AirPods does not work one headphone. Problems with infrared sensor.

We connect Airpods to the iPhone: it does not see, do not connect, one headphone does not work

Airpods headphones to iPhone are connected as simple as possible, quickly, and in most cases without any problems. For a few years of use, they may not have been connected several times automatically, or I had to remove them on the phone and reinstall them. In general, very cool and high.quality headphones that work fine with the iPhone, other Apple equipment and even with devices of other manufacturers.

In this article I will show how to connect AirPods headphones to the iPhone, and how to solve possible problems with connecting. When the iPhone does not see Airpods, or sees, but they do not connect. We also consider the situation when one headphone stopped working. This does not happen often, but it happens. I ran into this on my first.generation Airpods. The instruction will be relevant for all versions, including AirPods Pro.

The first connection of AirPods

The process of connecting new headphones (first time). or after removing headphones on the iPhone. You just need to unlock your iPhone, open a case with headphones (the indicator on the case should flash white, if not so, click and hold a button on the case for several seconds). After that, a message will appear on the iPhone screen with a proposal to connect Airpods. You just need to click on the “connect” button.

The indicator on the case will light up in green, and information about connected headphones will appear on the iPhone (headphone and case charge level).

Click “Ready” and we can use headphones. In the future, they will connect to the iPhone automatically when you get them out of the case and insert them into your ears.

Why only one wireless headphone works?

Consider each case in more detail.

Most decisions have been tested by me from my own experience. I took some solutions from Комментарии и мнения владельцев on other similar articles on this site. If you have something to share. do it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will be grateful!

If you have Airpods headphones the first or second version, or Airpods Pro, then see this article: connect AirPods to the iPhone: does not see, do not connect, one headphone does not work.

If you have Xiaomi Redmi Airdots or Xiaomi Earbuds, then I recommend switching to this page: Xiaomi Redmi Airdots and Earbuds: the left/right headphone does not work, they are not synchronized, not connected, the case/headphone is not charged.

Before applying different solutions about which I will talk about below, try to just put the headphones in the case for a few minutes. Make sure the case is charged. Turn off and turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

Try to turn on the right or left headphone

To do it is very simple. There is a button on the right and left headphone. It can be both mechanical and sensory. In this case, it does not matter. To turn on or off the headphone, you need to click on this button and hold for 3-5 seconds. You can usually find out about turning on/off by the indicator on the headphone, or by the sound signal Power On/Power Off.

We take a non.working headphone in the hand, clamp the button on it and hold it for about 5 seconds.

Perhaps the headphone will work. If the first time did not work. try again. You can also perform 2-3 clicks (touches) on the button, or sensor.

For this reason, by the way, one Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphone does not work very often. If the decision that I showed did not help. try to do the following: Put the headphone in the case with a clamped button. Just click the button and put the headphone in the charger.

If the headphone does not turn on. see other solutions.

Fast category of one of the headphones.

Manufacturers indicate that the device can operate autonomously about 5 hours. To do this, just put them for recharging for 20-25 minutes. An accessory can be used within a day if it is stored in the case.

The reasons for the quick discharge and the methods of eliminating them:

  • Auto owl function.If the device does not turn off when it is not used, the charge is wasted. To solve this problem, you should check the settings.
  • Frequent opening and closing the case next to the iPhone.

If the problem has not been solved after 2 of the above points, it is recommended to reload Airpods. In the case when the problem did not solve, it is worth contacting a specialized service.

Dirt on the contacts of one of the headphones Airpods.

Dirt in contacts is removed in the same way as sulfur. For this, cotton sticks, napkins are used, if necessary, hydrogen peroxide and toothpick. Calibration is required. For better operation of the device, it is recommended to calibrate the battery. If one of the AirPods headphones is discharged faster than the other, it is recommended to conduct the following actions:

  • Completely discharge the case.
  • Fully charge the headphones by means of a case and then completely discharge until the moment.
  • Remember the case again, and then install the headphones in it and make their charge.

This procedure will stabilize the operation of the device. However, it is not recommended to repeat this procedure too often.

One headphone Airpods falls off. What to do?

AirPods are beautiful, except when one or both headphones do not work. Fortunately, most problems with Apple’s set have a universal solution. if it does not help, then you need to go to the service. By the way, support in SC is one of the reasons why we advise you to buy an accessory from official retailers (but more on that).

The situation. you inserted both headphones into your ears, launched playback, but one of the Eyrdov does not work. What to do?

First of all, check the charging level. Remove the headphones, place it back in the case and open the smartphone. Information about the charge will appear either in a pop.up window, or you can see it at the iPhone widget. It often happens that one headphone is charged, and the second at zero. This happens for two reasons: either you forgot to put the headphone in the case, or because of problems with contacts or internal malfunction, it stopped charging. Chargers of the case wear out over time and begin to “pick up” the contacts of the headphones through time.

It also happens that the contacts of the headphones are very clogged. then they just need to be cleaned. How to do this, we told here.

Repair Airpods will be considered later-now we believe that some kind of software error has occurred. First of all, we put the headphones back to the case, then we take out and check the battery charge. We insert Airpods into the ears, turn on the music-if everything is in order, then because of a programmatic error, the smartphone picked up only one headphone. Sometimes it happens.

If the headphone refuses to work or falls off in the course of work, try to untie it from our smartphone. We put headphones and cases and temporarily put them aside. Then we open the Bluetooth settings, find our headset, click on button I, then. “Forget this device”. Having untied the headphones, open the case cover, bring the case to the smartphone, observe the appearance of the pairing window, connect to the headset.

Usually a simple reconnecting through the Bluetooth settings solves the problem. But sometimes it happens that the headphones either refuse to work, or begin to disconnect from time to time or unleash from the sound source.

Imagine that we didn’t succeed. We try the last way to reset Airpods. To do this, we return the headphones to the case, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then open the lid and unleash the headset from the smartphone (as was described in the pair of previous paragraphs).

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After that, take the case, press and hold the settings button on the rear panel for 15 seconds. the indicator first blows yellow, and then becomes white. Then we bring the untied Airpods to the smartphone and repeat the conjugation.

From personal experience, AirPods reset solved 90% of the set of set. She began to connect normally, extraneous sounds disappeared, even charging stopped dulling.

If the reset did not help, and the headphones continue to fall off from time to time, try updating your smartphone. As a rule, in iOS, the AirPods Airpods correcting the problems of Airpods, and through Android updates, you can also get relevant Bluetooth settings and correct errors. By the way, an Apple technical support employee will ask for updating the system.

The final situation. nothing helped, the headphones continue to dull. Apparently, the problem is not in software: probably, the battery or some kind of iron in the headset has worn out over time. Maybe it’s a marriage-you can’t imagine how often AirPods are produced with some constructive problem. If you have white headphones (not in the sense of color, but in terms of guarantee), then we remember when you bought them. If over the past two years, you can contact the service center for diagnostics. The guarantee also applies to the gray Airpods, but it, as a rule, is valid for a year, not two. We check the support of the headphones on the Apple website by introducing the serial number of the device.

In some cases, the Apple website may write that the AirPods purchase date is not confirmed. This can talk about the fact that the guarantee for the headset does not apply, and that Apple did not receive from the store in which you bought them, Pruf about the purchase of headphones. It is better to go to the authorized service center here and check the device guarantee on the spot.

SC experts are not very bothering with diagnostics (AirPods do not repair in principle). The master will confirm the presence of a problem and give a new one instead of an old headphone. We repeat, if the headphones under warranty are marriage, then the replacement will be free. If the headphone suffered because of the owner, then you will be offered to buy a new one instead of the old. Any replacement will cost less than a new set of headset.

Can there be different firmware on AirPods?

Yes, easily. For example, if the user orders one headphone to himself in return for the faulty (Apple also provides such a service), with a high degree of probability, the firmware version on the old and new headphone will be different. In this case, the old headphone will connect to the iPhone, iPad or Mac, as usual, but the new one will not be able to work with it in pairs due to different firmware versions. Even if you remove them together in one charging case and get them again.

For example, last year, Apple began to be sent to replace Airpods with firmware, which was officially not yet presented, and therefore did not allow the use of headphones for their intended purpose.

At the same time, after the new version of the firmware is released at 3E751, some users began to notice that the headphones stopped seeing each other due to the fact that one of the AirPods was updated and the other was not, although the headphones were old and worked before that without any problems.

The same version of the firmware after which the problems began

Why AirPods does not see one headphone

In this case, the instructions that Apple sends to those users who receive one AirPods headphone or charging case can help.

  • Place both AirPods headphones in a charging case.
  • Open the lid and check the light indicator. He must blink yellow.
  • Press and hold the settings button on the back side of the case for a few seconds. The status indicator should start flashing white.

IMPORTANT! If the indicator still flashes yellow, connect the case to charging, close the lid and wait 20 minutes. Then open the lid, press again and hold the settings button for a few seconds until the status indicator starts to flash white.

After that, the iPhone will update the firmware on both headphones and again “connect” them among themselves.

chips of air subs

The device sits comfortably in the ears. The complete absence of wires. than 200 ear shells were examined before creating Apple, they designed 124 prototype. When wearing, ergonomics and comfort are felt. Do not fall out of the ears when walking, active movements of the head and running. This factor is very important. some users are afraid to purchase them for this reason.

Attracts autonomy of inserts. From one charge, the air subs can work for 5 hours. Plus charging case. 19 hours without recharging, almost a day. There is a quick exercise. 15 minutes of charge-3-4 hours of work.

Just connect to the device. Turn on Bluetooth, open the case to the device. ready. Apple Ai-Di is an easy connection to any gadget. The sound in the headphones is clean and equally good in conversational podcasts.

The allocated processor and modern technologies provides stable, long work. You can communicate with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. it’s also a headset. Each headphone has a headphone, they are used separately, if necessary.

One wireless headphone does not work.

Sometimes a situation arises when one of the wireless headphones does not give sound. If you turn on the player and cannot understand why the headphone does not work, first you need to check the device itself. If it is regular, then the problem lies in the headphone.

Possible problems.

  • One headphone was discharged.Often headphones are discharged in different ways, because many models have one headphone leading, it is discharged first.
  • Flowing the speaker. Especially if water hit. Of course the sound will not disappear completely, but you can hear anything at low volume.
  • Improper location of the nutrition element.If your headphones in your headphones are a replacement of power, do not confuse polarity.
  • Incorrect location of the headset.Some models have a presence sensor in the ear. With an incorrect location, it may not work and there will be no sound.
  • Connection problems.Sometimes only 1 headphone is connected. You need to carry them together.
  • Sound source settings.Sometimes it’s not about headphones, but a sound source.

How to fix.

Depending on the complexity of the breakdown, it can be fixed in the service center or on its own. When clogging the speaker with garbage, gray, dust, they are neatly removed with a thin needle, a clip and a cotton swab. Cleaning should be done with smooth movements. Sudden movements will lead to breakdown of speakers.

Checking can be done in a few minutes. Whatever the speaker is clogged, it is worth periodically preventing, and to maintain better contact of the connector it is recommended to purchase a protective cover.

If the battery is incorrectly placed, check the plus and minus of the nutrition element. Plus batteries in size 11 millimeters should be located to the top. For smaller batteries, plus is located below. Easy noise after inserting the battery indicates proper repairs.

Incorrect connection of the headset may be associated with the overflow of phone memory. If you cannot understand why one headphone works, then try to rename the name of the device used in the phone.

What to do if the sound does not work on the iPhone writes headphones smartphones from Apple are known as one of the most reliable. However, even problems sometimes arise with them. Enough…

Many phones can transmit sound through the speaker, and not through headphones. To do this, you need to go into the settings, and make the right choice. If, after all the repair and preventive procedures, one headphone still does not work, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Useful tips.

That the new equipment would last as long as possible, try to adhere to the tips:

  • Keep clean the device connectors.
  • The headset should be stored in a neat state. This will avoid cable breakdown.
  • It is not recommended to use the device in minus weather.
  • Places subject to the break can be strengthened with a cambric or island.

It is important to remember that if one headphone does not work, the malfunction may be in a production marriage. Therefore, when buying, keep a check and a warranty ticket. Careful attitude with the set of set will allow it to use it for a long period of time. If you are not confident in your abilities, trying to repair the equipment malfunction, you should contact qualified specialists.

The most common problems with AirPods and how to solve them

Not so long ago in the editorial office we argued about which AirPods is better. And, despite the fact that I love AirPods Pro that I have been using since their appearance, it turned out that other authors almost unanimously support ordinary inserted Airpods. They argue this by the inconvenience of headphones as such. As a result, we never came to a common opinion on the most convenient type of headphones, but we discussed the most common problems that we faced when using them. It turns out that there are more than enough of them, but not everyone knows how to handle them correctly. At the same time, for solving problems there are Apple recommendations, special tools and service centers that successfully solve many problems.

AirPods problems arise too often so that they do not talk about them.

What can break in Airpods

Airpods do not charge or charge slowly

The first problem that those who often use headphones face is insufficient charging speed or its impossibility. There can be a lot of reasons and fully understand them only in a service center like Apple Pro, but you can try something yourself.

First of all, you need to check if the contacts are damaged. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the headphones for mechanical damage in the lower part of the headphones, where the contacts are located. After that, you need to look inside the case. If there is a lot of dirt and dust on the bottom of the case, it must be removed, but you yourself will not be your own fear and risk. If you damage something, you will have to change the case, and this is, as they say, completely different money. You can even replace one or both ordinary AirPods or replace the left or right Airpods Pro.

AirPods can be bought separately, but for this you need to contact the service center.

You can try to carefully blow the case with compressed air, but without fanaticism. over, do not blow there. Particles of saliva can get inside and lead to corrosion. What is it and how it affects electronics, we said in a separate article. If you are not confident, it is better to contact professionals who are constantly faced with this and know what to do so as not to damage the headphones.

There is another reason for slow charging. Headphones in order to maintain a battery resource, do not always charge completely. They understand when you remove the case from charging and adjust your charge to this time. That is, when you connect power at 21:00, they quickly gain 80% of the charge. After watching the battery level at 05:00, you will see the same 80% and think that this is not enough for 8 hours of charging. But the headphones left such a level as to make it maximum at 08:00, when you usually turn off them from them.

AirPods quickly discharged

If the headphones do not work as long as before, or one sits faster than the other, then in this case the problem is almost certainly only one. the batteries are worn out. In this case, you need to either buy new ones, or contact the service center for diagnosis. In rare cases, calibration helps, but most likely it will be necessary to replace one or both headphones. This replacement can be made at the Apple Pro service center and it will cost cheaper than buying a new set. If necessary, replace one headphone Airpods Pro, the right can be bought at this link, and the left can be bought at this link.

You can even buy a case separately if something is wrong with it.

AirPods microphone does not work

Our friends from the Apple Pro service center said that quite often AirPods users come to them, in which the microphone stopped working. When they asked people, after which this happened, it turned out that they tried to clean the microphone with a toothpick after the interlocutor complained about the quality of communication. Many did this in the kiosks of quick repair of equipment, which are usually found at the metro or in shopping centers.

Microphone is a rather delicate component that is easy to damage. That is why do not clean it yourself. It is better to trust professionals or just check once again. Perhaps the cleaning is not needed at all, and the interlocutor complains for another reason: a bad connection, strong wind, you are talking quietly or he himself needs to clean the dynamics grate in the phone.

AirPods began to work quieter

Another AirPods problem is the volume reduction. Often you do not notice this, since this happens gradually. If, nevertheless, the sound disappeared sharply, definitely one path. to the service. If silence has become absorbed in the headphones gradually, there are options.

AirPods Pro users in this situation will be a little easier. It will be enough to replace the outpatules with new. They have a special membrane that does not allow dirt to get inside. To localize the problem, try headphones with another size from the kit and, if the sound becomes louder, order new outrageouss.

The grid of conventional AirPods can clog and the sound will be quieter.

If you have ordinary AirPods, most likely the loss of volume is associated with clogging. Apple itself on its website recommends using a dry cotton wool for cleaning. If the pollution was not strong, it will help. If not and you are unlucky, experts recommend contacting the service so that cleaning is professional and safe.

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AirPods lose their phone connection

In this case, the first thing is to try to untie the headphones from the phone and the conjugation. To do this, place Airpods in a charging case and close the lid. After about 20-30 seconds, open the lid, but do not remove the headphones from the case.

Next, open it on the iPhone, iPad or iPod settings, go to the Bluetooth section and press the I “I” icon next to Airpods. Now click “Forget this device” and confirm the action.

AirPods set the trend for the market. but this does not make them an ideal device. They also break and wear out.

To reset the binding on the headphones, you need to press the button on the case of the case and hold it for about 15 seconds, until the indicator begins to flash yellow, and then white.

After that, it remains only to close the case and open it after 10-15 seconds next to the iPhone, iPad or iPod. The connection will be established again, and the problem, if it was a programmatic nature, will have to be solved by itself. If this does not happen, then the left Airpods 2 generations can be bought at this link, and the right can be bought at this link. About buying Airpods Pro, I talked above in the same article.

What to do if you dropped the headphone in the water?

With shaking hands, I recruited on my iPhone “What to do if I dropped the headphone in the water?”And other search queries. But it was only necessary to write in the Appleinsider in telegram, I would know that then. But from the “intrelines” it was possible to find out that despite the lack of declared water resistance, most likely my headphones will survive. It was also said about the Waterject team, which, through a low.frequency sound, was supposed to help pour out all the moisture from the headphones. I use it to this day on all mobile devices. I was not enough for me and I decided to put the headphones on the battery to dry. Later it turns out that this was the reason for their breakdown. One of the headphones simply melted. Here I am stupid. Thus began “Wandering on the torment”.

Then I turned to Re: Store for advice, where they said that they would help me with pleasure. But due to low maintenance, the only option of possible is to replace a broken headphone with a new. This procedure will cost about 6-7 thousand such an amount to give it a pity. Then I flew from St. Petersburg to Yekaterinburg and for some reason hoped to get another price tag in the same chain of stores. Stupid and naive. Since then it has been decided. We turn to the secondary market.

My left headphone burned and offers on Avito was just a sea. Well, at least not one such. Having passed the floor of the city in search of his trophy, he discovered that 99% of sellers offer non.original goods. The next step I decided to buy new headphones from hand. It turned out anyway cheaper than officially changing one of them. The second day of wanderings around the city and again only “100% copies”. Toward evening, I updated Avito’s home page and saw an announcement: “I sell 1st.generation headphones, without a case”. My charging case does not support wireless charging, then the generation is the first. As if not.

Headphones 1 and 2 generations do not differ among themselves.

Despite the fact that Apple still sells headphones without the possibility of a wireless charging case, the first generation has long been sunk into oblivion. All headphones now have the name Airpods 2.

However, the ability to connect the first-generation headphones to the case from the second still exists. I have not suited me the quality of sound and the speed of the devices. There was only one solution. Search one new headphone. And again the gray market. Following the first link in Yandex found a proposal for 4 thousand from an unofficial supplier. The good has broken the left headphone, which was cheaper.

Instructions for synchronization of the new AirPods headphone

Noted: if the charging case is still burning orange, you must leave the headphones for a while. It took me about 2 hours. You should definitely worry. At this time, it is better to read our articles on Yandex.Zen. Then repeat the procedure from the moment on which you stopped. Ready, AirPods headphones are associated with each other.

In our articles, we have already written about the low maintainability of many Apple devices. Let’s hope for a quick resolution of this issue. In the meantime: take care of your Airpods and in no case be upset in case of their breakdown. These are just headphones.