The ban on the use of WhatsApp by civil servants. The public sector of the sanctions WhatsApp is nothing

Ulyanovsk civil servants were banned from using Google, Skype and WhatsApp

This measure was adopted in order to ensure the safety of official documents and other information.

The authorities of the Ulyanovsk region forbade employees of budget organizations to use Google, Skype, WhatsApp and other foreign services at workplaces. In addition to authorities, the list of organizations includes educational, medical and other budgetary institutions, the newspaper reports. To monitor the implementation of the ban is entrusted with the regional commission on information security.

The veto applies only to working computers, employees can use services on personal devices, explained the first deputy chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region Svetlana Openysheva. According to the official, this measure was accepted for security purposes, since there were cases when service documents were sent through foreign services. A variety of mobilization documents and other information must also be protected.

In October last year, the head of the public organization “Protect Mikhail Marchenko and State Duma deputy, the head of the legal service of the Communist Party Vadim Soloviev made a proposal to prohibit civil servants to use Google, Yahoo Internet services for official purposes! and WhatsApp. Parliamentarians also proposed to amend the Code of Administrative Offenses that determine the types of punishments for violation of the law. Punishment may vary from fines to dismissal from his position.

We will remind, earlier the Ministry of Education of the Saratov Region banned the use of products and services of foreign Internet companies in subordinate schools and universities. Email from Google, Yahoo fell under the ban!, MSN and AOL, social networks Instagram, as well as the WhatsApp messenger.

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For the use of WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram officials will face dismissal

According to the project of the “road map” responsible for the development of relevant regulatory acts will be the FSB.

whatsapp, civil, servants, public

Officials will be banned to use messages for exchangeing, such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. Disciplinary collection up to the violation of the ban will be applied to the dismissal, Izvestia reports.

According to the publication, this topic was discussed as part of a meeting in the presidential administration when considering the “roadmap” of the “Internet vegetation”, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Communications, the FSB, the Ministry of Economic Development and industry associations.

According to Ilya Masskh, the head of the Internet Supervision Surveillance, the question of the inadmissibility of the use of uncertified messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.) This is not the first time to discuss the working issues. In this regard, the Subgroup “International Autheatic” included in the “road card” the event “Introduction of the responsibility of state authorities and officials for the use of communication networks on the networks of communications on the information and telecommunication network of non-credit coding funds (encryption)”.

According to the project of the “road map” responsible for the development of relevant regulatory acts will be the FSB. The special service will prepare the document until the end of the first quarter of 2017.

According to Sergey Kopylov, the head of the legal department of the coordination center of the Internet domain, if the amendments to the legislation are made, it is necessary to clearly register in the internal regulations or in the application to the contract, which decisions can use, and which ones do not use.

According to Kopylov, labor legislation does not provide for cash fines, therefore, the responsibility for the official can only be disciplinary in accordance with the law “On the State Civil Service”: a comment, reprimand, a warning about incomplete official compliance and dismissal.

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Not only WhatsApp will suffer: which messengers are banned for teachers

Monday Morning, October 17, began for teachers and parents of schoolchildren with a large.scale innovation. Information appeared on the Web that the Ministry of Education prohibited the use of popular messengers of foreign origin. The Express Gazeta figured out what is really happening.

At the moment, the leadership of some schools in different regions of the country urgently requires students to stop any communication by whatsApp (Meta Platforms product, which is prohibited and recognized as extremist), Viber, Skype, and also refuse to use Google Drive. Directors refer to the corresponding order received from the Ministry of Education in return propose to establish the VK Messenger and the Educational Platform Spherem (an analogue from VK and “The third option. Domestic social network “Odnoklassniki”.

Hearing about a new ban, in a number of regions, school leaders and teachers began to hastily create chats for parents in Telegram and delete foreign applications from their devices. For example, in the Nizhny Novgorod region this initiative was confirmed and reported that “restrictions will help to exclude the possibility of leakage of confidential information”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education explained that they had in mind a slightly different. The newsletter with the recommendation to abandon the use of foreign messengers really was, however, it concerned only teachers and only while they are at workplaces.

whatsapp, civil, servants, public

It is clarified that the ban extends exclusively to work with the state system “My School” and its components. In September 2022, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Construction and VK entered into an agreement providing for the use of VK Messenger, “VK calls” and “mail” in schools as part of the implementation of the Federal State Property Committee “My School”. Educational institutions last August set the task “ensure the test” these services.

At the same time, the messenger to communicate with the parents of students or colleagues, teachers are still free to choose on their own. The department emphasized that they are not ready to regulate the sphere and communication channels of parents, so urgently deleting WhatsApp, Viber or Skype from their smartphones is not necessary.

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Officials began to leave Zoom and WhatsApp

Officials began to execute the order of the government and began to refuse to use foreign applications Zoom, Webex, WhatsApp for official communications. Kommersant said that civil servants began to switch to domestic funds for video conferences-communications. In particular, the Ministry of Economy recommended employees to switch to corporate messenger from VK and TrueConf.

At the disposal of Kommersant was a letter from the director of the Digital Transformation Department of the Ministry of Economy Alexander Maslov to the first deputy minister Ilya Torosov and a number of other employees of the ministry. It indicated the “inadmissibility of use for official interaction” foreign instant messengers and video conferences (VKS).

Officials of the department recommended using VK and TrueConf. Their developers noted that such an initiative will contribute to the growth of demand for domestic services. However, in their opinion, it is necessary to expand the list of recommended products.

The Ministry of Economy also said that they are working on “introducing domestic means of instant messages”. At the same time, the prohibition of the use of Telegram has still not been about.

In early June, “Secret” wrote that the government demanded that officials transfer the entire working correspondence from WhatsApp and Telegram to a special messenger for civil servants. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko emphasized that officials should use the Messenger from VK, which is included in the set of applications called “Automated workplace of a civil servant”.

In addition, the authorities planned to abandon the cloud software of Google Docs, Skype and Zoom video services, as well as Microsoft Exchange postal service.

The creation of a mobile application for civil servants became known in the summer of 2021. Then it was reported that the mincifers planned to introduce a service for joint and remote work of officials, which will consist of a corporate portal, messenger, mail and VKS.

By 2022, 10 federal departments intended to ensure this software. It was noted that by 2024 all employees in state authorities should switch to it.

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What is a messenger

As previously reported by representatives of VK, a typical automated workplace of a civil servant will include all the necessary digital tools to create a single communication space. The service includes a messenger with audio and video calls, corporate mail and a calendar, a centralized file storage. Also in the service, an internal portal is implemented. an information hub, which should become a point of access to news and working resources for officials.

“ self.service services will help automate various tasks. For example, employees will be able to book equipment and negotiations, plan business trips, receive documents from accounting and much more. This will reduce the volume of paper workflow and quickly solve routine issues, ”said VK representatives.

VK service operates in a browser and is available on all types of devices.

Minzifra auction

VK structure in November 2021. won the auction conducted by the Ministry of Cyphra to select a single communication application for officials. The second candidate for the development of the service was the “daughter” “VK proposed creating a service for 450.5 million, while“ RTK digital technologies ”wanted to do the same for 473 million pilot launch of the application until the end of 2021. to the mincifers.

Then it was planned to connect the service for federal executive bodies, the Central Election Commission and state extra.budgetary funds. the number of users should have reached about 100 thousand. human. In the future, they wanted to connect all civil servants, including regional and municipal authorities and institutions.

The migration of officials for the domestic messenger is part of the project of a typed automated workplace of a civil servant (TARM), which the Ministry of Cyphra launched in 2019. and was going to spend on it until 2024. 14.2 billion

Mysterious lock

At 9:30 a.m. on June 29, 2022. according to representatives of WhatsApp did not comment on what is happening. According to the SECURITYLAB portal, the site from which the distributions are downloaded (FBCDN.NET), included in the “black list” by decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office of February 24, 2022 7-31-2020/ID2145-22.b. The editors of CNews were convinced that at the time of publication of the material there was no corresponding entry in the register of prohibited sites. This solution allows you to block social networks whole or individual pages in them, as well as entertainment web resources, online media and IT corporation sites.

WhatsApp messenger has existed since 2009. And since 2014. belongs to META Corporation, previously known as at the end of March 2022. META was recognized in an extremist organization, and its social networks and Instagram fell under blocking throughout the country.

WhatsApp has avoided such restrictions, probably due to its popularity in the Meanimes of the Site, from where the distribution is being downloaded, there is an abbreviation FB, which, apparently, refers to to

An unobvious suspect

There is a chance that the initiator of closing access to WhatsApp distributions is either META itself or the US government. A similar precedent has already been created.

In June 2022. Forbidden to download images of operating systems from the site Microsoft. At first, the suspicion fell on its own company, but later it turned out that this decision was launched “from above”. On June 29, 2022. Microsoft did not confirm and did not refute it.

Meta, like Microsoft, is one of the largest American IT companies. It cannot be excluded that excommunication from the desktop version of WhatsApp may also be the result of the “request” of the country’s leadership.

What was the reason

The main reason for the introduction of the ban on the use of the listed applications was, as CNews became known, the non.compliance with the requirements “to information security. What exactly is these inconsistencies, remains unknown, and employees of the state corporation explained this: “. the largest industrial company that operates in the defense sector and develops civilian directions. in aviation, engine, electronics, medicine, farm, and other areas. This dictates very serious requirements for ensuring information security “.

The CNews editors found that the fact of the presence of the WhatsApp messenger is in no way connected with his new confidentiality policy. it will enter into force in May 2021. and open the company (owns WhatsApp since February 2014.) access to the giant array of personal data of users of this service. Refusal to adopt a new policy will lead to blocking the function of sending text messages through messenger, as well as music, photos and videos.

whatsapp, civil, servants, public

“This has nothing to do with the new WhatsApp policy. corporate restrictions were introduced much earlier. That is, the risks did not arise now, they have always existed, and we were obliged to level them, ”CNews told“ import substitution

In exchange for banned foreign services, the state corporation invited its employees to move on to the use of their domestic counterparts, including those that were developed directly in the “list of services permitted for use, but representatives“ told CNews that during the period of self.isolation caused by pandemia coronavirus, for video conferences, the company used the IVA platform.

According to RBC, in this case, we can talk about the service of secure video conferences IVA Aves S. It is a software and hardware complex (PAK) for organizing online meetings, and it was created by the employees of the HIITEK NTC LLC and the Scientific Research Institute. The latter is included in the holding “And he, in turn, is part of” Rostec “.

“Today” and in general domestic IT industry offer corporate customers a large set of safe software products that allow you to easily, without prejudice to business processes, do without common foreign analogues, ”representatives of the state corporation said CNews.

It should be noted that “at least from August 2020. works on the own analogue of the American video service Zoom. Then it became known about the plans of the authorities to allocate more than 46 billion for the creation of domestic competitors Zoom and the Corporate Messenger Microsoft Teams from the United States. Some of these funds will also go to create a new OS.

“Russian People’s Messenger” is at risk: users were frightened by censorship in WhatsApp

Exactly a month later, from February 8, 2021, the WhatsApp messenger can only be used if consent to the transfer of user data in (this corporation is owned by the messenger since 2014). For this, significant news, since in most regions of the country “WhatsApp” has become a standard tool for personal and business communication, and also replaced the media and ads. Users are afraid that together with the “new transparency” will come and the censorship of content for the American social network; At the same time, many states of the world strive to abandon the use of this platform to communicate civil servants. What will win-user inertia or fears before a powerful IT player?

WhatsApp banned 2 million Indian accounts. New IT Rules 2021 explained. Current Affairs for UPSC

Since January 8, WhatsApp users began to receive warning with the new rules for using the service: they need to be accepted until February 8, 2021 to continue working in the messenger, “disagreed” will be blocked (with the right, if you want, delete their account). The main change in the rules: now the site receives the right to exchange information about users with other ecosystem services

“The information we transmit to other companies. includes registration data related to your account (for example, phone number), transactions related to data related to the services, including regarding user interaction (including companies) when using our services, information about user mobile devices, IP addresses and etc.””. the messenger’s system message is said. The new confidentiality rules imply that WhatsApp users will be used “to improve infrastructure and delivery systems, analyzing how the company’s services are used, assistance in ensuring the safety and integrity of products, etc.””.

