The Internet does not work via TP-Link router

The router does not give out Wi-Fi, although there is the Internet-what to do?

Wi-Fi router is a useful device that saves the user from the need to be literally tied wire to the Internet. According to numerous experiments, the range of the medium.Power router reaches 100 meters in the room, and 300 meters in open space. Once, a wireless router does not need any additional maintenance, it is as easy to use, but, like any technical means, is not insured from failures and breakdowns.

Examples when it seems to be a correctly configured router does not give out Wi-Fi, not so rare. At the same time, the status of the network depending on the nature of the problem can be “without access to the Internet” or “limited”, although the scenario is not excluded in which the network is determined by the system, but there is no actual connection or there are large losses of traffic. In this article we will try to figure out why the router does not give the Internet via Wi-Fi, but at the same time we will see what can be done in this or that case.

Change of settings

How to connect and configure the TP-Link router is described in the next

How to check the correct settings of the router? In some models of TP-LINK equipment, there can be several (for example, cable connection, USB modem, Wi-Fi-MOST). Accordingly, in the settings you need to choose the right source.

  • In any convenient way to connect to the router. You can by cable (preferred option, the cable is included, you need to connect to a computer/laptop via LAN port).
  • Open a browser (any, even on the phone) and enter into the address line: 192.168.One.1 and press Enter (the address for access to the settings may be different, it can be found from the sticker on the router itself or from the instructions).
  • Enter a login/password for access to settings. By default, TP-LINK has been established: ADMIN login, ADMIN password (it is recommended to change them to others to prevent unauthorized access to other persons to the device parameters).
  • Go to the Network tab (network).
  • At “Wan” select “Dynamic IP”. Be sure after making new parameters, you need to press Save at the bottom of the page (save). Without this, new settings will not be involved.
  • If there is an “Internet” item, then select the necessary source in it (WAN is a connected cable in a WAN port, in most cases it needs to be selected).

In some cases, you can still select the connection not Dynamic IP, but PPPOE, but in this case the user will still need to enter the login/password (the provider himself provides them, you can search for the contract).

By the way, the Network section also displays the data of automatic connection testing. If Disable is indicated there, then the Internet is absent precisely at the entrance (that is, the data is not received from the provider).

No network connection, the cable is not connected

1) check whether the router is turned on, whether the cable is intact, does it sit tight in the nests

I’ll say once again that, connecting the on the router and the computer with a network cable, the icon with a red cross should not be! If he is on. Then almost certainly some equipment is turned off (or faulty), maybe there is a problem with cables.

First, I recommend that you just turn the network cable to the router and to the computer network card. Next, restart the router and PC. Please note that several LEDs should flicker (burn) on a working router

Spoiled USB cable // This is how it happens with not neat transportation of equipment

How to Troubleshoot a TP-Link Powerline Product

2) Is there a driver on a network card? Try to update it

The second thing I recommend to pay attention to is the network card driver. The fact is that for most Windows network adaptors, it automatically puts drivers (but they work with some cards incorrectly, and it is advisable to update the driver, downloading it from the official site).

I note that in rare cases (for some network cards) when installing even a modern Windows 10. OS cannot choose the driver and the card does not work at all.

To see if there is a driver for a network card, open the device manager. For this:

  • Press the combination of Winr buttons;
  • Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC and click OK.

Launching the device manager. DEVMGMT.MSC

In the device manager, open the “Network Adapters” tab: all your network adapters should be given here (approx.: for which drivers are installed).

internet, does, work, tp-link, router

Usually, the name of the network card is something like “Realtek Pcie Fe Family Controller”. “Intel Network Controller” (may also be “Ethernet Controller”, “Network Controller”, etc. Derivatives. ).

If your card is not in the list of network adapters, check the Other Devices tab (it contains devices for which there are no drivers). Please note that on devices for which there are no drivers. Yellow exclamation signs burn.

As an example. There is no driver for this device

I also want to note that the device can just be turned off. Then, opposite him, a dark “arrow” will burn in the device dispatcher (see. Screenshot below). If so: just click on this device with the right button and turn it on.

The network adapter can also be disconnected in the Windows control panel (there is a special. Tab “network connection”). To open it:

How to open NCPA network connections.CPL

In the network connection catalog, see if the network adapter is disabled (an example on the screen below). Turned off the adapter. It is colorless, it has the status of “disconnected”.

I note that you may have several adapters: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc. Pay attention to Ethernet (or “Local network connection”).

To turn on the adapter, just click on it with the right button and select the “enable” option.

At least the icon should become colored, as on the screenshot below.

If you did not manage to turn on the adapter, then also note that it can be disabled in BIOS. It would not be superfluous to check it.

As a certificate!

