The computer does not see the Samsung tablet via USB

Why does the computer not see the tablet and what to do

Sometimes when connecting the tablet to PC there are problems. Because of this, it is impossible to transfer files, images to another device. It is worth listening to the opinion of experts why the computer does not see the tablet.

The problem may arise for various reasons. If the PC stops seeing the tablet, it is worth checking all the details. Perhaps the settings of the device were lost or the internal elements broke.

Hardware and software

  • Broken USB connector PC. This can happen if the computer has been used for a long time. To check the connector, you need to connect other devices to the device. Flashka, keyboard, computer mouse, camera or phone are suitable. Many computers are made with several nests. If one is broken, you should try the other. Over, a worn module must be replaced. This can be done independently, but it is better to give equipment to the service. Especially if the warranty period has not expired. Then the masters will carry out free repairs and give a guarantee for their services.
  • Connector disconnect or wire breakdown. If you constantly pull the cord, it can break off. The leg will be damaged, or connector. It is necessary to evaluate the condition of the part. It is important that it does not have creases and microdamines. If they are, the cable must be replaced. Buying a new cord is not difficult, especially since it is cheap. There are 3 types of connectors: Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C. The first view is outdated, and is rarely required. The latter is considered the most modern model. It is often bought for ultrabooks.

Important! You can also weave the old. But it is worth doing only if a person is confident in his experience. Otherwise you can damage the internal details of PC.

There are also programmatic reasons why the PC has stopped seeing Android or iOS:

  • The device is not updated. You need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and see if the OS updates have been released;
  • Non.Native firmware is set. It is necessary to put an official.

Problems in the computer system

It is possible that the whole problem is your computer, try connecting any other device via USB. If he does not read the rest of the devices, climb into the “Devices and Prinaters” section in the control panel and click on the “Add device” button. The computer will begin to look and may find your tablet.

Another reason why the computer does not see the tablet via USB, but is charged, is a lack of drivers. Go to the site of the manufacturer of your tablet and download a specific driver for your model. Just the driver is the last possible cause of this problem. How to automatically install the necessary drivers, even if you do not know which ones are needed, read in this article: how to install a driver.

I hope the above recommendations helped correct your problem. If you still have or have any questions, please leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will be happy to answer them.

Mechanical causes

Among the reasons there are mechanical reasons that are associated with a breakdown or damage to any equipment.

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USB computers do not work

There is a reverse situation when the reason lies in the computer connector. The problem may consist of failure of the USB port. However, this problem can be very easy to get around.

Each system unit and laptop has more than one USB port. So just find another USB port and connect your tablet to it.

Check or change cable

If the working cable is connected, you will see that the tablet is charged or displayed as an SD card. If it is not recognized, the problem may be in a USB cable or connector. Perhaps visually you will not see any damage to the cable. Carefully probe the cable along its entire length and see the PC message to make sure that the cable is damaged. Then use another cable, but make sure that it is suitable for your device.

If possible, remove dirt and dust from the micro-USB or type-c connector.

A wire broke in a cord or broke off a connector

Do not pull the cable. This can damage the connector (contact). Carefully check the cable for the presence of excesses and micro. Replace the cable and repeat the attempt.

Buying a new cable will not cause difficulties and is not expensive. It is worth paying attention to the connector, it can be three types:

If you do not want to spend money, solder the old.

Reasons why the computer does not see the phone via USB

This may be to blame for software incompatibility or technical problems. From time to time, the cable is damaged, contacts in the smartphone break. In the first case, you need to try another cord, and in the second contact the service center to replace the connector. Also, problems can also cause a broken port in the computer, so switch the wire to another nest to eliminate the problem. These are the most common hardwerful breakdowns.

With programmatic errors, it is more difficult, since there are a lot of causes. These can be missing or irrelevant drivers, incorrect connection modes (when the computer charges Smart, but blocks the transposition of documentation into folders) and other incompatibility, which we will talk about below.

