Samsung Galaxy Factory Reset

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Reset settings, password, pattern

During use, any gadget “clogs up” and even superficial cleaning of the phone does not give any results. And at such moments there is no other option except how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy A5 or whatever it is called in the Russian-speaking space. Factory reset. This will completely delete all information and reinstall the software.

And you will have in your hands a completely empty phone, as if it had just arrived to you from the manufacturer. Therefore, you should worry in advance about the safety of your dear data, which is located on the internal memory of the device. The built-in memory card will remain untouched, you can transfer contacts to it, etc., the SIM card will also remain intact.
As for the safety, you can also use the storages located on the Internet, their use is free, available to everyone. It is rational to use them not only when it is necessary to reset the data of the gadget, but also during daily use. The technique can fail at any time and “get” what is stored on the internal memory of the smart can become an expensive task or completely impossible.

There are two ways to resuscitate Samsung Galaxy A5.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Way 1

The first option involves 5 steps, which will be discussed below:
– in the menu of your smart you need to find and go to the “Settings” directory;
– this is where the “Backup, reset” element is located, which must be activated;
– then you should pay attention to the line “Reset all data”;
– “Reset device” should be pressed further;
– the last step to complete this action is “Delete all”.

After performing all the above actions, you will have a device in your hands that requires your close attention, because the smart seemed to be born anew, you will have to set it up “from scratch”, but isn’t that what you achieved? The speed of response to requests is surprising, no freezes, braking or other inconveniences.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Way 2

The second way may show a little more complicated, but it should be described in stages anyway. Perhaps this is how you will be able to bring your phone back to life. It is suitable for you if you forgot your Galaxy A5 pattern or password, or if your smartphone cannot boot.
– first, you should connect the phone to the charger, charge it as much as possible and disconnect not only from charging, but also turn it off altogether;
– then you need to hold down several buttons at once, namely: “volume plus”, “Home” (located in the center on the front of the smart), as well as the “Power on” button;

Samsung Galaxy Factory Reset

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A5 is definitely an extremely powerful method to clean your smartphone and bring it back to full life. But using this method is not recommended too often. You should pay attention to the signs that your device gives you. With its “glitches” and “braking”, it lets you know that somewhere there are problems that should be fixed. Licensed software and high-quality antivirus can protect your smart and you will not need to reset.

Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 hard reset: factory reset

In this article, we will walk you through one way how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. Despite the fact that we wrote step-by-step instructions specifically for the Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, you can use it for almost any Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

In addition, if this method does not help solve your problem, then use three more others that we talked about in this article.

We also want to remind you that Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 hard reset deletes all data that you installed or configured yourself after purchasing a smartphone. We mean home screen wallpapers, themes, apps, contacts, photos, wireless settings, personal accounts from social networks, and everything else. There are only pre-installed applications that the manufacturer installed at the factory.

So let’s start the Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 hard reset step by step guide.

Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 factory reset

1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016.

2. Now hold down three keys at the same time: Volume Up on the left side, Power on the right side and Home on the bottom of the screen.

3. When the Samsung logo appears, you release the Power key, but continue to hold the other two.

4. Then you will see the android robot. Now release all the keys and wait.

5. Then choose Wipe data / factory reset.

6. In the next window, select Yes. Delete all user data.

7. Wait until the phone’s memory is cleared, and then select Reboot system now.

Done! You have finished doing the Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 hard reset. After rebooting, the smartphone will turn on with factory settings and applications.

If, after turning on the smartphone, you find that you need to confirm your account, and you do not remember your username and password, then use this instruction.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 hard reset: factory reset

After reading this article, you will learn how to hard reset or reset Samsung Galaxy J5. This method allows you to remove the pattern, password, and also solve many software errors, such as the application does not open, sound does not work, etc.

Samsung Galaxy J5 hard reset means all settings and apps will be reset to factory settings. Thus, you will clear the internal memory of the smartphone, thereby getting rid of errors.

However, if you have important data on your smartphone, such as contacts, photos, applications, etc., then you need to make a backup. Read our article on how to factory reset without losing data.

So, let’s proceed to the Samsung Galaxy J5 hard reset instructions.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J5

  1. First, you need to completely turn off your Samsung Galaxy J. To do this, hold down the power button for 5-7 seconds.

Use the Volume Up / Down buttons to navigate the menus and the Power button to select an option.

  1. In the next menu, select the option “Yes. Delete all user data”.
  2. The Wiping data process has started. Wait until the screen displays “Data wipe complete”.
  3. Now it remains to restart the smartphone. To do this, select the option “Reboot system now”.

Please note that loading the smartphone after a hard reset may take a little longer than usual. Don’t worry, wait until it is fully loaded, after which you can set up your smartphone from scratch or restore a data backup.

That’s all! Samsung Galaxy J5 hard reset and factory reset done.

