The home button on iPad doesn’t work

What to do if the HOME BUTTON does not work or TOUCH ID does not work in iPhone?

If the touch panel is not damaged, and Touch ID works properly, you can always repair the mechanism of pressing the button.

Repair time is up to 30 weeks, you do not need to leave the device in the service center for a long time.

How to fix it

The most correct way. go to the service center. But if you can’t fix your iPad, and you need to use it right now, you can display the Home button on the screen.

  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Open the Home button.
  • Go to “Universal Access”.
  • At the bottom of the list activate the AssistiveTouch function.

A circle will appear on the screen with the functions of the return button. Note that the button is visible during all programs and games, but for convenience it can be moved to the corner of the screen.

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Home button doesn‘t work on iPhone, iPad? Clean it yourself

Apple has always taken a laconic approach to the development and design of devices, which is why in its time there was a revolution in the mobile market and widespread abandonment of almost all physical buttons in favor of a touch screen. One way or another, but it’s impossible to avoid them completely, so in modern mobile devices, whether it’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, we still have physical buttons, the main one being the Home button, as it’s located on the front side of the device. It would seem that one button, but it turns out that a few users are faced with a problem when this button does not behave as it should. Exactly for such people and created this article, in which I will help you to solve this problem. The Home button does not work? You are at the right place.

Option . The first way to calibrate this button is quite unusual, because it is solved by software. I am aware of the fact that this operation may be a placebo effect, but nevertheless there are many users who benefited from this procedure. One way or another, but it is done quite simply:

  • Run any standard iOS application (Notes, Stocks, Clock, etc.).ะด.)
  • After starting the app, hold down the Power button on the top of the device until the familiar slider asking to turn it off appears on the screen
  • After the shutdown slider appears, release the Power button and press Home, after about 10 seconds the application should forcibly shut down

Here we are. It is difficult to check the efficiency of this procedure, because all my iOS devices do not meet the problem of calibrating the Home button, but according to many users, this operation solved their problem. If you still have a malfunctioning Home button, then go to the second part of this article.

Option . To implement the second way to calibrate the Home button, we need pure Alcohol and absorbent cotton. No, we are not going to chew on it out of grief, our goal is to clean the button of any dirt that may have gotten into it and caused it to behave incorrectly. The procedure is also simple:

  • Turn off the phone
  • Soak the absorbent cotton in ethyl alcohol
  • Press your absorbent cotton firmly against the Home button
  • Within a minute, press the Home button so that the alcohol leaks under the button
  • Allow 15 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate

Done. By the way, alcohol can be replaced with WD-40. After this procedure your button should come to the senses. If it did not, you can move on to the third option.

Option . Well, the third option is the easiest, but not the most economical. appeal to the service center.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, or you failed, and the commentary below doesn‘t provide a solution, ask a question via our help form. It’s quick, easy, convenient and does not require registration. Answers to your and other questions can be found in this section.

The power button and home button on your iPad don’t work

The reasons why the power button, the “Homebutton in iPad may not work, can be very diverse. This and mechanical wear and tear, and the result of damage and ingestion of liquids. In this case only iPad repair will improve the situation.And of course in the authorized service center Apple “A-Service” is always ready to help with this issue.

Usually the problems with the buttons are quite obvious. The iPad, for example, may not respond at all. It will turn on if it is connected to a computer, and the analog of the Home button can be called by software. Also in some cases there is a problem with the sensitivity to pressure. to make the button respond, of course, you can, but you have to press with all your might. Also, the buttons may not press every time, or suddenly for some reason pressed on their own. And of course using iPad in this situation turns from fun to unpleasant procedure.

What are the reasons for these problems?? If you have been using your favorite tablet for several years, it is possible that the buttons are mechanically worn out and fail. Even the most advanced device does not last forever.

One of the reasons the button may not work if it gets wet. The iPad doesn‘t have to have fallen in a puddle or had anything else as drastic happen to it. You may have just automatically grabbed the key with wet hands, this may be enough for the contact to be broken. In some cases, formation of condensation can lead to corrosion, which occurs if the device is brought from the cold to the warmth and turned on immediately, without waiting for the iPad to warm up to room temperature.

