To make the black background on Samsung. How to make my Android black and white?

How to enable a dark theme on Android

For the convenience of working with your smartphone at night, it is recommended to use a dark theme. Such a mode allows to reduce the strain on the eyes and make the font on the display more readable. If previously only few applications had a black background, nowadays almost all modern programs have it. Let’s find out how to enable the dark theme on Android. This article will review the process of activating the mode in the operating system itself, as well as in popular applications.

At the moment, the dark design is available on devices with Android Pie. Attempts to introduce a night mode have started since the time of Android 7.0, but it was not successful. The modern function is able to automatically turn on and off depending on the time of day.

recently, Google introduced Android Q, which will also have the ability to turn on the black background. But it’s too early to tell, since regular phones won’t be able to upgrade until early 2020.

How to turn on the dark theme on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

You can activate Night Mode in two ways: through the Settings app and by using the button located on the Quick Settings panel. The second option is easier. just open the “curtain” by swiping down twice from the top edge of the screen, go to the second page by swiping to the left (by default, the button “Dimming Mode” is displayed on the second tab with the quick settings), and click on the appropriate icon.

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How to enable dark mode on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and Note 9

As you’ll see from these instructions, turning on the dark mode, or Night Mode, on the Galaxy S10 and on any other Samsung smartphone with the One UI is pretty easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to phone settings by tapping on the appropriate icon.
  • Scroll down the menu until you see the “Display” section, and then tap on it.
  • Go to “Night Mode” and then click the switch on the right side to turn it on.

That’s all you need to do. Samsung has said that a future One UI update will include the option to set the night mode to automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day. When this useful update for Night Mode becomes available, we will write a piece explaining how to configure this option. And while you wait for the new feature from Samsung, read our interesting piece with detailed instructions on how to get Root rights on the Galaxy S10 or how to improve the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S10.

Will you be using “Night Mode” on your Galaxy S10?

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When reading PDF/Word, etc. documents

To read various documents and books. It is best to install the special. application. I am impressed by ReadEra (link to Play Market).

  • multiple color schemes. “night” including (see. screenshot below).
  • ReadEra supports all the most popular document formats: PDF, EPUB, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), DJVU, Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), TXT, ODT and CHM;
  • can automatically find all the documents on your phone (convenient!).

However ReadEra has some pretty good counterparts, see. link below.

How to change the background during a call on Samsung

For starters, a screen like the one shown above only shows up when you’re not using the phone. If you are using your phone at the time of the call the background of the call does not change and information about the call appears as a notification.

In order to change the background when calling in the OneUI shell, which is installed on all Samsung phones, you need to do the following.

Clicking on any screen will take you to the preview mode and see if you are satisfied with the ringing background. If you want to upload your own image to set it as the background for your ringtone, then tap on the top of the screen.

You will be given a choice of setting the background with the gallery or with the moji.

This way you can easily change the background of your Samsung ringtone, if you have been looking for such an option.

How do I change the color on my phone?

To enable or disable color correction, follow these steps:

  • Select “Settings” “Universal Access” “Color Correction.
  • Set the switch to “on” or “off.
  • To change the color correction mode, select Correction Mode, then select one of the following options: Deuteranomaly (red-green) Protanomaly (red-green)

How to turn on the dark theme on the Samsung a50

The dark theme is one of the most popular design trends in recent years. On the Samsung a50, there is no built-in default dark theme, but it’s easy to install if you want to, but take your time.

Instead of a dark theme you can turn on the night mode, I’ve already told you how to do it in a previous post, so I won’t repeat it.

That’s all. Soon you will get Android 10 and there will be a built-in dark theme that you can instantly turn on.

Yes, although this is obviously a subjective issue. they look attractive. There’s only one problem.

Now you can set it only from the Market store or buy it directly from Samsung in the phone, although there is one more option.

It has now started to appear in updated apps. For example, you can notice in google market.

In 10, the dark theme will work regardless of the wallpaper set, and you will be able to automatically select light or black.

This is good news because lighter colors mean the display consumes much more power.

Not long ago, I did a test on my Galaxy Note 8 that involved using the light theme once and the dark theme the other time for multiple charge and discharge cycles of the device.

The results each time showed that the displays are definitely not up for grabs from lighter color tones. The difference wasn’t very significant, but it was noticeable.

The black theme allowed me to use the phone for about an hour more than when I used the bright wallpaper and bright theme. This is not surprising, since black does not shine, unlike white.

The availability of getting the novelty in Android 10 seems to be the result of requests from users, which finally forced the giant to implement the feature.

The company plans to add a special switch in Quick Settings that will have the task of quickly switching between dark and light themes.

Built-in support for this solution may also allow its implementation in other Android smartphones, if the device manufacturer has not added this option to the overlay. This is good news. Good luck.

A hidden setting in all Android smartphones allows you to enable a dark design theme

Owners of smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems have long been waiting for Google and Apple to add to the operating system a dark design theme, which would allow to comfortably use the mobile device in the evening and at night. In fact, all Android smartphones already have a hidden setting that allows you to enable a dark design theme, it’s just that many people don’t even know about it.

The dark design theme is good because it greatly reduces the strain on the eyes at night and evening when there are no light sources indoors or outdoors. If you read black text on a bright white screen for a long time, your eyes will be under a lot of strain, which can lead to eye problems. To avoid this, you need to use a dark design theme, which makes the background black and the font white.

It is very easy to enable a dark theme on all Android smartphones, and you only need to perform a few simple steps. You can use this color scheme on absolutely all mobile devices and tablets running Android 5.0 Lollipop and later. Google notes that it may lead to a significant slowdown (within 5%).

To activate the night theme, you should launch “Settings”, and then go to the section “Advanced”, where you should select the item “Special features”. At the very bottom of this section should activate the toggle switch opposite “Color inversion”, as a result of which the entire interface of the Android operating system will become dark. Most of the elements will look as if they have been honed for this type of display, but there are some downsides.

The main disadvantage is that all the icons and images will also be displayed with color inversion, which means they will look extremely unusual for the human eye. However, the dark design theme on Android can be turned on whenever you anticipate prolonged use of your mobile device in the evening and at night. We want to believe that in the future Google will add to the Android operating system a full-fledged and native night mode, which will allow you to use smartphones and tablets with more comfort.