What programs can I uninstall from my computer

Lesson 3. Deleting unnecessary programs

We will have a lot of work to do in this lesson! We’re going to get rid of the programs you don’t need. superfluous programs.

If you’ve been using your computer for a long time, have installed different programs, or if someone has installed programs for you, then this tutorial will help get you in order with the different programs as well.

In the last lesson we talked about the need to clean the computer from various “junk”, t.е. from accumulated unnecessary files and entries. The same goes for programs. Many users may have a bunch of programs installed on their computer that are either very rarely or never used at all.

Or you might have several similar programs installed, e.g. several video or audio players, which means that some of them are not needed at all.

On low-powered computers and/or computers with little free space, it can be handy to get rid of unnecessary programs. And in this tutorial we will do the same.

First things first. Then, as always, we have a practical exercise.

“Amigo and other junkware applications

If you install a lot of programs and do not carefully study what they offer to install in addition, you will find a lot of uninvited guests.

This also includes “Amigo”, “Defender@” and other programs. It is a crime to give them to users. Erase everything and watch closely what installers are trying to put into you from now on.

Alternative: normal browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi. Download applications from trusted sources and avoid installing unwanted software. Unchecky will help you with this.

How to remove “unremovable” applications from your smartphone

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To make smartphones more appealing, manufacturers put as many different programs on them as possible. It is clear. Just take it and delete unnecessary Stop.

It turns out that some applications are impossible to uninstall. For example, on some Samsung models it is impossible to remove (there is only the ‘disable’ option). The Samsung S9 is also said to come pre-installed with “uninstallable” Microsoft apps.

These smartphones are examples. The same problem with other models. Many have uninstallable programs from the manufacturer itself.

All of this needs to be cleaned up. Very rare examples of models that have no unnecessary programs on them. For example, when the first iPhone came out, Apple rigidly fixed the package of installed applications, so the ATT operator could not add its usual garbage there.

There is also an example of smartphones from Google starting with Google Phone G1 in 2008, then Nexus line and up to current Pixel (Pixel 1, 2 and 3). They don’t have any on them either almost no garbage, unless you count too many Google applications, which are also supposedly system applications and are not removed completely. And a small number of third-party uninstallable applications. For example, HP Cloud Print is hardwired into Nexus5. But more on that later.

In principle, by this logic and numerous applications from Apple on the iPhone can be considered unnecessary garbage. To be precise, there are 42 apps pre-installed on the iPhone, not all of which are easy to uninstall: App Store, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Game Center, Health, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iMovie, iTunes Store, iTunes U, Keynote, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, News, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Passbook, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Reminders, Safari, Settings, Stocks, Tips, TV, Videos, Voice Memos, Wallet, Watch, Weather.

There are 29 apps pre-installed on Android, and some of them are also unremovable by standard means: Android Pay, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Docs, Downloads, Drive, Duo, Gmail, Google, Google, Keep, Maps, Messages, News Weather, Phone, Photos, Play Books, Play Games, Play Movies TV, Play Music, Play Store, Settings, Sheets, Slides, YouTube.

Note: the method below allows you to remove any of these applications.

However, we are not primarily talking about garbage in the default operating system, but about other situations where a third-party manufacturer like Samsung fills its smartphone with a huge pile of uninstallable programs, from its own proprietary applications, to programs and Microsoft. Other manufacturers are doing the same thing.

Why they do it? Obviously, because of the money. According to the partner agreements it costs only money to install the programs of the partner. And install the same programs in the form of unremovable. for a whole different kind of money. This is just a suggestion.

Although it is simply amazing. We pay hundreds of dollars for a Samsung phone! And they still want to make a few bucks on affiliate agreements!

There’s no way to uninstall the app

has always said that “deactivating” an application is the same as uninstalling it. Although it (the application) then takes up some memory space, it should not show any activity or collect data. But lately people have lost so much confidence in. That they don’t even believe that. Like, why isn’t it completely removed from the system??

and Microsoft has been making deals with phone makers and carriers around the world for years. The financial terms are not disclosed. Also refuses to say what specific partners he has deals with on uninstallable apps.

However, they are “unrecoverable” only theoretically. In practice it is enough to open ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and run a couple of commands.

The phone must have USB debugging enabled and the USB device driver must be installed on the computer.

pm list packages | grep ‘oneplus’ package:com.oneplus.calculator package:net.oneplus.weather package:com.oneplus.skin package:com.oneplus.soundrecorder package:com.oneplus.opsocialnetworkhub package:cn.oneplus.photos package:com.oneplus.screenshot package:com.oneplus.deskclock package:com.oneplus.setupwizard package:com.oneplus.sdcardservice package:com.oneplus.security package:cn.oneplus.nvbackup package:com.oneplus.wifiapsettings

Alternatively, you can install the free application Inspector on your phone. It will show detailed information about all installed applications, their permissions. In addition, it can extract (download) APK files for any installed application.

To remove a particular package, run a command like this:

For the “uninstallable” programs mentioned at the beginning of the article, it looks like this:

By the way, it is really better to uninstall applications, because they collect and send to the company an enormous amount of personal data about all aspects of your activity. To estimate the amount of data collected, take a look at this chart. It compares what data different messengers collect about you: Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Messenger sucks literally everything it can. Signal, on the other hand, treats users much more respectfully. It is understandable: it is a privacy-oriented cryptomessenger.

No wonder why you can’t uninstall Android applications using the standard means. But the list of “system” applications is also ambiguous. For example, the listed packages can hardly be called system. But the regular means to remove them, too, only disable:

over, the method is suitable for any system component at all.

and we get rid of the built-in launcher forever.

Note from the xda-developers forum. As for the system apps, they will reappear after a reset. This means that they are not really deleted from the device after all, but just deleted for the current user (user 0). That’s why without ‘user 0’ the adb command doesn’t work, and this part of the command just tells to do the deletion only for the current user, but the cache/data of the system app will still remain on the system. And that’s a good thing, because even after uninstalling the system app, the phone will still be able to receive official OTA updates.

Program uninstaller, or how to remove unnecessary programs in Windows 7 on your computer?

Often users wonder the purpose or question. how to remove unnecessary programs or games in windows7 version or any other ? This is a really important issue, because if you don’t uninstall unwanted utilities from your computer, you will soon clog up your system, and lose precious free space on your PC. In this article you will find a program to remove unnecessary programs, as well as recommended rules that will help keep your system clean, without brakes and glitches.

In Windows 7, you can easily find a list of installed utilities that have been installed on your system. You can look at this list via the following path:

Start. Control Panel. Remove Programs

Using the scroll bar, you will look for the unnecessary game by name, which should be removed from your computer irretrievably. Now right-click when you click on it and click on Remove :

When prompted for “Programs and Components,” click YES:

After that, the process of uninstalling the software you are going to get rid of will begin. Upon completion, a window may pop up about the need to restart your system, you can answer Restart now, or postpone restarting your computer. This is the right solution that will help remove computer programs or games, without the help of additional software, as they say by standard means of the operating system Windows 7 or Windows XP.

New Program: The clipboard. its functions and where it is located

Sometimes abnormal situations arise at work, and running removal of unnecessary programs is impossible. There is a whole range of specialized software to help with the removal of the file. The most common and simple CCLEANER is a program to remove programs, games, any installed components on your PC. What’s the beauty of this utility? The size of the distribution is very small, and is only 5 ~ 7 Megabytes, CCLEANER installs very quickly, and works in any Windows operating system, both 64 Bit and 32 Bit systems. Free software download, you can follow a link on our site Free Programs RU.

After you download CClener, install it on your computer, the installation process should not be difficult. If you have difficulties with the English language, do not forget to change the interface language to Russian before you install it.

The other options can be left as default. After launching the Cleaner, the main window of the program will open, which will have the tabs “Cleanup”, “Registry”, “Service”, “Settings”

You need to go to the tab “Tools”, “Uninstall programs“:

In a similar way, find the unwanted utility, right-click and click “Uninstall”. Further actions will follow the same principle, as in the case of uninstalling programs through the control panel in Windows 7. In addition, you can repair corrupted software if you select “Modify” in the submenu.

New Software: Download Wi-Fi Hacking Software

There is another method for erasing unnecessary programs and utilities. This is quite primitive and clear method, you just need to know the path where this program is located, go to this directory and delete unnecessary folder with programs. Let’s say you have the game WorldOfTanks in the folder “D:\Games\WOT”. To remove it without the help of additional programs to remove files, just erase the WOT folder by selecting it and pressing “Delete” on your keyboard. The process of erasing this folder will take some time, depending on the size of the resulting folder.

With this method of removing unnecessary programs, it is necessary to clean the registry, as well as temporary files on the C:\ drive. Although the temporary files are not that bulky, it is still advisable to clean them.

A program for removing programs, or how to remove unnecessary programs in Windows 7 on your computer?

Widgets and Windows programs

Microsoft developers recently started “shoving” (there is no other way to say it) a huge number of utilities into their operating systems. Most of them will be absolutely useless for the average user. This is due to the fact that it will not have the right equipment, or just do not need to use specific functions.

Here’s a list of utilities in Windows 10 that are perfectly safe to uninstall through the Control Panel:

  • 3D Builder. It’s simple. if you don’t have a 3D printer and don’t plan to buy one in the future, this utility will be completely useless.
  • Xbox. This program will only be popular with those people who have an unpatched Xbox console. If you do not know what it is, then you do not need the program all the more.
  • Alarm clock, clock and weather. Here everyone has to decide for himself whether he needs it. And if seriously, very few people actually use these widgets when using laptops. Their existence is justified only on tablets.
  • Improve your Office. This is one of the most baffling programs from Microsoft. Really few users can clearly explain what it is for.
  • News, Movies, Sports and more. All this is also relevant only to a small number of users. Everyone gets the latest news from various sites on the Internet. over, these widgets do not always contain things that are really worth seeing.
  • Store. Users of earlier versions of Windows got along quite well without an application store with a bunch of annoying ads and no software in the collection. So you can uninstall this program too.
  • Finance, People, Getting Started and other stuff like that. There’s not even enough to say. Useless nonsense.

In general, each user can look through the list of all pre-installed programs and remove those that he definitely does not need.

IObit Uninstaller is a free program for removing programs with a wide range of functions

The next powerful and free utility to remove programs and not only. IObit Uninstaller. After launching the program, you will see a list of installed programs with the ability to sort them by hard disk space, installation date or frequency of use.

When uninstalling, you first use the standard uninstaller, after which IObit Uninstaller prompts you to scan your system for and final removal of the program’s remnants in your system. In addition, the following options are available:

  • Mass removal of programs (item “Batch removal”), removal and viewing of browser plug-ins and extensions is supported.
  • Find and uninstall a program by its window (item “Easy Uninstall” in the tools menu).
  • Uninstalling Windows 10 updates.
  • Tracking installations of new programs for later full uninstallation.

Removal via Control Panel

A fairly easy and quick way to clean the computer. To remove programs in this way, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the “Start” menu using the special icon in the lower left corner or using the “Win” button (sometimes the button has a Windows logo instead of an inscription).
  • Find and launch the “Control Panel”.
  • Select “Programs”. “Remove Programs” when viewed as a “Category”. In the “Large Icons” or “Small Icons” viewing mode. “Programs and Components.
  • Select the necessary program from the list and click on the “Delete/Change” button at the top of the table.
  • Next, you will be prompted to confirm the uninstallation of the program. In some cases you may need to restart the process to complete it. You can confirm the uninstallation or postpone it.

The fastest way to open “Programs and Components

And the promised new quick way to open the uninstall programs section in “Applications and Features” of Windows 10 settings. There are even two such ways, the first opens the section in the settings, and the second either immediately starts uninstalling a program or opens the “Programs and Features” section in the control panel:

Many installed programs create in the “All applications” section of the Start menu its own folder, which, in addition to a shortcut to start, has a shortcut to remove the program. You can also usually find the file uninstall.exe (sometimes the name may be slightly different, such as uninst.exe etc.п.) in the folder with the program, this is the file that triggers the uninstallation of the.

To uninstall an application from the Windows 10 store, you can simply right-click on it in the application list of the Start menu or on its tile on the Start screen and select “Uninstall”.

With the uninstallation of some programs such as antiviruses, you may sometimes have problems using standard tools and need to use special removal utilities from official sites (see. How to uninstall antivirus from your computer). Also, to clean the computer more completely, many people use special uninstallers, which you can read about in the article Best software uninstallers for programs.

One last thing: it may turn out that the program you want to remove in Windows 10 is simply not in the list of applications, but it is on your computer. This could mean the following:

  • This is portable software, t.е. it does not require installation on your computer and simply runs without any prior installation process, and you can delete it as an ordinary file.
  • It is a malicious or unwanted program. If you suspect so check out our article Best tools to remove malware.

I hope the material will be useful for novice users. And if you have any questions. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I’ll try to answer.