Samsung duos how to save on a memory card

File saving instead of internal memory on the SD card

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The operating system occupies a significant part of the internal memory of the smartphone. Not much time passes from the moment the phone is purchased, the memory is filled out, and the issue of deleting foreign files begins to bother. Even after installing the SD card on the phone, the problem is not always solved. Users do not know how to change the place of saving files. This problem we will now eliminate.

How to connect a memory card on the Samsung phone

Most memory cards type is Micro SD. SDHC and SDXC are also gradually gaining more and more. There are also other types of cards. The card class corresponds to the data transfer speed when recording or reading. The indicated number is equal to the number of megabytes of information transmitted in one second.

For example, a Microsd class 4 card allows you to transfer data at a speed of 4 megabytes per second. It should be borne in mind that with an increase in the class, not only the speed grows, but also the cost. The best option is considered to be class 10. It provides a fairly high speed of work at an acceptable cost.

Galaxy On5. How to Move Apps to the Memory Card

When using a memory card, you need to consider that when connecting to a computer, only those files that are located on it will be available. Smartphone programs in most cases will record information on SD card.

To connect the card, you must perform the following actions:

  • You need to inspect the smartphone and find where the compartment is located for installing a memory card.
  • Before performing subsequent actions, you need to turn off the smartphone.
  • In some models, before installation, it is necessary to extract the slot. In others. Just raise the memory holder.
  • You need to figure out what position you need to insert the carrier. This action must be performed carefully, without using force.
  • You need to return the slot to its original position.

Now the phone must determine that a new card has been installed.

How to make a SD card the main memory of Samsung J2?

Install the switch near the “Internal Memory” point, click “Next”. Or in the tablet, follow the path: “Settings”-“Storage and USB drives”, then slip off the “SD-card” item. Next, call the options menu (usually pressing three points or dashes in the upper right corner of the SD-Card screen), select “Configure”.

  • While in the settings, open the section “Memory”.
  • Click on the “preferred installation site” and select “SD-card”.
  • You can also assign a storage to save other files by designating the SD card as “default memory“.

Turn on the preservation of photos and videos on the SD card

In order for all new photos and videos to be stored on an external drive, it is necessary to change the camera settings, this is as follows as follows.

We go to the camera application.

Open the settings by clicking on the gear.

Find the point “Place of storage” and click on it.

We set the desired value.

Be sure to take any picture so that the desired folder is created on the flash drive, in which I will store all future files, and we will transfer pictures to it.

In the Google Chrome browser

Open the browser, then click on the “menu” button in the upper right corner.

In the menu that opens, click on the “downloaded files” item.

Next, click on the gear, at the top of the screen.

On the page that opened, we are interested in the upper line “location” click on it.

We highlight the desired point, then click on the “Ready” button.

Types of memory cards

In the appearance of the memory card, there are only one type. Do not confuse the memory card with the adapter. The adapter serves to connect a memory card to computers, there is no information in it. The adapter looks like a memory card, but much more and wider. In one of the parts of the adapter there is a connector where you can insert a card, and then use the adapter to connect the TU to the computer.

Memory cards differ only in the manufacturer, speed and type. Now almost all of smartphones are issued by the type of microSD. There are still more advanced types of SDHC, SDXC and so on. The main sign when choosing a memory card is its class. It is indicated on the map itself in the form of a number from 2 to 16 (perhaps higher) in the circle. The bigger, the better. The number means the number of transmitted megabytes per second. For example, the number 2 means 2 Mb/s, the number 16. 16 Mb/s. The most optimal option is 10, such a class is moderately fast and relatively inexpensive.

How to install applications on a memory card in samsung?

Open the menu, select “Settings”, and then “Applications” and move any application to the SD card. To do this, just click on the application and click on the “Move to the SD card” button.

  • While in the settings, open the section “Memory“.
  • Click on the “preferred installation site” and select “SD-card”.
  • You can also assign a storage to save other files by designating the SD card as “default memory”.

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Thank you very much for the information. Blinded her head for a very long time. )))))))

On my Galaxy Gio S5660 there is no such thing at all: the default memory. We choose where to save (memory card or phone memory).What to do.

This description is not for smartphones. With Samsung Galaxy Gio, I haven’t figured it out yet.

If the application is installed, then some of them can be transferred: settings. Applications. Application management. But when transferring, there may remain a cache in the memory of the phone, which will eat memory up to the point that there will be no space for the new SMS.

Files from the bluetooth are saved by default to the memory card (my files), although if it is pulled out, then the internal memory will not be involved. The phone requires set the card. Either the bugs of the software, or somewhere there are still settings.

Tell me how to save on a gelaxis3 on a memory card.Thanks in advance

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My Samsung is not simple touch, I have no such thing that memory is a default and all that (all that (

THANK YOU. For a year tormented deleted an endlessly crowded phone memory

GT-S7562 4.0.4, how to save on a memory card. TM no by default

Root rights are needed to postpone applications, usually a paid Root Explorer application is used for this.

samsung, duos, memory, card

Phone Samsung E1282T. Tell me, please, how to save contacts on a memory card? According to the instructions: Menu-contacts-settings, keep contacts. But in fact, in the list where to save the memory card is absent, although it is installed and the body sees it. Thanks in advance for any information.

Hello, in theory, contacts are usually saved in the phone’s memory (usually up to 1000 contacts) and on the SIM card. About saving on a memory card does not know.

Samsung software is usually attached to the floods of contams. Synchronization through a USB cable.

Hello! Samsung Galaxy Win. Tell me how to configure automatic saving files on a USB flash drive!

Hello! Samsung Galaxy Win. Tell me how to configure automatic saving files on a USB flash drive. Thanks in advance.

Hello, try installing the Bluetooth File Transfer application from Google Play Medieval Software. Should help, I, unfortunately, have no way to check now.

Hello, tell me how on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 to make it to save files on a memory card? There is no default.

Natalia, try the application that I indicated in the 14th comment.

Hello, tell me how on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 to make it to save photos and videos on a memory card? There is no default.

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Hello! Samsung Galaxy Star Plus phone, we put a memory card 8 GB, and I want to move all the games to a memory card, but you can’t do it. Well, the drip was dripped nothing. I don’t know what to do: (((maybe you know, and tell??) I will be glad to your answer!Thanks in advance))

Nastya and Dasha, usually transferred through the application settings menu.But it often happens that this possibility becomes available only upon receipt of a ROOT-right.

And I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. And I don’t know how to make everything to be on the memory card!:WITH

Try to use Bluetooth File Transfer on a tablet.

I have Sumsung Tab 7.0. And not as it does not persist

Please help, you can’t download applications from Play Market after formatting. The phone writes there is no free space, although the flash drive is empty. And other files are not transferred to the card dent. How to be.

I can offer several options: 1. Check the installation in the memory settings again.2. Try to format the USB flash drive directly on the phone.3. Update the firmware through Wi-Fi if updates are available.

But I don’t have. Default memory.I just have it.The memory of the device is written ((. Maybe so.That when the phone fell. The memory card moved in the middle. Because before I had. And phone memory and device memory.And now there is no (

Yes, maybe the card moved after the fall, try to pull it out and insert it back.

Thanks !! Indicate the 2nd step posting applications

I have a Samsang Galaxy Ace 3 phone. I want applications and t.D. Swayed immediately to the memory card. What to do? I have no “default memory”. Help! I will be happy for the answer!

Amahala, updated the article. In short, everything rests on a Root-right.

They did normally. I bought a USB flash drive, I still need to pay for something in order to keep something on it. Stunned

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Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, earlier the photos have been stored on the memory card, but now for some reason they are stored as a memory of the phone. What should I do.

Valeria, you checked in the settings a place to save files? What is your Android version now?

Hello tell me how to make everything saved on the memory card Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks in advance.

Download the Bluetooth File Transfer application, in it you can configure the remaining default on the memory card.

Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, this morning the memory card worked perfectly, I had to restart the phone after an hour and after it stopped detecting SD.A map, although it was inserted and I tried to insert and pull it out, rebooted, does not help 🙁

And the SD card works if you insert it into another phone or connect it to a computer?

I have not tried, but it can help that through the computer to format it, I read and other forums in a similar situation said so to do so?

Yes, you can try. If it works, try to write a large file for the entire volume of the flash drive to check all the memory cells.

My phone is hanging, nothing happens after the screensaver. All data in the phone’s memory, there is no memory card, t.E. If you press Ricaver, as I understand it, everything will evaporate. Maybe someone knows how to get at least a photo from there?

samsung, duos, memory, card

At the moment, the computer does not see the phone, but the phone is charged from it.

Try to install the KISS version that supports your model. Maybe because of the lack of a driver does not see a computer. I don’t see other options.

Hello, Alexander.I have Samsung Galaxy Cor Duos GT-I8262. I can not transfer the installed applications to the memory card via Clean Master (and others. Similar applications). I read all the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, but did not find a similar situation. On others. Wears wrote that this is such a feature of this model that it is not possible to make a flash by default memory by default. I do not agree with this! 2 years ago, I set a flash with a default memory (now I don’t remember how), but not so long ago my husband took a flash from my phone. Now I can’t do anything. And I can’t remember how I installed and I can’t get a reasonable answer from anyone.All hope is only for you!I am grateful in advance for your answer.