Scanning documents HP printer as. Add the scanner manual method

Scan scanning

and documents from a printer to a computer using a browser.

This function is available even if the printer software is not installed on

By default, the Webscan service is disabled. You can turn on the function on the

If you can’t start the web scan function using a built-in web server, it is possible,

it is disconnected by the network administrator. For additional information, contact the administrator

network or person who performed the setting of the network.

Open the built-in web server. See additional information. In chapter

In the Security section, click the administrator parameters.

Select the web scan from EWS to enable this function.

How to scan with the function of web scanning

Web scanning provides basic scan settings. To use

additional parameters and scanning functions, perform scanning using

Download the original side for printing up, completely leaving it on the right side

scanner until it gets involved in the scanning tract and the scan indicator will turn on.

Open the built-in web server. See additional information. In chapter

Go to the scan tab.

On the left panel, click the web scanning, change the required parameters, and then

Scan scanning

Tips for successful copying and scanning

Tips for successful copying and scanning

For successful copying and scanning, use the following tips.

Download the originals into a scanner one sheet.

Do not scan the originals to which the paper clips and staple brackets are attached.

Do not scan the originals that are applied to wet materials (colored crayons, markers and

Upon completion of the scan, delete the original from the scanning tract.

Do not expose the scanner exposure to direct sunlight, bright light or dust.

If you see vertical stripes on a copy or a scanned document, clean

scanning tract at the appearance of strips with a spray can with compressed air.

To make a big copy from a small original, scan it on a computer,

Change the image size in the scan program, and then print a copy

To avoid the appearance of incorrectly scanned text or lack of text,

Check brightness parameters in the program.

How To Copy, Print & Scan with HP DeskJet 2724 Printer !!

Preparatory work

Before you start scanning or even a simple print, the device requires preparatory actions. How to make a photocopy on a printer?

The first steps are taken in a certain sequence:

  • Connection All-in-One Printer to a computer or checking the correct connection. Connect the printing device through the USB port. Modern technology named Plug and Play allow you to connect without the need to reload Windows.
  • Data-cable is not always present in the kit, so you should take care of its acquisition in advance
  • The next step is to include the device in the network or press the power button on the case.
  • If the connection is carried out for the first time, then first, for the correct operation of the device, it will be necessary to install the drivers. Despite the fact that the operating system in most cases independently determines which software should be installed for a particular model, most often the general sets of drivers are installed. This threatens that some important functions can incorrectly work.
  • The installation of drivers can be made from the disk that is included
  • In the absence of a disk, you can download the drivers directly from the official website of the manufacturer. As a rule, to obtain the desired software, you will need to enter the full name of the model and select a suitable installation file for downloading.
scanning, documents, printer, scanner, manual, method

Very often, manufacturers do not equip the device with an accession of All-in-One Printer to a computer. Therefore, you should be in advance of this issue and buy a cord or clarify the completeness.

scanning, documents, printer, scanner, manual, method

After the installation process is completed, the operating system recognizes the newly connected device, which will be displayed in the corresponding section of the conductor (the “Printers and fax” folder). As a name, the full name of the device is most often used, including a letter or digital index. Having installed the device, it is required to determine by what software product the process of interaction between the OS and All-In-One Printer will be carried out. You can simply use the means of the operating system, which differ in the limited functionality. If there is a question of how to photocopy on the printer correctly and receive perfect scan-copies of documents or graphic files, then it is best to consider the possibility of using third-party software specially designed for scanning.

Each All-In-One Printer has a CD-Disk or a USB drive that is located on the necessary software from the manufacturer, specially designed for a specific printing device.

Installation of a new device can be carried out through the “control panel” according to the “Add new printer” item

How to connect a printer to a laptop: analysis of popular methods on different operating systems.In a special publication of our portal, we will talk in detail about how to connect a printer to a laptop. You will learn the main methods of connection, methods of installing software and get acquainted with the connection instructions for models of various manufacturers.

How to scan documents for a computer through a scanner

To start scanning the necessary documents or photographs, you should first configure the device. Further, the question of how to make a scan on a computer from a printer involves the use of a “master of working with a scanner”, which is available in the operating system. The sequence of steps for simple scanning while saving the file for the hard drive PC is as follows:

  • Turn on the device and check the cleanliness of the surface of the glass located under the top cover.[Caption
  • The scanned document is laid on the glass surface with the face down [
  • Next, it is required to put the text or photo that needs to be scanned by the front side down, adhering to the dimension indicators applied along the edges of the scan area.
  • Close the lid.
  • The next step will be the transition to the “control panel” and the choice of the “Equipment and Sound” item.
  • Then the user needs to go to the “Device and Printer” item.
  • Having found your device, you need to press the right mouse button until the context menu appears, where you should select “Start scanning“.
  • Next, you can select the necessary parameters and click on the “preliminary viewing”.
  • A window will open on which there will be a preview of the scanned document. Here you can adjust the dimensions by dragging borders or selecting the image quality settings. If the user suits everything, the next step will be pressing the “scan” button.
  • In just a few seconds, the device will perform a scanning procedure, after which the file can be saved on a computer or immediately sent to print.

