What are the check printers for. In addition, printers can be:

What is a printer of checks?

The device is designed for printing cash receipts. Its principle of operation is largely similar to the work of an office printer. Models differ among themselves by printing speed. The check printer is connected to the checkout or computer using RJ or USB connectors or via Bluetooth. The device consists of several main elements:

Printers differ on the principle of printing, they are:

The device cannot be used as a fiscal registrar, since it does not have a fiscal drive, and it does not transmit data to the Federal Tax Service. It is impossible to use a check printer instead of an online cashier, since the device does not meet the requirements of Federal Law 4 applied to cash equipment.

How to choose a printer for checks?

The choice of printer checks depends on the type of activity in which it will be used. If the device moves at the outlet, it is better to purchase a device with a wireless connection (Bluetooth). Also pay attention to the speed of printing of checks: if at the point there is a large patency of customers, choose a device with a high speed. The presence of an auto.cutter in the model will also increase the speed of service. Pay attention to the size of the check, not all printers support two formats of check tape (57 and 80 mm). If you are not sure that one width will be enough, choose a model that supports both print formats. Printers can also give a check up or down. For faster customer service, it is more convenient for the check to be supplied upward.

The first thing to do is connect the device to a PC or POS system. Next, you should install a check tape and install the drivers to the printer of the checks (they usually come in the kit). If there are no drivers, it can be downloaded on the site of the device manufacturer. If installed correctly, then the check printer will appear in the list of equipment used. Next, you need to configure the operation of the device in the account program.

the best printers for printing checks

An organization that sells goods or services to individuals cannot do without a printer for checks. Such devices use tapes as a carrier. They have high performance, as well as cheap in maintenance. The best printers suitable for creating checks are collected in this rating of 2022.

There are several criteria that must be taken into account when choosing a printer for checks.

Type of print

The most popular type of print for creating checks is thermal. It requires only the thermolent as a consumable material. The printer itself does not create much noise in the process. The received check is short.lived, and also sensitive to storage conditions. He can fade from bright light or high humidity.

Less often you can find other options, such as a thermal shift printer. It can use a toner that will ensure the resistance and durability of the created check or stickers.

Press speed

The flow of customers will influence this indicator. For a large flow, models at a speed of above 200 mm/s are suitable. If the flow is moderate, then you can choose the option that produces 150 mm/s. A useful option is a quick replacement system, which will not allow the ending tape to stop the cashier for a long time.

Another speed of the employee can affect the built.in knife. If a person does not need to tear off the check on his own, then he will be able to give it faster, and there is also no risk to accidentally tear the tape in the wrong place.


The printer can be located in the trading floor, in the kitchen or be at the courier. Most models do not take up much space. Depending on the characteristics of the room to the dimensions, there may be more requirements. So, for the printers cafe located in the kitchen, a small size is important, the plus will be the possibility of a vertical installation. And mobile devices should have, among other things, have a slight weight and sufficient autonomy.

The width of the tape

There are several standard formats for ribbons. Popular for creating checks are 80 and 58 mm options. The former are often found where more information is required, for example, in restaurants. On a wide sheet it is easier to place a logo or wishes of the client.

Inte Wees

The check printer will need to be connected to the POS system or PC. For this, USB, RS-232 or Ethernet can be used for this. Depending on the location of the main system, as well as the number of devices in the system, you should select the integration. If the POS system is no further than 10 meters, you can use any option. Otherwise, the model will connect to the local network, which is possible using LAN port.

To connect a cash box or call, the device can be equipped with an additional RJ connector. For connection to a mobile application, a wireless integer is useful, for example Bluetooth.

The resource of thermalheads

Another parameter is important for checks of checks. Thermogol resource should be selected based on the print volume. The standard calculation is 100 km. With a high load on the institution, you can choose a larger resource. The thermal printer does not use ink, the pattern on paper appears due to heating. How many checks can print the printer directly depends on the thermal gun.

TOP-5 printers for printing checks

The best models for different types of organizations that can use thermal are given below. There are options with high performance, small dimensions, the possibility of simple connection and use.


In the first place the TSC TSC TSC TSC. This model is suitable for printing stickers, checks and labels. It supports, in addition to thermalrotranster and simple thermal, which will help save on consumables when printing simple checks. The printer belongs to the class of office equipment, which is highly performance and reliability. It is universal and suitable for different industries. TSC TE200 will be useful in the warehouse, in the office, in the retail store, in the laboratory, and so on.

The printer can work with Windows, connects to PC using USB. The maximum print speed reaches 152.4 mm/s, while it provides a resolution of 203 dpi. The model is deprived of options like a separator or knife. The device weighs 2.4 kg, its dimensions. 20.4x28x16.4 cm.

The scope of checking printer

Check printers do not require registration with the tax, so their scope is expanded. They are successfully commissioned in the outlet, restaurant business, catering points, at enterprises of various types of services.

By purpose, checking devices can be divided into two groups:

  • Multifunctional devices that qualitatively and quickly perform several operations. They are needed to work in a large wholesale warehouse, in a large supermarket.
  • Devices with a simple building in a compact case that are indispensable in organizations with a small turnover of goods. They are appropriate in a pharmacy, a small food store, a library, in the post office. They are distinguished by a low cost.

Types of printer checks

To choose the right device, you need to know how the printer of the checks works. It prints using specific methods. Today, three types of check printers with different types of printing heads are known:

  • Thermal supply. Devices are equipped with a thermogram that prints checks in a heated state. A special thermalmp is used as consumables. Under the influence of high temperatures on its surface, the necessary information remains. In this case, the use of ink is not required. Thermal head is silently and quickly prints text, drawings, barcodes. Thermal printers have become widespread due to the simplicity of use and low expenditure costs.
  • Matrix devices print checks due to built.in needles, which sequentially transfer the image to paper using paint. A cartridge with a coloring tape is inserted into the device. Any paper is suitable for printing checks in this way. The image for a long time remains clear and resistant to moisture.
  • Capester models are a contactless printing method using a persistent coloring substance. Most often, printers are used in conveyor industries to apply important information on different surfaces (expiration date and product date).

Depending on the needs of the trading enterprise, you can choose one or more types of check printer. There are models that combine two devices at once (for example, for simultaneous printing of checks and receipts). Special built-in devices used in KKM and POS systems have been developed.

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Based on check printers, fiscal drives are produced, component by fiscal signs.

Coordination of the printing device and trading terminal

The workplace of a cash specialist is almost universally based on the mass use of the most common OS (Android or Windows). They determine the type of connected using products of the products, t.e. The setting of the entire system in this case occurs in automatic mode. This contributes to all the main models of check printers or foreign assembly.

Не печатает принтер. что делать

However, there is a likelihood of a mismatch of the parameters of the terminal and the printer, which leads to the blocking of the operation of the cash unit. In this case, it is necessary to combine devices manually and prescribe a check apparatus in a particular section of the OS, as well as assign it to the corresponding status in default mode.

This option is possible when a trading company in the process of introducing a system of accounting for commodity flows, believes that the applied software does not meet the requirements, and it orders the development of new programs.

In this case, it is not at all necessary to repair check printers or terminal, and the skills of professionally trained specialists should be used, who can organically integrate in all components of the terminal. An independent solution to the problem can lead to more serious problems, a long stopping of the enterprise, a deterioration in its financial condition.

How the printer works: the main types and features of printing

The technique is classified according to different parameters, including the principle of printing. Printers are the following types:

Depending on the type of check printer, the print principle is different:

  • Inkjet printer applies paint with a matrix that prints with liquid coloring compounds. The main drawback is the low speed of work;
  • Matrix printers involve mechanical transfer of paint by means of small needles. Press speed. The average, wear resistance and quality of the image are high;
  • In thermal printer, the coloring substance is applied to special heat.sensitive paper under the influence of temperature. This method of printing is the fastest, finished image is wear.resistant.

Each device consists of the following elements: a case, a coloring block and print paper (check tape). Additionally, models can be equipped with an auto.cutter, which automatically separates the check from the roll, thereby increasing the speed of service.

Thermal printer: characteristics and functionality

Modern models are able to print not only checks, but also accounts, receipts, tickets, barcodes, etc. Some devices combine two application technologies: thermal and thermal shift.

Their distinctive characteristics include high speed and noticeable print quality. Depending on the model, the speed of application of the image can range from 50 to 300 millimeters per second., and quality. from 180 to 600 dpi.

Thermal supplyers are also equipped with RISC processors and additionally RAM, which ensures their increased performance. Allow you to load on flash memory (up to 256 MB) add.Fonts and logos (the volume can be expanded even more due to the installation of the Microsd drive).

What is it still to buy a check printer?

First you need to decide on the location of the printer and the output of the check from the printer:

Where do you plan to use the printer of checks? Dry room (trading floor) or wet (bar)? 2. What connection integration is required? Directly to the computer (USB or RS-232) or, if there is no PC nearby, Ethernet is required, or, if there is no way to lay cables, Wi-Fi. 3. Inspect the printer installation location and try to determine how it will be more convenient to take a check from the printer. If you plan to set the printer under POS a terminal or under the countertop, it will be more convenient to stop at the printer option with a horizontal check output.

After answering these main questions, you can proceed to the choice of the manufacturer and a specific model of a check printer. If you have difficulty with choosing, you can contact our specialists, they will help you choose the device for your tasks. On our site, printers for every taste and wallet are presented on our site. Budget model. TRP80usa, average price segment. Partner check printers models, and, of course, SEWOO check printers. If you need a specific manufacturer, namely Epson, Star, Citisen, Samsung, Sam4s or something else, we can offer you these printer.

What characteristics to pay attention to?

First of all, when choosing a desktop check printer, you should pay attention to the weight of the printer. There is a direct dependence: the harder the printer, the better it is! The printer should not be easy. The small weight of the printer means the absence of metal parts inside the printer, therefore, the risk of breakdown of plastic parts increases. In a good, high.quality printer of checks, complex nodes are made of good metal. Unscrupulous manufacturers save on everything, including the quality of the metal. The printer cover opens to replace the check tape many times a day and this node is very important, so it should be strong.

A high.quality check printer is equipped with a large number of sensors in the database, which help to avoid printer breakdown during operation. Some manufacturers do not install the “Paper Paper” sensor to the end ”considering it unnecessary. But it was he who in conjunction with the “Paper Paper” sensor often warns the print head from overheating. At the same time, the “paper is nearing end” sensor can be adjustable as in the Partner RP-100-300 or SEWOO SLK-T21EB printer. Having installed it in the lower position, the sensor will work when there really is not enough papers left.

Next, you should pay attention to the print speed, modern thermal priorchants are high.speed. Today, printers print at a speed of 200 mm/s and higher. The Partner RP-100-300 printer prints at a speed of 300mm/s. It’s very fast!

Printer manufacturers Partner and Sewoo take care of their customers and try to make the use of the printer convenient for both the end user and service companies. For example, if the printer is installed far from the control computer, there is no need to remove it from the installation site and connect it to the computer. Some settings can be changed without connecting the printer to the computer using the “Parting Paper” button. By clicking on the Paper broach button, you can go to the internal menu of the check printer by changing some settings. It is really convenient.

SEWOO and PARTner check printers in the basic configuration have a special limiter for check tape. This limiter allows the use of a printer not only with a check tape 80 mm wide, but also to install a tape up to 57 mm wide. The diameter of the tape may be practically not limited. Thanks to the slot in the rear wall of the check printer, you can install an external roll of check tape in the printer and use the printer, say, as a printing device in an information kiosk.

Printer compatibility with software. The most popular issue from our customers. The printer, like any external device that is controlled from the computer, has a command system. The command system is the language of the printer and computer interaction. Currently, one of the most common command systems, which is supported by almost all producers of check printers. This is ESC/POS. This system of teams was created for a very long time Epson. Today ESC/POS. A universal work tool not only with printing devices, but also with other peripheral equipment (buyer display, cash box, etc. peripherals).

There are only 2 ways to transmit information to the printer:

Printing on a check printer using a driver, which the manufacturer offers with the device. Interestingly, the printer driver translates the commands and converts them into the above ESC/POS or another system. Of the advantages of such work with the printer, only a quick connection, and there are much more minuses. As a rule, the print speed through the driver is lower, some important functions such as the printing of barcode or monitoring of the condition of the device can be inaccessible in the driver. 2. Direct work with a printing device without using the driver. The development developers use a universal language to work with the printer. And not with one printer, but with any. pros. maximum print speed, control of all printer functions. Fast work with software, printing barcodes. Money box control and sound signals. Software products prefer to use the printer working with the device directly choosing a universal ESC/POS language. POS check printers presented in our assortment have a Russian language fraud built into firmware. There is no need to reflash or additionally install the Russian language. It is enough to set the ESC/POS printer mode in the settings of your program and connect the printer to the control computer. If your software can work with ESC/POS, then SEWOO printers will work stably with your. The feature of the Partner printer is that the base printer supports 2 ESC/POS and Star command systems at once. Together with the basic intenses of the RS-232, USB and Ethernet Printer Partner RP-100-300. A full.fledged universal decision.

At the end, we will single out the key features once again that is worth paying attention to. Choosing a check printer, it is difficult to decide right away. They look all the same, with the same functionality.

The principle of action of printer for checks

The printer of checks or ASPD is an apparatus for printing labels, checks, stroke codes, logos and other leaflets. However, the ASPD is not the main device, as it is controlled using a computer or POS system (trading software and hardware complex).

On the principle of printing, check printers are divided into two types:

  • Requishers for checks operating on the principle of thermal printing. Its essence is that a special sheet of paper covered with a heat.sensitive film passes through a printer in which heating occurs to 2000s and the film darkens.
  • Checial printers using matrix printing. They need constant replacement of cartridges with paint, and also lose as an image to analogues with thermal.

Printers for automatic printing of checks are stationary (separately standing) or built.in in the main trade equipment, for example, Libra.

The functionality of the printer is limited only by the seal of the leaflets, they are not equipped with a keyboard, display, memory and software. all operations with the printer are performed through a computer.

Using weights in aggressive environments, laboratory workers most often face.

Libra for weighing the wagons are called wagonal. Read more about them in this article.

When loading wagons, certain rules must be followed. Which. read on https: // kilogramus.ru/vzweeshivanie-v-paramyshlennosti/sistemy-gruzopodachi-v-vagony.HTML link.

Review of the printers market for printing checks and other documents

An important factor is the brand of a check printer, because only large manufacturers, tested by time, can give quality guarantee. To date, sales leaders are two brands: fprint and bar.

ASPD bar-m 200

This is a device for automatic printing of checks that does not require registration in the tax office. The device became popular among organizations using UTII.

The advantages of the bar-m 200 are high print speed, ease of operation, the presence of the function of changing the font of the text, compatibility with the computer and other trading systems.

  • thermal;
  • print speed is 220 mm./S;
  • the presence of auto.power;
  • 48 characters in one line of the check;
  • The seal is only black and white;
  • Country of Origin.
  • Price. 18000

Elves Print RS

This is an automatic check printer that does not require registration in the tax service.

The functionality of the apparatus is the calculation of the amount of delivery and the total amount, the price of containers and packaging, the percentage of the system of allowances and discounts, the possibility of reporting, programming the name of the enterprise, information storage is carried out in a power.volative mode are taken into account.

  • fiscal memory in the amount of 2100 interchangeable records;
  • thermal printing of checks;
  • print speed is 45 mm./S;
  • 32 symbols in one line, only 6 main lines and 3 advertising;
  • The operating temperature range of the device is from 10 to 400C;
  • producing country.
  • Price. 12500


A check printer that does not require registration in the tax inspectorate.

Features of the FPRINT-55 device-a check width of 58 mm, the presence of an automatic segment of the checks of checks, the mechanism of printing Japanese production, ease of operation (simply insert a paper roll), the internal memory is 8434 records.


Chinese.made check printer that does not require registration in the tax inspectorate.

  • point thermal printing of checks;
  • print speed 130 mm./S;
  • There is a mechanism for automatic cutting of checks;
  • compatibility with the computer and most operating systems;
  • check width 58 mm;
  • Operating conditions: temperature from 0 to 450C, humidity from 10 to 80%;
  • The price is 10,000

Check printers are perfect for trading platforms with high patency of people and for small offices. To choose a suitable model, it is enough to familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics, functionality, operating conditions and cost.

How to choose a check printer model

To choose a reliable printer of checks for continuous printing, you need to choose the right equipment parameters:

  • Print speed must correspond to buyer patency. If the store is small, then overpayment for a high.speed printer will not be profitable. And if the printer is too slow for a crowded place, then the queue may form.
  • There are 2 print technologies: thermal (does not require refueling) and matrix printing (requires constant replacement of cartridges). Matrix check printer loses analogue with thermal printing in terms of printing quality.
  • The size of the check and the number of characters in the line are limited, so it is necessary to think over the text of future prints in advance.
  • Check printers can work in color and black and white mode.
  • Printer brand plays an important role in the reliability of equipment. For products of well.known brands, manufacturers provide a guarantee of 1 year or more.

Today the market presents a large selection of telemetric platforms for every taste.

Analytical scales are needed to weigh hazardous substances. Our article will help you choose the right model.

Check printer bar 500 from the company “Shtrich-M”

This is a budget apparatus of one of the popular brands. The model has found wide application in restaurants and bars.

Features of the device: printing graphs and reports, excellent compatibility with a computer, fast and effective work.

  • thermal printing of commodity checks;
  • The width of the check is 58 mm;
  • manual separation of the check;
  • working temperature of the air. from 10 to 400C;
  • power from the network 220 V;
  • The price is 10,000

Epson TM-T88V check printer

The device, created on the basis of the latest technology, is distinguished by the quality and speed of the print, and ensures the savings of electricity.

Improving the printer compared to previous models: the service life of a carved mechanism (2,000,000 cuts) is increased, in 1.5 times increased the service life of the printed mechanism, increased print speed (300 mm./sec.), saving paper by reducing the inter.line interval.

Technical characteristics of Epson TM-T88V:

  • Thermal printing technology is used;
  • 56 characters fit in one line of the check;
  • Check width. 58 mm;
  • Production. Japan.

MPRINT EVA check printer

This model is suitable for any entrepreneurial activity using UTII. To control the device, it must be connected to a computer or other trading system.

Features of the model: printing labels on self.adhesive paper, a signaling device and a sensor for determining a blockage, indication of errors and lack of paper.

  • The printer works according to the technology of thermal printing;
  • Check width. 56 mm;
  • The speed of printing check is 100 mm./S;
  • Printing resolution. 203 points per 1 inch;
  • operating temperature. from 10 to 500C;
  • Price 9000

Check printers are an excellent solution for entrepreneurs using UTII. A wide range of equipment allows you to choose an apparatus for organizations of any scale in any industry. To select the desired model, you just need to compare the technical characteristics and the price of several devices and choose the optimal model.

Possibilities of the printer of documents for UTII

In the document provided by the buyer, when receiving the cash from him, the following information should be (st. 2.1 of the Law of 22.05.15 4-ФЗ):

  • Title of the document,
  • Order number and date,
  • Organization name or IP,
  • TIN,
  • The name of the sold goods and its quantity,
  • payment amount,
  • Information about the seller of goods with his signature.

The commodity checks prepared by the printer ensure compliance with the requirements of legislation in trading at the UTII, confirming the transfer of money. In addition, they create the conditions for control over personnel that accept cash.

Printer of documents for UTII allows you to use it to replace CCT. He:

Features of the operation of the printer of checks for UTII

Most printers use the principle of thermal printing. This is the most reliable and high.quality method of printing check.

Thermal printing head is the main printer node. To ensure its uninterrupted operation, it is advisable to provide a printer model with a auto.cutting function, t.e. separation of one check from another.

It is better to use paper with a width of 80 mm. The durability of the printer and print quality depends on the quality of the tape used. The main requirement for thermalmp is its strength.

The printer is connected to the computer via a USB connector. In this case, pre.prepared documents from MS Office or other programs are used. There is no internal memory in the printer itself. It is located on a computer.

The presence of the driver allows you to connect the printer of UTII checks to the 1C system. This helps to prepare templates for printing a check and save time.

You can find more complete information in Consultant Plus. Trial free access to the system for 2 days.