What does Smart TV mean?

What is Smart TV and how does Smart TV differ from regular TV

Many consumers wonder “What is Smart TV?”. The word translated from English means “smart TV. It is a TV, which has a built-in mini-computer with Internet access. The technology is quite sophisticated, but it is gaining popularity due to the wide range of possibilities it offers. You can use your TV screen as a monitor to browse the Internet, applications, and games. The use of a large screen as a smartphone has become convenient and attractive.

The main point of buying a Smart TV is to have a special functionality from simple devices. Among them is worth mentioning the TV control.

Smart devices market offers a wide range of control options, depending on the model. Many televisions are already capable of understanding voice and gestures. And the most modern device is able to recognize the face, control and work, using smartphones, through special applications.

Control is not the only possible function. Let’s find out what this “smart TV” technology offers and the extent of its capabilities.

View video files. The TV model with Smart TV function can be connected to the device and view the images on the screen. In devices with LG operating system is easier: there is no need to connect the cable and wire, you can simply connect your phone to the TV via Wi-Fi service, display the information stored in your smartphone on the big screen of the TV and watch.

Program Recording. Modern model with a function “smart TV” provides for recording the screen, during the broadcast of a particular TV program. This development can be useful if there is a risk of missing your favorite program. It records video content and allows you to watch it at any convenient time.

Internet connection. You can only connect a TV with Smart TV function to the Internet. To go online, you either need to connect a special cable from any Internet service provider, or do it using Wi-Fi service, which distributes the signal to all devices in the vicinity. Here’s a quick guide on how to connect your TV to the internet and how to setup Smart TV on your TV: https://www.LG.com/en/LG-magazine/what-is/kak-nastroit-Smart-TV-na-televisore

Games and applications. Smart TV provides a gallery of games and applications. Every gamer’s dream has come true: you can play on a big screen with good graphics and sound. The game will not differ from the usual computer games.

Due to the fact that this feature has found a great resonance with users, the manufacturer of the LG company is interested in constantly adding built-in games. In order to take advantage of this feature, you just need to connect to the Internet, go to the menu and open the window with games.

Features when using gadgets, storage devices, external devices in Smart TV. The main feature of using gadgets and external devices in Smart TV is the convenience and speed. A regular TV can not work like this, it does not have these characteristics. Smartphones can’t transmit anything to such a device at all.

Universal remote wand connection. A modern remote control can be a classic rectangular box. However, it will have very few buttons (sometimes less than ten). The TV control is achieved by:

A touchpad and/or gyroscope that allows you to move the cursor on the TV screen like on a computer;

A scroll wheel like a computer mouse. it makes scrolling through pages convenient;

voice commands that are given through a built-in microphone (“start a channel,” “put on the screen,” “add volume,” “Smart Game”).

The parental control feature on a regular TV and a Smart TV device. Not all conventional equipment is equipped with parental control, and you have to watch the content your child consumes on your own. LG Smart TV manufacturer has made sure to set a password. Using this feature will give parents peace of mind for their child’s mental health.

You can lock by several parameters:

By age. Content with the restriction of 18 will be played only after entering the PIN-code.

By channel. Specific channel won’t play movie, picture and sound until password input.

By app. The child would not be able to access browsers and social networking sites.

There are crucial differences between a Smart TV and a regular TV. Conventional device (without Smart TV) is left to work with very limited functionality and not always good image quality. Your TV can only watch the content shown on federal channels, you have to “catch” the time of your favorite TV program or movie, to wait until the end of advertising. While a TV with a smart system provides a lot of features.

Smart TV differs from conventional TV in that with the new technology you can watch absolutely any content at your convenience via YouTube, Netflix or even go to the TV channel’s website and watch what you missed. So as your main TV, a Smart device is the best option.

Using a smart TV is almost as easy as using a regular TV. The TV has the same remote control, and in addition to the basic channel switching there’s the main screen, where you can find, for example, a downloaded game or apps, available service, various functions, menus, and settings.

Not all consumers can afford to buy a TV with built-in Smart TV function because of the high price of the equipment. If you compare a Smart TV to a regular TV, the Smart system costs about 25-55% more.

An excellent solution in this situation would be to buy a TV model with a digital tuner. Externally, the set-top box looks like a small plastic box. Set-top boxes have built-in connectors for Internet cable and multimedia devices. Set-top box will give a regular TV almost the full functionality of Smart TV, but the maximum picture sharpness will be limited by the pixel resolution of the TV screen.

What is Smart TV

Many people have wondered “What does Smart TV mean??”. In English this word means “smart TV”, so modern receivers became known as “smart”. The technology is quite sophisticated, but gaining popularity due to the wide range of opportunities it provides. With its help, it became possible to use the TV as a monitor to browse the Internet, applications and games. Using a large screen as a smartphone has become convenient and attractive. In the beginning, this technology was only put on premium models, but as technology advances, more and more consumers have access to “smart” TVs.

Looking for the Smart TV menu call button on the remote control

If you have a TV with Smart TV, the remote control must have a button to call this function. Let’s look at different consoles to see what it might look like.

This button usually has a house-shaped icon on it, or it says “Smart,” “Smart TV”.

Basic Smart Platforms

The most common platforms for Smart TV are:

  • WebOS, which LG uses in its models;
  • Android TV, the most popular in devices manufactured by Sony and Philips;
  • Firefox, which is popular with Panasonic;
  • Tizen, which is used in its development by technology giant Samsung;
  • iOS, used in set-top boxes from Apple.

Depending on the platform on which this function is based, Smart TV has different functionality and features. They differ in system performance, number of pre-installed applications, interface, and other parameters.

What is a Smart TV?

What is a Smart TV? It’s a TV that dreams of being a computer. And that dream is slowly coming true. So what can Smart TV do today:

Connect to the Internet.

You can do this through the TV’s LAN socket, t.ะต. With a wire. And if you don’t want to pull the wires, you can use a Wi-Fi router. In some models it is already built into the TV, for others (suggesting this function) there is an external router that connects via USB. You have to buy it separately. Yes, and there should already be Wi-Fi in the apartment.

Smart TVs usually have a built-in browser, but most often they use special widgets to access web resources. All manufacturers have widgets for YouTube channels, and some brands have widgets for Russian social networks.

With Skype support, you can see your conversation partner on the big screen. You only need to buy a Web-camera. True, not all TVs have this feature.

Read content from a USB drive.

Smart TV allows you to watch photos, videos, listen to music from a flash drive. But since the TV is not a computer, there will be a format it can’t read.

Display multimedia content from a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other digital device that supports the wireless protocol DNLA. For this, as you have already understood and do not need any wires.

Use more than just the remote control to control your TV.

You can control your Smart TV using your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone by installing a special app. And for typing it is convenient to use a wireless keyboard.

TVs that can be controlled by voice and gestures are already available.

Postpone watching a TV show.

You can stop watching TV if you can’t enjoy it now by recording it on an external drive. This function is only available for digital TV and if the content is not copy-protected.

Now it’s clearer what a Smart TV is? Yes, it’s not a computer yet, but there’s more to come. There are already televisions that involve not only software upgrades, but also hardware upgrades. Now it will be easier and cheaper to chase the progress of TVs.

What’s Smart TV?

Smart TV or Smart TV. a platform that consists of a set of programs and is designed to interact with the TV Internet resources. Smart TV function allows you to integrate into your TV services for watching movies, news shows, entertainment content, social networking applications and even games.

The main advantage of models with Smart TV is the ability to independently interact with the Internet, without requiring additional devices for this. All you need to use this smart platform is a Smart TV model and an internet connection via cable or wirelessly.

What’s Smart TV on your LG TV

Developers have different names for the Smart platform in their models, for example, LG calls devices that support a smart system “LG Smart TV”. These devices have the same features as Smart TV of other companies, the difference between Smart TV in LG TV and other models only in technical characteristics and the number of additional services provided by the platform (free access to movie platforms, a period of unlimited use of gaming resources, etc.).

does, smart, mean

Smart TV function in a Samsung TV is called Smart TV, the platform is adapted as much as possible for easy control and has a lot of advantages for new users. To decide which TV is better Smart TV is difficult, because it affects a number of additional factors, such as the possibility of remote control, features and how flexible is the operating system TV.

What’s different about Smart TV?

Among the main advantages of Smart TV are.

Unparalleled picture quality and excellent sound. Modern televisions allow you to watch movies in ultra-high resolution 4K, which are accompanied by high-quality sound 5.1. This shows that they can be the basis for a real home theater. To make it happen, all you need to do is take advantage of Smart TV’s built-in online cinema apps.

In practice, movies, concerts, and programs are watched both for free as a test model and by subscription. Users usually do the following. They first view the content offered by an online movie theater as a test, and then subscribe. Terms of video provision can be different, such as a movie on demand, a subscription for a certain period of time, or a certain number of viewings. But in any case, the payment is many times lower than going to the movies.

Convenient control. Not so long ago, controlling Smart TV functionality on TVs caused a lot of complaints from users, who said they spent more time looking than directly watching. Today the situation has changed dramatically. They use specialized remotes that combine the ability to control channels and various applications with wireless mouse functions.

Touch and voice control options appeared. Today there are already TVs that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. And some remotes even have direct cinema call buttons, such as ivi.

Movies and shows without any ads or other delays. Maximum convenience of search and browsing. this is the principle on which the development of Smart technologies. It’s enough just to enter the title, and immediately the other films of this director, with the same actors will automatically “pull up.

“The smart technologies implemented in the latest TV models even detect the viewer’s genre preferences and make offers accordingly.

Watch what we want, when we want. Deferred viewing” function allows you to watch TV programs, films and other content at a convenient time.

You can even interrupt your viewing for a while and then continue from the interrupted location. over, unlike on-air broadcasting, in online movie theaters you can often find extended and director’s versions, films in the original language with subtitles or with sign language translation.

Individual prelists. An interesting feature that many applications offer their viewers is the ability to make a list for further viewing.

For example, you can make your own unique list of cartoons, which the child can watch in high quality without advertising.

Watch HD TV. Newer Smart TVs have an IPTV connection function.

This means that each user can potentially receive television programs through special IP-channels, which provide broadcasting in high resolution and with a wide range of custom features, resulting in significantly improved viewing quality and comfort.

Recording movies and TV programs. Provided that the selected channel has no write protection, one of the Smart TV functions allows you to record shows directly to a USB drive or other external media.

does, smart, mean

Internet-seeing. All modern Smart TVs are equipped with bruisers. Which allows to use TV like a PC: open e-mail, watch the news, search for information on websites, get weather forecasts, exchange rates. You can also order goods and services. In short, all the same things that the user usually does on a smartphone or tablet.

does, smart, mean

Access to social networks. It is enough just to download special applications of social networks and the owner of the TV opens all the possibilities in. Telegram and other social networks.

Communication. Many models of modern TV have a built-in camera, which, together with the application Skype opens up new opportunities for communication with friends, relatives, video conferencing, meetings.

Games. Without the ability to play games modern Smart TV would be considered incomplete. The built-in functionality has several pre-built gaming applications. over, it is possible to download and install game projects, the quality and scale is not inferior to computer games.

As you can see, the functionality of Smart TV completely changes the idea of a TV as such. And experts say that the current state of this technology is only the beginning of a great development.

In fact, the current state of Smart TV allows you to organize multimedia entertainment at home, completely away from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can just turn on the TV with Smart TV and use it to the maximum.

What can be an alternative to a TV with Smart TV

If you have a good modern TV, then make it more “intelligent” will help these devices with Smart TV:

  • Digital receivers with a built-in Smart platform;
  • Blu-ray players, which are connected to the TV through a USB port and provide the ability to access the Internet;
  • LG Smart TV Upgrader type set-top boxes;
  • Android-based mini PC, for example, Android TV Box;
  • Media players that allow you to install Smart add-ons.

Curious about the possibilities offered by Smart-TV? Then visit our catalog and choose your option of “smart” technology.