What’S Wrong With The Iphone

Iphone is faster

Top-of-the-line iPhones outperform Android flagships both in the speed of complex tasks and in synthetic tests. For example, the iPhone X with the latest A11 Bionic chip transcodes a 2-minute 4K- to Adobe Clips in 42 seconds, Google’s Pixel 2 takes almost 3 minutes, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes over 4 minutes. In the most popular benchmarking applications Geekbench and AnTuTu, the new iPhones also take the first places by a wide margin.

Additional features when working with a Mac

With the new Continuity feature, call and message notifications on iPhone can be received directly from your MacBook. Alternatively, you can start writing an email or editing a document on iPhone and continue on Mac. There is even a universal clipboard available, which allows you to copy text on your smartphone and paste it into a document on a macOS device.

Iphone remains the easiest smartphone to use

Despite all the promises of Android smartphone manufacturers to optimize their skins and make them lighter, iOS on the iPhone remains the simplest and most intuitive system. You can blame her for the lack of external changes, but for many, keeping the design, on the contrary, is a plus. Apple has been improving iOS from year to year, while maintaining its simplicity and recognizable appearance. By switching your iPhone 6 to iPhone 8, you don’t have to re-learn the interface and look for familiar functions. In addition, there is a convenient function of transferring all the necessary data.

Rapid and large-scale iPhone updates

An indisputable advantage of the iPhone is the system updates that arrive on almost the same day for all compatible models. For example, according to analyst firm Mixpanel, more than 70% of all iPhones are already installed with iOS 11. The latest statistics on the distribution of Android versions cannot be compared to any comparison. Fresh Oreo is currently installed on only 0.5% of devices, and last year’s Android 7 Nougat has not even crossed the 25% mark.

Best software and hardware integration

Every technical innovation in the iPhone integrates with a host of iOS software features. This provides additional options and simply provides a new experience of using the device.

An example is the 3D Touch technology, with the help of which pressing the icon harder allows you to open a small menu and go directly to certain application functions. Another example is the unique portrait mode with studio light on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. It is provided by an additional camera and proprietary photo processing algorithms.

What'S Wrong With The Iphone

Also, one cannot fail to note the technology of user recognition by face. It is powered by a suite of TrueDepth sensors and artificial intelligence. It is the latter that makes it possible to recognize the owner even in a headdress or with a beard. All these features are laid down at the level of the system itself, while Android device manufacturers are limited to their own shell. To make these features available to everyone, Google itself must take care of them.

9 reasons why iPhones are better than Android smartphones

Better cameras, performance and live system updates, the iPhone has many advantages over Android smartphones.

Searching results

Bing is known to be an ideal search engine for finding erotic and pornographic content. The results provided by Google are highly censored. Even after turning off the adult filter.

Microsoft’s search service doesn’t seem to rate content. If you turn off filtering, then in some countries Bing shows almost everything it finds on the web. Bing handles all resources, not just adults.

Provides the user with what they expect. But unlike Google, it doesn’t decide what is good or bad for the user. In some regions, controversial photos or films are only covered in blur.

Unfortunately, neither Google nor Bing has removed or removed violent content effectively enough. With the help of two tools, it is possible without problems, knowingly or not, to gain access, for example, to a violent film related to events in the Middle East.

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Google or Bing who is better

The question posed does not have an unambiguous answer. Google has dominated the market for many years and it seemed that nothing could threaten it. However, its superiority is no longer as unambiguous as until recently and is mainly due to the large number of users.

Is this supported by the quality of service? It depends on what you are looking for. From tests of various functions, it follows that the choice of a search engine often depends on the habit or default settings of the computer and browser.

Mobile devices can be the key to success. Their number is constantly growing, and in some regions of the world, search engines are more often used from a tablet or smartphone than from a desktop computer. With the acquisition of Nokia, and the brand’s phones are still selling very well, Microsoft has gained access to a new, wider audience that will use Bing’s default search engine.

Combined with social services that Bing is actively engaging with and new search engines, Bing’s use to scan local disks and memory on devices running Windows 8.1, this offers tremendous opportunities for Microsoft’s search engine to evolve. over, Apple counts itself among the supporters of Bing.

A quick search isn’t everything. Included with the search for web pages today are mechanisms for indexing photos, maps and games, social networks. Success will rest with someone who can offer something unique within each of these groups and provide you with the search results that best match your query. Not necessarily objectively.

Support and integration with other services

Google offers users a wider range of different services than Microsoft. It actively integrates its products and takes advantage of the resulting benefits. Analyzes user behavior, matches search results with anticipated needs.

