What to do if the iPad screen does not turn over. The specifics of the work iPad

How to turn the iPhone and iPad screen without turning the device

Some applications for the iPhone, such as “calculator”, “calendar”, and t. D., When turning the iPhone in the album mode, another view is displayed with a large number of options or improved layout. IPhone screen turning the turning of the screen prevents disappointment while using. You can block the screen in the desired orientation for convenience while watching a video or in bed. To help, how can you turn on / off the blocking of portrait orientation to change the screen orientation.

The first reason for such a scenario is the breakdown of the gyroscopic sensor responsible for changing the screen orientation in the iPhone and iPad. In this case, the turning method using the Home virtual button is perfect, but it will take some time to adapt and get used to the designation of each side. Otherwise, there will be no problems: an accelerometer breakdown does not affect other functions of the device in any way. But in order to make sure that the problem is precisely in the “hardware”, pay attention to a number of basic signs:

  • The position of the phone was changed, but the image on the screen remained in the previous position;
  • The desktop is turned up arbitrarily and does not correspond to the change in the position of the device at the moment;
  • The main menu turns through time;
  • The application can change the position several times in a row regardless of your actions.

The problem may be the “display scale” function on if you are the owner of the iPhone 6, 7 or 8 and their PLUS versions. To turn it off, follow the proposed instructions:

  • Enter the settings application;
  • Go to the section “Screen and brightness”;
  • Come to the end, select the “scale”. “view”;
  • Stop the choice on “Standard”.
ipad, screen, does, turn

Next, you should restart the device, and the settings will automatically come into force, you can even rotate the menu.

If everything has been verified and the above does not apply to your situation, the “screen rotation” option is disabled. You can see this at the control point by turning down from the upper corner to the left.

If the icon with the arrow and the lock is red, and its background is brightly highlighted. this means that a change in the situation cannot be made. Click on the button, and then leave the control menu to check if the turn is now.

ipad, screen, does, turn

How a malfunction manifests itself?

The screen of any model of the Apple tablet is turned over when the position of the device changes. If you hold the gadget horizontally, then the display will be in the same position. If you turn the device in the other direction, orientation will become a vertical.

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The orientation on the tablet is recognized by gyroscope. If he stopped working, the picture cannot change the situation and does not spin. Such a malfunction of the gadget can manifest itself gradually:

  • The tablet display does not always turn over when changing the position
  • In order for the picture on the screen to spin, you need to tilt the tablet several times
  • The device arbitrarily changes the orientation of the image

IPAD screen turning in old iOS

We will start with old firmware, who does not yet know the version of their firmware, look. how to determine the IOS version. Starting the firmware iOS 4 and the 6th version inclusively get to the button of the lock and unlocking a little longer than in iOS 7.

Having bought my first used iPad 2, I twisted it in different directions, but the tablet screen did not turn over. It turned out that the button for unlocking the screen rotation is located in the lower dock of the multitasking panel and to get to it you can press the Home button twice or use a 4-pale gesture up (the latter works when gestures of multitasking are included in the settings). As soon as the dock opens, we look like the icon on the left to the right.

We find ourselves in the additional panel of the dock, where on the left there is a button for unlocking the orientation of the tablet. Click this button, and the lock icon disappears both on the button in the dock and in the status panel. The castle has disappeared, the iPad screen can be turned over. Who cares, what a red button in the lower left corner, know this. KillbackGround.

ipad, screen, does, turn

If in an additional panel of the lower dock, instead of the button of the screen of the screen, the sound disconnecting button is the following, then you can do the following:

Change the position of the switch located on the iPad tablet housing, the volume buttons and the display icon of unlocked display orientation will appear above the buttons and on the display. Now the iPad can turn the screen for adultery.

By the way, the switch on the side panel can be adjusted, this is done in the settings application. the main. the switch on the side panel. here you can choose: blocking orientation or turning off the sound. Depending on the selected value, the button in the additional lower dock will change.

IPad screen rotation settings in iOS 7

If you decide and updated your iPad tablet to the iOS 7, then the button of blocking and unlocking the screen rotation of the screen get even faster, now it is in the menu of the control point.

The control point panel in iOS 7 is always hidden at the bottom. Wave your finger from the bottom up and the control point in front of you. Here is the button of quickly blocking the turning of the iPad screen. If you do not have this button, read about the settings above.

iPad 2

Owners of mobile devices such as iPad 2 know that their screen should automatically turn depending on their position. Thus, it turns out that if the mobile device is in album orientation, then the screen should be in the same orientation. Some may have various problems with this, for example, if the screen does not change depending on the position. If so, then do not worry and in vain nervous, such a problem can be solved very easily, unless, of course, it is hardware (that is, nuisance is directly in the device itself).

First, you need to pay attention to the castle icon, which is located near the status of the iPad 2 battery. If there is such a badge, then this means that the screen of the screen is disconnected (blocked) in the settings of the device itself. The shutdown (inclusion) of the locking of the screen of the screen can be carried out either on the side panel of the mobile device, or directly in the multitask menu. It depends on what function the side panel performs (the value of “turning off the sound” or “orientation blocking” can be established).

In order to find out what function the side panel performs, you need to go into the “Settings” and select the “Basic” tab. Further, the list is praised, you can see the item “Side panel switch” and see what it is responsible for. If the checkbox is installed under the point of orientation blocking, then this panel will block the auto.capacity. To solve an urgent problem, you need to set a value on “Sound turning off”.

If the problem has not yet been solved, then you need to go to the multitasking menu by double pressing the “Home” button. After the corresponding menu opens, where there are several special buttons, each of which is responsible for a certain parameter. In the extreme left side of it, you can see a special icon (image of an arrow with a lock, or without a lock). To turn on the aircraft, you just need to press this image (respectively, to turn off, too).

In most cases, such simple manipulations are able to solve the problem with the screen of the screen on the iPad 2. In all other situations, you need to contact specialists capable of diagnosing the device and quality repair (in the event that hardware malfunctions are found).

How to block the screen rotation in iPad

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From this article you will learn how to block the screen rotation on the iPad (when rotating the device). On most models of the iPad, the blocking option must be selected at the control point, which opens at the bottom of the screen, and on the old iPad models there is a switch with which you can block the screen orientation.

Make sure you are on the main screen. To do this, click the “Home” button (round button at the bottom of the iPad screen). So you can turn the iPad screen without fears that the application settings will interfere with you.

  • There are two screen orientations: book (vertical) and album (horizontal).
  • Album orientation is suitable for watching a video in full screen or input of text, and the book-for reading articles or viewing websites.

Click on the “block” icon. This icon in the form of a black and white lock with a round arrow is located on the right side of the screen. If you press this icon, the castle will turn red. this means that the screen is blocked (that is, it will not turn).

  • To activate the screen rotation, open the control point and click on the red-white icon “Blok”.
  • Some applications do not support the screen rotation; For example, Minecraft PE needs an album orientation, and for Instagram. portrait.

Click orientation lock. You will find this option in the middle of the screen in the section “Use the side switch for”.

  • There are two screen orientations: book (vertical) and album (horizontal).
  • Album orientation is suitable for watching a video in full screen or input of text, and the book-for reading articles or viewing websites.
  • To change orientation, move the switch up.
  • Some applications do not support the screen rotation; For example, Minecraft PE needs an album orientation, and for Instagram. portrait.
  • If the screen rotation is not blocked, reboot the iPad. To do this, hold the “sleep/awakening mode” button in the upper part of the iPad, and then conduct “turn off” from left to right when this word is displayed on the screen.

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Disconnect the lock lock lock

Turn the iPhone to the right or left by 90 degrees. This should make the screen come in a similar way. If the running program supports the screen, then it will appear in front of you in album mode.

Turning the gadget, it must be kept either sideways (album orientation) or in an upright position (book orientation) and a screen to itself. If in the album mode you activate the ban on turning the screen again, then the screen will return to the vertical mode automatically.

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How to turn on or disable the auto.turn on the iPhone

Like any other smartphone, the iPhone has a function of automatic turning of the screen when turning the device. This function allows you to quickly move from the vertical orientation of the screen to horizontal and vice.

In most cases, this is very convenient, but sometimes a change in orientation is undesirable. For such cases, a special function is provided, which allows you to enable or disable the auto.capacity. In this material, we will tell you how to use this function on the iPhone 4.4s, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, and 7.

By default, on the iPhone auto.drive is also included when you tilt the device 90 degrees to the side, the screen should automatically turn in the right direction. But, this behavior of iPhone can be changed at any time.

ipad, screen, does, turn

If you use the iPhone with the IOS version from 4.0 to 6.0, then you need to press the “home” button twice. After that, a multitasking panel will appear at the bottom of the screen. This panel needs to be spilled to the right until a button with the image of a round arrow appears, which is responsible for the screen of the screen. Using this button, you can easily enable or disable the auto.drive.

If you have an iPhone with a more modern IOS version, then you need to make a swipe from the lower edge of the screen. As a result, the so.called “control point” will appear in which all the basic settings and functions of the iPhone are concentrated. In the verge of the “control point” there will be a number of buttons. In this row there should be a button with the image of the lock and round arrow, which is used to turn on or off the screen of the screen. If the button is red, then the aircraft is disconnected, if the button is gray, then the auto drive is turned on.

It should be noted that in the iPhone settings, in the “Basic” section, there is a function that changes the logic of the switch on the side face of the device (by default, this switch is responsible for turning on and off the sound). Using this function, you can configure the switch to “blocking orientation”.

If the switch operates in the “orientation blocking” mode, then you will not be able to turn on or disable the carriageway through the “control point”. In this case, it is necessary to control the auto.grower using the switch.

In addition, the screen of the screen may not work on the iPhone desktop (on the so.called Springboard). If you have a auto.capacity operating in applications, but does not work on the iPhone desktop, then most likely the problem is the increased scale of the icon display. In order to fix it. You need to go to the section “Settings. screen and brightness. view” and select the standard display of the integration (without increased).

How to turn the screen on the iPhone

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If you want to view photos or notes on the iPhone in a horizontal orientation, switch the phone from the standard “book” mode to the “album” orientation (which represents the image horizontally), turning off the lock turning of the screen! Album orientation is ideal for watching a large format video in full screen mode, set of long messages and other things. But keep in mind that some applications and places, for example, the clock and desktop, do not support the screen rotation function.

Pass the screen from the bottom up. After that, the control point will open, in which you can turn on or disable the ban on the screen rotation. [1] X Source of Information

  • When you click on this icon, a string of text with the words “Vertical orientation: off” will appear in the upper part of the control center. The red background should also disappear.

Unlock your iPhone. If the device has a password or fingerprint scanner, then to unlock it, you will have to enter a password (or press your finger to the scanner). Otherwise, press the Home button again.

The iPhone screen does not turn, how to fix it?

One of the really interesting things in the iPhone and other iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPod Touch, is that their screens can reorient depending on how you hold the device. You probably did this more than once, not even understanding how. If you turn your iPhone to the side, the screen will be displayed in a wide, and not in a high position.

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But sometimes, when you turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the screen does not turn to match it. This may disappoint or make it difficult to use your device. This may even make you think that your phone is broken. There are several reasons why the screen may not rotate, and most of them are not signs of problems. This is what can happen and how to fix it.

Try to unlock the iPhone screen rotation

iOS includes a setting called “locking locking

“”. As you probably guessed by its name, it prevents the rotation of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen, regardless of how you turn the device.

To check whether the screen rotation is turned on, look in the upper right corner of the screen next to the battery charge indicator, which looks like an arrow that bends around the castle. If you see this icon, the screen rotation is turned on (this icon is not present in all versions of iOS, but on some devices such as the iPhone X and XS, it can only be seen in the control center).

To turn off the lock lock, perform the following actions.

In iOS 7 or higher, draw a finger up from the bottom of the screen to open the “control center

“”. The extreme left icon. the knowledge of the castle and arrows. is highlighted to show that it is turned on.

When you finish, press the “home

“Or run a finger to close the” Control Center “and you will return to the home screen.

After that, try to turn your iPhone again. This time the screen should rotate with you. If this does not happen, there are other things that you can try.

Some applications do not support the screen rotation

Although many applications support the screen turn, not all of them support. The home screen for most models of iPhone and iPod Touch cannot rotate (although on the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus), it can rotate, and some applications are designed to work in only one orientation.

If you turn your device and the screen is not reoriented, check whether orientation lock is enabled. If it is not turned on, the application most likely should not rotate.

Zoom display blocks the IPhone screen rotation

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus or 8 Plus, you can rotate the main screen model along with applications. If the home screen does not rotate and the lock is not turned on, this may prevent display with an increase. This option increases the icons and text on large screens of these devices to make it easier to see. If you cannot turn the home screen on these devices, disconnect the screenshot

IPad screen does not turn over

When you turn the device, an automatic turn of the main screen occurs. For example, you hold the phone as a standard sheet of A4 paper and turning the phone, it will be converted into an album sheet. In the event that the iPad screen does not turn depending on its position, then this is fixable only if it is not about serious problems with the device.

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Let’s try to unlock the screen. Near the battery status indicator on the device panel, there is a locking icon, which indicates that the rotation of the main screen is blocked. To block the screen rotation, you could probably press the switch itself on the side of the device (located above the volume buttons) or directly in the multitasking menu (it is available when you press 2 times a round button “home”). Initially, try to turn off the lock on the panel on the side, if it does not work, then to turn off the lock lock lock, you need to go to the settings → Main → Switch on the Side Panel and Panel → “Sound Turning”. Now the switch on the side panel will only be responsible for turning off the sound and do not influence the lock lock.

If, when carrying out previous actions, it was not possible to achieve the turning of the screen, then you can try to unlock the screen orientation through the multitask menu. To see this menu, you need to press the “home” button 2 times. The left extreme icon in the menu itself and blocks the orientation of the screen. When pressing it, there will be an unlocking screen of orientation.

By pressing the screen turning the screen, the screen lock did not disappear, then overload the device. To reboot, press and hold the Power button and using Slide to Power Off (turn off), completely turn off the device. After the device has turned off, by pressing and holding the Power button, the iPad will turn on. If even after rebooting the screen does not respond to turns, the problem is serious and it is necessary to contact specialists