It is officially reported that the main goal of such an upgrade is the closer integration of the entire “” ecosystem. It is worth noting that if as a social network did not become “folk”, then the other two key elements of the ecosystem. the WhatsApp messenger and the Instagram photovideoblogs service. have become indispensable elements of everyday life both in the regions. In particular, it is whatsApp and Insta “that are the largest trading venues; Group chats in the “green” messenger became the standard of this kind of tools almost everywhere, and Instagram also turned out to be a tribune for public blogs of officials. They are used without thinking about the belonging of the sites. transnational corporation with American roots and living according to US legislation. However, the new rules can force to revise everyday practices.

Indeed, it is already impossible to share some links (as a rule, to competing platforms) in his own messenger). And in WhatsApp. which last year has actively developed as a trading platform. now limit the “broadcast” capabilities of the system: last year “often sent messages” it became possible to send only one person at a time. The messenger administration said this was done in order to combat misinformation. However, the status of “dubious” or “inaccurate” in the “maternal” messages are often received only because they do not correspond to the installations of the site itself. This was most clearly manifested in 2020 during the fight against Covid-dissident posts, but it affects others-most often political-statements, for example, in support of the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

At the same time, the most popular in the messenger was also under the suspicion of the state-as a kind of “foreign regional”. In the last days of 2020, a number of media outlets, in particular, distributed information that it was through the “WhatsApp” that the work of the Center for Special Purpose to ensure the safety of traffic (Central District Hospital) of the traffic police was coordinated. Almost immediately after this news. in the early days of 2021. it became known that the head of the headquarters head of the traffic police, presumably responsible for choosing the transnational corporation of the working channel, left his post.

The idea of ​​generally prohibiting the use of civil servants of the “green” messenger has been in the air for several years: for example, in September 2016 it was reported that the Federal Security Service plans to dismiss its employees for work in WhatsApp. The German authorities do not recommend that officials and politicians use this application, and antimonopoly claims have been filed against the United States. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) believes that the possession of WhatsApp and Instagram is provided by the corporations “dominant position in the social networks segment”. A similar state struggle in the United States comes with another global ecosystem. Google, which is also accused of violating antimonopoly norms. Thus, large IT sites, they are also ecosystems, are already recognized by states as a powerful force that must either be controlled or neutralized. Intellectuals have been talking about the same from the first years of the 21st century. at the same time, the consumer inertia of the vast majority of users plays on the side of corporations. Who in this situation will be the winner is still unclear.

Officials and employees of state corporations are invited to close whatsApp


At the legislative level, they may consolidate the refusal of officials and employees of state corporations from using the WhatsApp messenger, which belongs to Meta Platforms (earlier).

Such an initiative was made by the first deputy chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber for the development of the information community, the media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich.

Eadaily previously reported that the World Court on Friday fined Meta Platforms worth more than 1.9 billion for the systematic failure of the banned information. Earlier, the court in a similar claim was fined by Google in the amount of more than 7.2 billion.

“Suppose companies will not pay this fine, which means that we will have to take some measures. And what can they do in response? For example, they will threaten us to stop working in the country, they will also blackmail us with the social network Instagram and close whatsApp for officials, ”TASS quoted Malkevich’s reasoning as saying.

According to him, it is necessary not to wait for this, but to “fix the refusal of officials and employees of state corporations from WhatsApp at the legislative level”.

“We predict that they will block the media on Instagram, read the correspondence of officials and large figures in WhatsApp, so we must switch to platforms now in such an official and organized manner,” said OP member.

It should be noted that in December 2020 there was a loud scandal associated with this messenger and information that the security forces exchanged in it. As BBC reported, employees of the special battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs transferred secret information about the movement of senior persons, including the president, through the Chats in WhatsApp. They consisted of more than 200 people. The callsigns of state preservations, the numbers of their cars, the time of the fare, the destination and the surname of the inspectors in escort crews were laid out in the chats, and the data was updated daily.

Meanwhile, as Izvestia wrote, the FSB back in 2016 was instructed to develop a system of punishments for civil servants using unusual applications for official correspondence.