Setting Up Smart Tv On Samsung Tv

Connecting and configuring the widget

To configure the player, you need to go to the Setting section (red button on the remote control). It is here that you can enable the Parental Control option, select the language and appearance of the shell, and also activate multitasking or use the picture-in-picture option.

Managing the process of customizing the application for the user is not difficult at all. After all, when you hover the cursor over an object, a convenient tooltip instantly appears with full information about what functions the widget selected by the user performs.

Registration on the official website of the developer of the Fork Player will open access to additional options for Samsung TV owners, including options for saving playlists and audio files, as well as the ability to transfer the broadcast to any available digital device.

Online viewing of TV programs will be available in the IPTV tab. And searching and watching movies with high image quality will open to the owner of the TV using YouTube widgets and online cinemas.

The “Global Search” option helps you find available content on the Internet by name. In addition, the player successfully works with content of any format placed on external drives.

A few words about the problems and errors that may occur during installation and during the operation of the ForkPlayer application:

  1. The appearance of a “black screen” due to a non-working playlist (up to 80% of the total) or a non-working shell. In the first case, you need to find a working link, and in the second, go to the settings and change the type of player;
  2. Change the MAC address of the device. Try replacing the LAN connection with Wi-Fi and vice versa.

Series H

To download Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV 2014 release, you need to pick up the remote control and adhere to a slightly different scheme:

  • Open the menu;
  • Move to the Smart Hub section;
  • Go to your account under the name develop and accept the terms of the agreement;
  • Click on the link Sing In;
  • Select any application, hold down the central key on the remote control and direct the blue ray to the widget icon;
  • We wait for the window to appear on the screen, in which we select the “IP Setting” section;

Immediately after that, the Player Fork TV icon should appear in the main or additional menu.

If you find it difficult to create an account on Smart Hub, you can try installing the Skype application on the TV receiver and go to this messenger under your account. After that, the automatic authorization mode should work.

In principle, in a similar way. Changing the DNS server address. The Fork TV player is installed on Samsung TVs of the K and M series (2016/17), as well as the KU, MU and NU series (2017/18).

Forkplayer for Samsung TVs

Why this app is so popular among owners of Samsung smart TVs is easy to guess. After all, this program allows users to search and watch online free content from open sources without advertising.

From a technical point of view, this application is an applied addition to the software of “smart” TV-receivers, intended for viewing FXML-pages on the Internet. In other words, this player brings the functionality of Samsung TV sets very close to the capabilities of a personal computer.

Forkplayer. Unique smart player for Samsung Smart TV

The vast majority of Samsung smart TV owners are confident that after connecting their TV device to high-speed Internet, they will have full access to IPTV. Smart player for Samsung Smart TV is included in the list of preinstalled programs of any TV set of this brand. However, owners of smart TVs soon realize that a “proprietary” application for viewing web content has very limited potential. There is a real way to install the most popular third-party program ForkPlayer for Samsung Smart TVs.

Where to download and how to install on Samsung Smart TV

There are millions of links on the Internet where you can find installation files for the ForkPlayer application. However, it is better to download the program from the official website of the developer in order to eliminate the risk of damage to the TV receiver software.

The method of downloading and installing the player depends on the model and series of Samsung Smart TVs specified in the operating instructions and on the back of the device. Let’s take a closer look at the player installation technology for the most popular series of TV receivers of this South Korean company.

Before installing Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV, it is recommended to update the device shell.

J series

In 2015, the South Korean manufacturer entered the market with a new series of smart TV sets, the installation of third-party applications on which was significantly difficult. Therefore, it is now possible to install ForkPlayer on J-series TV receivers of this company from South Korea only if you have a computer and a flash drive.

In this case, you need to act according to the following instructions:

  • Launch the browser and go to the official website of the application;
  • Go to the “Widget Generator” section and download the newest version of the player to your PC desktop;
  • Create a folder on the desktop with the name Userwidjet and transfer the downloaded Zip archive to it;
  • We connect a flash drive to the computer;
  • Format the USB flash drive (external drive) and transfer the created folder there;
  • We connect the external drive to the USB connector of the Samsung TV;
  • Turn on the TV receiver and start the installation of the archive;
  • We wait until the end of the process and only after that we disconnect the USB flash drive from the TV.