How to enter BIOS/UEFI for different versions of software and manufacturers.

The network card can be disconnected in BIOS

4) try connecting a network cable from an Internet provider directly to the PC network card

Well, the last thing I will recommend in this case:

  • Try to disconnect the network cable of the provider from the router and connect it directly to the PC. Are there any changes?
  • Pay attention to whether you have a Wi-Fi network of a router (whether they see her phone, laptop?). Try to also connect another PC or laptop to the router with a network cable (I lead to the fact that the problem may be related to the router, and not with PC);
  • If you have a second network card. Try connecting it and testing it with it. It is possible that your old network card has become unusable. Over, today network cards are quite cheap: you can buy for only 200-400 (and if you use promotions in Chinese stores. Then generally for a penny!).

For savings!

Very cheap components and various cables (adapters, etc. Trifle) can be purchased in Chinese online stores. Over, are more than democratic!

Not cloned by the MAC address

Some Internet providers have one “chip”: when the first connection of your PC to the Internet is “remembered”, the MAC address of the router/network card (and each device has its own, unique).

As a result, when you change the router (network card)-the MAC address of the device changes, and the provider blocks access to the network. How to avoid this?

It is enough to look at the sticker on the body of the old router: in most cases, it indicates the MAC address of the device (if not-see. This note).

The sticker on the bottom of the router case // MAC address is indicated!

Further, in the settings of the “new” router (in the web-intake), it is necessary to clone the MAC address of the old device (in my opinion, this option is in all modern routers! Cm. WAN/Internet/Network settings section, etc. Derivatives).

Example 1. Netis router-how to clone the MAC address

Easily How to Setup TP LINK Router,No internet Access,Change Router Passward 2022

Example 2. Network-Internet-Mercusys (cloning MAC address)

By the way, no one excludes “coincidences”. Perhaps at that moment, as you replaced the equipment. The provider began those. Work. Therefore, if the above recommendations did not give anything, try to call those. Support.

If you solve the issue otherwise. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, additions are welcome! Thank you in advance!

Change of DNS server

Another working method that can help in situations when the configuration is performed correctly is the change of the main DNS server to the IP address of the main router by changing Wan settings.

    Switch to the “Network” section and select the “WAN” item there.

Do not forget to apply the changes so that the device is sent to reboot, after which you can check the connection.

All about local networks and network equipment

Very often, when connecting to the “world web” on a local network, users are faced with the fact that the Internet periodically disappears through a router. After rebooting the device, the Internet, as a rule, appears, but this does not eliminate the problem. And the router has to restart every 5 minutes.

And here we will consider the main reasons why the Internet connection through the router so often disappears, and what needs to be done when interruptions in the Internet connection occur.

There is no Internet connection on the router

It happens that you turned on the router, but it is not connected to the Internet. To find out about this is very simple. Your device will not see the network, it will disappear. First you should turn off the router. Wait 2-3 minutes and turn on the food again.

Remember that a number of models of manufacturers TP-Link, Keenetic, Zyxel are equipped with a separate button that turns on and disables Wi-Fi. Perhaps she was just pressed, which caused the problem.

Make sure that everything works, you can, looking at the condition of the Internet LED indicator on the rear panel of the router. When everything is fine, he must blink. If the device is without access to the Internet, it just burns evenly or does not glow at all.

Sometimes the problem happens in PC itself, laptop or smartphone. For example, if you have iPhone, find the selected channel in the Wi-Fi settings of the home network segment. It may turn out that it is chosen incorrectly. You should find a free channel and activate it.

The network may disappear with incorrect WAN settings, that is, connection to your provider. It is necessary to reset the settings of the router and set up again, enter the data provided by the provider. If the type of connection, (static, dynamic IP, pppoe is.D.), correct, the router must establish the connection.

It is very rare, but it happens that the router does not give out Wi-Fi when the wireless module is in the settings in the off state. When setting up the device, go to the “Wireless Settings” and make sure that “Wi-Fi of the Communications” in the “inclusive” position.

If you are sure that you did everything right, but there is still no connection, the reason may lie in the hardware error.

Rotter settings to factory settings

In case of improper operation of the router, the rollback of the device configuration to the factory, which was installed by the manufacturer by default, can help. You can familiarize yourself with the settings reset in detail by postponing the link to another instruction on our website.

You can eliminate the route malfunction by flashing the device. This method may well save the user in case of incorrect router operation. Read more about the firmware of network devices TP-LINK in another material.

internet, does, work, tp-link, router

If any of the above methods of solving the problem did not help to reanimate your router, then with a high degree of probability it remains either to contact the service service for repair specialists, or purchase another router. Fortunately, the for such devices are still quite democratic. Good luck!