What to do if the PC does not see the Samsung smartphone: the first steps

If a PC or laptop suddenly does not see the Samsung phone via USB, do not rush to reinstall the drivers or make other decisions. Take such steps:

computer, does, samsung, tablet
  • Inspect the USB cable to damage. Such a malfunction can be seen almost immediately. To check, connect the wire to another PC or phone. If the problem is preserved, the USB cable must be changed.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the port. Sometimes the Samsung phone does not connect to the computer via USB due to the malfunction of the latter. It will not work to check this theory without involving a specialist, but switch the wire to another USB connector as a test. If the malfunction is eliminated, then the reason is in the nest.
  • Turn on and turn off the phone. Sometimes the computer does not see the Samsung mobile device due to temporary failures. Restore the device or take the battery for a while, if possible. After that, try to connect via USB again.
  • Pay attention to the state of the nest. If moisture came to the Samsung smartphone, or there were other difficulties, this may lead to corrosion. As a result, the computer does not see Samsung A5 and phones of other models. To solve the problem, it may be necessary to clean the nest, and in the absence of the result, its replacement. Sometimes poor contact is due to a banal getting of dirt. In such a situation, it is also enough to clean the connector.

To understand why the computer does not see the Samsung Galaxy phone or another model via USB, try connecting it to another laptop or PC. Based on the results of the audit, you can draw conclusions what exactly is the problem. In a personal machine or mobile device.

computer, does, samsung, tablet

What to do when the computer does not see the tablet

It happens that when connecting a tablet on Android to a computer on Windows, a computer does not see a tablet. Samsung, ASUS, Acer, Ainol, Explay, Anyone on Android. It is especially disappointing when everything worked just a couple of days ago. In this article I will try to tell what to do in this situation.

First of all, we check the USB settings on the tablet. In various versions of the Android, especially in custom firmware, these settings can be anywhere. In Android 4.2.1 for example, these settings are in memory settings, moreover, in an additional menu.

In the USB settings you will see 3 points: media device, camera, USB drive. Put a box opposite the “USB drive”. This will allow you to rummage through the tablet folders like flash drives.

Next, connect the tablet to the computer through the company, included in the kit. And act according to the already known instruction.

Many forget that for connection you still need to click on the “Connect the USB Drum” button, although on all models this action is necessary. If there is nothing like that, try to find the “For Developers” item in the settings, and there to select “Warmings by USB” there. The choice should appear when connecting to a computer.

In particularly neglected cases, you will need to download the drivers from the site of the manufacturer of your tablet.

If the contents of the tablet (2 disk) appeared, but the folders or files themselves are not visible, it may make sense to wait until the computer considers information.

If everything is bad, and nothing helps, you will have to deal with the problem seriously. Check the operation of the USB port by stuck a USB flash drive or other device into it. You can try to connect from friends (if you have them). If you have a modern computer or laptop, maybe it is equipped with USB 3 ports.0, in this case, try connecting to the old version, USB 2.0, such ports should also be present. The problem is still possible in the cable, but it is simple if the tablet is charged when connecting, then it is in order, although you can try with others.

Cord damage or USB port

When in the Samsung smartphone all settings are made correctly, and the connection of the devices does not occur, then carefully inspect the cord and connectors for the presence of mechanical damage. Even small creases can contribute to the incorrect operation of the equipment. If the matter is in the USB wire, replace it with another (this can be done in order to check even when visually damage is detected). It is recommended to use original chargers and cables for stable and safe operation of a mobile device.

If PC has several USB ports, try a different connector and check if the PC device sees. In the case of a breakdown of the component, you will need to contact the service center for replacement.

In some cases, there are problems of programmatic nature. For example, failures arise in the operation of port drivers or in the BIOS menu. Most errors are corrected independently using the built.In systems of the system: “Device Manager” or “Register editor”. In our individual materials, the majority of malfunctions with USB connectors and ways to solve them on PC and laptops are launched.

