Xiaomi Mi Band 4 How to Unlock

How to turn on a smart alarm

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 How to Unlock

The XSmart app provides for setting multiple alarms. The “smart alarm” function is activated by a slider in the main menu of the application. The time is set by scrolling two rollers with hours and minutes. In addition to the “Set time” option for the alarm, the program offers to configure the following parameters:

  • the time interval between vibrations (a pause is set in milliseconds), this indicator is set to set the vibration intensity;
  • number of vibrations. you can set the required value by scrolling the scoreboard;
  • displaying the icon on the touch screen of the fitness tracker.

In addition to these settings in the application, you should pay attention to the ability to set the sound accompaniment for the “smart alarm”, turn off the “Blue tooth” after a vibration, and display a notification after the Smart Alarm has worked. All add-ons are made using sliders that move to the active position (changes color when activated).

After all the manipulations made in the application, you should check the functionality of the smart alarm clock. The program has provided for this a special button “Check”

How to set up a smart alarm Mi Band 4

After installing third-party software on your smartphone, you need to connect a fitness bracelet to it via the Blue Tooth. To do this, you need to attach the tracker MAC address. You can find it in the Mi Fit app, on the “Profile” tab.

Enter the Bluetooth address in the special field of the XSmart application. After identifying the sports bracelet, the program will notify you, after which you can proceed to setting up a smart alarm clock.

Mi Band 4 smart alarm clock: how to set up, turn on, and why it vibrates a little

In Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the alarm clock acquires intelligent functions using third-party software, for example, Mi Band Smart Alarm (XSmart). The manufacturer did not provide a smart alarm option in the basic settings of the bracelet, as in previous versions of the fitness tracker. However, according to users, this feature is in demand among consumers. A smart alarm clock tracks a person’s sleep phases. Night sleep monitoring allows you to view the depth of the phases, their number and frequency in the morning. Experts have determined that the best awakening occurs at the stage of light sleep. this allows you to wake up vigorous, not to feel sleepy during the day. Many buyers purchase fitness trackers precisely because of the ability to control their sleep.

Why vibrates little

If, after checking, it was found that the vibration of the Mi Band when triggered is not intense enough or vibrates little, this means that its parameters are set too weak.

To increase the strength and number of vibrations, it is necessary to increase the number of vibrations and the pause between them in the smart alarm settings in the XSmart application.

When setting the wake-up time, it must be remembered that the alarm clock is smart, and it itself determines within 30 minutes, based on the onset of the sleep phase, when to send a signal to the bracelet. But if the sleep phase during the half-hour period monitored by the program remains deep, the vibration of the bracelet will occur at the appointed time.

There are many third-party programs for connecting a smart alarm clock to the Mi band 4 fitness bracelet:

  • Tools Mi Band;
  • Mi HR. be fit;
  • Mi Heart Rate and others.

All software installs and connects the smart alarm option according to the algorithm similar to the Mi Band Smart Alarm (XSmart) application. Use one program so that there is no conflict between applications.

How to unlock your computer using Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 4 features cease to amaze us, the last thing that will officially arrive is the ability to unlock our Windows 10 computer from Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. This option is not yet available in Europe and is only available in China, although with a simple trick we we can start using it right now.

Windows 10 protection can be based on several methods, including an unlock pin or password, which we are going to refuse to use the Xiaomi sports bracelet that accompanies us everywhere. During the process we are going to explain, we will have to make changes to our regional computer, although we do not need to worry as we will come back later to leave it as it is without touching the trick at all.

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Setting up the application

Although the app is written in perfect Chinese, the next steps are very simple. We just need to press the right arrow constantly, and when the options no longer appear, we will wait a few seconds until you find our Mi Band via Bluetooth. Then we will press the button that appears next to the Mi Band, and then they will link.

Steps to unlock your computer using Mi Band

Most of the steps we are going to develop are focused on our computer, and of course we need to be close between our computer and the Xiaomi bracelet itself. First of all, we connect our mobile phone to the computer via Bluetooth, and then we will do the same with the Mi Band, do not forget to turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, because this way the bracelet will be available.

Then we will have to follow the next steps which we will explain in detail to avoid mistakes or missing steps.

Change the region in Windows 10

To get access to this feature before others, we will have to resort to the region-changing trick. In Windows 10 we will do this by going to Settings Region and Time. From here we will only need to change the country to China and after a few seconds the change will be applied automatically.

We just have to search for it and it will appear as the first option. Click on get and after a few seconds the processor will be loaded and installed without any problems.

We can start to unlock Windows 10 with a bracelet

Now we just need to test it by locking the computer and checking how we should resort to the bracelet in order to be able to use it. In any case, we can continue using the PIN or an alternative method that we used before.

We can now return our computer to its original area and re-pair our mobile phone with the bracelet so that everything is back to normal and we enjoy this advanced feature.

3 Ways to Unlock Locked Xiaomi

There are often situations when the user forgets the unlock password. This is quite a common case, which is solved in two clicks in the case of a Mi-account installed on a smartphone.

Is there no binding? Then a temporary nuisance can become a real problem. But it can be dealt with with simple methods and average technical knowledge. How exactly. now we will find out.

Below will be presented 3 proven ways to remove the pattern. If your case is more individual, or for some reason the presented methods did not help or are very difficult for you, then check out additional 6 ways to unlock a Xiaomi phone.

Deleting data via Recovery

Have access to Mi-account.

This is an extreme option, in which absolutely all data is erased from the device. The smartphone will receive a factory look, so you will have to re-configure the system, add accounts, etc. Almost the same as the first method.

To carry out a Hard Reset, you need to get into the Recovery mode. To do this, hold down the power button and the volume up key. After a couple of seconds, the recovery icon will appear, and after the device will reboot.

Now we see a menu in black and yellow on the screen. Click on the “WipeReset”. “Wipe all data” section. We confirm our actions and wait for the end of the procedure. If you have the Recovery menu in Chinese, then click on the second button from the top and again on the second button. Done.

Contacting Support

No access to Mi-account.

Need to unlock your Xiaomi phone but haven’t linked it to an account before? Then things are much worse. Perhaps the only option is to contact Support Xiaomi. By clicking on the link, you will find contacts of all official representative offices of the company in different countries. For users from Russia, you can use international contacts, or go to mi.com/ru/ and call Support (phone at the very bottom of the page).

If you will be writing a letter of support, take into account our tips:

In the letter, you must indicate that you forgot your Xiaomi password or pattern, and do not know how to return access to your own device. Experts will require the provision of data to ensure that you are the owner of the phone. Therefore, prepare in advance the IMEI code (look for it on the factory box), a purchase receipt, your photo with a smartphone (greatly increases the chances of getting approval) and a passport.

The application can be considered for a long time, up to several weeks. Therefore, be patient and do not send repeated emails. Intrusive behavior only repels consultants.

reset password through lock screen

I have access to my Mi-account.

If you often forget or confuse passwords, unlocking your phone with a fingerprint is a good option. One touch. and access to the device is obtained without any problems. Unfortunately, this option will not be relevant for “family phones” that are used by several users.

So back to the main topic. Recovering a locked mobile device is very easy with an account.

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Therefore, we strongly recommend that you always create such accounts on smartphones.

We take the phone and enter any value of numbers or letters. With the forgotten graphic password, draw some shape. We repeat these actions three times. Don’t worry, the smartphone won’t lock completely.

On the contrary, after the third attempt, the “Forgot your password?” Column will be displayed. Click on it, and the system asks for confirmation to delete all data (reset to factory settings).

Note! If a Mi-account was linked to the phone, you will be asked for confirmation when you first turn it on after reset, you will need to enter the password.

How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password

On modern smartphones, the user stores a huge amount of personal information and, if necessary, removes it from prying eyes. The system offers face unlock, pattern, pin.

On modern smartphones, the user stores a huge amount of personal information and, if necessary, removes it from prying eyes. The system offers face unlocking, graphic key, pin code. But what to do when protection, on the contrary, prevents the use of the device? How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password?

Tips & Tricks

  • In order not to lose important materials stored in your smartphone, periodically make a full backup. Backing up without any problems will save all the necessary information.
  • Many are wondering if it is possible to unlock the found Xiaomi phone. Unfortunately, if it was linked to an account, it is almost impossible, because how can you reset the password to someone else’s mail / number? As a last resort, try returning to factory settings.
  • Create pretty simple passwords to remember, but don’t forget about the danger of hacking. Under no circumstances use information such as year of birth, telephone number, or home address for protection.
  • Many phones now have FACE ID. easy-to-see face unlocking. But it only seems so. In fact, this is one of the most unreliable ways to protect your device. So choose either a fingerprint or a letter code.

You will learn how to restore access using id.mi.com and special utilities. And you can also delete the files responsible for blocking, or use an interesting option through the “Phone search”.

So we discussed how to unlock Xiaomi with a forgotten password. This is a straightforward procedure, especially for advanced users. And in order to avoid such problems in the future, follow our recommendations.

Password in Mi band 4

The new Mi Band 4 bracelet from Xiaomi surprised fans not only with the ability to set the dial or analysis of the training in the pool, but also with cool features that were not originally announced by the manufacturer. In the Quartet, a company from the Middle Kingdom added protection against unauthorized access. The user can put a password on his device and unauthorized persons will not be able to unlock it if they do not know the combination.

Almost all smartphones are now protected with a pattern, fingerprint or standard password. In the case of Apple, unlocking is done through a face scan. Users buy a fitness bracelet for workouts and easy-to-read notifications. Without protection, any family member or stranger can view the contents of 10 notifications stored in the device’s memory. This flaw is easy to fix with an experimental feature that sets up in 2 minutes.

How to install?

The blocking option is only available in Mi Fit, custom applications have not yet added it. Although the owners of Mi Band 4 will still not be able to do without the native program. Authorization goes through the official software, and you can’t get around it.

  • Open the “Profile” tab in Mi Fit.
  • Select device.
  • Swipe down to reach the “Laboratory”.
  • Click on a single menu item.
  • Read the instructions.
  • Set a 4-digit password.
  • Save the combination.
  • Go back to the app home screen and start data refresh.

To test the functionality, remove the Mi Smart Band from your hand and try to select any widget. An input window with a progress bar will appear on the screen. After three unsuccessful attempts, an informational message will appear prompting you to reset to factory settings or disable the function in the app. It is not clear only how to make a Hard Reset if the built-in menu is locked.

Of course, protection is not as reliable as a fingerprint, but it will take 10-15 minutes to select a combination (256 options). The locking mechanism would not hurt, but most likely, it is not designed for the current tracker firmware level. Still, the gadget does not have a full-fledged OS.

How to disable?

To deactivate, return to the “Laboratory”, select the first function and save the changes.

Here you can also change the password if attempts to enter were unsuccessful.

The function does not always work out as needed, so even after disabling the lock, the tracker may ask for a combination. Try to sync the data several times. it should help.

After entering the wrong password

If you use a pattern or numeric key to protect your phones, we strongly recommend that you do not forget it. But if it did happen, you can remove the lock that has arisen. There are several main ways to do this.

  • Incoming call. The method will work only on the Xiaomi Mi phone, if you locked it by accident and remember the password. Very often, children indulge in mobile gadgets and, without suspecting themselves, enter the wrong password, which leads to the blocking of smartphones. So, we call our phone from another, accept the call and minimize the conversation window. This will temporarily unlock the device. Now go to settings and remove the password.
  • Battery discharge. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case. Only now we are waiting for the notification of the imminent discharge of the battery and at this moment we click on the notification curtain. After that, you also need to delete the password.
  • Google account. If you still fail to make the phone unlocked, no matter how much you try again, then use this method. On the tenth attempt to enter the password incorrectly, the system will offer to restore access to the gadget through your Google account. You need to select the option “Forgot the pattern” and enter the password for your own account. An important condition for unlocking is access to the Internet. If you do not have network access activated, installing a SIM card with an already active Internet will help remove the lock.
  • Re-flashing. If the device is still locked, and you do not know how to remove the block, then it remains to resort to extreme measures by reflashing the gadget. The Xiaomi smartphone will definitely unlock, but there is also an important drawback of the method. when it is implemented, all your personal data and settings will be deleted. Therefore, it is better to transfer data to another medium from time to time, so as not to suffer in such a situation.
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Unlocking Xiaomi phone in 5 minutes

Xiaomi mobile devices are designed in such a way as to maximally protect all user data, as well as to make the operation of gadgets extremely comfortable. Therefore, in particular, the latest versions of Haomi phones come with a bootloader in a locked state. It is impossible to install new firmware on such phones on your own and make any other significant changes to the device configuration.

There is also a security function in which the system will be locked after several attempts to enter the wrong password on the smartphone. But what if the phone is locked by accident? For example, if you forgot your password and now do not know how to remove the lock mode from your phone.

Today we will learn what to do if Xiaomi phone is locked and how to remove the lock. And let’s talk about how to properly unlock the bootloader to bypass the ban on flashing a smartphone.

Unlocking the bootloader

As we said, Xiaomi phones have an initially locked bootloader. And therefore, in particular, it will be unrealistic for you to do the flashing yourself. But smartphones with standard firmware are not always convenient. Therefore, users were forced to look for a tool that would remove this restriction. When unlocking Bootloader, you can:

  • Install custom Recovery.
  • Fully customize your smartphone to your personal preferences.
  • Get superuser rights to work with system files.

As in the previous case, there are several ways to make the bootloader unlock. But the beginning of the journey is always the same. getting the manufacturer’s permission to get around the original restrictions. It’s not just that Xiaomi representatives decided to block the bootloader.

A request to change the status of a blocked bootloader must be left on the company’s official website. The answer will come in 5-7 days, sometimes you have to wait about two weeks. If you have already made a request, but were refused, then try again. Requests that have been repeated several times are usually granted sooner or later, and users can unlock the phone bootloader. The unlocking procedure itself goes like this:

  • Download the firmware you like and load it into the smartphone’s memory.
  • Downloading the Mi Flash Unlock program (50 MB).
  • We transfer the phone to bootloader mode. You do this in the usual way by holding down the power and volume up keys at the same time.
  • We connect the gadget to the computer, go to Mi Flash Unlock and confirm that we are relieving the manufacturer of responsibility for the further operation of the device.
  • Click on the “Unblock” button and wait for the procedure to complete successfully.
  • We install custom Recovery and use it to install the previously downloaded firmware.

As you can see, there is always a way out. This applies both to situations where the phone is locked as a result of accidentally entering the wrong password, and when you need to install new firmware on a smartphone on which Xiaomi has blocked the bootloader. The main thing, as usual, is not to worry and do everything according to the rules prescribed in this article. And then no lock for your phone is critical.