USB ports on Lenovo laptop do not work

Why do ports do not work on Lenovo laptop?

Когда не работают HDMI, USB, VGA, SD, DVI, аудио порты на ноутбуке Lenovo, пользоваться техникой становится практически невозможно. You can not connect peripheral devices, external hard drives, office equipment and other devices that use the ports of HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, SD to work. The reasons why the Lenovo laptop does not see connected external devices are classified into software and hardware:

  • Software. Drivers failure, incorrect equipment setting in the device dispatcher, incorrectly displayed BIOS settings, failures in the operation of the USB controller are the common causes of port faults. Malicious and viral programs in the operating system, overload (large number of devices) can spoil the operation of ports on Notebook Lenovo.
  • Hardware. Audio, microphone or other port does not work due to mechanical damage, short circuit, breaks of wires and loops, malfunctions in the motherboard of laptops.

What to do if external devices on the computer are not determined? The repair can solve the problem.

How to fix USB ports on PC

The first thing to do. This is to exclude the equipment itself from the perpetrators. Make sure for this:

  • The self.Connected equipment is like a flash drive, keyboard, mouse. Workers. You can take another flash drive and connect it to the same port.
  • If you connect the phone through a USB wire, then not all wires work as “data transfer”. Especially if you bought a wire on AliExpress, then it is highly likely that it is only for charging. In this case, try another wire.
  • If you use various biases like hubs, then connect your device to a direct port to a USB port.
  • Inspect the port on a computer or laptop visually, if there is dirt or oxide in it. Also, inspect the USB connected device.
  • Connect the device to other USB ports of a computer or laptop. If it works, then most likely the port itself failed.
  • Remove all the devices as a printer mouse, flash drives, etc.P. From PC ports and reboot the system. Then, connect precisely the non.Working, and then in order.
  • If the USB ports on the front panel of the computer do not work, then it is highly likely that they are not connected to the motherboard. In this case, you need to remove the side cover of PC and see. You can use Googol pictures to connect the front panel ports.
  • If the USB ports do not work on a laptop, then take out the battery, hold the 15 seconds button to discharge the capacitors, and insert the battery back.
  • Update Windows 10 to the latest version through the update center.

How to fix USB non.Working ports

In order to fix the USB non.Working ports on the laptop, you need to perform the following:

  • Reload your laptop. It is recommended to completely turn it off, remove the battery for several minutes, then return it back and again load the operating system;
  • Inspect the USB-shares of your laptop, if necessary, clean them from dust using ordinary wooden toothpick;
  • Try to connect your device to another USB-sharing, perhaps the first connector is no longer functioning;
  • If you connect your USB device via cable, try changing the latter, it can help in the problem when USB ports on the laptop do not work;
  • Make sure that the USB device connected is working, for this, connect it to another computer;
  • Go to BIOS and make sure that USB functions are involved;

We check the operability of USB functions

Check the availability of the driver for USB controller

1) to open it. Click Winr, and enter the Devmgmt command in the window that appears.MSC.

Launching the device manager. DEVMGMT.MSC

Next, pay attention to whether you have devices with exclamation yellow signs (this signals that there are no number of drivers in the system). Usually, such devices are in the “Other devices” tab.

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USB port problem|LENOVO G40-45|USB does not work properly|Cara Memperbaiki USB Port

What will the device look like in the task manager for which there is no driver

After that, click on the “Update Equipment Configuration” button (this analogue of PC rebooting).

2) If there are no devices with exclamation yellow signs in the dispatcher, I recommend further checking if there were any updates. It is convenient to do this using Driver Booster (the utility will automatically find drivers for your controllers, see. Screenshot below).

If the drivers are found. Mark the necessary devices with checks and update them.

3) in some cases it is possible to “force” us to work USB ports by deleting their driver in the device manager.


When removing controllers from the device manager, you may stop working for all USB (including the keyboard with the mouse). After rebooting. Modern Windows 7/8/10 will automatically install them.

The process itself is quite simple: it is necessary to open the USB Controllers tab. On each of them, click on the right button and in the menu select “Delete the device”. (Do not mess with “disable”!)

The problem with the drivers

If USB still does not work, then the problem can be with drivers that could stand crookedly, be broken or functional in the OS.

A computer

  • We go to Hkey_Local_machine and then go to the System folder. We find “CurrentControlset”. “Control” there and at the very end we move to the “Class” section. At the very end, you need to find a folder with the name:
  • It is necessary to delete all the values ​​that have the word “filter”. Click with the right mouse button and select a new parameter.
  • After that, reboot the computer.
  • If the problem does not solve, go to the device manager again and update all the drivers using that magic button.

How to solve the problem?

You can solve the problem with ports yourself if software problems are observed. You need to go to the computer control section and see in the device dispatcher the presence of connected ports. If they are not, you need to install the corresponding driver. But what to do if you need the repair of the hardware?

Trying to eliminate the hardware problem yourself is not recommended. Without experience and special tools, it is likely to aggravate the malfunction, which will lead to the need for more expensive repair and replacement of parts. It is better to entrust the elimination of problems with an experienced master.

USB Ports Not Working on Laptop or PC. Windows 10. Quick Fix!

Removing the controller

When USB ports do not work, it makes no sense to endlessly update the drivers. Many people think that removing the controller leads to its inevitable loss. In fact, the USB port is an integral part of the system. After rebooting, the device will reappear in the ranks, but will be rebooted. At the same time, the laptop can change its attitude towards it.

Many people are lost in conjecture why USB ports do not work on a laptop. The answer can be banally simple. Changing the registry data. If the USB does not work on a laptop, you should act according to the plan:

  • Launch of the editor.
  • Command line.
  • Regedit function.
  • Transition to HKEY.
  • Local folder.
  • Choosing Machine.
  • System folder.
  • Search CurrentControlSet.
  • Transition to Services.
  • Select USBSTOR.
  • Store file.
ports, lenovo, laptop, work

The treasured file must be changed through the menu context. By pressing the right button, the necessary option appears. In the window that opens there are numbers and by default on the top line is “4”. If so, it is worth deleting the value and set “3”.

Many do not know why the port does not work and other values ​​are displayed in the file. It depends on the initial number of USB installed connectors on the laptop. If there are 3 of them, it is worthwhile to delete the value and set “2”. USB ports on a laptop after that should earn. If this does not happen, the reason is 100% in faulty contact. Perhaps the point is the oxidation or wear of the plate.


If the USB ports on a computer or laptop stopped working and nothing helped to solve the problem, then the replacement of the connectors is required. You can do this yourself at home, or by contacting a specialized service where experts will work on this.

For independent replacement of the port, a soldering iron, rosin and new connector will be required. Naturally, it is necessary to be able to work with the soldering iron, as well as knowledge about the device of the computer, because it will need to not only be disassembled, but also collected back in the correct sequence. It is important to understand that in this case there is a chance to do something wrong and everything will stop working. In the future, the services of the master will be required, and the cost of repair work will increase at times.

Of course, the repair of the laptop in the workshop will cost a little more than the home option. But in the services for replacement there are various ports that will be possible to choose taking into account the size of each specific computer or laptop. Also, the advantage of contacting the workshop will be a guarantee for work performed, which will allow you to contact again if the repair turns out to be poor.Quality. In this case, the main thing is to responsibly approach the choice of the workshop so that the money is not spent in vain.

In general, malfunctions of connectors on laptops and computers are easy to eliminate. This can be done either by personally and resorting to the help of the master. Timely prevention of malfunctions will allow you to extend the service life of components of a computer or laptop and avoid unnecessary repair costs.