Immediately after that, the application icon should appear in the main menu. If this does not happen, then you can try to turn off the TV receiver for five minutes and try to install the player again. In the event of another failure, it is recommended to reset the TV receiver settings to the factory level and try to install the program again.

Installing the required applications

It’s time to figure out how to use Smart TV on Samsung TV and install current applications. To do this, we act like this:

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To install a new application, use the “Back” key and proceed according to the previously presented plan.

Create your account

The final stage of connecting Smart TV on Samsung TV is registration for Samsung Apps. To do this, open the main menu and find the desired section at the top of the screen. In the future, you will need to come up with a password, specify an email address. We confirm the registration using the letter received by mail. Only after that, access to all the functional capabilities of Smart TV will open.

Setting up channels

After completing all the previous settings, it’s time to search for all available TV channels. First of all, you need to determine the source of the signal. It can be satellite, digital or conventional analog. It all depends on the equipment used to receive the signal.

The principle of channel setting is as follows:

  • Open the TV menu,
  • Go to the item “All settings”,
  • Choose the category “Channels”,
  • Set automatic search and signal type,
  • Start search.

The scanning procedure takes a few minutes, after it is completed, you will need to save the found channels. If a specific broadcast is not found, then manual adjustment is needed. By the way, you can completely abandon conventional television by installing a special application in Smart TV and gaining access to a huge number of channels. However, this option has a drawback, if there is no network connection, access to television will be closed.

Applying Wi-Fi

Another method is to set up Samsung Smart TV over Wi-Fi. To ensure the connection, we adhere to the following instructions:

  • Open the main menu;
  • Go to “network settings”, select a wireless connection;
  • A list of available connections will be displayed;
  • Choose the one you need, make the connection;
  • If required, enter the password.

Synchronization will take place, after which a notification about the successful connection to the network will be displayed on the screen.

Setting up a network connection

A prerequisite for Smart TV to work is an Internet connection. This can be done using several methods. Cable and Wi-Fi. We will analyze each method in more detail.

How to set up Smart TV on Samsung TVs yourself

Samsung Smart TVs are in great demand. They are reliable, functional, and Smart TV technology only expands their capabilities. However, setting up Smart TV for Samsung causes serious difficulties for many users. In the future, we will figure out in detail what is needed to access Smart TV, set up all available channels.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV. Or how to make friends with Peers.TV

Hello! This post will focus on newbies. That is, those people who have just begun to comprehend all the subtleties and nuances of using TVs with an Internet connection. Because it is difficult to immediately understand everything in this matter.

Many users in the comments on the blog ask the author the same question: how to watch TV channels on a smart TV without complicated settings and, if possible, for free?

That is why, now we will talk about how IPTV is configured on a Samsung Smart TV. over, we will consider the simplest and most affordable option. And of course, completely free. # 128521;

It is worth saying that one of the reasons for the publication of this publication was the sensational prohibition of the manufacturer on the installation of third-party widgets. After all, it was in the applications from folk craftsmen, television channels that there was a sea. But as you can see, the situation has changed dramatically:

And here a reasonable question arises: what should a beginner do, who does not really understand the intricacies of the firmware of his TV, or maybe he just does not want to carry out any actions on a newly purchased pet?

I want to assure you that there is a way out and it is completely simple. If you want to watch IPTV channels and don’t think too much about the settings, then the official Peers.Tv application is just a godsend for you:

We can safely say that this application is out of the box. That is, you do not need to configure anything further here or register somewhere, and then endlessly enter logins, passwords and other information.

The installation process will not take long. After that, start the program you just downloaded and a list of channels that are already available for viewing will open right in front of you:

Well, you can test it. For example, select the broadcast “Russia 1”:

Take a look at the screenshot above. At the bottom of the screen are controls and additional functions. For example, in the “My Playlists” section, you can register the URL of your provider’s IPTV channels:

And if you press the blue “D” button on your TV remote control in the main window of the Peers.Tv widget, you will see a section with the most popular programs:

And finally, let’s look at the most interesting. People, there is a working weekly archive here which, by the way, is very easy to use:

During viewing, such functions as pause and rewind are available:

And this is all completely free and also completely legal:

In general, this is what it is, the Peers.TV application for smart TVs. The only drawback may be the not very good quality of the channels themselves. But on the other hand, as they say, for free and sweet vinegar.

Setting Up Smart Tv On Samsung Tv

Well guys, now you know exactly how easy it is to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. But if you have questions, ask them in the comments to the article. Now, only hardcore music.


To enable the Samsung Smart TV TV browser, it must be connected:

  1. Local wired network via twisted pair through a TV router;
  2. With a wireless Internet network, that is, directly via wifi, if Samsung Smart TV has a built-in wifi adapter;
  3. Using a wifi router (USB), setting up a connection through the connections menu, and choosing the desired options.

To find the desired item, you need to go to Smart Hub by selecting the corresponding key on the control mouse from its menu. “Samsung Apps” will provide the option you like.

It is more convenient to connect the TV to the Internet via a direct connection or through a router. To do this, it is enough to connect the cable from the network provider to the “Ethernet” TV connector. If the type of ISP does not support the direct connection function, you need to use a router that will help you manage your home network wisely.

For now, let’s leave the option of connecting a wifi router and a TV to the Internet via a LAN cable (twisted pair). Let’s consider a more rational way and find out how to connect Wi-Fi to Samsung.

Useful Tips

What will help the owner of Samsung Smart TV when connecting the gadget to a Wi-Fi router? In case of a weak wireless Wi-Fi response, diagnostics should be performed using the instructions of the inSSider program, switching to a freer network channel. If Samsung does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you should purchase an external wireless device and connect to the web using it. It is important to select a USB Wi-Fi router model compatible with the TV model you purchased.

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Checking the connection

After properly connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, a remote connection will be established.

Internet access will be provided by the built-in Smart TV web browser. If the access key is entered correctly, and the wireless connection to the router or router has not been established, then you need to return to the settings and change them.

The reason for this situation may be problems in the operation of the DHCP scenario for home network access, as indicated by the corresponding TV message.

You can reconnect a Samsung TV via a wi-fi remote connection through the administrative panel of your wi-fi router by disabling the DHCP server protocol and changing the “IP Settings” to the “Enter manually” option on the smart Samsung. Enter the network connection parameters according to the settings of your router in manual mode.

Wi-Fi connection steps

Home network owners who have already installed a router and configured Wi-Fi on it should first check the Internet connection settings on Smart TV. After entering the “Menu” select the “Network” option, then the “Network Status” key and click on the “IP Settings” function.

The IP and DNS status must match the Obtain Automatically method. Then make sure the router is using the Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) script and is generally allowed on the Internet.

Do not forget that connecting the router to your Samsung Smart TV via a cable will enable the connection setup through it. Disconnect the cable from your SMART TV and enable automatic setup using a Wi-Fi connection.

Take the remote control and after pressing the “Menu” key in the navigation window that opens, find the “Network” item. In the list provided, click on the “Network Settings” option. The first step will guide you through setting up a wireless connection using the internal LAN adapter. Clicking on the “Start” button, start the search for a Wi-Fi router.

The second step will reflect the search results and list the closest route flows on the Wi-Fi network. After selecting your router, click “Next”. This will check and establish a remote connection.

The third step involves entering the security key previously selected to protect the wireless transmission, that is, the password is identical to the eight-digit code of the router.

Setting up SMART TV on a Samsung TV via wi-fi

The ever-growing line of Smart TV applications developed by Samsung is only suitable for smart TV models. However, Samsung alone went the farthest and adapted more than 300 applications, and then there are more and more of them.

It will be useful for the reader to master the ability to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via a wifi router. The manufacturer’s instructions seem more than confusing for many, and the article on how to connect Wi-Fi on Samsung will simplify the setup process and save you time. Indeed, owners of TVs with Smart TVs who connect their devices to the network via wifi will have more advantages than after connecting via a local network. Our step-by-step instructions will help you master the process of setting up Samsung to the Internet via wifi.

The advantage of connecting Smart TV to Samsung via a wifi router will be getting rid of household wires underfoot. And a sufficient speed of the Internet connection will relieve you of discomfort during playback, that is, it will protect online broadcasting on smart Samsung from freezing and any interruptions.

Connecting to wi-fi without DHCP

To configure the network connection on Samsung, you need to specify the values ​​according to the router’s gateway address, for example

To do this, enter:

  1. IP address:;
  2. Subnet type:;
  3. Gateway parameters:;
  4. External DNS server details from Google: (or gateway address

After this reconfiguration, the wireless connection should be established.

As a rule, after setting up the TV in manual mode, the wi-fi router finds its Internet network.

Now it is necessary to eliminate the problems in the operation of the DHCP session, which ensures the functioning of the rest of home gadgets (laptops, tablets) through an automatic connection to the Internet. To do this, it is enough to take into account the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC address. Such redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in DHCP operation, and all gadgets will respond to a single router IP address every time they connect to the network.

Set up the connection of Samsung TV to the Internet via a router, it is easy to learn how to connect Smart TV to a local network using a LAN cable. Customizers recommend using a UTP-5e patch cord, but a hand-molded LAN cable will work.

What is important to know before buying

If it seemed to you that there was such a function, but you did not find a single confirmation icon, or the seller on the Internet convinced you of the presence of this option, and this is not documented in any way, this means that your TV will still not work when connected to worldwide network. The maximum that it will be capable of is working with data transmitted over the local network with an appropriate connector.

Types of TV Internet Connection

There are 3 main possibilities or methods of such a connection:

  • Through the built-in Wifi connection on the TV;
  • Via LAN-connector;
  • Via external adapter.

If I say a few words about each point, then, of course, the first way to connect to the Internet is the most advantageous and most convenient. You don’t need any additional accessories, just have a specific TV model with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

The other two methods are not so convenient, but they may well serve you. The downside here is the questionable convenience of running your ISP’s network cable and connecting it to the LAN on the back of your TV. It is also possible to purchase an alternative to the built-in external Wi-Fi receiver.

How to set up your smart TV

  1. The first thing to do to set up any technique is to enter its menu. For this maneuver, manufacturers have come up with a corresponding button on the TV remote control. On some models (it all depends on the manufacturer) the button may be called “Settings”.
  2. Since we are setting up an Internet connection, we select the “Network” tab in the TV menu, and then click the “Network Settings” or “Network Connection” button.
  3. Further, it is even easier: you should choose which connection you are interested in, wired via cable or wireless. This choice must be made. If you need to connect via Wifi, then click on it. If not, then the cable connection. In the list of existing networks that your TV found, choose our own, the name of which we know.
  4. Further, everything is clear without instructions. TV will ask for a password from your network, which you will need to enter using the keyboard that appears immediately on the screen. Then click “Finish” or “Ok”.
  5. We look at the monitor. A message appears about a successful Internet connection, which means that you have successfully coped with everything.
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Smart TV connection and setup. Connection errors

There are situations when the wireless connection for some reason has not been established, and you cannot watch movies online or just work with the Internet through your new TV. This situation can arise for various reasons, but the most common is incorrect password entry.

Here it is worth making sure that all the entered characters are correct and accurate. It might be worth checking the language layout of your keyboard. You may have entered the password in the wrong language. Or, alternatively, the Caps lock key was accidentally pressed, which changes all lowercase letters to uppercase. As a result of this action, the password is also entered incorrectly and the connection to the network is not carried out.

Sometimes the situation is completely unrelated to the password and after checking it turns out that it was entered absolutely correctly. There is an option here that your router that is distributing the Wifi connection does not work or a connection error occurs. For such a case, you can simply try to unplug it and plug it back in. This reboot may be enough.

If the above methods for setting up the Internet did not correct the situation, then you should contact your Internet provider to troubleshoot network problems.

Image Adjustment

When it comes to how to set up your Samsung TV, look at the picture as well. This can be done in the simplest way using the remote control. Often, the picture on the screen may seem too dark or light. In order to get the desired color, you need to go to the color rendition settings. You will need to open the Service menu using the button indicated above and select the Image section, then go to the menu with the appropriate parameters.

  1. Using Contrast, you can set the parameters of the ratio between the brightest and darkest image.
  2. Clarity helps to adjust the sharpness of the image.
  3. The Brightness command allows you to make the picture lighter or darken it noticeably.
  4. An option called Color helps you make colors richer or lighter, and switch to black and white.

Correctly adjusted color rendering mode is very important, because the perception of the image depends on it.

Channel setup

Modern TVs do not need to purchase additional devices for watching digital TV broadcasting. They already have a built-in tuner. In addition, the setup process here is brought almost to the point of automatism; no special knowledge is required from the user. How to do this is described below, but the algorithm may differ for different TV models and generations. However, in general, everything is similar and you can figure it out without difficulty.

Auto channel search

Automatic search is the easiest and most suitable for most users option for tuning TV channels.

  1. Using the remote control, enter the TV settings and select “broadcast”.
  2. Select the item “auto-tuning”.
  3. We mark “cable” as source of broadcast.
  4. We indicate the type of channels. Only digital are needed.
  5. In the search modes menu, select the full option to find TV and radio channels.
  6. We click on “scan” and wait for the end of the procedure. If for some reason the search should be stopped, then you need to select the “stop” button on the screen.
  7. At the end of the search, the result should be saved and the signal quality checked. If some channels are not shown, then it is recommended to repeat the procedure again.

How to customize channel order

By default, the TV saves all found channels, but if some are not needed and interfere, then they can be removed from the list or blocked so that the device simply skips them when switching. To do this, you must enter the “broadcast” menu, open the “dispatcher” and mark the channels for blocking. To delete them, you need to use the Tools menu, on the remote control there is a special button for it.

If the device is equipped with smart functions, then you need to enter SmartHub using the remote control. In the appeared window with a list of channels in the upper part of the screen on the right there is an “edit” button that allows you to delete or block unnecessary broadcasts.

To block TV shows on a specific channel, for example, content that is unsuitable for children, you should enter the “broadcast”, find the “channel blocking” submenu and, having selected the desired one, click on it. An additional menu will appear, in which you should click “block programs”. We select the unnecessary ones, enter the password (it is better to specify the one that you will not forget). It can be used to unblock the gear if needed. If necessary, mark such a blocking, you need to do everything in the reverse order.

Ways to set up a TV from Samsung

Many TV owners from the Samsung brand cannot always quickly and easily figure out the features of setting up a new device, especially when it comes to Samsung Smart TV, which is worth buying for all fans of modern technology. Do not think that setting up a Samsung TV can be very problematic. In fact, this process does not take much time, especially if you know exactly what needs to be done in each case. In any case, you need to use the instructions or find in advance all the necessary information, which this article will be devoted to.

Setting up the Internet through a wired connection

Smart TVs can be connected to the Internet by wired or wireless. In the case of using a wire, two options are possible.

  1. Direct connection. The provider’s cable is directly plugged into the TV. Works only if you do not need to configure it to access the network, that is, you do not need to enter your login, password and server address.
  2. Connection through a router. A router is used as an intermediate link. This connection is more convenient, so it is suitable for any network.

The setup procedure is given for TV series N, M, Q, LS, since they are the most relevant and common on the market.

  1. The cable from the provider or from the router must be inserted into the LAN connector on the back of the TV.
  2. On the remote control, press the “home” button (the “house” icon) and enter the device settings.
  3. In the “general” item, set “network” and “open network settings”.
  4. Next, you should specify the type of network, in this case it is a cable.
  5. An automatic connection will take place, after a window appears with the appropriate message, click on “ok”, and you can start using the smart functions of the TV.