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What to do if the computer does not see the Samsung smartphone

If the PC or laptop does not see the Samsung phone through USB, but charges, it is worth paying attention to all the components, starting from the technical part, ending with the installation of the necessary drivers. Consider each of the questions in more detail.

Mechanical causes

If the computer suddenly does not see the Samsung phone, and it is charged, it is worth checking the quality of the wire connection via USB. Take such steps:

  • Check the USB cord for the fact. Inspect the surface of the product, paying special attention to the places of transition to the plug. The average service life of budget cords is short and can be two to three months. There are situations that the Samsung phone is charged due to damage, but the computer does not see it.
  • Study the connector that connects to the phone, to the fact of integrity. Inspect the quality of contact connections. If moisture gets on them, oxidation and contact deterioration may occur. A common problem. Getting into the mud connector. Worst of all if the computer does not see the Samsung phone due to the defect. In this case, you need to contact the master for repair.
  • Bad battery contact. If the smartphone is charged, but the laptop does not see it, take out the power source and put it in place. Sometimes such actions allow you to solve the problem.

In most cases, the cause of failures in the connection is mechanical damage. If the first suspicions have not been confirmed, go to the next steps.

Check the correct USB settings

This method helps if the computer does not see the Samsung phone with Android via USB, and charging goes. For the correct data transfer, you need to connect a smartphone as a media device (MTR). To solve the problem, take such steps:

  • When connecting the phone to the computer, lower the curtain down.
  • Click on charging via USB.
  • In the window that appears, select files (MTR).

Sometimes several Samsung phone connections may be required to the computer indicating the necessary parameters. PC does not always recognize the device as a multimedia device the first time.

For old Android versions, other steps are needed. The algorithm is this:

  • Enter the settings, and then the storage;
  • Click on a sign with three points on the right;
  • Open the USB connection to the computer;
  • Select from the list of MTR.

Now connect the Samsung phone. If it is charged and recognized as a multimedia device, the work is done correctly.

Set up the USB debugging

Sometimes there are situations when PC does not see the Samsung phone via USB, but charges. Over, the problem does not always appear, but periodically. If Android 4 is installed on the smartphone.2 and a higher version, this option can be hidden. To turn it on, take such steps:

  • Enter the settings section;
  • Go to the category about the phone;
  • Press seven times to the assembly number;
  • Go back;
  • Enter the settings, and then for the developers;
  • Find the USB debugging below.

If this option is disabled, it must be turned on.

Activate the flight mode

If a computer with Windows suddenly does not see the Samsung smartphone, but the latter charges through USB, try to start the flight mode. The easiest way is to enter the quick access menu (upper curtain) or go to the settings, and there is still to the item. Performing this manipulation often allows the computer to see the phone and unlock the file transfer. This is a simple method of eliminating the problem, so it must be tried by one of the first.

Reinstall the USB port drivers

To solve the problem, it may be necessary to reinstall USB ports. This is relevant if the Samsung phone does not connect to the computer via USB, but only charges. The problem could occur due to the failures that arose in the drivers. Try to remove and install new. Pre.Download files from the official site, taking into account the manufacturer of the installed equipment.

Check the fact of including energy saving

If the computer is enabled on the computer, many functions are “cut”. In such a situation, PC often does not see the Samsung phone due to power restriction. In this case, the smartphone is normally charged (sometimes charging does not go). To check the mode, take such steps:

  • Enter the PC control panel;
  • Go to the power supply section;
  • Click on the link setting a power plan near the choice of active profile;
  • Select the link change the additional power parameters;
  • Scroll down the list and open the parameters of the USB;
  • Place the parameter is prohibited (in this case, the system will not limit the power supply for saving);
  • Click OK and confirm the application.

Now check if the computer sees the smartphone via USB. Also check whether the phone is charged or not.

Report the driver for Samsung phone

The reason for the problem may be drivers installed on a computer for a smartphone. To correct the situation, do the following: