What to do if games fly out on the phone. Check the phone for viruses

Why are applications fly out on Android and how to fix it

In the Google Play store you can download a crazy number of various applications for mobile devices running on Android OS. As a rule, all these applications work without complaints. However, on the network you can find messages from users who complain about the constant flights of certain games and programs, and without any prerequisites.

Of course, users of devices on iOS also suffer from the same problem, for example, iPhone or iPad, but in today’s article we will concentrate primarily on Android OS.

Why are games and programs fly out on Android?

The main reasons for the sorties of games, programs and other applications on Android:

  • Applications were installed or updated incorrectly. Perhaps you have only recently updated the firmware on your Android device, but forgot to start updating the installed Google Store applications.
  • Lack of free space on the device. If your smartphone or tablet is critical of space, then the appearance of errors and departures when starting various applications is a completely expected situation, especially if you are trying to run several applications at the same time.
  • Bad Internet connection. Some applications for the correct operation require a stable network connection.

Now that we have figured out what can cause the application of applications on Android, it is time to consider the methods that will help you get rid of these same sorties.

Why are android games fly out

Recently, Android users began to complain that android games fly out. In most cases, this happens on Android version 4.5 and 6. Since the operating system is developing and new versions are coming out, not all devices receive updates, unfortunately, and because of this they cease to receive new opportunities and any other support from Google.

Reasons why games or applications on the Android operating system fly out, but only three are the most common. Let’s look at each of them. You can also read on our site why Instagram flies out.

1,000 Viruses vs Antivirus Software

The old version of the game that you did not update

If you download games with Google Play and you are disabled automatic updates, then this may become one of the reasons for the release of games on Android. Since games are updated very often and bugs and shortcomings of old versions are corrected, you need to regularly conduct updates.

In order to check the updates of the games on Android, you need to go to Google Play to the section of my applications and games. There you will see a list of available applications and games installed on a mobile device. If any application or game is not updated, we recommend updating.

There are also cases when the device is not enough memory. In such a situation, we recommend using any cloud service for storing data and free memory on the device.

Games are not downloaded from Google Play

If you have a game of Android, which is not downloaded in an official store, we recommend that you see its presence in Google Play, since the games downloaded from third.party resources may be changed or not to receive updates, which was described in the first paragraph. If there is still no game on Google Play, then we recommend finding a more new version or version of the game that is suitable for your version of the Android operating system.

Not enough for games for games

From the version of Android 5, it became possible to set permits for applications. This can be one of the reasons why android games fly out. It is recommended to give the game complete access to the operating system, as it can fly out due to a malfunction of data from the system.

To do this, go to the Settings Settings section.

Next, you need to give full access to the game, including the IMEI phone, since it can be used by Google Play to recognize the device from which the game was downloaded, especially if it is paid. There are times when certain devices receive a ban on Google Play, therefore, it is better to give access.

Capacious firmware games fly out on Android

Another reason is highlighted in another item that can cause Android applications departure are custom firmware that is placed using TWRP Recovery or any other.

Here you can make instructions that are described above, but no one can give other personal recommendations, since there are a lot of custom firmware and not always all of them high.quality.

Also one of the reasons may be the wrong work of Google Services. This problem can often be found among users not certified Android smartphones.

details about why Google is flying off you can read on our website.

Where to find out systemic requirements for playing android

If the program is not suitable for system requirements, then the phone will not be able to play it normally. She will slow down, lash and fly out. Even if it starts, it is not a fact that the window does not close in a couple of seconds with the message that the device is not enough RAM or other resources.

To always be sure that the game will go on the phone, you need to see its system requirements before buying or downloading. Almost every site contains this information in the description for the game. It is provided by the developer based on the tests carried out. In Play Market, it is also often indicated. The minimum that you can write is the required version of Android and the number occupied after setting memory.

System requirements can be learned from the description to software

How to completely delete the game and cache from android and install it again

Sometimes to get rid of mistakes and sorties helps complete reinstalling the game and its cache. To completely delete the game, which was installed through the Play Market, you can go to the program, and then go to the menu where the item “My Appendices and Games” is located. That’s what you can find and delete the right game.

Important! The minus of the method is that it requires the presence of the Internet. In addition, only official games and applications can be deleted so.

That is why they often use another way:

  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Select the section “Applications”.
  • Find the necessary program.
  • Click on “Delete a cache” or “erase data”.
  • Stop the process if it is launched.
  • Delete the game by pressing the corresponding button.

Tips for players

Each gamer is interested in minimizing sorties, as well as in the stability of the gameplay. To achieve this, it is recommended to follow advice to specialists in the field of mobile gaming.

Expert in the field of digital technologies and the activities of mobile operators. I am engaged in constant monitoring of the changes in the industry in and abroad.

Try to load games only from official sources. Install updates, but at the same time, see enough free space. Before starting the game, be sure to close all other applications and do not force the phone to heat up to critical temperatures.

Firstly, a device with a powerful processor is needed. Secondly, there should be a good cooling system. Thirdly, the volume of RAM should exceed the indicator of 4 GB. Finally, choose a device based on your own memory needs. Free space should be enough for a calm storage of all games with a margin.

Especially for gaming, smartphones such as Xiaomi Black Shark 2 or Asus Rog Phone 2 are provided for gaming. Almost all flagships, as well as mid.budget models on processors, starting with Snapdragon 720 and Snapdragon 845, are still suitable.

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How to play games through Android

If the games installed on the smartphone work with failures, then you can try several methods for their elimination:

  • The first method is to disable unused applications that occupy free space in the RAM of the device. With its small number, the operating system begins to “slow down”.
  • The second method is to install a utility for memory optimization. Some betrayals give out the maximum of their capabilities after activation on the device of Root-right. After optimization, the shell will stop issuing errors and will be more stable to launch games, which before that during the work issued errors.
  • The third method is to roll back to the factory state. Sometimes the owners of the phones are so clogged with the software part of the device that no “unloading” of unnecessary programs, nor antiviruses, will play a role. In this case, it is more advisable to roll back the system. To try this method, you need to go to the “Settings of the device”, select the “Reserve Copy” section and click on the “Database Reset” button.
  • The fourth method is to download the new version of the Android system. To do this, go to the pages of the manufacturer of your smartphone. It must be mentioned that not every device of past years has this possibility. For example, the old HTC smartphones cannot be updated to the new Android version.
  • The fifth way is to attribute the device to the service center, since the problem can be in the hardware.

How to get a ROOT Rights

Now we will talk about the most common problem. incorrectly downloaded cache of the game. As we know, every “big” game downloads an apk file and only then is engaged in a jump in the cache itself. Sometimes the cache is loaded in the wrong section, and the game stops working. In order to avoid such a problem in the future, you need to download the executable file on the flash card, and then start the installation via Wi-Fi.

The cache of some games can weigh more than one gigabyte, for this reason you should only activate the process and then immediately turn off the network. After that, you need to download the executable file again and turn on the installation using the standard Internet. The entire cache will need to be transferred to those catalogs that were created during downloading through the Wi-Fi network. Such manipulations are needed in order not to load the internal memory of the smartphone.

If nothing helped

The user is far from always possible to get rid of lags or departures from applications. But do not worry too much, because there is always a solution. Especially if the recommendations are given by our specialists.

Expert in the field of digital technologies and the activities of mobile operators. I am engaged in constant monitoring of the changes in the industry in and abroad.

There are only 2 reasons for this. Either your smartphone is too weak that it cannot process the application in full, or the antivirus did not help get rid of viruses.

The easiest option is to buy a new smartphone. The mobile device should be changed every 2-3 years, provided that before that the current device was bought. Well, if the reason lies in harmful files, then in addition to antivirus, reset will help to factory settings.

This option can be considered, but far from first of all. In the service center, a lot of problems can be attributed to the smartphone, requiring an almost complete replacement of the hardware. Therefore, it is better to reset the settings or purchase a new model.

What to do if applications fly out on Android

If the applications on Android spontaneously fly out during work and the question arises of how to fix this glitch, you need to look for the reason for such unstable work.

Firstly, you need to check whether the license version of the application is worth it on the gadget. This will be if the program was installed from the official source. Play Market or Appgallery (for Huawei products), and the user has all the rights of use.

The Play Market application is preinstalled by all modern versions of Android

Then you need to make sure that the latest current version of the program is currently being used. It happens that after the update the problems begin precisely. This happens in the case of errors in creating a version of the application made by its developers.

In this case, in the Play Market you can see if there are user reviews with a similar problem. You can leave your review. The developers will soon correct bugs and offer a new update. The function of automatic establishment of the latest versions is convenient in this case, so as not to track changes on the site.

If all of the above is normal and the application should work correctly. its current version is worth it, the OS is not outdated, there are no restrictions for the phone, and the rest of the programs work normally. you need to look for the problem in the device itself.

We need to check how things are with free RAM. If the cache is clogged, try to clean it using programs (for example, Clean Master), or manually (described above). There is a faster way. rebooting the phone. But this does not guarantee the exhaust of the entire cache, only part of it will go away, there is enough to do it, nevertheless, for successful work.

Huawei brand phones have a device optimization

In order to optimize the workspace, the “phone dispatcher” opens and if the percentage of performance is less than 100, the “Optimization” button is selected. The programs used with large memory consumption will be closed, the cache will be cleaned and recommendations will be released for even deeper cleaning. In this case, not a single saved file will be deleted from the device.

The cause of unstable work may also be a low.quality network signal. This is easy to check. it is enough to turn on any other program or browser and, in case of successful work, hut the reason in another.

What to do if applications are curled on their own on Android

If the programs with which the user is trying to work is constantly curled up in an inactive state, while not closing completely, but hanging on the quick access menu, most likely the device is simply overloaded. It is enough to try to close all the active windows manually, clean the cache and restart the phone itself. After that, start work with individual programs first and separately.

The VK program is multifunctional and offers its users a lot of entertainment and useful functions. However, its load on the system is rather large and constant folding are a frequent problem for users.

Usually doing something cardinal to correct the situation is not necessary.

Restarting the device

The fastest and easiest will simply turn off and turn on the phone again. Thus, the cache will be cleansed in one move, the load on the RAM will be dropped and small errors will leave.

Important! Any device should be reloaded by hand from time to time to discard small errors, clean the cache and just be able to slow down the processor.

Often, when listening to music or watching a video, the application simply throws the user, forcing it to re.start the entire process. Turning off and turning on the phone will be an ideal solution to the problem in this case.

Reinstalling the application

If the previous step did not help, and it is not clear why VK on Android flies out again and again, it is worth deleting and loading again. To do this, it is enough to find the “Appendix” item in the phone settings, open the tab, scroll down to “VK”, open it and click “Delete”.

You can delete VK both through the settings of the device and inside the program itself

Then wait for the system message that everything went well and go to Play Market. Using a simple search, select the right version and install a new version. Next, open VK, smack to go under your username and password and enjoy the process.

Thus, a new version is obtained, without accumulated errors of previous use and with a pure cache in the memory of the gadget.

Correction of Appendix Exit on Android

There are a very large number of global Android errors, the occurrence of which is directly related to the flights and some other difficulties. At the same time, the program can take place for individual reasons requiring an appropriate solution. We will try to pay attention to most options, but due to the features of each software, one cannot guarantee a successful getting rid of difficulties.

Google applications

The main applications on Android are various Google processes and services, often installed on the default smartphone. The accompanying problems includes the error “Google Appendix”, caused by the corresponding. We talked about the search for its reasons in the instructions on the following link.

Similarly, a message about the emergency stop of the Google Play Market may often occur. In this case, we also prepared articles with several options for solving the problem. over, most decisions are universal and we will be mentioned further.

Some of the possible problems could be missed by us. To surely get rid of sorties, fully familiarize yourself with this article.

Standard applications

As in the case of Google, there may be problems with Android devices with the departures of the standard. Among this, the most important are “settings”, the correction of errors in which we described separately. Most of the recommendations are also fully applicable in other situations.

Cleaning the cache

The most universal decision with the departure of applications is to clean the cache that helps get rid of errors in most cases. To do this, use the standard “settings”, choosing the right software from the full list and using the “Clean Cache” button. Instead, you can resort to third.party solutions like CCleaner, automating and simplifying this process. In general, the procedure requires a minimum of actions and we described earlier.

Reinstalling applications

A fairly effective way is not only the cleaning of the cache, but also the complete removal with the re.installation. Despite the need to work with each application separately, the method is more radical and may require a large time of time. About everything you need to know for the correct deinstal, we were told in the following instructions.

If the departures are related to standard services and services, removal can still help. However, in this case, it will be necessary to use the computer.

Working with updates

As an auxiliary option, you can fix problems with departures by installing fresh updates for applications. We were described in the article on the following link below. In this case, the removal of updates can be the same as a solution.

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Another similar solution is to update the operating system to a more relevant version. This is due to the fact that fresh issues have fewer bugs and guarantee improved compatibility with applications. However, this is not applied to all smartphone models.

Virus infection

For Android, there are a number of malicious software that is quite capable of infecting the device and leading to incorrect operation of both the operating system and standard components and individual applications. To get rid of this trouble, you can use the special tools already considered by us. In this case, in case of detection and deletion of infected files, sometimes cleaning the cache or even reinstalling the software is required, which we already talked above.

Search for problems with performance

Of all the existing malfunctions affecting the departure of applications, the inconsistency of the phone is less obvious to the system requirements. This depends on the fact that most applications are not enough for the compatible version of Android, and other, quite productive, components are required. We examined this topic in more detail in the relevant instructions.

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Pay attention, the update of the smartphone is one way or another by an extreme measure and is often not required. For example, a lack of RAM or internal memory can be corrected by some software.

As a completion, it is worth mentioning the likelihood of incorrect operation of specific applications, regardless of the device and the version of the OS. That is why do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the applications on the Google Play Market to surely exclude or confirm this option.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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