Set up the channels on the LG TV from the antenna

In a simple language about how to configure digital channels on LG TV

During 2019 in Russia, digital television will completely replace analogue. Broadcasting on analog channels was discontinued on April 15. To continue watching your favorite programs, you need to reconfigure the TV to the reception of digital channels.

To understand how to reconfigure the TV to digital television, you need to find out if there is a DVB T2 reception module in it. LG models released in 2012 and later are equipped with digital modules. These devices can take digital broadcasting without additional equipment.

Important! For the transition, the TV must be equipped precisely by the DVB-T2 module. DBV-T tuner will not be able to take a new broadcast format. You can clarify the module version in the operating instructions.

If the documentation for the device is not preserved, it can always be found on the official website of the manufacturer www.LG.Com.

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Setting up cable channels

Now that you managed to go to the menu, you can start setting up cable channels directly. Consider this process also on the example of a regular TV and Smart TV. In the usual TV menu, we go to the “channels” tab and select “Cable Television” here, after which “Auto.Narrowing” and remove the checkplace from “Fast Search”, replacing the mode with “extended”. That’s in principle, and all, within three, five minutes, the television channels will be configured and you can sort them at your discretion.

In the case of a “smart” technique, the first thing you will need to connect to the Internet, you can do this any of the ways available to you. After the connection is installed, it is necessary to go to the menu and choose the country, now it is necessary to install the time zone of your region, take this point carefully, indicate only reliable data.

Now, connect the antenna to the TV and select the Cable tab. You will open the settings of digital channels, where it will be necessary to indicate the frequency in which range the TV will search. Enter the initial frequency of 746000, leave the final default. Next, you will be invited to start an automatic search, and you can also put a box at the “only digital” item, after which it is necessary to confirm the operation. After the search program finds one hundred channels, the procedure must be suspended, since all subsequent programs will be doubles.

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Setting channels with manual choice of parameters

To save your time, you can contact the LG TV repair workshop, where competent experts will quickly solve your problem. For manual setting of channels yourself, you need to go to the LG TV menu through the remote control to the settings point and select manual settings mode.

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Next, put in the parameters the digital cable TV and set the frequency (KHC) 170000, the speed should be 6900, and modulation 1280 AM and press the start or update.

After the TV finds channels at this frequency, in this menu tab there will be a message with information how much it was found. Next, set the frequency at 178000 without changing speed and modulation and also search. Then look for 186,000, 194000 kHz and so on, with a step of 8, t.E. 202000, 210,000 kHz, adding more and more new programs. When you finish, just get out of the menu mode and that’s it, manual setting is performed!

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How to set up channels on LG TV?

The first thing to do is determine the type of television that you need to connect. Your device must support it or you need to have a special prefix. Second. It is important to configure the connection, that is, the cable, the antennas must already be installed and connected. If this procedure has not yet been done, the instructions for connecting MTS TV satellite television, by analogy, you can configure the devices of other operators. Only then can you move on to setting.

Digital (free 20 channels)

The easiest way is to start the search for digital channels in automatic mode. This should work without additional procedures.

How to configure digital channels on the LG TV step by step:

  • Open the “menu” of the TV and go to the “Options” section.
  • Choosing the section “Country” and install the option “Russia”.
  • We go to the “channels” tab and launch “Search for channels”.
  • Choose a method of receiving a signal “Cable”. In the absence of the option, the cable should choose another country.
  • Next, select “Other Operators”. “Only digital channels“. “A full range of”. The order of the pop.Up windows may differ, and the correct options are indicated a little higher.
  • After the start of the search, we wait until the TV finds all the channels.

Important! If there is a desire to get the best quality of television or Avtopoisk simply did not work, it is worth doing everything manually. To do this, you will need an interactive CETV map, find your address, choose the right frequencies. Perhaps even change the direction of the antenna. In our thematic instruction, all this is described in detail.


Before starting, it should be checked that the time and date is set correctly. Then you can proceed to setting satellite broadcasting on LG TV.

  • Using the remote control, we go to the “Settings” to the “Canals” tab.
  • Click on the “search for channels”, and in the “reception mode” we select the “satellite” option.
  • Click on the option “Setting the satellite” and indicate the parameters of your satellite antenna and port. Usually only the frequency is needed (each operator has different, the information is publicly available), LNB food should also be activated.
  • Click on “Ready” and launch the “automatic search” of the channels.

To view paid channels, you need a CL card for the device sold by television operators.


The procedure is very similar to connecting digital television with a pair of differences.

How to configure cable channels on TV LG:

  • Open “Settings”. “Canals”.
  • We launch Avtopoisk and in the next menu we activate the points “Antenna” and “Cable TV”.
  • Perhaps your operator will display in the quick access menu. If not, select “Other operators”.
  • Enter data that belongs to the operator and are available on his official website.
  • We note the type of channels “only digital” and start the search procedure with the “Perform” button.


If there is no satellite, digital antenna, but a TV with Smart TV, there is a great opportunity to watch television on the Internet. This method is undemanding to the iron, but needs to use applications. Another plus is the ability to watch television in HD quality (if the channel itself supports this). There may be even several channels in greater resolution. You will need the SS IPTV application and playlist. Instructions with the description and configuration of IPTV is available on the link. If you need to connect and configure IPTV Rostelecom, see the link. It is applicable to other providers.

Features of setting for different types of television

Signal transmission is possible in four ways:


Outdated format that most modern countries abandoned. It does not allow the transmission of the image of high quality. There are several analog channels in the Russian air, which should be considered as a temporary alternative for the duration of migration for a number, receiving a signal on morally outdated TVs, without connecting the prefix.

Setting analogue TV is carried out standard in automatic, manual mode. For taking a fairly ordinary antenna.

Settling satellite channels

Connection of satellite television is not related to difficulties:

  • Connect the receiver to the TV using a cable;
  • Select the corresponding port port in the settings menu;
  • Using the remote control, set the satellite settings that can be found on the Internet;
  • Going to the menu, run the satellite scan in automatic mode (the mode is to significantly speed up the setting);
  • After the scanning is completed on the screen, a list of channels found appears;
  • For ease of use, delete blocked channels that you do not plan to watch;
  • Click “Save the settings”.

Remember that satellite television sensitive to poor weather conditions, the signal may worsen, the abyss during rain, snowfall, gusty wind.


The modern standard of television broadcasting, capable of providing a high.Quality picture in Full HD format under any acceptance conditions. For viewing, it is necessary that the TV model has a built-in TV-t2 type tv-tuiner. If such an option is absent, you will need to buy a prefix with such an option.

Installing an HDTV antenna for “Free TV”

Before setting up, study the instructions offered by the manufacturer, then:

Next, enter the search parameters: frequency (KHC). 314,000 (314 MHz), speed. 6875 ks/, modulation. 256 QAM;

After a few minutes, a full list of channels found will appear on the screen, if desired, the user can manually edit the list.

Smart TV

The Smart TV function is an advanced technology that turns the TV into a multimedia center that opens access to the possibilities of the Internet. The user can sit on the network, make purchases, play games, use applications, view news, gain access to streaming services, where thousands of channels and original content are presented, for example Netflix.

There are several ways to configure the channels:

  • Installation of a corporate application with monthly payment of services (IVY, MeGOGO);
  • Using free media players where you need to register information about the playlist with TV channels.

The procedure for installing, setting up, viewing TV on Smart panels depends on the modification of the TV, the selected method, the features of the application.

SMART TV setting.

How to set digital television channels

Having finished with preliminary settings, the user can proceed to the search for television channels.


Manual setting

The search parameters manually differ from the region of residence and remoteness from the nearest signal relayer. Universal setting instructions look like this:

  • Open the “Settings” and select the Satellite Antenna tab.
  • In the menu opened, click on “manual setting”.
  • The “Signal type” section will appear, where select the antenna.

Put a mark next to the “Pass of encoded channels”. The television receiver will ignore paid television channels.

It remains to choose a “quick scan” and wait for the end of the process, which takes about 2-10 minutes, depending on the remoteness from the retranstlator and the performance of the television receiver.

Note!The site of the Interactive Card of the TSETS indicates the scope of regional relayers and frequencies for the search for digital television channels.


Avtopoisk does not require the user to enter data to search for multiplexes. He checks all kinds of frequencies from the specified region and adds to the list of both digital and analog television channels. To initiate an automatic check:

  • Open the system menu and select “Settings”.
  • Visit the Channel tab.
  • Select “Automatic Search” and install a checkmark next to the search for digital broadcasting. Leave the mark with a radical TV channels (the quality of the channels is worse).
  • Tap “Launch the search”.

This method takes more time due to searches for searching, but finds less television programs or adds an encrypted signal. When the process is completed, the user will be able to streamline the list of television channels manually.

Possible problems

When setting digital channels, you may encounter some problems.

Does not find channels automatically

If TV with DVB-T2 support does not find a package of channels in automatic mode, try manual setting:

  • Open the TV menu and log in to the “channels” section (or “Setting”).
  • Select the string “manual setting”.

If the TV could not automatically find the necessary channels, then you should try to connect them manually

Does not find channels at all

You tried both automatic and manual setting of channels, but the TV stubbornly refuses to find them? There may be several reasons for the problem:

  • Cable malfunction. Check the cable (especially its plug) for integrity;
  • Freshness of TV firmware or external receiver. Make sure the firmware of the device is updated. If necessary, install a new version;
  • Antenna malfunction. If you have a knowingly working antenna at hand, which catches digital television, connect it and check whether it catches the TV channels. Perhaps the problem is the weakness or non.Working condition of the equipment.

The image crumbles into squares, freezes

If the channel was found, but the picture periodically falls apart into squares or hits one frame, then the reason for this is the poor quality of the signal. A reliable way to improve the situation is to replace the antenna. But if you do not have such an opportunity, try just to place it better:

  • The antenna should be directed towards the tower;
  • Ideally, there should not be serious physical obstacles (trees or houses) between the antenna and the tower). In reality, this is rarely achievable, but still try to place the antenna higher;
  • Think about a small rearrangement. Perhaps you can move the TV closer to the window, towards the tower. Sometimes even moving not 10-15 cm gives good results.

Drops the found channels

If you set up the channels, and after some time they disappeared or streamlined in a different way, then most likely the matter is in the function of auto-renewal. It is on the default in most Smart TV from LG. This function in automatic mode redistributes the channels and updates their list at the slightest change. Since in Russia digital broadcasting has not yet been finalized, auto.Renewal can serve the poor service, dropping previously configured broadcasting channels.

  • Go out in the main TV menu.
  • Go to the “Options” or “installation” section.
  • Find the line “Digital cable settings”.
  • Remove the checkpoint “Auto Refine”.

Digital television broadcasting is much better than analogue. Immediately after setting up new channels (which LG has very simple), you will notice the difference.