Although Microsoft also provides several different products, Bing does not use their internal links. But she has an overwhelming superiority in interaction with social media. Microsoft’s close collaboration with Facebook and Twitter gives the search engine direct access to the use of resources and information from these sites.

Google should only rely on its certainly less popular Google Plus. Google tries to understand what the user is expecting and doesn’t require making simple queries. When constructing phrases, they can be complicated more than in the case of the Bing search engine.

The Microsoft search engine, in turn, does not dig into the analysis of expectations; it receives ready-made profiles directly from social networks. The problem arises when a person does not use Facebook or Twitter. In such a situation, Bing is unable to find the right search context.

On the technical side, both search engines allow dynamic searches as they enter keywords. This makes finding good results much faster. Comparing different queries, I must admit that sometimes Google wins, sometimes Bing.

Google has the best voicemail search engine. Overall, Microsoft’s speech recognition functions are probably still far from Google’s quality solutions.

Search engines maps and mobile devices

Map services are closely related to search engines. Both providers have their own versions of this service. The maps contain links of the found places, and for the found places, maps of the corresponding areas are included immediately.

Google Maps is kind of a standard. The service can be used to search for places, for navigation purposes, the maps contain information about various companies, public places, attractions. True, in our country they are not as accurate as in the homeland of Google, and bypass Bing by far in relevance.

Bing doesn’t update maps often, sometimes lacking data, new roads, and many important routes. Also with photo panoramas. Google photos are much more relevant and cover a large part of our country. Bing does not put much effort in this area, in its photo panoramas it will not be possible to see many details. An additional advantage of Google is Street View.

While following the route, Google provides alternative routes at the same time, however, Bing describes the ride better. In the case of some routes, Google is limited to only a few main destinations. Bing considers all the critical points.

High search quality

Feedback from Google and Bing on search results varies. Some users are inclined to believe that Bing search displays more useful information, others believe that Google is unbeatable.

Bing gives the best results for natural searches. This stems from the use of contextual mechanisms, which Microsoft pays more attention to than Google. In addition, Bing’s suggested additional information and similar queries will be more closely related to primary keywords.

When you enter popular queries, Microsoft searches also yield better results. This is especially evident when we are interested in people from across the ocean. On the other hand, Google gives immediate access to short biographical information. Indexes local news more efficiently and faster.

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We also think that Google is more actively promoting pages related to its AdWords program, most likely based on the fact that, starting from a certain level, high positioning will have to be paid for. Which mechanism is better? It is probably better to use both.

Search reward

Bing users overseas can benefit from Bing Rewards. After registering and logging in with the search engine, you can earn money. In the process of daily use, the user accumulates so-called search points.

Thanks to intensive work with the search engine, you can get the status of a silver or gold client and discounts of up to 10 percent on the following points.

What is the difference between a smartphone and an iPhone and which is better?

Users often ask how the iPhone differs from the smartphone? The question is really interesting, although it was posed incorrectly because the iPhone is also a smartphone. It’s just that in recent years its name has become a household name, as, for example, in the case of a copier, because Xerox is the name of a company that, among other things, produces copiers.

Smartphone (from English smartphone, that is, smart phone) is a mobile phone that successfully combines the functions of a pocket computer. With it, you can not only call friends, but also play games, watchs, listen to music, surf the Internet and much more.

Iphone a series of smartphones produced by Apple.

And what happens? And the fact that calling an iPhone a smartphone, you can’t go wrong!

What is the Difference Between Smartphones and iPhones?

Now let’s talk about what makes the iPhone different from other smartphones.

Perhaps the first and most important is the iOS operating system. Our site has already managed to tell about it. This operating system is interesting in that it is used exclusively on devices from Apple, so you will not find it on smartphones or tablets from other manufacturers. This is good on the one hand, but bad on the other. Good, because Apple hones its operating system to shine, so it often works much more stable than other operating systems. And the bad thing is that it is impossible to install it, for example, on an LG phone.

Iphone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10:

The second important difference is the small model range. So, for a long time, Apple released only one model, which was later joined by the iPhone 5c. The same goes for the screen size, although in the sixth generation two devices came out at once, one with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, and the second 5.5 inches. Now look at the huge selection of Android devices, the difference is fantastic. So if you don’t like the iPhone’s looks, you have little choice but to start looking at devices from other manufacturers.

As for the appearance, there is nothing unusual here. In previous years, Apple could shock the appearance of its devices (remember, for example, the iPhone 4 with a glass back cover), but now it is an ordinary smartphone. Of course, it differs in the presence of expensive materials, but all this invariably affects the cost of the device. But on the back there is a corporate logo bitten apple.

Iphone 11 and Huawei P30:

Iphones lack a memory card slot. This can be said to be Apple’s proprietary feature. Of course, you can always choose an iPhone with a large memory capacity, but the price difference will be several thousand rubles, while the cost of a fast and high-quality flash drive does not exceed a thousand rubles. However, in fairness, we note that now many manufacturers refuse slots for memory cards. Fortunately, not all.

Iphone Xs Max and iPhone Xr:

Some users refer to the disadvantages of the non-removable battery in the iPhone. In our opinion, this should not be considered a disadvantage. Firstly, in most modern smartphones, the battery cannot be replaced (except in the service), and secondly, it lasts 2-3 years, while the average smartphone replacement period is only one year.

Iphone SE and Sony Xperia Compact XZ2:

It should be noted that it supports only one SIM card. True, the latest models have eSIM support for a virtual SIM card.

As for everything else, including specifications, availability of applications, quality of shooting, etc., in this regard, the iPhone does not differ much from other Android devices. What’s better? It’s up to you to decide. You can go to an electronics hypermarket and compare iPhone to another smartphone you like.

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Be that as it may, we found out that the iPhone is also a smartphone, which has its own characteristics.

What makes the iphone 5 different

Let’s see what’s new in the iphone 5? It’s not hard to guess that this is a completely new design. This smartphone has a thickness of 7.6 millimeters. This is very small. The creators, in order to achieve this result, had to create a reduced copy of each detail. For example, the Nano-sim card is almost 44 percent smaller than the Micro-sim card. The eight megapixel iSight camera has been reduced by twenty-five percent. There are even more functions. It:

  • Shooting in low light, in motion and panoramic shooting.
  • The A6 processor works much faster than the A5 processor, while it takes up twenty-two percent less space.

Taken together, it turns out that this smartphone is much lighter than the old one. In appearance, the new version is practically no different from the previous one. Glass screen, metal body, flat front and back. There is also a camera. The new smartphone can be found in white and black.

Positive qualities of iphone 5

Why is the iphone 5 good? Let’s look at the positive aspects of this device.

  • Of course, the first positive feature is the smartphone screen. It has a very high resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, 326 pixels per inch, which is 727,040 pixels. This allows us to see a picture with a very clear image. We will not notice the pixels even at arm’s length.
  • The simplicity of this smartphone and the operation of the interface give a special charm to the work.
  • The screen is refreshed 60 times per second. Therefore, we can observe neat and smooth animations on the screen.
  • The touchscreen is super sensitive. This allows the user to get exactly what he needs.

Also, the attention of any smartphone owner is attracted by a simple and interesting interface. In a matter of time, it will not be difficult to understand all the functions provided.

For the first time ever, Apple engineers have created such a great feature as Siri. This feature works with voice (but unfortunately only in English so far). However, what she can do is amazing. Thanks to her, the iPhone is considered the smartest phone in the world.

The company’s trademark trick is a banal box. No, it’s not banal at all. It gives charm and elegance to the device. After all, each product is wrapped in a beautiful box, which is sealed with plastic wrap. Thus, the buyer is shown that no one has touched your smartphone yet. This is the hallmark that helps distinguish the iPhone from other phones and counterfeits and of course makes it stand out.

Why the iPhone 5 is good?

The iPhone 5 is a smartphone that was designed by renowned designer Jonathan Ive. This designer still worked at Apple. This is the sixth generation of smartphones. It should be said that the iPhone 5 is the successor to the iPhone 4S. The operating system it runs on is iOS 6. It officially became available in September 2012.

Why the iPhone 5 is bad

However, not everything is as smooth as it seems. And the new smartphone has a number of disadvantages. Let’s look at a number of problems that arise during its operation.

  • Firstly, there are very frequent complaints from users about display malfunctions. Or all sorts of flickering occurs, a bubble effect appears (when the image is deformed when touched).
  • Secondly, the battery on the iPhone drains quickly. An hour takes ten to fifteen percent of the battery. Even if the device is in sleep mode.
  • Third, there are spots in the photos. Sometimes a purple halo effect occurs near bright light sources. However, according to the developers, this is not a problem. They advise holding the device horizontally and towards light sources (without any angles) when taking pictures.
  • And the fourth series of problems. These are wifi problems. The operators of the new smartphone are raising the issue of the low data transfer rate over the Wi-Fi network. However, there is a solution if you switch encryption from WPA2 to not so secure WEP in the router settings.

From all of the above, one simple conclusion can be drawn: if you want to purchase this device, then buy it, but this series of problems is still possible.

Now you know what an Iphone 5 is in general and how good it is.