Also the buttons can break as a result of mechanical damage. It happens because of a fall or a shock. The button may be broken, or the cord that goes to it may be damaged.

In some cases the button is physically intact, but it does not work as a result of a software failure. In this case you can try to restore the functionality with a specific sequence of actions. Try the following:. Run one of the applications of the operating system. When it starts, press Power. You should see an offer to turn off your device after a while. Now press the Home key and the app will quit. Maybe after that the Home button will work.

Nothing works? Then the best solution is to contact our service center “A-Service”. Our certified engineers will conduct diagnostics and find out exactly what the problem is with your iPad, and why the buttons do not work. This will suggest the best solution to the problem. You can also be offered a replacement device under the Exchange program (for the same, but a brand new model from Apple). Contact us and you’ll soon be able to use your iPad.

Repair and recovery services center

Found that the home button on your iPad doesn‘t work? This situation demonstrates the need to contact the professionals of our center. We provide services, adhering to a clear algorithm of action and recommended regulations. Initially a full diagnostic examination of the device is carried out. It gives information on causes of failure and possibility to choose effective methods of its repair. It can be both repair and replacement of the damaged component with a new one. The last stage involves checking on a special machine (testing), which allows you to find out the effectiveness of the service.

Turning to our center, you will be able to assess all the advantages and benefits of service, including:

  • Reasonable (Price 2020);
  • Use of special equipment and equipment for diagnosing, repairing and restoring;
  • quality assurance and use of only original parts for replacement
  • Maintenance of devices under warranty;
  • Carrying out address-courier delivery, if necessary and as requested by the customer.

You can apply for a specific service using the website functionality. Our offices operate in several major cities in Odessa, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv.

Typical iPhone Home button breakages

Most of the time, people come to the service center with these symptoms:

  • Button jams. Usually it happens in those models where the button has a physical body prior to the iPhone 6 Plus. In newer versions of iPhone 7, 8, SE 2 and iPad the button became touch-sensitive. So the sticking of the button when there is trash or liquid under the housing is typical for older models.
  • Doesn‘t work. From such a defect can affect all models with this button on the front panel. Often, the cause can be a software failure.
  • Physical damage. There is no point in commenting here. Straight to the Apple Lab Service Center.

How to fix a broken button?

After determining the cause of the unstable button, you can use several ways to reanimate the part. Here are the following options for solving the problem:

  • performing a calibration;
  • Correcting the position of the key press connector;
  • Cleaning the button with a chemical;
  • Duplicating the button to the home screen.

To find out if a malfunction in the program has affected the failure of the part, the key calibration will help. Here’s what to do:

  • Run any app on the iPhone;
  • Press and hold the Power button until the phone’s shutdown slider pops up on the display;
  • Release Power and keep Home pressed until the shutdown slider disappears.

After 10 seconds, the system will calibrate the key. If the problem was a software failure, the above steps will give a positive result.

2) Connector position correction

Unplug the cord and test your iPhone. If the button started working, then the real reason was a software glitch. If nothing happened, you can use another option to solve the problem.

3) Chemical exposure to a defective element

A common problem with the Home key is a dirty part. And it’s not just dust, but also liquid penetration. You can effectively clean the element with isopropyl alcohol or WD-40 spray. How to do it?

  • Put a drop of one of the products on the Home button.
  • Jam it until the chemistry gets in.
  • Check the functionality of the part.

Do not apply these chemicals to the display. This may cause damage to other elements of the device.

4) Switching from a physical button to a virtual one

When the device is subjected to sufficiently severe physical damage, then the above methods will not bring the desired result. The only option is to activate the virtual button and display it on the iPhone.

You can do this using the settings. Open Assistive Touch in the settings and turn on the desired function. A new icon will appear on the display. It must be pressed to open a special menu, which will allow you to control your phone without a physical button.

The original 30-pin cable

  • Place the plug of the USB cable in the connector of the iPhone or iPad;
  • Put your finger under the plug located in the connector;
  • Gently press the connector with your finger in a bottom-up direction and then press the Home button.

If the previous methods did not help, but you have to go to the service center to replace the button and the loop for a new one, after which the Home button starts to work like a new one.