup copy. you can just ask the interlocutor to send you a dialogue that has been preserved with him.

  • If you need to restore only a small part of the dialogue, the interlocutor can send it with fragments. This is easily done. the necessary messages are simply distinguished by a long press and are sent by the function “Send”.
  • If the whole dialogue is needed, you can use the function of “export chat”.

For the export of chat, you need to click in the name of the interlocutor at the very top of the chat open now, scroll down to the “Chat Export” button, click on it and choose where to send this chat.

After removing the application

If WhatsApp has been deleted, you just need to download and install it again to restore correspondence. and the dialogs will be loaded from a backup copy.

What to do if it was not possible to return the chat

If problems arise when restoring chats, you need to check the correctness of all data:

  • Make sure that you use the phone number to which the account is tied and you have access to it. Using a new number in the messenger is one of the most common problems. If you corresponded under a different number, then you can restore it only if you “” into the messenger using the old number. Also, the past correspondence will not be displayed when changing the phone number.
  • This is especially important when transferring information to a new iPhone with a new number;
  • Make sure the correctness of the iCloud accounting. it is difficult to make a mistake here, but, nevertheless, it will not be verified the correctness of its correctness.
  • Check the quality of the connection to the network. the signal should be stable, and the speed should be quite high.
  • Use iOS not older than version 8. otherwise the problems with the restoration of chats are almost inevitable. Restoring correspondence is possible only from the version of iOS 8 and above. And the latest version of WhatsApp needs iOS 10.
  • Make sure that the device is activated by iCloud Drive.

It is also worth periodically checking the volume of free space both on iCloud and on the device itself, The lack of space will cause problems in reserve copying.

How to restore correspondence in WhatsApp on iPhone from ICLOUD storage

Sometimes the user loses correspondence, files and messages in WhatsApp, because these data are not stored in the cloud. That is, the whole history of chats persists only on your smartphone. In this case, when starting the gadget cleaning or updating the iPhone operating system and in some other situations, your correspondence will be more likely. Sometimes it is very difficult to restore it. To return the correspondence in WhatsApp and protect your chats for the future:

  • Open in WhatsApp “Settings”;
  • Then select “Chats”;
  • Further “Chat Backup”;
  • Give the application command to create backups of your correspondence in WhatsApp on a cloud icloud. It is best to choose automatic backup;
  • After copying, the file information will be displayed precisely in “Chat Backup”;
  • If you want to delete the application or clean the smartphone, first check the presence of a fresh backup of correspondence;
  • After removing or cleaning, go to WhatsApp. The system will offer you to restore the history of backup correspondence. Agree to recovery.

Storing backups of Watsap in iCloud is very convenient. So that they are always in time and without freely created in automatic mode, make sure that you have enough memory in iCloud and on iPhone. Memory there and there should be two or more times more than you need for a backup.

How to return the correspondent in WhatsApp from the iphone backup

It happens that it is necessary to restore the history of correspondence in WhatsApp as a whole or completely. To do this, you can use the restoration of the iphone backup copy. To return the correspondence in this way:

  • Install the iPhone Backup Extractor;
  • Select the desired backup in this program. She will automatically check the presence of backups in the default folder. If the backup is stored not there, select the desired directory. To do this, click “Add backup copies”;
  • Download backup;
  • When the file is downloaded, in the main work area of ​​the program “OverView” the icon of Watsap will appear;
  • If you want to restore all correspondence, click on the application icon and start recovery;
  • If you are interested in individual chats, go to the section “Preview”. Select the Watsap icon, then select the necessary chats and click “Extract”.

Remember that you can restore correspondence from a backup only if you used the same number for this. If accounts do not match, WhatsApp chats cannot be returned. Nevertheless, no one prevents you from creating backups for different WhatsApp accounts on one cloud icloud server.

Wait a minute, but isn’t the whole correspondence stored on Watsapp servers? I know that photographs and videos are stored only on user smartphones, if they are removed from there, then they can’t be restored already, but the messages themselves, according to the idea, should not be stored in the cloud and the abyss cannot?

How to restore chats in WhatsApp on iPhone

There are several ways on the iPhone that help restore chats in the WhatsApp messenger. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with all the methods, and then choose the most suitable.

How to restore WhatsApp archive on iPhone via iCloud

ICLOUD is one of the most useful functions on the smartphone. With its help, the user can store all the necessary information, as well as backups on a remote server. At any time, the lost data will be able to restore.

First you need to make sure that the iPhone has a backup function. It is recommended to establish an action that will create a backup in certain intervals of time. Thanks to this, the user may not be afraid that personal data will be lost due to various failures in the operation of the system.

To create a backup in iCloud, you should open the smartphone settings. Here you need to go to the ICLUD section, and then ICLOUD DRIVE. The slider, which is responsible for creating backups, should be in the meaning of “VCL”. Also, it is necessary to activate the creation of a backup for the application WhatsApp.

After that, the user needs to go to the messenger. Here you should open the settings and select the section “Chats and calls”. After that, you need to go to “Copying”.

If backups were created earlier, they will be displayed on the screen. In the event that they are not on the device, the user configure copying. In order to manually make a backup, you should click on “Create a copy”.

In the same window, the user can configure the automatic creation of backup copies. It is only necessary to indicate the frequency.

After that, you can proceed to the restoration of correspondence. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Install the WhatsApp application on a new device. If it was loaded before the creation of a backup, you should reinstall it.
  • Launch the messenger.
  • Enter the phone number to which the account is attached. If you change the number, then restore correspondence will not work.
  • Select the command “Restore a copy”.

If the recovery was successful, the corresponding message will be displayed on the screen.

The user during the restoration of all information must adhere to some rules:

  • The devices should have one iCloud account;
  • In order not to lose data, it is recommended to establish a weekly creation of backup copies;
  • The phone number to which the account is tied should not change.

This instruction can be used if the user deleted an important message, but before that he created a backup copy. It is enough to reinstall the application on the smartphone. After that, make a recovery from the existing backup.

Read more cloud storage icloud can be viewed in this video

From a backup in the WhatsApp application

The user may encounter a situation where the icloud reserve copy has not been created before. Or, for some reason, it is impossible to create it. Then the question arises whether it is possible to use the backup of the application itself.

WhatsApp messenger does not create backup copies of current correspondence. In the case of the Android operating system, the user independently copy and save it on a smartphone. For the owners of the iPhone, this is not possible.

In this case, it is required to save the backup in the cloud storage or use the iTunes application on the computer. Without a previously created backup, it is impossible to restore correspondence.

How to restore correspondence through iTunes

The iTunes application also allows you to create backup copies that are stored on the computer. With their help, the user can restore his device at any time. However, there is a small restriction.

When creating a backup through this program, the user saves all the information from his device. Recovery also allows you to return the entire system. There is no selective saving or downloading data here.

To restore only correspondence in the WhatsApp messenger, and not the entire smartphone, you need to use the special Tenorshare Ultdata app. The program works with backups of iTunes.

To transfer all the chats from one device to another using iTunes, the user needs:

  • Download the iTunes application to a computer. The program is available for all operating systems. You need to download it only from the official site. Otherwise, in the operation of the system, failures may occur.
  • Create a backup copy of the old device in a standard way.
  • Connect a second smartphone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch the Tenorshare Ultdata program.
  • At the top of the window, select the iTunes section.
  • All the backups that are saved on the computer will be displayed on the screen. After choosing the right one, scan will begin.

After the completion of this process, all applications will be located on the left side of the window whose data can be restored. The user should choose from the WhatsApp list and install the corresponding flags. It is also worth paying attention so that other applications are not selected. After that, you should click on the “Restore” command.

After the information is completely restored, the program can be closed and disabled by the smartphone from the computer.

In the same application, the user can restore data from other messengers. In addition, ICloud service is available. It is possible to selectively restore information from the cloud storage. To do this, you need to enter account data.

How to restore correspondence in WhatsApp using applications

The Tenorshare Ultdata application will be the most relevant for the restoration of correspondence in the messenger. The user can download dialogs with backup copies that are stored on a computer or cloud service iCloud. It is also possible to save invested files or delete them.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

The WhatsApp application created a backup copy immediately after removing an important dialogue. Can I restore it?

Each backup, which is created in the system, automatically replaces the previous. Therefore, only the latest data will be restored.

Will I get using the Tenorshare Ultdata program, restore the correspondence that is stored in iCloud?

Yes. To do this, you need to select the corresponding section, and then enter the data from your account. For the recovery process itself, you need to use the standard instructions.

The system creates backup of the entire history of chats. Unnecessary correspondence will have to be removed manually. This can be done on the old device before backup or after recovery.

At the time of recovery, it is necessary to put the flags only on the dialogs. Then all invested files will not be transferred to a new device.

How to see remote messages in WhatsApp on iPhone?

WhatsApp was created in such a way that it does not save the data in the storehouse of the messenger himself. There is no common cloud. A large number of instant messengers are currently arranged according to another principle. However, this does not make Watsapp worse. All information about it is contained only on the phone, most often in the cloud storages installed on it, it happens in internal. In the iPhone, the main cloud is icloud. Therefore, if the correspondence disappears from the telephone system (this can happen when the operating system is reset or the phone can be cleaned, data can be restored), it is difficult to restore it. Much more complicated than in the case of its disappearance only from the mobile application.

Important! You can return the lost chats on the iPhone at least with the eighth firmware version. iOS 7 and below this function does not support.

The algorithm for viewing remote messages has several clear sequential operations. Firstly, you need to find out if there is a copy of the application data in the iCloud. In the case of a positive answer, you need to go to the next paragraph of the article. a way to return your data is revealed in it in it. If the reserves were not found, then, secondly, it is necessary to study the issue of finding an application to restore data from the basket of phone memory. It is impossible to do this manually, so the smart program will be the best solution.

How to restore the remote chat through iCloud?

To cope with the task using only the iPhone cloud, you need to make sure that Apple’s account activity. If such is normal, the transition to the following actions is possible. The procedure for recovery:

  • Deleting WhatsApp. It may seem strange, but the application should initially be erased from the phone. The answer to the question “How to restore messages in WhatsApp on iPhone?”And a similar fact looks incompatible. To delete, you need to select the application icon on the home screen, hold a finger on it, select the cross icon and thereby start the removal process on the iPhone.
  • New installation of the messenger. After the first step is completed, return the remote program back. The download of download is provided by the Apple or Google Play store.
  • Entrance to the network. This is done under the same number to which the account is tied with the necessary child. Almost immediately, the window about the automatic search for backup copies surfaces. The application will find it in iCloud without problems.
  • The choice of recovery. In the window, click on the corresponding section (several possible options are proposed). Loading may take some time. After its completion, all the chats, including those in which there were deleted messages, will be returned to the place.

True, some distortions are possible after the return of the chats. Some images previously sent by the interlocutor and necessary at the moment may be inaccessible to loading. But this is not the fault. the sender himself deleted the file from his device. Accordingly, nobody can no longer convey it to anyone.

Important! When changing the account number, all correspondence available in the application account under the old phone number automatically boils down to zero. There are no possibilities for their restoration. Therefore, the entrance to the account must be done in any case, introducing the previous number.

Among the recommendations, you can observe a check of free space in the cloud storage. Memory tends to block, periodically the need to delete unnecessary files is observed. With a lack of place, the backup copy will cease to be carried out. From this, some problems are possible.

How to read a message removed by an interlocutor in WhatsApp on iPhone

At the entrance to WhatsApp chat, she noticed that the interlocutor sent me a message and immediately deleted him. I want to see the contents of this message. Is it possible to read messages deleted by another person in WhatsApp on the iPhone? How to do it?

For smartphones on Android, there are applications that allow you to copy and save the text of the notifications. There are no such programs in the App Store. You can read the erased message if the WhatsApp on the iPhone includes backup, and the last copy of the chats was made after receiving SMS, but before it is removed.

By default, all copied correspondence is preserved in your iCloud account. You can check the availability of a backup in WhatsApp when moving to the “Settings” tab = “Chats” = “Reserve Copy”. In the upper part of the page you will see the date and time of the last copy.

There are no buttons for loading the archive in the messenger. If you want to restore the history of chats, WhatsApp needs to be deleted, and then download the latest version of this application from the App Store store.

Complete instructions on how to read the message in WhatsApp on the iPhone with the interlocutor if there is a backup:

  • Enter the number that was used when registering last time, click “Ready”. SMS with a code will enter the phone, enter this code on the next page.

If the copy of the chats in ICLUD was made after deleting an unread message, it will not work to restore the information on your own. The only way to find out the lost SMS is to ask the author to send a message again.

How to delete a message from WhatsApp

There are times when you ask yourself a question: how to delete a message in Votsap? It happens that you need to delete the message from both, delete the sent message, delete the archive in WhatsApp, and T.P. This is done all the same easily.

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.

On the chat tab, select the one from which you want to delete.

Squeeze any message you want to delete. Now click Remove on the emerging menu.

If you want to delete several messages at once, mark them using small circles next to messages, and then click the bin icon.

How to clear the history of a particular chat in WhatsApp

I wonder how to delete a group in Votsap? It is as easy as everything else.

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone and select the chat you want to clean.

Click the name of the chat.

Sweep down and select clean the chat.

Now you have two options: delete all messages or delete all messages except the elect.

Spend the required chat to the left and choose again.

Click to clean the chat.

You can also delete all messages, or leave the chosen ones.

That’s all, now you know how to delete whole chats and messages from WhatsApp. We recommend doing this periodically to free up memory on the device.