Pre.viewing mode allows you to set quality settings and determine the boundaries of the scanned fragment

Features of copying text information

When scanning documents, especially for personal papers (passport, certificate or statement), it is required to receive a copy of high quality so that all signs, letters and numbers remain readable. Next, you should perform actions:

  • Get a document from covers or file folders that can interfere with scanning.
  • In the settings of the device, it is recommended to set “shades of gray”, and set the optimal resolution at 300 dpi level.
  • Put the document on the surface of the scanner and close the lid tightly.
  • Be sure to enable pre.viewing to get the idea of ​​what a scan turns out and check the details.
  • Next, click the “scan” button and check the resulting picture.
  • Save the file for a hard drive. It is advisable to save in formats.TIFF or.BMP that transmit monochrome images better.

Text recognition is the only possibility of editing it using a text editor

How to scan photos on a computer through a printer

Instructions on how to make a photo scanner on a printer is practically no different from a similar scheme for text documents.

Previously, before placing photos on the scanning surface, you must make sure that they are devoid of spots, dust or dirt.

  • Connect the All-In-One Printer to PC and its inclusion.
  • Put the image with the front surface down.
  • It is advisable when scanning a photographic image to use special software, which allows you to make adjustments.
  • When setting a resolution, it is recommended to use maximum quality settings.
  • In the process of scanning, you should not interfere in the settings or open the lid so as not to get distortion.
  • The finished scan-copy can be saved on a personal computer in any convenient format.
  • Further, the use of a graphic editor, which has great functionality, will be useful than the program of the scanner itself or the application of the operating system.

After scanning the photo, it is advisable to carry out its processing in the graphic editor

What can be scanned

You can scan any carriers that do not interfere with the closure of the upper cover. Of course, ordinary sheets of paper are always scanned, and you can digitize small paper media (brochures, money, passports, photos, etc.D.), Plastic objects, books.

Download the original from the printed side to the right front angle of the scanner to open the printer software, select HP and click the printer name.

How to make a scan on a printer

Consider the process of creating scanning on All-In-One Printer HP Deskjet 2130. The model is very old, but the scanning principle will be similar to other printers. You just need to turn on the printer, put the holder under the lid, start scanning on the computer in any convenient way.

  • Turn on the device, wait until it starts. The device should make some noise within a few seconds and stop making sounds. Then you can scan.
  • Raise the printer cover. Place a sheet of paper (or other item) based on the icon. The manual shows how to place paper correctly so that the finished scanned document is in the correct position, and not an inverted.

The Driver for the HP 2130 printer includes a program, which also has a scanning option, which is responsible for a separate element. The program is set by default along with the DROV installation “.

Launch the program and after opening the menu “Print and scanning”, select “Scan”. HP Scan utility is launched.

Select the desired scanning option. Install the appropriate parameters for your document and click “Scan”.

The printer will scan the carrier and offer to save the document anywhere after indicating the desired file name.

You can open a scanned image in any graphic editor, but the easiest way to use the standard “Viewing Images” tool.

How is the process of photocopying on the printer

Photocopying is an accurate reproduction of information (copying) and the creation of duplicates on paper.

  • You will need All-In-One Printer
  • Paper
  • Refueling a multifunctional printer
  • Download the paper into the entrance tray
  • Clean the glass if necessary
  • Put the document with the front side down
  • Comers along the edge of the guides (lines around the glass)
  • Close the copy of the copy / printer
  • Select the print color on the control panel
  • If you need a large number of copies of the same document, press the start button several times.
  • (At the same time, depending on the device, you can do from 1 to 20 copies at a time).
  • To change the size of the paper, click the “Paper” button

How to scan on HP printer?

HP. almost everyone can find the technique of this brand. Ease of use, simple settings, convenient functionality. Let’s move on to mini-instructions for scanning for HP printer.

  • Connect the printer via Wi-Fi or via USB cable.
  • Open the top cover
  • Put the document with the front side down
  • Go to the HP Deskjet program (Scanjet)
  • If the tool is not found, reinstall it or download it from the disk provided by the company.
  • “Scan” (you can leave the default settings)
  • “Save”

Simple steps to answer the question: how to scan to HP printer.

How to scan on the printer HP. button on the scanner

(You can use the analogues of the program in case of loss of the license disk).

Scan through Paint

Launch the Paint graphics editor. You can open the program using Windows 8-10. In Windows XP, open the Start menu and find the “Standard” folder, which will have Paint.

Then open the main menu of the editor and select “From the Scanner or Camera”.

The scanning window will open, in which you can choose the image color, make pre.viewing, immediately scan and even configure quality (resolution, brightness and contrast).

Click “scan”, wait for the completion of the operation. A scanned image will appear in the working area of ​​the editor.

The file is saved in the main menu through the “Save as” item, where you can choose between different formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and others).

This parameter allows you to scan as quickly as possible to a computer from a printer. If necessary, you can immediately format a scan using Paint, which are offered on the top of the editor.

Other programs

The utilities below are practically indistinguishable from official software. The only difference is that some programs are designed to scan in a certain format, for example PDF.

  • Finereader. The software is paid, but there is a “free” trial version and online tools. Available for working with many languages. In addition to simple scanning, it can recognize the scanned text and convert the document to the format for further editing.
  • Winscan2pdf. Free program has a narrow focus: scanning in pdf. Most often used when working on the network.
  • Ridoc. This is useful for those who often need to receive scanned documents in various formats. If this is not necessary, it is easier to use the standard tool or other simpler analogues.
  • Vuescan. In terms of functionality, it is similar to all previous programs. There is a image converter in the text.
  • Cuneiform. Recognizes the text and tables according to scanned images, has a wide set of settings to configure the final quality of scanning. It can be downloaded on the Internet for free.
  • Scanline. Small and easy to use utility. Contains a minimum of settings, you can get scanning in a couple of clicks.

List of additional programs

A convenient program for scanning documents by All-In-One Printer is “Vuescan”. It not only retains the image in various formats: JPEG, TIFF, PDF. and also has an OCR system.

  • Scanlite and Ridoc are excellent programs with which you can make a scan and save the document in various formats.
  • “Winscan2PDF” is a utility that includes a set of functions with the ability to save a file exclusively in PDF format. Its advantage is that it is free.
  • The Xerox Easy Printer Manager program was created specifically for working with Xerox devices, and therefore will not be able to open the files from the HP printer. It allows you to edit and improve the image.

The free program “Cuneeform” is designed to work with: tables, cards, fonts. and has a feature of recognition of several dozen languages, which the average user is quite enough. Each of these programs has an understandable and simple integration, which can only be based on individual user preferences.

How to Fix Scanner Not Working in Windows 10

We use the software from the manufacturer to scan the document

Other manufacturers (Canon, Samsung, Kyocera) also have similar developments in their arsenal. Their capabilities, settings, design and logic of work are practically identical.

Scan passport

This program is designed to recognize text with scanned images of PDF format. There are versions in different languages, including Russian, in just a few clicks you can recognize and compare files. The latest version contains an automation tool called “Hot Folder”. With its help it will not be difficult to assign a folder for processing documents.

The ABBY Fine Reader program has a lot of advantages over competitors:

  • high degree of recognition accuracy equal to 99%, which is associated with the work of the progressive OCR technology;
  • Decent speed of work. for one sheet it takes about 15 seconds of time;
  • an impressive number of formats of input type and documents for saving;
  • simplicity of the Russian.speaking Inte Week;
  • the possibility of teaching the machine method, which leads to an improvement in the quality of recognition;
  • digitization of documentation in just one click;
  • the possibility of processing papers in accordance with the schedule.

Working with her is quite simple. You need to download and install the utility on the computer, then enter it, press the scan trigger button and wait for the result. The product itself has a detailed instruction that will avoid errors.

How is the process of photocopying on the printer

Photocopying is an accurate reproduction of information (copying) and the manufacture of duplicates on paper.

  • You will need All-in-One Printer
  • Paper
  • Refueling a multifunctional printer
  • Load paper into the input tray
  • Wipe the glass if necessary
  • Put the document with the front side down
  • To align along the border of the guides (lines around the glass)
  • Close a photocopary/printer lid
  • Choose the color of the print on the control panel
  • If necessary, in a large number of copies of the same document, press the Start button several times.
  • (At a time, depending on the device, you can make from 1 to 20 copies at a time).
  • To change the paper format. click the “Paper” button

What to do if the device does not scan?

You also need to check the working condition of the device, namely: