Why are there no emoticons in WhatsApp

What to do if the emoticons disappeared in the WhatsApp messenger

Whatsapp is a popular program for text exchange and voice messages. To increase expression and information content, many users use images, memes or emoticons. However, their use is certain difficulties. Therefore, today we will talk about why smiles are gone in WhatsApp. Also, in the process of narrative, we will take into account the features of their location and use.

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The fact is that in the iPhone version of WhatsApp there are simply no built-in smiles. This is due to the fact that the developers present high demands on graphics and programs used on iOS. Therefore, traditional applications do not have this functionality and do not comply with high quality standards.

Be that as it may, but users have to put up with the lack of emoticons in WhatsApp on iPhone. However, is it really so bad? Let’s figure it out.

Where the emoticons disappeared?

I immediately emphasize that there were no emoticons in the Vatsap version for iOS initially. This is not provided for in the version of Apple products, since this company decided to unnecessarily of this element in the appendix. How it became clear now. To create the need to download additional, sometimes paid applications. Therefore, in order to use the usual way to communicate with the addition of emotions in the form of emoticons, you will have to use third.Party tools.

To use emoji in the iPhone applications, a special tool is proposed. A virtual keyboard. Using it, the user will be able to switch between different languages, add additional characters and numerous emoticons.

Where are the emoticons in the iPhone

There is no specialized application on the smartphone from Apple, which was responsible for the storage and use of emoji. To solve this problem, the developers created a special keyboard under the name of the same name, where all existing variations of standard images added.

It is noteworthy that in versions of the OS below 6.0 The creators allowed the use of third.Party applications that were freely available (on the App Store). To add emoticons to WhatsApp on the iPhone to the collection, it was enough:

  • Unlock the smartphone and activate the App Store icon.
  • Go to the tab with the search line.
  • Enter the request Emoji.
  • Sweet out the results of the issue until the desired application is in.
  • Confirm the seriousness of the intentions button “Install”.
  • Wait for the completion of the procedure.

In general, the form of working with emoji in more new versions of iOS seem more convenient, since you do not need to additionally download and install third.Party applications. And the virtual keyboard is always faster to change, use the desired smile. If you have a version of the OS above 6.0, but emoji is still not there, let’s see how to activate built.In functionality.

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How to turn on emoji on iPhone

Why are there no emoticons in WhatsApp on the iPhone? Most likely, the desired keyboard is not added on the device. Fix this will come out as follows:

  • Unlock the smartphone and slip on the gear icon on the desktop.
  • In the system settings, slip through the “Basic” tab, and then “keyboard”.
  • Activate the point of the same name, and then. “new keyboard” or “edit”.
  • We are waiting for the system to form a list of available.
  • We scroll through the list until the “emoji” is, we slip through the object, confirm the seriousness of the intentions.

The system automatically makes changes, and to activate emoticons, it is enough to activate the switch in the form of a globe when calling a virtual keyboard.

If now it is clear where the emoticons are in WhatsApp, we proceed to an alternative option for adding them.

Emoji Not Showing on iPhone Keyboard | Emoji Not Showing in WhatsApp iPhone

Where to find and download additional emoticons on iPhone 6

There are several options for the implementation of the conceived life. Consider the features of each approach. For the convenience of perception, we will break the further narration into several logical blocks.

Download from the Internet

The essence of the method is that we form a search query in a browser, we find an interesting object. Copy it into the exchange buffer and insert it into notes for further use. This is quite dreary and inconvenient, but allows you to always use unique emoticons, which are not in standard libraries on iOS.

Consider an alternative option on how to return emoticons in WhatsApp when disappearing.

How To Draw The Poop Emoji ��

Third.Party developers

Even now, the App Store has several popular emoticons of emoticons that are safe and available for use, are not blocked by a team of developers. This is the answer to the question “Where are the emoticons in WhatsApp on the iPhone 6?””.

Most of them are provided for the iOS 10 version.0 and above (Emoji Imessage, Emojidom). However, the Emoji Free program is a designer and a graphic editor, with an understandable user integer that will help in creating your own emoji.

How to turn on the emoticons on the iPhone

You can connect a keyboard of emoticons on the iPhone using the settings of the device itself. We need to go to the iPhone settings and select “Basic” item. In the falling menu, the “keyboard” should be found, then “keyboard” and “new keyboard”. From the emerging list, select “Emoji”. Acting in this way, the user will connect a new keyboard. Switching between languages ​​occurs using a button depicting the globe.

Downloading additional emoticons

If the user has felt the need for rare emoticons that are absent in a standard set, such a WhatsApp subscriber will have to independently create a file for storing emoticons. You need to start with the search for a site where you can find and upload, download for free, update unusual emoticons. After copying the miniatures you like, you need to save the graphic image of emotions through iPhone notes. Subsequently, it will be possible to extract faces from this storage to send messengers’ messages, including WhatsApp.

Here are a few options for applications, the developers of which have created many funny face:

  • Emoji Message. A program offering WhatsApp emoticons and designed for the iOS 10 or more advanced platform;
  • Emoji Free. An application that allows you to create emoticons to your own taste;
  • Emojidom. A collection of emoticons containing more than six thousand copies.

How to add new emoticons to WhatsApp?

Whatsapp smiles on Android phones: how to use

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You can find them on the left side in the area of ​​the text entry. There is an icon of an emotional muzzle, pressing which you fall into the emoticon gallery.


In this article, we told how to restore emoticons in Vatsap. Developers in older IOS versions allowed the use of third-party biblioterate applications to diversify user communication. A similar practice for a while has stopped after release 6.0, however, resumed with the arrival of the tenth assembly of the operating system.

Despite the emergence of new smiles, developers regularly complement the built.In keyboard to make it competitive. It is added through system settings, and SAM procedure takes a matter of minutes.

How to use emoticons

When you find emoticons in WhatsApp, you can use them in your messages, include them in the text or send them separately. Smiley is a badge that can convey any positive or negative emotions: anger, rage, joy, fatigue, jealousy, indignation, love, drowsiness, disgust, indignation and even good or bad feelings.

Children, adolescents and youth actively use emoticons in correspondence in various messengers. This language of emotions is intuitive and does not require additional explanations. People who are unfamiliar with emoticons can be confused, afraid that they will offend someone, or look stupid. If in doubt, you can find out the meaning of emoticons in the Apple’s characters encyclopedia. You can also get information about the value of smiles in WhatsApp on our website.