Dear Reader! If suddenly the method described in the article did not help you. Help, please, the rest. Write how you dealt with the problem or ask a question. By the way, the answer to your question may already be in the comments.

Please do not remain indifferent. Share useful information with people. If you know the answer to your question. Write, please, the information will be very useful to someone. Thank you in advance!

How to Hard reset on Samsung galaxy S3, S4, A5 and others if the system won’t boot

If your Samsung Galaxy phone won’t boot, try the following options.

Check sync contacts

Go to Settings, click on the Cloud and Accounts section.

Select your Google account and check the sync date for Contacts.

To force synchronization of mail or contacts, turn off and then turn on the desired option. Two arrows moving in a circle will prompt you to start the process.

If you get an error while trying to sync, check your network connection. Internet connection is required for this operation.

Upload files from a USB flash drive to Cloud storage

If you use encryption of data on the SD card, then along with a hard reset, the access key to the files on it will be deleted. You won’t be able to decipher them.

Solves the problem of transferring data from an encrypted card to the Cloud. Use Google Drive or Yandex drive.

The Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, J1 and A3 phones and the brand’s tablets offer the possibility of backing up by means of the branded cloud storage, which is free for the user. Find the Cloud accounts section and select Samsung Cloud to back up your data.

If your phone does not turn on after a reset

However, it may also happen that after a factory reset, the phone does not turn on, for example, it freezes when turned on. This is unfortunate, but you may have to contact a Samsung service center. To get the phone out of the “freeze”, you need to reinstall the phone firmware by an engineering method, this problem itself is unlikely to be solved.

I had no problems, Android turned on (which in itself is already good). Everything in it was as good as new, including unusual sound settings, and no unnecessary applications, except for the pre-installed ones, as well as an empty phone book of contacts. In general, everything is as expected: the phone has become, as it were, a newly purchased device, into which you need to enter all the data again, download applications, make the necessary settings.

But the banner, constantly requiring updating, disappeared and did not appear again, which was what had to be done! And this was already a victory in the matter of bringing the phone to a normal working state, you could receive calls and make calls yourself.

How to hard reset on Samsung phone remotely

Go to Google site.

Find the item My Account in the Russian version of the interface. Then select the phone search mode. It is also available for any Android device logged in with a user account.

Selecting the Delete all data from the device item allows you to clear its memory without direct access to the gadget.

Attention! To verify the right to this irreversible operation, Google will require a password to access your account. If double authorization is enabled, and the SMS on the phone cannot be read, it is lost, then use the opportunity to send the code to the linked e-mail address.

How to reset data (hard reset, factory reset) on Samsung Galaxy | Samsung Support RU

Reset device data (reset, hard reset, factory reset). Delete all data from a smartphone or tablet: contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, alarms, etc.

After the reset, the smartphone or tablet returns to the form it had when it was purchased (factory state).

Usually, data reset is done in the following cases:

Before selling or giving a device to another person;

If a problem occurs on the device that cannot be fixed by other methods;

After updating the device software (firmware).

Save important data. All unsaved data cannot be restored after a reset.

Delete your Google account from your device. If this is not done, then when you turn on the device after the reset, the account that was on the device before the reset will be requested.

This change has appeared in Android since version 5.1 at the initiative of Google.

If you have forgotten or do not know the password for your Google account, you can unlock your device at the Samsung service center. You must have documents confirming the purchase (check, completed warranty card, loan agreement).

If there are no documents, you cannot unlock the device.

1 Open the device menu. 2 Select “Settings”. 3 Select “General Settings”. If there is no such item, go to the next step. 4 Select Backup Reset. It can also be called “Reset”, “Archive and Reset” or “Privacy”. 5 Select “Factory data reset” or “Reset device”. 6 Select “Reset Device” or “Erase All”. 7 The device will reboot and the data will be deleted.

This method is used when the smartphone or tablet does not turn on, or the screen is locked.

1 Turn off your mobile device. 2 Press and hold the three buttons at the same time: Power Home (Center) Volume Up.

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If your device does not have a Home button, then press and hold the Power buttons “Volume up”.

3 Release the Power button when the screen displays “Samsung Galaxy. “. Hold the rest of the buttons until Recovery appears (about 5-15 seconds).

If Recovery does not appear, repeat steps 1-3 again, holding the buttons longer.

4 Press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data / factory reset. 5 Press the Power button to confirm the selected item. 6 Press the Volume Down button to select Yes or Yes. Delete all user data. 7 Press the Power button to confirm that all data is deleted from the device. 8 After deleting the data, the main menu appears. Press the Power button to select Reboot system now. 9 The device will reboot.

Starting with version 5.1, Google has introduced protection against theft and unauthorized access to Android. Google FRP. If you reset the data, and do not delete the Google account before this, the device will be blocked. When turned on, you will be asked for the account that was on the device before the reset, and the password from it.

To turn on the device, enter the Google account that was on it before the reset.

If you do not remember which account was on the device before the reset, contact a Samsung service center. Be sure to take with you documents confirming the purchase (receipt, completed warranty card, loan agreement). If there are no documents, you cannot unlock the device.

Contact the Samsung service center, you need to reinstall the firmware using the engineering method.

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How to Factory Reset Samsung S8?

Everyone knows that the new flagships from Samsung are elegant, powerful modern devices. But, be that as it may, errors may occur in their work. In some cases, you will need a full reset.

How to Factory Reset Samsung S8?

Before figuring out how to reset Samsung S8, we will find out what such an operation provides and why it is actually necessary.

Factory reset. Features

A full factory reset deletes all data on the device. Therefore, first copy all important information to your laptop, PC or removable media.

Also, the data can be sent to the regular storage of the server of your choice. True, this method requires a sufficient amount of time and very fast Internet.

Before you reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 edge, remove the memory card from the device, otherwise all available information will be erased on it during the procedure. Make sure your phone is at least 50-60% charged for a successful factory reset.

Now we will find out how to perform a hard reset in case of serious system problems, or for whatever reason you need to restore the device to its factory settings. Let’s consider several ways.

Reset in the settings menu

  1. To reset Samsung s8 to factory settings, go to the “menu” (located on the main screen).
  2. Click “settings”, then “archive and reset” or “backup and reset settings”. After that. “data reset” and “device reset”. If the screen lock function is activated, you will need to enter a pin code or password and only then continue.
  3. Click “delete all”. All data is erased, all settings are erased.
  4. Smartphone reboots, done.

Reset using recovery

  1. With this method, before resetting the Samsung Galaxy S8, first turn off the phone.
  2. Now press the Power and home button, hold.
  3. We are waiting for the Android System screen to appear, release the Volume Up, home, Volume Up buttons. ”E.
  4. The device vibrates, now you can release the Power button.
  5. Press Volume Down, select Wipe data / factory reset.
  6. Press Power again, then Volume Down to highlight the Delete all user data option.
  7. Click on Power again, select the option.
  8. The device starts the reset process, upon completion of which we press Reboot system now.
  9. It remains to reboot the system by pressing Power.

Reset using the dialer application

  1. On the smartphone, open the dial pad (indicated by a green icon).
  2. We enter the following combination. 27673855 #.
  3. Performing a full factory reset, deleting personal data.

Now you know how to factory reset Samsung S8 when needed. Let me remind you that all data is deleted after that! Therefore, reset only if absolutely necessary.

After the procedure, the gadget looks as if you just purchased it. I also note that these methods work for any Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones.

How to reset Samsung to factory settings

How to reset Samsung to factory settings? On Galaxy tablets and smartphones, you can easily complete this procedure. After reading our material, you will learn about possible methods for Hard Reset and receive instructions.

What is a data reset and why is it needed?

Not only Galaxy, but all Android smartphones have a full reset. When this function is activated, the device is rolled back to the factory settings. You get your phone completely clean, just like out of the box.

Therefore, you must first:

  • Transfer all important files from your phone to your flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to settings and delete your Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask you to log in to this account after turning on.

Why would you need a hard reset and factory reset? Let’s list the common reasons:

  1. There are problems with your phone. If they cannot be solved by standard means, then it is recommended to perform a full reset. It is not uncommon to roll back the system to factory settings to help users.
  2. You are about to implement an old device, or give it to someone else. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that third-party people do not get access to it.
  3. Before or after OS upgrade. The developers recommend performing a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not migrate to the new one.

How to reset settings on Samsung? Consider the main ways to rollback the system on devices from a Korean manufacturer.

Reset with buttons

Have you forgotten your unlock password or your device simply won’t turn on? Then you can use another method. Using the Recovery menu. Moving between items in it is carried out on the volume rocker, and the choice of an option is on the power button.

  • When the device is turned off, you need to hold down the volume up, power and “Home” buttons.
  • When the logo appears on the display, release the power key.
  • Wait for the Recovery menu to load.
  • Select the item “Wipe data / factory reset”.
  • Then. “Yes”.
  • Select the item “Reboot system now”.
  • The device will reboot and the data will be erased.

How to reset Samsung?

There are several ways to reset the system:

  • Via OS menu.
  • Through Recovery.
  • Using the service code.

Through code

How to factory reset Samsung? The latter method is used much less often. Using the service code. Need to:

  • Launch the system application “Phone”.
  • Open the dialer.
  • Enter code 27673855 #.
  • The device will reboot and the user information will be deleted.
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Reset via settings menu

The easiest method is through the menu of the device. This will require:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select “General settings”.
  3. Then “Reset”.
  4. Open the section “Data reset”.
  5. Click on the “Reset” button.
  6. The device will reboot and the data and settings will be deleted.

Method 1. Reset in Settings Menu.

Step 1. Click “Menu” on the home screen.

Step 2. Click on “Settings”.

Step 3. Select “Backup and reset” (“Archive and reset”).

Step 4. Click “Reset Data”.

Step 5. Click on “Reset Device”. If you have activated the screen lock feature on your device, you will need to enter a password or PIN before proceeding.

Step 6. Select Delete All. Your phone will erase all settings and erase all your data, then reboot.

How to hard reset on a Samsung Galaxy

Factory reset on Galaxy smartphones can be useful in case you encounter a serious system problem or just want to restore your smartphone to factory settings. However, a factory reset completely erases all personal data and system settings. Below are 3 ways to reset the settings using the example of Galaxy S3. But everything is exactly the same done on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S5 and any other smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

Step 6.

Press the “Power” key to select an option.

Step 7. Press the “Volume Down” button to highlight the “Delete all user data” option.

Step 8. Press the “Power” button again to select an option. Your phone will go through the process of resetting all settings and then upon completion you need to select “Reboot system now”.

Step 9. Press the “Power” key to reboot the system and complete the master reset.

Method 2. Demand with the help of recovery

Step 1. Turn off your Galaxy smartphone.

Step 2. Press and hold the “Power” button, the “Home” button, and the “Volume Up” button.

Step 3. Wait for the phone to vibrate, then release only the “Power” button.

Step 4. Wait for the Android System Recovery screen to appear, then release the “Home” and “Volume Up” buttons.

Step 5. Press the “Volume Down” button and select the “Wipe data / factory reset” option.

Method 3. Doing a factory reset using the dialer application

Step 1. Open the dial pad on your phone, which is indicated by a green icon on all phones, which should be on the home screen.

Step 2. Enter 27673855 #. Your device should do a hard factory reset and delete all your personal data.

Now you know all the ways to do a hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It should be noted that this should be done only in extreme cases, and do not forget that all gadget data will be deleted after that!

Physical training

If the preparatory work is completed and all the necessary data has been extracted, you need to take care of the smartphone itself. It is better that it is at least half charged and the memory card is removed. This will protect you from unforeseen troubles.

The reasons

The longer you use your smartphone, the more likely it will be necessary to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S3 in the near future. It is the time of use that is the first reason for the breakdown of the software plan. How is this possible? The fact is that during use, a lot of different programs and games are installed on your device, as well as updates for them. Add here all received and sent messages, calls, contacts, captured photos, etc. Even if you regularly clean the device from the “garbage” that remains after the work of these programs, and delete all files transferred to another device, some of this still remains in the device’s memory. Over time, the performance of the smartphone is noticeably reduced. It is impossible to remove everything unnecessary independently and even programmatically.

Another reason for reduced productivity, frequent glitches and even self-shutdown may be incompatibility between different versions of installed programs, as well as the Samsung Galaxy C 3 files embedded in the system. Keep in mind that the Android system is constantly improving, improving and changing. Some applications are simply no longer able to function properly together, and a hard reset is needed to resolve this conflict.

Simple reset

The most basic option is to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S3 through settings. To do this, in the “Settings” you need to go to the “Archive and reset” section, where, in fact, carry out the reset, as you can see in the image.

Depending on the system, the second item can be found in the “Options” or “General tabs”. This simple method is suitable when the decision to reset was not caused by a severe malfunction, but as a preventive measure or troubleshooting minor system problems.

Reset through recovery

First you need to completely turn off your smartphone. Some devices, due to a powerful software failure, need drastic measures. Holding down the shutdown button for 10 seconds or even removing the battery. The second is best avoided.

You can get into recovery on Samsung Galaxy C 3 by holding down three keys. Power on, volume up and home. When the Samsung logo appears, you only need to release the power button. The rest should remain clamped. As a result, a window will appear with a number of inscriptions in English, and in order to reset the Samsung Galaxy S3 to factory settings to the end, you must first select “wipe data and cache” with the volume keys. In order to select, you need to press the power key, confirm your choice with it.

After a while, a new window will appear. In it, you already need to select “reboot of systems of nau” and, as before, confirm your choice with the power button.

As complex as the methods described above may seem, the process of resetting your smartphone to factory settings does not take long.

Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3: expert tips and tricks

There is no such device that would be insured against various failures and software problems. There can be several reasons for the need to carry out a full reset of the device to factory settings, as well as, in fact, ways to carry out this operation.

Software preparation

  • Memory card.
  • Computer.
  • Google account.
  • “Google Drive”.

By the way, don’t forget to check the name of your Google account, as it will be deleted too. Remember that after the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is reset, nothing will remain on the device and will not be recoverable (except that you move it out of the phone memory in advance).